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All vacationers aim for one thing – to relax and unwind. While getting away from the metro and its corresponding noise can be appealing to some, finding the same buzz in a different light can also be an option.

Revive that youthful feeling as you set foot in Qawra, one of Malta’s hidden gems. Get an equal share of fun brought about by the beach, nightlife and historic spots found in this lively village.


Qawra cannot be mentioned without having its name joined by two equally travel-worthy destinations: Bugibba and Salina. Unlike the spirited and bustling vibe of Bugibba though, Qawra may work best for those who want a more quiet place but still need to enjoy a piece of the nightlife and city vibe.

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This is an area in the northern region of Malta, found in St. Paul’s Bay. This was originally a fishing village but was transformed into a swimming destination upgraded with shopping spots and restaurants after its potential was realized back in the 1960’s.


On the average, tourists can make the best out of their trip to Qawra during the months of April to July since these are considered to be the driest.

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The rainy season occurs between November and December, while January has the coolest temperature.


Buses are the main mode of transportation to reach Qawra. Buses either come to and from nearby cities Bugibba and Valletta.

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Just outside Malta airport is a bus station that can provide transportation to take you to the city. Travelers may also arrange car transfers from the airport to Qawra especially if hotel reservations are already made.


Victoria Lines

Originally built as a barrier against invaders from outsiders, this defensive wall was also called North West Wall, and sometime Great Wall of Malta. The edifice runs from Madliena through Mosta down to Rabat.

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More than just a wall, the structure is a combination of various fortifications, searchlights, infantry lines and stop walls. Three forts can be found here, namely Fort Madalena, Fort Mosta and Fort Bingemma.

Night life

Qawra isn’t deprived of fun places. The night life will best suit the nocturnal and party owls. The place will never go short of pubs and clubs that are great for those who still have their spirits up even until late into the night.

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The place is a haven for partying, especially during summer time. The peak season brings travelers together to dance and mingle and have nothing but a great time.


Feel that fine Maltese sand as it kisses the rock formation standing proud at the shores of Qawra. Be relaxed and get that much-desired tan by bathing in the sun.

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The tranquility in sparkling blue waters speaks nothing but pure enjoyment. You can indulge in different water activities to get an adrenaline rush as well.



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