The Feared Fashion Police

There might be so many fashion slip-ups that both common people and celebrities alike, seem to commit to the extent that we have to check ourselves three or more times in the mirror before we leave or go out. Fortunately, our fashion inaccuracies are not photo’d, publicized in fashion journals and remarked, criticized, and mentioned […]

bare midriff-

Bare your midriff with style

Cropped tops are again on trend. It is easy and comfortable to wear specially during summer. Also, ladies nowadays love to flaunt the result of their hard work on their midriff. Here are some celebrity styles that will show you how you to bare your midriff with sophistication. Jessica Alba shows a classy chic style, […]


Your Kind of Shade: An eyeglass retake

  Noted as one of the most used accessory, sunglasses is a testament that fashion’s at its finest when you can look good and put function and comfort as a glowing priority. Aside from upping your dull wardrobe when going out on a sizzling summer day, sunglasses are basically worn by men and women to […]

Perry Ellis-

Ellis: A Mogul that’s incapable of dying

Men are hard to dress. Unlike women, men resort to wearing garments that are boring, straightforward and plain. Maybe because of men’s masculine nature and affinity to anything that is not loud, they resorted to pieces of clothing that can easily be unnoticed, stiff-looking and incapable of vibrancy. Even before, men also dominated the fashion […]


Get Shocked with a G Shock

Time is gold. You must value time and spend it astutely. To tell time anywhere you are, it is compulsory for you to have a watch. These days, there are a lot of companies of high quality wristwatches worldwide. One of the most prevalent brands is the Casio G-Shock watch. G Shock means Gravitational Shock. […]


Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli began life in humble surroundings, growing up with no electricity or running water. Today, aged 60, he is the founder, chief executive and designer of a global luxury lifestyle brand with a market capitalisation of more than $1.5 billion. Over the next 15-20 years the brand remained entirely focused on one product category. […]


Dries is amazing

One of the most successful members of the renowned Antwerp Six, Dries Van Noten’s intellectual aesthetic first took the international fashion scene by storm when he and other graduates of Antwerp’s Royal Academy rented a truck and set up shop at London Fashion Week in 1986. Since then, Mr van Noten has maintained his independent […]