Girls’ Boyfriend Jeans

Unlike the previous generation, which is highly patriarchal, today’s era, women are treated equally in the society as far as gender and sexuality is concerned. In the past, men are for men and women are for women. Take for example, in terms of fashion; men should wear shirts and coats for men, while women should wear dresses that are gender appropriate. In comparison, today’s generation achieved equality in terms of gender. Everything can simply just be “unisex”. Form shirts to jeans and any other clothing and accessories, men’s fashion are can be for women too.

This past years and months, “boyfriend jeans”, has become a trend and has been spotted parading the streets all around the globe. Boyfriend fashion all originated from borrowing and wearing boyfriend’s clothes, well if a woman has one, if not, she could probably steal one from a man’s hung clothes. Going back, boyfriend jeans are a lot looser in appearance and fit, rather than most preferred jeans for women, which of course is fitter. It is also rare to see women wearing loose jeans like men that make it unique and divisive.  Its baggy and slouchy appearance creates a trend amongst many fashion lovers all around the world. In the past, wearing loose jeans is perceived as goofy and untrendy, but take a look on how the fashion world welcomed the shaggy boyfriend jeans.

Fashion is now converted from a what-others-think into a more personal interest or preference. The boyfriend jeans caught the attention of several famous clothing brands. Gap, Forever 21 and also H&M is now producing their own line of boyfriend jeans and other men’s-inspired clothing. Several celebrities have been caught parading the streets wearing their I-don’t-care boyfriend jeans. The likes of Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Olivia Palermo, Selena Gomez and even the Denim queen Jessica Alba have modeled their own boyfriend jeans with unique individual styles. It’s so amusing to see on how today’s world has been welcoming stuffs which promotes equality among genders. Fashion lovers are surely looking forward for more innovations and transformations that would “wow” the fashion industry.

Archie Fegidero

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