Country Music’s Newfound Jewel: Cam

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The music industry knows no age, no boundaries, no gender and no place of origin. This flourishing industry has thrived on talents coming from all walks of life, and certainly, it has approved of solo acts or groups for as long as they have the talent to prove that they are worthy.

Just recently, the music scene has proven once again that no matter how you started out, if a shining career is for you, it would come running at the best possible time. She might have started as someone ‘behind’ the music or the most popular track as a songwriter, but the passion to perform never escaped Cam, and now that she’s out in the open, she’s more than willing to show the world how great she is as an artist.

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Born as Cameron Marvel Ochs, the now 31-year old singer from Lafayette, California is set to blaze her musical career as a singer despite the fact that she has always been around as a songwriter. Now, Cam is focusing on country music, a genre that she wanted to revolutionize after being exposed to too much pop and contemporary music.

Her controlled vocal calisthenics and her wit in writing songs easily are some of the many assets that Cam has, and since her first dip into the music industry in 2010, she’s now an unstoppable superstar.

Some of the songs that Miley Cyrus sang recently were actually influenced by the songwriting skills of Cam, and so it is a definite that she’s off to a career that’s fully interesting and refreshing. Since Cam’s potential is brimming, the huge music firm Sony Music Entertainment didn’t waste the opportunity of signing her up and made her release her first EP entitled Welcome to Cam Country in March, 2015.

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The said extended play garnered favorable responses from those who have heard her sing for the first time and the track Burning House is considered to advance her career to stardom.

Burning House has been played multiple times on country radio stations and has been used by the Bobby Jones Show, making it reach a wider and more receptive audience. Cam never faltered in exposing the musical genius in her and immediately followed-up with the sophomore album Untamed in December, 2015.

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Cam, during her starting years as a full-pledged singer, has managed to release the album Heartforward, showing her unmistakable knack to sing country music, coupling it up with her impeccable guitar skills. The album Untamed has been received well as it peaked at the 2nd spot on the US Country Charts, earning a whopping estimate of $95,300 in total album sales.

Some of the other tracks that made Cam a valuable contemporary artist nowadays include Down This Road, My Mistake and Mayday. The Grammy Awards paid much attention to Cam’s career development and gave her a nomination for her track Burning House as a possible winner for Best Country Solo Performance.

On the upcoming Academy Awards for Country Music, Cam is also nominated in four categories: Single Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Video of the Year and New Female Vocalist of the Year.

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