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Gucci is notorious for their bold and risky decisions in fashion shows. With their latest venture in Milan, many have applauded the brand’s bravado in pulling-off another runway edition, which is already quite expected of them.

Gucci fashion shows are always awaited by fashion experts and avid fans because their creative team always comes up with a vibe that blurs the line between men and women, making everyone feel equal within the realm of fashion. With their latest Milan stint, many have never doubted or questioned Hari Nef’s inclusion to their esteemed league of female models.

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Who is Hari Nef? Born October 21, 1992, this 23-year old model took the fashion industry by storm as being the first ever transgender who made it big in the modeling industry. Also known as an American actress and writer, Hari Nef is definitely a jill of all trades as she has been seen as Tante Gittel in Amazon’s Transparent, which many approve, and having some stints here and there as a professional model.

The Milan fashion show by Gucci was the perfect ground for Hari Nef to show her remarkable modeling skills with the whole world watching her strut down the runway. The androgynous signature of every Gucci campaign has pretty much paved the way for hair Nef’s inclusion, and many fashion experts are amazed by how she has done her job perfectly. Hari Nef’s debut as a fashion model was when she was casted at the New York Fashion Week for spring in 2015, where she masterfully walked for labels such as Eckhaus Latta and Hood by Air.

It can be said that Hari Nef’s educational background as a theater program graduate at the Columbia University strengthened her will and confidence to perform in front of a mass audience. This strong foothold definitely relieved all her doubts to make people look up to her, despite her preferred sexual orientation.

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The guts and charm of Hari Nef got her all the dreams that she has ever hoped for, and her future as a successful professional model is as bright as the radiance she exudes whenever strutting down the runway.

Before being a full-blown follower of fashion, she has also written for some publications such as Dazed, Vice, Blackbook, Original Plumbing and Adult Mag.

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Hari Nef was also the first ever transgender model signed with IMG Models, which also manages well-known people the likes of Gigi Hadid, Gisele Bundchen and superstar Kate Moss.

It was in May 2015 when Hari Nef bestowed all her hope and principles to the stable walls of IMG Models, and since then, more and more brands have been interested in booking her right away.

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Hari Nef paved the way for more transgender models to put forth their skills and talents towards the general public, and the pizzazz that she possesses is a magnificent embodiment of her commitment in promoting a gender-fluid society, especially in fashion and modeling.

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