dainty trotters

Furry finds for your dainty trotters

Fall may be miles away from us and we might just be starting to feel the summer heat, but forecasts have been outlined dictating what should be in and what shouldn’t be for the said season. Fall is a wonderful season to get dressed with pristine elegance without the need for showing too much skin. […]

Kinky Hairdo

Never Fret and Adore Your Intrinsic Kinky Hairdo

The ultimate hair care will always come from identifying what type of hair you have. There are several known kinds of hair and it is imperative for a person to know how to appropriately take care of it at any given circumstance. While hair is made up of keratin, you must be aware of the […]


Keep the Pizzazz Rolling with Leave-In Conditioners

A majority of women will definitely agree that even after cleaning their hair with the most expensive brand of shampoo there is, conditioning is a must-do afterwards. Taking care of one’s luscious mane has proven beneficial in looking presentable, coupled up with feisty, high-fashion styling. Women nowadays are always at the forefront of things, may […]

Gold Cuff Bracelets

Let Your Summer Shine Brighter with Gold Cuff Bracelets

When spring subsides, one of the most awaited seasons is summer. This is the time when everyone wants to be out and about, showing their most head-turning wardrobe ensembles that are perfectly fitting to how the sun is at its zenith. The wonders of color and the incorporation of neon, sheer and sandals are definitely […]

Dark-Skinned Adams

Dark-Skinned Men and Helpful Strategies in Being Tasteful in Fashion

Color plays an integral part in making a chosen ensemble more successful. With all the styles in the fashion industry, it boils down to what type of color is used over a specific outfit to know which is better. Stylists and fashion geniuses not only invest into the materials or cuts they’ll be using, but […]

Willow Smith

Chanel names Willow Smith as their new ambassadress

Chanel’s group of representatives grew even bigger as a new name was announced to join the ranks of fashionable and exceptional women who embody the style and aesthetic of the brand. Chanel is an empire, no doubt, and being a part of the fashion house that is desired by many is both a privilege and […]

Estee Edit

Estée Lauder launches new line Estée Edit

For 70 years, Estée Lauder has been a trusted brand for women’s needs. The label that has become a staple presence in women’s vanity passed from generation to generation has long established their caliber when it comes to delivering quality products that make ladies from all over the world feel beautiful and ready for anything. […]