Under Armour Nike Durant-

Nike Got Durant, Under Armour Got Nike

With the basketball star, Kevin Durant’s contract expiring this off-season, several sportswear-producing companies are ready to attack a bid for the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player. Although, Nike is said to offer a 200 Million dollar bid to re-sign the star, another sportswear giant is ready to compete with Durant’s current sponsor. Under Armour, a […]


Girls’ Boyfriend Jeans

Unlike the previous generation, which is highly patriarchal, today’s era, women are treated equally in the society as far as gender and sexuality is concerned. In the past, men are for men and women are for women. Take for example, in terms of fashion; men should wear shirts and coats for men, while women should […]

loom bands-

Loom Bands, This Year’s Craze

In today’s world, where it seems change is the only thing that does not change, people are fund of novelties. People look for something new, something unique that will catch the attention of the crowd. Take for instance, in the world of fashion, to be specific in accessories. This year, a colorful craze invaded the […]

Kevin Durant Nike-

Kevin Durant Re-signs With Nike

The reigning NBA’s Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant is having quite a busy off season. Having been from a breakout season, winning individual and team awards and featuring in commercials, indeed, Durant’s success and development has been outrageous. Another feature to watch out for Kevin is his signature basketball shoes, which is sponsored by Nike. […]


Innovation, Polarized Sunglasses

The rapidly changing weather affects the environment, and everything within it, including us, human beings. As the changing world undergoes transformation from time to time, humans must adjust and adapt to changes that is happening. As the sun strikes us with its powerful heat, everything gets hotter, lighter and painful for body. One part that […]

The Perfect Storm vogue-

Weatherproof Dressing

In most cases, we normally see fashion designs being flashed on the Runaway for dresses, swimwear, gowns and casual wear however, as the trend of fashion evolved through time, designers do not only create outfit for dresses and elegant styles but even for practical functions and purposes. July 17, 2014 was the fashion week for […]

Stefan Janoski Nike SB_

Stefan Janoski in Nike SB

Nike is probably one of the most famous brand not just in the United States but also all around the world. Nike is a multinational corporation engaging in creating, designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of footwear, clothing, equipment, accessories and services. It is also one of the largest suppliers of athletic shoes, apparel and equipment. […]