Put that A-game on as shopping never stops at New York City

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Fashion week will not be complete without it being held on one of its major locations, New York. Together with other three cities – London, Paris and Milan, the celebration of fashion and setting of new trends primarily happen in these said destinations. Consider them as your four major muses that signify the extent of fashion around the globe.

New York by itself gives a distinct vibe that sets it apart from the other three. Shopping game will never be the same if one would put retail therapy to a test. The big city is a huge shopping destination where both major brands and flea markets are being gathered together.

Let this be a warning though that finishing all key places won’t be possible in just one day. So ready that most comfortable shoes and set that eye for good finds because the list below pretty much summarizes the haven found in this huge city.


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Given that New York is one of the most progressive cities in the world, going here won’t be a pain because of its accessibility from in and out of the United States.

Located in the Northeastern part of the country, New York is situated nearby states such as Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut (on its eastern border); New Jersey and Pensylvannia (on its southern border) and Quebec and Ontario Canada (on the northern border).


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The climate in this city is generally considered humid continental. Winter can get seriously cold as temperature can go below freezing points, especially between the months of January and February.

Contrary though with the common connotation that tourists should avoid summers, travelers tend to flock more here and are considered to be the most visited months in a year.

Average temperature usually occurs in between June to September. July though, is being considered as the warmest month while October tends to be the driest.

Tourists who would want to see the façade of this city on January should ready their winter clothes as it is listed to be the coldest.


new york (7)


New York is one of the established cities in the world that is why going here will not be as hard.

Due to its humongous size, the location is hosted by numbers of airports including John F Kennedy Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and Stewart Airport.

new york (8)


There are buses and taxis roaming around New York, but rail is the biggest mode of transportation in the city by far. As a matter of fact, New York City Subway is hailed to be the largest in the world.

Due to the extensive population and the business cradling here, there is no surprising that its railways operates over a million rides within the year.

Shopping Spots

Fifth Avenue

new york (9)


This is the cream of the crop when it comes to spotting humongous fashion brands. Found here are the most hailed and exclusive brands that are being drooled over by the shopping savvy from all over the world.

Find the best and nothing but supreme fashion houses that are being celebrated even with the A-listers from over the world. There’s Gucci, Prada, Escada, Bvlgari, Armani, Fendi, Channel, Versace, Tiffaby & Co and the list go on…and on…and on.

Shopping malls

new york (10)


New York City will never run out of exciting shopping malls. Shopping brands are being gathered together on some of its awesome malls that will definitely bring satisfaction to its shoppers.

Name it and the malls would most likely have it. Some of the most famous malls include Time Warner Center, Manhattan Mall, Queens Center Mall, Staten Island Mall and Newport Centre.

Flea markets

new york (1)


Find quirky and interesting finds on the flea markets abundantly found in the city.

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market may be the most famous of them all due to the wide array of antique pieces that are being offered.

There’s also vintage clothing that will definitely feed the interest of the old souls.

Outlet markets

new york (2)


If you think you are a smart shopper then you must probably be hitting outlet shops first the very moment you set your feet in New York.

These stores spell discounts – and huge price drop on that note.

Even the high worthy shops like Burberry and Ralph Lauren has their own piece of outlet stores that’s why going here means putting a value to your hard earned money.


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Splash Some Saltwater and Be Merry in Tamarindo


You might have seen the place named as Tamarindo when you are scanning travel books and online blogs for the best place to spend your vacation with, with specifications on the words ‘beach’ and ‘party’.

True to how many people have described it, Tamarindo is now Costa Rica’s best offering to the world—the wide stretch of white shores and cerulean beaches, the inevitable crowd, which makes the place rowdy yet fun most of the time, the complete line-up of snazzy and classy hotels and accommodations up to the string of restaurants that will unleash the food auteur in you.

Tamarindo is truly Heaven’s way of reminding us that amidst all the developments going on, places for enjoyment and sheer relaxation still exist, only waiting for us to discover. Go get your bags and sunscreen so that you won’t ever miss the best beach experience being put on the plate by the sunny shorelines of Playa Tamarindo.



Belonging to the province of Guanacaste, Tamarindo scopes a miniscule stretch of land amounting to a total of 47.70 square miles and is being resided by just a handful of citizens currently recorded in 6,869.

