Sheer Tops

Wearing Sheer Tops like a Pro, Some Tips and Tricks

Despite the fact that sheer has been featured on numerous runways and catwalks since time immemorial, that this is one material that is indispensable in a woman’s closet. The intrinsic details put forth on this fabric have attracted a lot of fashionistas to use this as a staple especially in spring or summer. Simply, sheer […]

Gucci 2016 Spring Summer collection

Vintage loving for Gucci’s 2016 Spring Summer collection

Gucci is taking dressing up into whole new level for this year’s Spring/Summer collection. The touch of opulence is there, noticeable and presented generously. The nerdy aesthetic that the brand is known for can still be felt as the clothes for the said collection are unveiled on the runway piece by piece. This is like […]

Tory Sport

Tory Sport Now Dominating the Famous NYC Fifth Avenue

With all due respect and veneration gathered from all over the planet, Tory Burch is surely eligible to expand their range of products in order to reach a larger market. Hailing from its small venture somewhere in Italy, this fashion-forward brand has transcended the unending demands of the industry and innovated when necessary. Before, women […]

Spray-On Nail Polish

Style Those Nails with Cutesy Spray-On Nail Polish

Fashion would always have ways to ensure that progress and development are continuous and unstoppable. Every now and then, we hear of a lot of upgrades in styling, products and services that we never knew could even be significantly improved. Fashion and the beauty industry have thrived on geniuses, keeping everything on track and as […]

Style Star Kerry Washington

Style Star: Kerry Washington

Should you be a fan of the riveting American series ‘Scandal’, then you must know its leading lady Olivia Pope. Her character defines what a modern woman should be – strong and in control. Thanks to the actress that plays this fictitious role, women are more empowered to run their own worlds. But wait, Kerry […]

Combs versus Brushes

Be the Master of Your Own Hair Tool – Combs versus Brushes

Combs and brushes might be the most overlooked tools for beautifying people in a jiffy. Every household must have a comb or a brush lying around and is used on a daily basis. Despite the fact that we use them every single day to untangle our messy buns, there is little information about combs and […]

Leather Bags

Coach’s 75th Anniversary Will Make You Crave for Leather Bags

The business of leather bags has always been a fascinating field in fashion that many gawked at over the last couple of decades. The sheer concept of owning a designer leather bag from a huge fashion brand is what most women, and sometimes men, strive for. Premium leather bags are now considered as a status […]