Debunking pit bull’s monster-like image

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When someone saw a pit bull, the initial reaction will surely include the sheer fear of being ravished and bitten. With their raucous look and the influences shown and injected to us by mass media, these canine breeds often are the subjects of criticism.

Let’s all admit the fact that there’s something in pit bulls that terrified us, even in the context of just visualizing them, and much as there are lots of people who contest the bad light shone on them, we just cannot shake the scare.

They say that dogs are ‘man’s best friend’ and unfortunately, pit bulls are not on your top picks to bet if you choose to be a dog’s foster parent. But little did we know that there is a lot of facts backed up by science and truths established by pit bull owners, which would definitely flip on how we have known them, so better read on.

Within the whole dog populace, 6% are that of pit bulls. Whilst they are originally bred as bully dogs, pit bulls transcended the notion and become more welcoming to human care. By the early 1900s, pit bulls are dubbed to be ‘nanny dogs’ due to their caring and affectionate nature towards children and the elderly. And one unnoticed truth about dog attacks and pit bulls is that breeds aren’t really a factor if a dog would bite deep or not.

The breed isn’t really accepted to be an essential factor in dog attacks, and so the misconception about pit bulls being a crazed dog breed isn’t really factual. There are three main reasons on as to the reasons why dogs are more susceptible to attacks and these are—un-neutered male dogs, dogs that are treated as guards rather than family pets and those dogs that experienced lashing and other physical abuse. Fatal dog bites, as what is commonly associated with pit bulls, do have a very miniscule percentage in retrospect to mortality, which is amounting to just 1 in 10 million cases.


Some of the myths surrounding the pit bull breed is their unique abilities to lock jaws when they have bitten someone. As far as science is concerned, they do own the same jaw and mouth mechanisms as what other breeds have, and there’s no way they can do differently. Pit bulls are also viewed as very aloof and angered by human presence, which is again, not completely true. As according to one study, a pit bull even scored a whopping 84% versus the standard 81% in retrospect to temperament and general behavior.

There is also a myth, which states that pit bulls are invincible dog breeds and cannot feel physical pain. Due to the blatant fact that they are living things, the pain will always be present, however, due to their affinity to their owners, pit bulls are said to have a higher tolerance for pain to please the people around them. And lastly, while pit bulls’ set of teeth might be downright scary, they do have lower bite strength as compared to other breeds such as Rottweiler and German Shepherds.

Sadly, due to the growing misconception about the lovable pit bulls, almost 30% of dogs living in animal shelters are of their kind. And 87% of which are being killed due to the fact that they promote fear, despite the fact that they must be taken cared of and where they have come from.

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