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Sleeping is something that we have to get adequate amount of. You basically cannot go from day to day without getting enough sleep because not only will this reduce your efficiency, it will also be the root of your problems. Simply put, sleep is not something that you cannot live without. This also the reason why it is necessary to find that perfect sleep formula that you can adapt to in order to get some healthy sleeping habits over the years.

When we want to have a good night’s sleep, huge consideration is taken for the type of pillow that we would use. Not just an accessory to make your bed even more inviting, a pillow is and should be present every night for a multitude of purposes.

Most of us must have settled for getting a generic type of pillow and without wondering about the effects of this pillow on our overall sleep session, but let’s just accept the fact that our trusted puffy sleeping companion does wonders for us and our wellness so being knowledgeable about it is essential, too.


A pillow erases the tendency of collapsing after a long time of headrest and the buckwheat pillow’s ability to release heat is a huge convenience especially on summer nights. Our sleeping temperature is of high-priority with this pillow type and you will not be bothered with a sweaty head ever again.

If its softness that you are after, go get your bed a whole new set of down pillows. Ideally, down pillows are stuffed with waterfowl fluffs which give it the right amount of softness ideal for stomach sleepers and pillow huggers. The sheer smoothness and pleasant quality of down or feather pillows have been around since time immemorial and having this on your bed would definitely allow for deeper sleep.


For the more generic type, almost all human households own a cotton or wool pillow which is a more economical replacement to the aforementioned type. Since this is used by the majority, there’s an acceptable reason why this is patronized: quality. The all-natural, normal softness and breathability of cotton pillows provide optimum sleep without being too expensive.


The resistance that latex pillows offer is one of the many reasons for the fame it’s been receiving for the last couple of years. The sturdy yet comfortable latex pillows make them an astounding competitor to the cotton type. When using latex pillow, expect your head not to slump down during sleep as the support is strong. There will also be minimal chances of you getting neck and shoulder pain when you use this type of pillow.

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