Estée Lauder launches new line Estée Edit

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For 70 years, Estée Lauder has been a trusted brand for women’s needs. The label that has become a staple presence in women’s vanity passed from generation to generation has long established their caliber when it comes to delivering quality products that make ladies from all over the world feel beautiful and ready for anything.

While it is undeniable that the prestigious brand already has a deep foundation when it comes to introducing high-quality products, there has been an invisible wall that separates the younger generation from picking Estée Lauder as their go-to brand in a heartbeat. This gap is something the brand wants to bridge, which is why they came up with a big venture that they haven’t done before.

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The brand released a product line named Estée Edit that targets millennials. This is the brand’s game plan when it comes to coping with the growing number of youngsters who occupy a big chunk of the pie chart when it comes to beauty product consumerism.

To become more effective, Estée Lauder worked hand in hand with influential women, such as model Kylie Jenner and beauty blogger Irene Kim. The brand made a favorable choice as these two have a wide following. The 82- piece makeup and skincare line aims to appeal to the ever-changing and always-challenging tastes of the new generation.

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It is hard to keep the loyalty of younger consumers as they always seek something new. Because the market always innovates, millennials will always be curious about trying the latest when it comes to skincare and makeup. Since technology and new discoveries pop up regularly, brands like Estée Lauder will really have to make sure that delivering a satisfactory result through their products is maintained.

Pieces in the Estee Edit line have been launched and can be purchased at Sephora branches, an all-around store that has always been a favorite since it is a one-stop shop that offers a variety of women’s needs.

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