Fashionable MESH-ups

Fashion is eternal. And it indeed is when people keeps on revolutionizing the usual get ups to be a unique new ones, the create something unusual yet undeniably hip. Recently we have seen the rise of the skirt trends, now we are stuck in awe by this latest innovation in fashion. The mesh dresses and […]

Nike Roshe Run-p

Gearing Up Nike Roshe Run

People do have a busy life in today’s generation. Most of them, because of their hectic schedule and activities are looking forward on slashing some sweat over their bodies. Yes, people nowadays are keen on exercising to have a healthy and fit life. During exercises, trainings and workouts, gearing up or fashion comes along. It […]


Bright Neon Trends

The world is full of colors. Wherever people may go, whatever they do, whenever they want to, they can see colors. Colors put life to each and every thing in this world; it adds creativeness, fun and soul to anything that crosses its path. What if the world is black and white? What if there […]

Jumpsuit Trend-

The Jumpsuit Trend

This 2014, fashion trends have been hotter and unique. Both Spring and Fall fashion week has been outrageous in terms of the quality of display. And now that the fashion month is officially over, several trends will surely pop out from both Spring and Fall Fashion Week that is featured in London, Milan, New York […]

Under Armour Nike Durant-

Nike Got Durant, Under Armour Got Nike

With the basketball star, Kevin Durant’s contract expiring this off-season, several sportswear-producing companies are ready to attack a bid for the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player. Although, Nike is said to offer a 200 Million dollar bid to re-sign the star, another sportswear giant is ready to compete with Durant’s current sponsor. Under Armour, a […]


Girls’ Boyfriend Jeans

Unlike the previous generation, which is highly patriarchal, today’s era, women are treated equally in the society as far as gender and sexuality is concerned. In the past, men are for men and women are for women. Take for example, in terms of fashion; men should wear shirts and coats for men, while women should […]

loom bands-

Loom Bands, This Year’s Craze

In today’s world, where it seems change is the only thing that does not change, people are fund of novelties. People look for something new, something unique that will catch the attention of the crowd. Take for instance, in the world of fashion, to be specific in accessories. This year, a colorful craze invaded the […]