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Tamsui has never been a hot destination in Taiwan until 1998 when the MRT line was extended to touch the historic ends of this town. Since the nation that it belongs to is quite small in size, Tamsui has been regarded as a sweet escape from the city even though it is not that far from the metropolis.

Cutting past thick shrubs and sturdy mangroves, Taiwan has opened new possibilities for Tamsui to be a tourist destination.

Tamsui is now a bustling town full of beauty, promise and enjoyment. If you want to get away from the crowded city center, then get a train ride to this modern paradise where nature and development meet. Be amazed with all the foreign influences preserved in Tamsui, all the while marveling at towering mountains, volcanoes and thick greenery.

Tamsui District (2)



Tamsui District (3)


Known to be a part of the recently established New Taipei City, Tamsui is strategically located at the topmost part of Taiwan. Due to its close proximity to the famous Tamsui River, the city has served its purpose of being a passageway for the country’s booming commerce.

Hailing its name from a word that means which is ‘fresh water’, Tamsui has been inhabited by a total of 162,441 residents since January, 2016.


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Many tourists have commented that one of the best parts of staying in Tamsui is the well-balanced weather brought about by the town’s position in the globe.

Since it faces a huge body of water, the direct heat of the sun is toned down by the strong, cold winds coming from the Tamsui River, making it perfect for a day outdoors or a beach escapade.




One of the main modes of transportation that connects Tamsui from all over Taiwan is the Tamsui Station. Recently opened, the Tamsui Station caters to as much as 77,000 passengers daily and is located specifically in Zhongzheng Road.

Using the Tamsui Station will let you see other points of interest within the town such as the Danshui Old Street, Tamsui Customs Wharf, Fort Santo Domingo, Tamsui Church, Drop of Water Memorial Hall, Tamsui District Office and the Tamkang University.

What to See

Yinshan Temple

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Constructed in 1872 by Hakka immigrants, the Yinshan Temple is a landmark in Tamsui that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The Yinshan Temple takes part in Tamsui’s rich heritage and homage to worshipping gods, emperors and queens.

Be mesmerized by the intrinsic architecture that this landmark has in store, and be informed of some temple customs and traditions once you’ve taken the short tour inside it.

Maritime Museum

Tamsui District (7)


One thing you’ll immediately notice in the Maritime Museum is its ocean liner shape, which is extremely appropriate to what can be found inside. This four level museum is home to a wide array of nautical artifacts and essentials, which are quite important to Tamsui’s roots as a town near a huge body of water.

Specifically, the Maritime Museum is located at the infamous Tamkang University campus and here, you’ll be exposed to a wide array of maritime displays like steamers, frigates, carriers and aircraft all frozen into replicas and models.

Tamsui Art and Culture Park

Tamsui District (8)


Due to the influences of Dutch conquistadors, there were several buildings and structures constructed during their colonization period in Tamsui. One of these is the Royal Dutch Shell. Over time, this once wondrous edifice has lost its use and was later converted to be the home of the Tamsui Art and Culture Park.

Now bustling with Tamsui’s most creative minds, the park is dedicated to showcase local talents through changing exhibitions and displays. Also, a small cafeteria has been set up for the growing number of tourists visiting this destination.


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