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Libreville is where industry, energetic city life and trails leading to blue waters meet. It’s like getting the best of everything when travelling to this destination.

Being Gabon’s capital, the city’s façade no doubt includes modernity, but move around and get to know that amid its aim for development lies a firm connection to the past through historical sites and the tranquility found in the shores kissing the vast Atlantic Ocean.


Libreville city map
(2)Libreville city map

Distinctly referred to as the largest city in Gabon, Libreville is located in the Gabon estuary to the northwest of the country.

The city is divided into districts, namely Batterie IV, Quartier Louis, Mont-Bouët and Nombakélé, Glass, Oloumi and Lalala. Due to the wide area it covers, Libreville’s population is estimated to house 1/3 of the country’s population.


A day in Libreville
(3) A day in Libreville

The climate in the city is tropical. The average temperature is 26.2 °C while precipitation averages 2883 millimeters. Often, rain comes pouring between the months of January until May, and September to December.

It is advisable to visit the city between the months of July and August especially for those who want to experience the beach that borders some parts of the city.


Libreville road
(4) Libreville road

Istanbul provides direct flights to Libreville. Just be prepared, because this city joins those in the ranks of the most expensive cities to travel to.

The best way to get to the city center is to arrange for an airport transfer instead of hailing a cab right out of the airport.

The most common mode of transportation would be taxicabs. Those who are on business trips would find it best to rent a car instead of commute.


Palais Presidentiel

(5) Palais Presidentiel

This regal palace is now the official residence of Gabon’s President. The colonial-style façade is truly admirable let alone the well kept gardens that are found surrounding this political monument.

It was originally founded in the 1970s and the structure’s majesty continues to live on until today.

Boulevard Triomphal

Boulevard Triomphal
(6) Boulevard Triomphal

Get to the heart of major political establishments by strolling through Boulevard Triomphal.

Aside from government buildings, get the taste of the city life Libreville has to offer through restaurant strips, malls and other business buildings found on scattered areas around the city.

Arboretum de Sibang

Arboretum de Sibang
(7) Arboretum de Sibang

Those who want to get away from the metro and feel the touch of nature can opt to visit this place.

This protected area offers an intimate encounter with nature while providing education since it gives information about trees and plants that are found around the whole country.

Learn a thing or two about why Gabon is admired through its nature and wildlife by paying a visit to this rainforest park.


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