Worthy Oakleys

Summer Sunshine Calls for the Worthy Oakleys

Whenever you ask a very trendy person about what sunglasses one should be wearing to look fab and not drab, he or she would certainly recommend getting a pair from Oakley. This innovative sunglasses manufacturer has taken great lengths in providing its consumers a wide array of eyewear for women, men and even kids for […]

Dooney & Bourke

Recreating Dooney & Bourke’s Legacy through New Bag Line

A classic is definitely difficult to replace and only its makers can create a new version to top it. We have seen brands resurrect their old designs for the sake of innovation, while others do exert gargantuan efforts to produce a better version to utterly please their fans. Usually, the ‘pulling out of the closet’ […]

Fashion Beth Dittos

Crossing Music and Fashion – Beth Ditto’s Inspirational Clothing Line

You might remember that awesome show back in December 2015 when talented punk rocker and scene stealer Beth Ditto collaborated with eponymous fashion brand jean Paul Gaultier. Surprising the audience and the whole world, Ditto strutted the runway fiercely wearing a T-shirt as if the catwalk is where she should be and not under the […]

Chanels 2017 Cruise Collection

Chanel’s 2017 Cruise Collection is phenomenal

If you are looking for something remarkable, haute and out of the box, then Chanel is the brand for you. The fashion house has been consistent in making their runways as real as possible making use of a unique theme of their choosing for every fashion show they come up with. If you think that […]

Beyonce fashion gala

Beyonce and the MET gala through the years

Because she’s Beyonce, there is no question. Queen B has always been the emblem of making it to the news in a classy and talk-worthy kind of way. Cite her latest project for example. Lemonade is receiving a big heap of attention not only because of ‘Becky with the good hair’, but due to the […]

Mila Kunis

Best style moments of Mila Kunis

The doe-eyed actress that first charmed her viewers through her alluring charisma is not your sweet girl next door who’s all about butterflies and cotton candy. Her sultry appeal amplified by her olive skin are one some of the reasons why this Ukraine-born celebrity stood out from everybody else. In Hollywood where every move is […]

Kylie and Kendall handbag collection

Kylie and Kendall to launch handbag collect

The Jenner sisters proved that they are starting a fashion empire as they venture little by little into every corner of the industry. Aside from the fact that these young ladies proved their position as sellable endorsers, these two who rose from one of television’s most successful reality shows of all time turned out to […]