Get a dose of the yesteryears at Fenghuang

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There is more to Fenghuang than the majestic beauty of the nature that surrounds it. Hailed as a Phoenix city of China, the evolution of the city from a mountain city to one of the country’s biggest tourist destinations is due to the preserved culture that emanates from the city in an effortlessly impressive manner.

Aside than the nature found here, get a little more intimate by taking a trip to some of its famous tourist attractions that schools visitors about the town’s heritage and culture.


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The ancient town lies under Hunan province in the country of China. What makes this town exceptional is the preservation of the olden culture from art, traditions and architecture that make up Fenghuang.

The natural beauty mixed with interesting ethnic culture makes it a standout that attracts travelers from all over the world. Become cultured by setting foot in a town that serves as your gateway to the past.


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Climate in Fenghuang is classified as subtropical monsoon humid. There are four distinct seasons that attributes to a good amount of sunshine and ample rainfall.

The average annual temperature is 12 degree Celsius. July is considered to be the driest month while January is known to be the hottest.


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Those who will travel internationally should book a flight to neighboring cities such as Huaihua or Zhangjiajie. From there, arrange a connecting trip to Fenghuang, wherein the most advisable way is by bus.

Those who will come from other cities are also suggested to take a bus as most of them pass by Fenghuang. There is no railway in town but those who will come across Jishou or Huaihua can travel via train and resort to riding a bus to reach the city.


Huang Si Qiao Castle

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Formerly called as Feiyang Castle, what makes this attraction exceptional is the fact that it is made of bluestones put together by sticky rice and cornstarch.

The scientific wonder behind this architecture is the fact that it is sturdy enough to have withstood the long period of time since it was founded.

The castle was originally built as a representation of the firm government against attempt rebellion of the Mioa ethnic tribe.

South Great Wall

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This is the Great Wall’s version in the southern part of China. Created by the Ming and Qing dynasties, the main purpose of this 190 kilometer-long division is to set territories between the minorities residing around the southern part of the country including the Miao ethnic group.

The former military defense station is now a heritage site that embodies the history of not only the city, but also of the country as a whole.

Shanjiang Miao Village

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This ancient town hosts the culture cultivated by the past that was able to survive even until the modern times. This is where the impressive Miao culture can be seen.

The ethnic group that was suppressed by China’s past dynasties proved that they are stronger than the attempts of abolition as they remained sustainable which is considered as a gift to the present generation. See their traditions and cultures as displayed in their houses, traditions and art.


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