Pour La Victoire

3 designer bags you must invest on

We are all well aware of the fact that Fashion evolves through time, some of the trends may come and go, but there are few things that does not fade in the fashion industry. These unfading things play an important role in our daily lives. But we now come to an age where Bags aren’t […]


The Downturn of the Trendy Crocs

As much as the delight of most people, fashion nowadays is becoming simpler and simpler. From the extravagant dresses to dangling jewelries, a person can just parade the streets and runways and manage the complete ‘fashionista’ vibe with simple fashion styles. The comparison and change goes from dresses and tux to simple shirts, and high […]

Adidas Springblade-

Sprint with Adidas Springblade

When fashion is the talk of the town, everyone thinks about the aesthetics and the quality. Some may associate it to fashion runways and displaying the beauty of what they are wearing to the mass. Yes, fashion is a form of self-expression, and it is not only found in runways nor walking and modeling through […]

casio G-shock-

Casio, technology with a touch of class

Watches have been our trusted friend since about 500 years ago. It has endured wars and technical evolution. Classic and timeless, that’s why no matter how many times we have advanced; we still do depend on wrist watches. And when we talk about dependable watches; one brand that comes into our mind is Casio. Now […]


Hot yet Practical Skorts

Ever fashion style or trend is highly dynamic and distinct as well. A trend may be connected to other trends, and some may offer the same use or benefit with others. Taking a closer look, probably the most used and the busiest trends in fashion, the shorts and skirts, these trends are giving the most […]


Havaianas and 2014 Perks

Brazil is a country in South America. Upon hearing the country’s name, concepts such as Christ the Redeemer Monument, the samba dancing people, football or soccer and the recently concluded FIFA World Cup 2014, the lively beaches and party life and of course the colorful Havaianas flip flops arrives people’s minds. These concepts indeed reflect […]


Birkenstock – its back, and its big

When we think of fashion, it’s not only about how glamorous and sophisticated it looks, it must also considers comfort, so you don’t just get to be stylish and fab, but also laid-back and feeling good at the same time. Birkenstock was a simple invention that made feet undeniably comfy for over 200 years ago. […]