Fashionable MESH-ups


Fashion is eternal. And it indeed is when people keeps on revolutionizing the usual get ups to be a unique new ones, the create something unusual yet undeniably hip.

Recently we have seen the rise of the skirt trends, now we are stuck in awe by this latest innovation in fashion. The mesh dresses and skirt. Indeed we have been Meshed-up.

As we have seen, these past few days, fashion seemed to be on its mellow- laidback mood. Everything was just simplified and played at most of the time. Years ago mesh alone is more oftenly seen as one seen on athletic wears or even just a strip club thing, now the mesh fashion spreads like wildfire.


As a matter of fact, it made its dramatic entrance at Fashion Week 2014 when all designers gave a show all packed up with athletic inspired clothes and mesh unsurprisingly stood out amongst them.

So let’s talk about MESH. It’s that once-awful material made of a network of wire. It began to be associated with the 80s, strippers. Now, it deviates from its once known title and rose as one of the classiest, sporty and laidback attires of 2014.


Well probably because we all seem to get tired of our attires; well sticking to the usual can be so boring. So here comes the mesh trend that not only gives the usual get ups an extra skin to reveal, but also gives your attire a touch of adventure.

Mesh skirts are amazingly cool, unique in its way, trendy and very edgy, especially when you pair it up with your crop top or midriff. Plus, you can probably include your boring plain skirts into your DIY mesh skirt project; because it’s just incredibly easy.


The most adventurous ones might as well try mesh tops paired with retro lingerie to heat up you casual look.

If you just switch-on your “inner fashionista” mode and unleash the hot chick within by daring to wear this, then you might probably end up being in the “best-dressed” list.

Archie Fegidero

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