Armanis EA7 Line

From Classroom Board to Magazine Print: Boselli Now on Armani’s EA7 Line

When something or someone is caught by the keen and always ecstatic social media, there’s a huge chance that it will spread like wildfire. The people of today have been openly exchanging thoughts and information through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, connecting the world more than ever. If in the event you’re reading this […]

Athleisure Trend

Frolicking in Style and Comfort with the Athleisure Trend

There are moments when we think that fashion is quite absurd due to the trends it spins out of nowhere. Fashion followers just succumb to every idea thrown at us, sometimes not even wondering if a specific ensemble would fit us or not. The innovative minds and creative geniuses behind the fashion industry always introduce […]


The First Glimpse into the H&M x Balmain Fall Collection

After a few weeks of anxiously waiting, one of the most historical collaborations of all time finally released their first design as affiliate brands. While we know both H&M and Balmain are competing with the most wearable creations, the flagship garment which comes in the form of a minidress would truly astound all women who […]

Adele Uddo

The Art of Hand Modeling and the Magic of Adele Uddo

The business of modeling has been introduced to the majority as a field fit for slender bodies, well-sculpted and chiseled muscles, facial contours and the ability to glide through the catwalk as comfortably as possible. We have been all exposed to the notion that only those with blessed with the perfect physiques should do modeling […]

Caitlyn Jenner H&M

H&M Sport unveils Caitlyn Jenner as their new endorser

Caitlyn Jenner’s announcement to the world has become a shock that left most people’s jaws drop for a while. Sure, there were mixed opinions from the crowd especially from those who followed his family’s famous reality show that changed the face of television forever. Now, the 66-year old celebrity has become an icon of his […]


Prep Yourselves for a Must See Collaboration between Lauder and Bazaar

Estee Lauder might be one of the hardest to pronounce beauty brands to exist in our lifetime, but we have to admit that their reputation has gone through massive changes and beyond the incessant demands for innovation. This eponymous brand always gives its patrons something to be excited about, may it be a new shade […]


H&M came up with an affordable bridal line

One of the frontrunners when it comes to fast fashion has something new to offer, but this time, it does not include streetwear. This is something new and refreshing as the ready-to-wear chains of stores will not only cater to those who are into casual attire. Get this; H&M has released their most unexpected venture […]