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Fashion is not just putting clothes on and living in it for a day. Fashion became a passion and surprisingly, more like a profession nowadays. As fashion evolution become more rampant as time passes by, the trend has been changing faster than you think. In a snap, there would be another trend to be patronized to for a few days or a few weeks. May it be vintage, edgy, sexy, chic, casual or just street style; people are just too thirsty for the Look of the Day trophy. Famous people such as celebrities or musicians are usually the trendsetters. There are popular fashion magazines that look for the best-dressed celebrities of the week, setting a trend for the audience.  The best-dressed celebrity would have his/her outfit expected to go viral in just a few days.

Taylor Swift for one, a 24 year old American singer/songwriter/actress has been setting a fashion trend these past weeks as she strolls down the streets of NYC every single day. The photos of her outfit would always be one of the most anticipated fashion posts and inspiration for young girls and even for young adults worldwide. Last week, Swift has been spotted strutting gorgeous outfits after gym and has made herself a spotlight at the Teen Choice Awards wearing a lime green tweed Novis NYC Spring 2014 bustier at $745 and matching A-line skirt at $695 (which are still up for grabs). The outfit is very detailed that features black strap on the cropped bustier top and a black and white lining on the hem of the skirt. Sheer white checkered panels to make the outfit look more edgy. Now Taylor, don’t you have the spotlight all to yourself?

There are a lot of Fashion Inspiration guides on the internet. InStyle, for example, is one of the largest fashion magazine and Facebook Page online. If you’re having a hard time what to wear, you can always look up for some fashion inspiration websites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Lookbook or Facebook or you can even google the your most favorite celebrity and see what he/she wore for the week. Have fun!

Archie Fegidero

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