Met Gala

A Run-Through On 2015’s Met Gala

Of course if someone’s going to nail any costume party, it must be Rihanna! Donned in an imperial yellow fur-trimmed robed, Riri has – yet again – gone all out! It was made by no other than Beijing-based Chinese couturier Guo Pei, whose works will also be put on display for this year’s Met exhibition […]


On the Rise: Rad Hourani

“I don’t understand why a man has certain things he’s allowed to wear and women have skirts, and flower prints and high heels,” [Rad Hourani] said. “I don’t understand who made these rules.” This was the statement made by Rad Hourani of RAD on his talk to Misty White Sidell of the Daily Beast in […]

Pants Skirts-

Pants? Check. Skirts? Another Check.

Indeed, gadgets are not the only thing climbing up the innovation ladder. In this evolutionary time, the fashion industry is, in any aspect, will not be left behind making revolutionary works that would make you crave to have just one piece in your wardrobe. Hybrid skants, a combination of a skirt and pants, has made […]

Spring Trends

The Spring Trends that No One Can Stop Searching

Google knows exactly what we’re searching for, and while some might call that creepy, we call it awesome. Especially when its latest data report revealed the three fashion items people are searching for nonstop. So what pieces are trending so hard you can’t escape them? Tulle skirts, emoji jogger pants, and midi skirts, in that […]

Leather Jackets-

The Return of the Leather Jackets

Many has associated the leather jacket to the action stars of the 70s through the 90s. It has also been associated to the Harley-Davidson riders who mostly had the reputation of being rock stars or rebels. But in this day of age, this very stylish and classic outfit has gone back from the grave of […]


Get Reacquainted To Those Dreads

Have you seen Zendaya Coleman’s hairstyle at the 2015 Oscars? She totally rocked those dreads! The 19-year old Disney star is only one of the many celebrities to use those dreads in making a fashion statement — and in owning the red carpet, too. Dreadlocks has been around for ages and through those times, a […]


Fashion Passion at Coachella 2015

The recent grandeur and success of Coachella 2015 had been abuzz on the Internet community. People and fashion critics all over the planet had been gaping on the types of fashion that had been displayed on the said musical event. From singers to famous Hollywood actors and huge TV personalities, a mish mash of various […]