Don’t Fret When You Doodle, It’s Rather Marvelous

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There are mundane moments when you find yourself drawing and scribbling away with patterns, figures and shapes that freely came out of your brain and pen. Normally, it is being done, as they say, when you are bored or killing the time away when you’re trapped into something.

Doodling is something more than just the creative waste on your precious notebook, thus, it is something that can be related better with one’s thought processes.

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Studies have graced and entertained the idea that doodling, your pen and brain have been connected smartly to bring out the best creative juices that you own. Doodling had also been dubbed a very essential activity for you to keep your brain nerves always working, releasing only the best thoughts in retrospect to your creativity. Your doodles and scribes are not just products of your purposeless writing; it is a clear sign that there are a lot of things that you can do when you gave it extra attention the next time.

You shouldn’t feel ashamed at all as doodling is said to be a practice that the populace has been doing as far as 30,000 years back. We all have been taught during class and our inevitable trips to history channels that the olden people have this way of putting their thoughts on rocks as somewhat akin to doodling, in a larger and dramatic scale.

You’d also be shocked to realize that the most intelligent human beings who have doodled their way to success and have been avid and self-confessed doodlers include Leonardo Da Vinci, George Washington, Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Regan, Vladimir Nabokov, Bill Gates and Frank Gehry. Doodling can span and scope up to the most absurd things and all of the things you have drawn for the rest of your existence is a reflection of how creative you are a person.

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Doodling, aside from the visual satisfaction that it brings is also beneficial to a human being, provided that it is being done out of freewill and not as structured as a formal drawing. Freestyle doodling can increase information retention by a surprising 29% and altogether debunks the idea that doodling strays you away from being focused.

Also, when you are doodling, you’re not just retaining the pictures you want to draw but all of the events associated with it in a specific timeframe. Your doodle masterpieces are like postcards, and the mere sight of it would be able to help you identify why and where you have drawn it at the first place.

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Visual notes found on doodles would also give you a better picture of the usual boring stuff that you need to jot down, and in the end, make it enjoyable for you to make a mental note on. Also, doodling have this ability to de-clutter your way of thinking and preps the brain to take on bigger things and help you in dealing with stress.

Your seemingly innocent sketches and shapes actually is an avenue where your brain expands and is being stimulated which in return would be beneficial for you to think of things in solving a problem.

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