Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney is your boss babe with serious fab style

The world stopped upon knowing that one of the world’s most desirable bachelors has finally been taken off the market. It made us wonder who snatched the heart of the always-dashing George Clooney. Many hearts were depressed as they watched one of Hollywood’s hailed actors tie the knot in the romantic setting of Venice. Little […]

Big Mac Shop

Enjoy the Weird Vibe of the Big Mac Shop

Fashion can be absurd and weird sometimes, or shall we say, most of the time? With all the revamps and trends that circulate within the industry every now and then, the obscure and the different seem to be classified as the new type of normal. We witnessed shoes that are made of fur, tops that […]

Facial Hair

Facial Hair Slash Men Slash 2016 Equals Awesome

After the emergence of men all tied-up with the craziest and the most innovative hairstyles and trends, many are expectant that 2016 would go about releasing a fresh list of what men need to follow. Man buns and faded sides were the craze that was afloat last year, and we can agree that up to […]

Bette Medler Marc Jacobs

Bette Midler is Marc Jacobs’s face for Spring 2016

In the tradition of creating a one of a kind campaign by selecting unexpected people to be the face that represents each launch, distinct brand Marc Jacobs has once again wowed the public after unveiling that the 70 year old Bette Midler is their newest muse for this year’s Spring collection. It’s always the fusion […]

Elie Saabs 2016 RTW collection

Glam girl meets street on Elie Saab’s 2016 RTW collection

Elie Saab is best known for his romantic evening wear that exudes femininity. The Lebanese designer has a distinct vision of incorporating the soft and delicate aura of a woman through the abundance of lace, embroideries and embellishments in his clothes. Understanding the common taste that attracts the attention of even the rich and famous […]

lipstick trends for 2016

Must try lipstick trends for 2016

Ladies, we all know the wonders of good lipstick. Your trusted shade can turn your straight-from-bed mornings to oh-so-fab moments in just a snap and there is definitely no arguing with that. This little tube can either be a one man team when it comes to making those lips pop or a total team player […]

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik sets a stunning collection for 2016

Exquisite things come at a price. They say that class and comfort has a high cost. Beautiful things in life may be free, but this opposes the price tag attached to the most stunning pieces in fashion. As the popular belief says, fine looking shoes bring you to wonderful places, but we might have forgotten […]