Frolicking in Style and Comfort with the Athleisure Trend

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There are moments when we think that fashion is quite absurd due to the trends it spins out of nowhere. Fashion followers just succumb to every idea thrown at us, sometimes not even wondering if a specific ensemble would fit us or not. The innovative minds and creative geniuses behind the fashion industry always introduce us to ideas that are alien to the majority, and yet we oblige in making sure that we’re always up to date.

Just recently, more and more fashionistas are donning some unconventional pieces that seem inappropriate to where they are or what they are doing. With raised eyebrows, we look into endless online blogs and websites to know what they’re up to and yes, for the first time we stumble upon a style called ‘athleisure’.

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Maybe you’ve seen Gigi Hadid or Rita Ora strut their stuff on the street wearing nothing but a wardrobe that screams work-outs and gyms. Yes, the word athleisure is coined from athletics and leisure, which embodies the trend of wearing your trusted gym clothing and merchandise as a full-blown day-to-day outfit without a single care.

We can all nod in agreement that sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and others are working double-time as demands for more fashion-forward sports gear shot up dramatically especially at the start 2016. The countless collaborations from these brands with famous designers such as Kanye West and Jeremy Scott proves that athleisure is here to stay, and it will gather strength as it moves along.

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Some fashion experts have suggested that if ever you’d go into wearing athleisure, you’d better be updated on the latest trends in the mainstream market. It follows that athleisure pieces will still lean on what is hot and sizzling, so if you want to pull this look off, you should stay connected at all times. Also, donning athleisure will require a keen knowledge of what’s fashionable and functional at the same time.

Since they will never let go of their core purpose serving as your gym clothes, you must be sensitive enough to pick items that are quick-drying, odor-free and moisture resistant. It’s not pleasing to see you sweat and smell while walking down the street, looking all the more desperate to create an athleisure aura that you did not think of deeply.

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The transcendence of style from the gym to the street will not require you to fill up the gaps and go with an all-sporty garb. Actually, all it takes for you to follow the athleisure trend is to pick a core garment and stick with it. Accessorizing with wristbands, head gear and chunky sports watches isn’t necessary at all. Thus, the fewer accessories you have, the better. Look sleek and sporty by limiting the number of sports items you wear.

Also, be mindful of the occasion and environment you’ll be in after your session at the gym as this would be a strong determining factor to go for an all-athleisure ensemble or not. Lastly, if you’re in doubt if you’d look like a huge walking joke with your athleisure outfit, just stick with neutral colors to tone down the scene and you’ll definitely come-off as fashionable as ever.

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