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You might remember that awesome show back in December 2015 when talented punk rocker and scene stealer Beth Ditto collaborated with eponymous fashion brand jean Paul Gaultier. Surprising the audience and the whole world, Ditto strutted the runway fiercely wearing a T-shirt as if the catwalk is where she should be and not under the limelight of the music industry.

After her success as the front liner of dance-punk trio called the Gossip, this self-described ‘chubby kid’ from Searcy Arkansas is geared to enter the fashion industry with her very own clothing line. Maybe we will all miss her and reminisce while listening to songs like Heavy Cross and Standing in the Way of Control, but many fashion experts are anticipating Ditto’s next move within the field of style and design.

The long wait is over as she’s bound to make plus-size women like her comfortable with their figures through a well-thought of line now dotting fashion stands.

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Earlier in the spring of 2016, Beth Ditto wowed the crowd with her very own venture into a collection that speaks so much of her loud yet very creative personality. Known to advocate women who do not conform to the standards of modern fashion, Beth Ditto’s philosophy has been channeled through this 21-piece clothing line and many consumers are battling it out just to cap a piece.

Now that Gossip is out of the picture, Beth Ditto decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry, further expanding her reach to women who have suffered for a long time because of weight issues. Also, this move made by Ditto was quite expected as she has been known to stretch her capabilities as a designer when she helped the British brand Evans, which catered to plus-size RTW items.

Fashion Beth Dittos (1)

One thing noticeable about the Ditto’s collection is the conscious effort to stray away from common plus-size fashion. Known to be generally naïve and conserved, plus-size offerings can certainly be boring at times and never really highlighted how wonderful a woman should feel when dressing up. Made to cover sizes from 14 through 24, Ditto’s designs scream for attention as more consumers can take advantage of the size range provided.

Furthermore, everyone should expect that the types of clothing, print and materials used transcend Ditto’s innards and personality that they have been viewed as fun, playful and loud by those who have seen it. Some of the prints and styles that you can adore include quirky lipstick prints, dresses made to highlight luscious curves, graceful tops and blush satin.

Photo by: KGC-138/STAR MAX/IPx 2/18/16 Beth Ditto attending the launch of her Spring/Summer 2016 collection at Selfridges in London.

Beth Ditto’s collection is currently priced at a minimum of $65 for funky T-shirts up to lavish jumpsuits reminiscent of Saks Fifth Avenue at $395.

The prized pieces of this clothing venture can be checked on her official website, and see for yourself the wide array of colors, prints and patterns that are truly Beth Ditto-inspired.

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