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Punta Arenas is situated across the one of the most historic trade routes in the world, the Magellan Strait. Because of this, the trade industry of Punta Arenas boomed.

It is also the gateway of travelers and excursionists to the South Pole.



It is the prime city of Chile’s southernmost region, Magallanes and is part of the Antarctic Region overlooking the famous Magellan Strait. It is 3,036 km away from Santiago, the capital of Chile.

Across the strait lies the island of Tierra del Fuego and Puerto Williams, a Chilean town. It has a total land area of 17,846 kilometers and has 127,474 inhabitants.



Punta Arenas’ seasonal temperature is because of its proximity to the ocean. According to the Koppen Climate classification, it has a mild climate with no dry season, but has a warm summer.

The rainy season is from April to May, while the snowy season runs through June to September.

Punta Arenas is the first populated city that has been directly affected by the thinning of ozone layer since 1986, which cause danger to the residents because of harmful ultraviolet rays.



Punta Arenas can be accessed through land, air or sea. The main gateway to Punta Arenas is through air from Auropuerto Internacional Arturo Merino Benitez in Santiago, where there is a 4h 35min domestic flight to Presidente Carlos Ibanez International Airport.

Ground transport and rental cars are available upon request at the airport. Cruise ships and ferries are also available, but a lot more expensive because it will make stops to some tourist sites along the way.

What to see

Mirador Cerro La Cruz

Mirador Cerro La Cruz

The best spot to introduce Punta Arenas because of its breathtaking view, colorful roofs and seeing the Magallanes Strait from afar.

Centro Cultural Braun-Menendez

Centro Cultural Braun-Menendez

The Braun-Menendez family mansion with its very elaborate interior, sculpture and paintings contains the Historical Museum of Magellan, which offers the history and development of the area over the years.

The Penguin Colony

The Penguin Colony

Around 60 kilometers away from Punta Arenas is the area where thousands of Magellanic penguins come to rest.

The best time to visit the area is from November to March and the best month to view baby penguins is in December, when visitors are allowed to see the penguins up close provided that they will remain at the perimeter.


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