Coach’s 75th Anniversary Will Make You Crave for Leather Bags

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The business of leather bags has always been a fascinating field in fashion that many gawked at over the last couple of decades. The sheer concept of owning a designer leather bag from a huge fashion brand is what most women, and sometimes men, strive for. Premium leather bags are now considered as a status symbol and the reason for this strong patronage is its quality.

Many fashion fans have even treated their leather bag collections as investments, and this idea has been proven so many times for so long. We can remember names like Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci, and alongside this tough competition is a brand that’s as iconic as the product it sells, and it goes by the name of Coach.

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At 75 years, Coach is an illustrious leather bag manufacturer supplying the boldest, high-end bags to men and women all over the world. They are known for their strict use of only the best materials, from the leather to the zippers, even up until the intrinsic stitches. Coach has established an everlasting name in the fashion industry. Like any successful company existing today, they set trends and innovations in fashion through prolific releases of different collections.

Furthermore, the audience and market that they have garnered over the past seven decades stayed true to them, creating a legacy that only they could deliver.

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Managed by the profound fashion sense of Stuart Vevers as the creative director, Coach has taken things backward as they supplied the elegant style of bags from their past collections. What better way to celebrate Coach’s resiliency and reliability than by releasing bags that made them famous in the first place.

Coach has been known to have a firm grip on its roots and treating its foundation as the main force in becoming stronger and more appealing. Coach’s 75th anniversary birthed the Coach Vintage Collection for those who have adored the power of the brand since they started.

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Stuart Vevers and the team behind Coach released three new bags that are vintage, nostalgic and awesome at the same time. The bags on spotlight are named The Stewardess, The Dinky and The Duffle. Originally, these bags were manufactured during Coach’s glorious years in the 1980s, when leather bags were at their peak in becoming as iconic as how they are treated nowadays.

Coach also gave the aforementioned bags a revamp that they deserve using techniques that the company has valued from their long and worthwhile service to the fashion industry. The motifs applied to the three vintage bags include Rip and Repair, the so-called Fringe and the incorporation of the Vintage Stripe.

Coach felt like only the most avid patrons should only have The Dinky, The Duffle and The Stewardess, making this a limited-edition collection. These precious leather bags will be in stores with prices starting at $595 up to $1,195, which is a great investment on the buyer’s end. Luckily for those who are residing in the United States of America, they can have avail of the collection by visiting Barney’s in Beverly Hills and New York.

For those who can’t travel to the US but still want the bags badly, they can be viewed and hopefully purchased from

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