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Designed with adoring structures and luscious nature in its backdrop, Bratislava is a place to experience the excellent mix of nature and culture.

With its own substantial share of the history that dates back to Europe’s rise during the Middle Ages, Bratislava is a city that boasts some of the world’s most beautiful scenic views and astounding destinations that are definitely worth visiting.


Bratislava is Slovakia’s capital located at the southwestern part of the country. The city occupies the banks of two rivers, Danube and Morava.

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What makes this capital city even more unique is the fact that it borders two other states: Hungary and Austria. The city covers an area of 141.9 square kilometers and holds of more than 500,000 of Slovakia’s population.


The city has a moderate continental climate. Characterized by hot summers and cold winters blended with generally windy weather, Bratislava is one of the driest parts in the entire country.

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Those who want to make the most out of their trip to this city should ideally plan to visit between the months of May until September. The warmest month is July while the coolest is January.


The city can be reached via air by booking a flight to Slovakia’s largest airport, Bratislava Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport. This airport mostly hosts flights to and from other major cities in Europe and most schedules are booked through Ryanair.

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Unlike most airports, a shuttle bus going to the city center is not available. Therefore, tourists use public transportation in the form of buses which take about 15-20 minutes of travel time. Trains are also another option especially if coming from Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Warsaw.


Bratislava Castle

Hardly unnoticed, this beautiful edifice is one of primary tourist attractions in Bratislava. The stone palace situated in the hills facing the Danube River was founded between the 11th to the 12th centuries.

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The palace has undergone multiple renovations and transformed as time went on. First designed with Romanesque inspired construction, the castle was also transformed by inspirations from Gothic, then Renaissance architecture.

Zlate Piesky

This lake is the place to be during summers. Just around 15 minutes away from the city center, this destination is a quick fix for both locals and travelers who want to be sun kissed the Bratislava way.

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Campsites are available, along with other outdoor activities like volleyball, mini golf and tennis.

Devinska Kobyla

Wander around the beauty of nature found in the city and see the majestic meadows and wealthy forests found in this famous spot in the city.

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Hike around and see all sorts of flora and fauna while getting more intimate with the silence and calm residing in the natural reserve that also played an important role in Bratislava’s history.

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