If you’ll look for the place of Tamarindo, you’d be able to easily pinpoint in on the map as located on Costa Rica’s northern tip, leaning on the eastern side. A humongous body of water is bordering playa Tamarindo, which is the sea of Northern Pacific. Easily, Playa Tamarindo can be geographically located at the Nicoya Peninsula.



Following the province of Guanacaste’s climate, the whole of Tamarindo is under the type of climate equating to heat all year round, with a minimal probability of rain showers.

Truly a very cognitive spot for a longish day at the beach, temperatures here can go as high as 36.1-degrees Celsius, which can stretch, from November to April.

Tamarindo is said to be warmer as compared to other Costa Rican states, which are located at higher elevations. For the months of May until October, there’s an observable drop in temperature and these are the months wherein occasional rain showers are to be expected.



The best way for you to set foot on Tamarindo’s gritty shores is by means of taking advantage of the little airstrip found within the realms of this wondrous place.

If you don’t have the moolah to spend on chartered and private flights, you don’t really need to worry as you can succumb into using bus rides scheduled to drop you in Tamarindo.

From the central city San Jose, there are a lot of bus services that you can book and hire, which would route you to a more chartered and paved highways.

The minimum travel time from San Jose to Tamarindo is about 5 hours and can last up to 6. If you’re already soaking up to the sun in the Playa, you can even skim for more beach coasts by means of hiring private boats for a fee which would transport you to nearby attractions and beaches.

Bus rides will not just come from San Jose, you can also check out some options via Liberia and Santa Cruz, which are on scheduled trips so better book ahead.

What to See

Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas de Guanacaste


If you’re all too saturated with beach water and want to know some bits of information about Tamarindo’s ecological diversity, then immediately head to Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas de Guanacaste to satisfy your craving.

At this park, you’d be acquainted with several species of mangrove swamps that are being taken care of to avoid extinction. This complex also provides reservations for turtle watching and some information about touring the Tamarindo in general.

Playa Conchal


Dubbed as Costa Rica’s most beautiful beach, Playa Conchal is one gem that’s near Tamarindo that you should visit no matter what happens. Aside from its powder-like shore, you’d be able to see hordes of shells or locally called as conchas being washed up to the shore, a true-blue scene which is a must-see for visitors.

Some other given pleasantries that Playa Conchal can offer would be its turquoise waters and the longish 2-kilometer shore that you can walk-on.

Playa Grande


Since 1991, Playa Grande is amongst the few beaches included to be on the protection watch-list of the government since many leatherback sea turtles crowd and reproduce on its very shores, a very interesting and essential feat in continuing their existence.

Aside from its inglorious sand and beach waters, Playa Grande is famous as it was being desensitized every now and then so as to ensure that the cycle of life, both humans and animals, that’s happened here would not be disturbed by too much modernization and commercialism.


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Through the walls of Toulouse


Toulouse may not be as famous and as pristine by the famous cities of Paris or Cannes, but the silence of its beauty is arresting in its own way making it worthy of giving a visit at least once.

Get a dose of romanticism that’s a trademark of the lovely country of France, but with fewer crowds and more chance of enjoying the beauty of the place a quieter way.


Toulouse map
(2)Toulouse map

The pink city of France is located in the Midi-Pyrenees region that lies on the banks of River Garonne.

The total space this city covers is about 118 square kilometers and is considered to be one of the most populous cities in France holding over 450, 000 inhabitants.

Distinct structures found here would include Airbus, Galileo positioning system and Aerospace Valley.


Koppen climate classification categorized the city of having a temperate climate. Best travel time would be during the months of June, July, August and September for these have recorded to have a nice average temperature.

Rain usually comes pouring during May so those who want to walk freely on the streets of Toulouse with the sun beaming onto them should cross this out of their travel plans when in plan of going here. Warmest month is said to be in July while dryer is every January.

A day in Toulouse
(3)A day in Toulouse


Transportation in Toulouse
(4)Transportation in Toulouse

The city can be reached via air by booking a flight to Blagnac Airport. It is a 20 minute bus ride to the city center. The city can also be reached coming from France’s other cities.

There are roads connecting the city to and from Paris, Bordeaux, Marsaille and Barcelona. This would be an ideal especially for those who would travel in groups and wants to have a road trip.

Busses are also an alternative option for buses coming from Barcelona and other major cities in France pass Toulouse as well.


