Little Nude Lipstick Cheat Sheet

It may be that for the longest time, most of us have not been in favour with Nude lipsticks. But seeing those sexy bombshells like Scarlet Johansson and J-Lo and other Hollywood stars wear it will definitely make you want to nail that sexy natural look this instant. But for those who already are into […]


Lace Shorts

Lace is one of the unexpected trend that happened in the fashion industry. It is used as an accent on fabrics or clothes but nowadays, dresses, tops and shorts that are all made from lace are on trend. There’s no limit to fashion indeed. One of the best inventions out of lace is the lace […]


What To Wear On New Year’s Eve

Getting prepped for New Year’s Eve? Before you go the party, read this checklist of what should be worn on New Year’s Eve. Welcoming the New Year is a refresher and it is another year for a journey you are headed to. Don’t waste your New Year’s Eve on crappy clothes because you should look […]


How To Wear Birks

Birkenstocks is the biggest fashion comeback and I must say it’s more famous today than back then. It was ugly, comfy yet one of the biggest shoe trend back in the ‘90s. Now everyone wants to have their feet on it. Ironic things fashion can do to people, eh? Birks can be worn awesome if […]


Shorts, shorts, shorts!

Shorts are not just a pair of cropped jeans. If you do not know, there’s a wide variety of shorts you can choose from. Forget your favourite denim shorts for a while because these flow embellished shorts are what you need to pair with your tee and sandals! You don’t even have to worry about […]

christmas fashion-

What To Wear On Christmas?

Christmas is all about the shimmer and the sparkle! I know we are all giddy to embrace the holidays and what better way to welcome it than to wear your perfect OOTD? Christmas is the time for you to shine (literally). There’s no limit with the sparkle and shimmer that you can wear on this […]

Mise En Dior-

The Best Earrings Yet!

Have you heard of the newest accessory trend? Dior launched the iconic earring piece every woman goes gaga for! Dior’s “Mise En Dior”, the double tribal earrings is the new sizzle of the fashion industry! Mise En Dior has big pearls that peeps out subtly from behind the lobe and small pearls that rests on […]