Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Girls with Height – A List of Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Okay, we have all been saturated with tall women gliding on runways every time there is a worldwide fashion show. At some point, being a tall girl isn’t always advantageous, despite the fact that this is a clear point of envy. In fashion, towering over the rest is a fairly good thing to possess and […]


Zara Dips into Versatility through the Ungendered Collection

Breaking gender barriers is a key move for the fashion industry to reach as many people as it could. The realm of style has embraced the likelihood that every gender should have a say in what looks good and what doesn’t. Several companies and even modeling agencies have opened their doors to cater to the […]


Chanel names Willow Smith as their new ambassadress

Chanel’s group of representatives grew even bigger as a new name was announced to join the ranks of fashionable and exceptional women who embody the style and aesthetic of the brand. Chanel is an empire, no doubt, and being a part of the fashion house that is desired by many is both a privilege and […]

Banana Republic

Banana Republic: Exuding Minimalism While Being On Top

Sometimes, people love to wear brands that are neither too superfluous nor too shabby. We all want comfort especially in our wardrobe, and we only rely on familiar names every time the need arises. While it is everyone’s dream to own a parka from Chanel or a sweatshirt from Hermes for a hefty price tag, […]

Plus-Size Models

Aerie’s Latest Campaign and the Advent of Plus-Size Models

When someone speaks of lingerie, the words sexy, sultry and sizzling hot would come to mind. We have indulged in the annual parade of ‘angels’ with lavishly beautiful bodies gliding on the playful runway of the illustrious Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Sometimes, we can see the well-sculpted bodies of women and men baring skin on […]

Sizzling Bell Bottoms

A Thumbs Up for the Comeback of Sizzling Bell Bottoms

The concept of a fashion comeback is definitely not surprising anymore as more and more trends have been from the past and made fabulous again. We embraced the 90s vibe last 2014 and the colorful garbs of the 70s reached back once more last 2015. We are being slowly submerged into a field wherein the […]

Fashion and Instagram Collide

When Fashion and Instagram Collide: Who to Follow

Shopping can be very tiring in most cases and people nowadays have would rather do everything online. The advent of technology and its effects in the fashion industry have dug deep as far as the recently concluded New York Fashion Week with it’s ‘see now, buy now’ philosophy is concerned. It has been apparent that […]