Pont Neuf Toulouse

(5) Pont Neuf Toulouse

This is the oldest bridge in the city. The construction started in 1544 and connects Gascogne to the Languedoc.

The arches are decorated with niches that being lit at night that provides a beautiful view, especially during the dark gray sky.

Jardin des Plantes

Jardin des Plantes
(6) Jardin des Plantes

This botanical garden covers 28 hectares. Founded in 1626, this medicinal garden is an ideal spot for strolling and picnics.

The surrounding is relaxing that it gives a sweet escape from the noise given by the modern world. Other attractions include peony and rose gardens, an alpine garden, and the gardens of the École de Botanique.

Cite de l’espace

Cite de lespace
(7) Cite de l’espace

This is where the dream of going to outer space may come true – well, partly. Get engaged with the same equipment cosmonauts used while they were training on their journey to the outer world and learn a thing or two about how it feels like to have a job on space.

This destination also offers museum for little children which is definitely enriching and no doubt educational.


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Walk barefooted in the fine sands of Costa Brava

A coast in Costa Brava
(1)A coast in Costa Brava

Find the paradise in coastlines kissing the waves of blue waters in the lovely seas of Costa Brava.

There’s tranquility and relaxing vibe found in this place that caters to those who are into the hype of partying and for those who just want to wander on the beauty of nature and just relax to the tranquility of the breezing sea wind and the freshness of mountain air.


Costa Brava map
(2)Costa Brava map

Costa Brava is amongst the coastal region in the northeastern part of Spain. Together with Alt Emporada, Baix Emporada and Selva, Costa Brava is in the province of Girona.

Costa Brava is situated in the most northeast part of the Iberian Peninsula that stretches from Franco-Spanish border to River Tordera.


Sunny day in Costa Brava
(3) Sunny day in Costa Brava

Costa Brava has Mediterranean climate that is generally characterized by warm to hot dry summers.

This destination is great, especially for those who want to enjoy the splash of the salty seas and the height of bouldering rocks and steeps. Winter season is also pleasant as the place possess mild to cool wet winters.


Girona Costa Brava airport
(4) Girona – Costa Brava airport

Tourists can reach Costa Brava through air via Girona-Costa Brava airport. This airport hosts several destinations to and from other parts of Europe as well as Morocco.

Reaching the city center and other resorts from the airport can be done via airport shuttles, buses and trains. It is also suggested to get a rented car while moving around the city.

This gives the traveler a freedom to experience the beauty of the place in every stop.


Bays of Begur and Palafrugell


The breathtaking sight of the bays are definitely relaxing through its pristine sparkling water and rich greeneries.

Seek silence through these sanctuaries and soul search through the steeps and rocks formations as they blend well with the allure of crystal clear water.

Greco Ruins

Greco Ruins
(6)Greco Ruins

Find a piece of Greece in the land of Spain through these mini-Pompeii ruins. The ancient city was first founded in 6th century BC and was replaced by a new one during 1st century BC.

The most interesting sight here was the mosaic floor that signifies the form of art early settlers if the place have.



This is a luxurious destination that boasts boutiques, hotels and restaurants that serve sumptuous meals appealing to everyone’s palate, even the palate of a picky eater.

The village is a beautiful mix of castle and structures that set its gorgeous charm be it sky high or sun set.


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Stepping Onto the Cooler Side of Indonesia: Seminyak Beach


Snazzy and gorgeous. Seminyak Beach is what you will call popular – the cool kid in the crowd, so to speak. It has the blatant temptation of golden coast and a sunset worthy of the hand of a master painter.

Add the glorious seascape and nearby panorama, Seminyak knows how to capture a wandering eye. Yet the famed place isn’t just about the beauty, filled with restaurants, bars, boutiques, spas, and different shopping spots, this place can also satisfy your cravings.


Seminyak Map(2)

Seminyak is located south of Bali, Indonesia and like most of its places, the geographic details of Seminyak are also quite hazy. Melding seamlessly, it hard knows where Seminyak ends and Kerobokan starts in the north and where it ends in the south to signify the start of Legian.

What is distinct in terms of geography is how Seminyak is divided into three different streets, which are avenues for different activities. Jalan Dhyana Pura claims different bars, Jalan Laksmana is known as the “eat-street,” while Jalan Petitenget boasts highly noted establishments.


