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Nature and its accompanying wonders continuously amaze people even after we thought that we have known everything about it. The human race never faltered in uncovering deep-earthed mysteries as we progress along time not because there’s a lot left undiscovered, but our hunger in learning something new is insatiable. While we zoom our way into technological advancements, many are still left gaping at what Mother Nature has to offer.

Quite a number of people adored nature’s intrinsic details, from the sound of waters flowing down the stream up until the leaves of a hundred-yard high sycamore—all of these, and everything in between, surely makes the heart of an avid nature enthusiast thump like it’s going to fall of their chests.

And speaking of which, there’s this small town in Japan, so blessed with nature’s wonders that they are slowly being known all over the world as a heavenly vacation spot. Beppu, a humble prefecture in Japan, boasts of geysers and hot springs, greens surrounding the vicinity and people who never ceased in taking care of their blessings amidst how the country lurched into modern civilization.



Specifically a part of the Oita Prefecture, Beppu is a small town in Japan, which is widely known for its collection of hot springs and steam points.

It is perched in the island of Kyushu, just west off of Beppu Bay. Beppu’s total land area is a stretch of up to 49 square miles and is currently inhabited by a population of almost 125,000.



As according to international climate classifications, Beppu is under the warm, mild and temperate class. Typically, Beppu is experiencing rain showers all throughout the year, even on its driest months.

The average recorded temperature in this place is at 15.8-degree Celsius with an estimate rainfall of 1770 millimeters annually. The hottest months are from June to September, the coldest being November to January.

Temperatures in Beppu are said to drop at even a 5.5-degree Celsius mark and can go as high as 27-degree Celsius during August.



Getting in by air, travelers have flights coming in from Oita Airport, which usually is the end trip of domestic flights in big cities like Tokyo and Haneda. There are also known flights that go to and from Seoul, Korea.

Bus systems are also available within Beppu, which will take you around the city and connects to neighboring prefectures if required. And as expected, train rides getting in and out of Beppu is all systematized from Hakata station going to the JR Nippo line then in Beppu city center.

If you wish to get to Beppu by water, the Ferry Sunflower Kansai Kisen has trips going on an overnight between Beppu, Osaka and Kobe for a fee. If you want to travel out using the port system, the docks are a good 10-15 minute bus ride from Beppu’s train station.

What to See

Beppu Traditional Bamboo Crafts Centre


Bamboo is abundant in whole of Beppu and so residents have found a better way in making use of these materials in a more purposive manner.

This hands-on crafts center will let travelers experience how to create bamboo products for a fee.

Many tourists from all around the globe made sure to get their hands working at this center for an experience they will never forget.

Hells Circuit


Because of the fact that Beppu have a lot of geysers and hot springs to brag about, they have made sure that the visit would be systematized by getting the attraction named as Hell Circuit.

Called Jigoku Meguri, The Hell’s or Hell Circuit is a series of eight stops, which are all converted as amusement parks, adorned with themes to keep you entertained.

Hells are subdivided into two groups which includes Umi Jigoku, Oniishibozu Jigoku, Shira-ike Jigoku, Kamado Jigoku, Oni-yama Jigoku, Yama Jigoku, Chi-no-ike Jigoku and Tatsumaki Jigoku.

Beppu Tower


This is one landmark that’s been a hot spot for lovers and couples to enjoy Beppu’s scenic and picturesque landscapes.


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