Louis Vuitton-

Another Hyped-Up Release from the Eponymous Louis Vuitton

Let’s face it, almost every woman we know would certainly dream of owning a Louis Vuitton bag once in their lives. Having a designer bag tucked away in one’s closet has been regarded as a status symbol over the years. True enough, many women have subscribed to the idea that these bags, no matter how […]


The Waistcoat: adding charm to a man’s formal wear

Not all men will have the guts to wear a waistcoat to a formal gathering. While this tends to be classic and a required garment for a three piece ensemble, some are reluctant to don this because wearing it wrong can mean fashion suicide. What many people don’t realize is that this piece of clothing […]

Fashion Icons Over 50

Timeless and Still Rocking It – Fashion Icons Over 50

Fashion is an open book. Unlike other parts of society, fashion embraces all forms of creativity from all walks of life. It has never turned down a great designer just because he or she came from a common family. Fashion welcomes everyone and everything that keeps it alive. As we progress through time, we have […]


The Givenchy Nightingale – More Structured and Sharper

After all these years, Givenchy has certainly stayed rooted at the top of the fashion food chain as one of the glorious brands that have supplied us with high-fashion accessories that we now use to empower our daily ensemble. Givenchy introduced us to effectively mix of style and function, along with various designs and versions […]


Prep Yourselves for a Must See Collaboration between Lauder and Bazaar

Estee Lauder might be one of the hardest to pronounce beauty brands to exist in our lifetime, but we have to admit that their reputation has gone through massive changes and beyond the incessant demands for innovation. This eponymous brand always gives its patrons something to be excited about, may it be a new shade […]


H&M came up with an affordable bridal line

One of the frontrunners when it comes to fast fashion has something new to offer, but this time, it does not include streetwear. This is something new and refreshing as the ready-to-wear chains of stores will not only cater to those who are into casual attire. Get this; H&M has released their most unexpected venture […]

slit tops-

Get that rocking style with slit tops

Ladies, this is the time to show off our sides by wearing tops with high slits. We know how fashion can creatively combine or break facets and turn them into a different version. Certainly, this industry’s creative core makes the world go round. Trends may come and go, but the entrance and exit of vogue […]