Clear Day Seminyak(3)

Located on an island sitting at the equator, Seminyak experiences two distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The best time to visit this young and chic beach would be in the dry season when the sky is clear with only splashes of clouds to be seen.

This happens particularly in the months of April until September. On the other hand, visiting during the shoulder season, which is from October to February, will give you a lower price range that skyrockets during the peak season.


Bali Ngurah Rai Airport(4)

Getting inside Bali, Bali Ngurah Rai Airport is currently the main transport hub to open the place to different places in the world. Bali Ngurah Rai Airport is located in Denpasar, Indonesia and has 47 airlines operating nonstop at 52 different cities for both domestic and international flights.

Located at only three miles off Seminyak, you can reach the place by car through the routes of Kuta and Legian.


Seminyak Beach


With strips of golden coast and dramatic waves, it is no surprise that Seminyak Beach first attracted tempted the vagabond surfers to set foot on its shores. To this day, however, not only do the surfers flock the beach.

Its fast-rising popularity has attracted numerous visitors as well with different inclinations, which gave birth to numerous establishments found on the streets and on-shore of Seminyak.

Apart from surfing, there are different kinds of watersports offered in Seminyak, including advanced surfing.

horse back(6)

Another activity to enjoy in Seminyak is horseback riding. The journey starts from the stables of Umalas located in Canggu in the north down to Petitenget and Legian’s Blue Ocean Beach in the south.

Horseback riding is a great way to explore the coast or just wander about while waiting for the sunset that should not be missed.

resorts and spas(7)

While immersing in nature in Seminyak, visitors may also take the time to immerse themselves in luxurious resorts and spas that is plenty in the area.

There are also restaurants all around that can cater your gastronomic needs from budget to lavish menus.

High-end boutiques to thrift stores will also occupy your day while bars around the area will liven-up your nightlife.

Pura Petitenget


Hidden away from the eyes by numerous establishments found in Seminyak, Pura Petitenget is something that tourist should not miss. Pura Petitenget is one amongst the many temples that stretches across the coast of Bali, Indonesia and also holds cultural significance to Balinese Temple.

Shaded with trees, perhaps, as old as the temple itself, Pura Petitenget will give the visitors, a glimpse of what the Balinese culture is like, particularly during the days of its festivities when banners, parasols, and pilgrims, mix up for a joyous and colorful activity.

Pura Masceti

Pura Masceti(9)

While you’re visiting Pura Petitenget, don’t forget to take a look at Pura Masceti. Pura Masceti is a much smaller temple beside Pura Petitenget.

It is where the natives of the ancient times pay their tributes to their gods in order to protect them from famine and disease.

Pura Masceti also joins the celebration of the main temple, so you can also expect a long range of festivities.



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Bathe into the magnificence of sun in Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco(1)Cayo Coco

There is something charming while mingling with the vastness of blue waters and broad daylight.

The peacefulness it brings is a reminder that no matter how noisy and chaotic the world can be, there will always be this certain place where relaxation can be obtained.

Regain tranquility by giving Cayo Coco a try and appreciate beach life even more through the astounding beauty of its facade.


Cayo Coco location(2)Cayo Coco location

The island is popular for its long beaches and numerous resort hotels. The area measures around 370 square kilometers and amongst the chain of islands in Jardines del Rey in Cuba.

The place covers a substantial space that it is also considered as the second largest in the whole archipelago. The place is blessed with good soil as the majority of its space is being covered by rich vegetation.


A day in Cayo Coco(3)A day in Cayo Coco

Those who want to get limitless enjoyment with the sea must book a travel in this destination during August because it is charted to have the average sea temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for swimming through the blue waters.

June is the hottest month while the coldest temperature occurs mostly during the month of January.


Transportation in Cayo Coco(4)Transportation in Cayo Coco

The island can be reached through its airport. Air travel works well for those who are coming in Canada because it has direct flight through Air Canada, Westjet, Air Transat and Canjet.

Travelling through big buses from the airport can access resorts. Travel would only eat 15 minutes of time.



Cayo Coco beach(5)Cayo Coco beach

The white sands and the clear waters are the major reasons why travelers book their vacation in Cayo Coco.

With numerous hotels and restaurants in the place, tourists are assured that accommodation will not go short and the sumptuous meals would be available and within easy reach.

Water Adventures

Water adventures(6) Water Adventures

The fun in Cayo Coco doesn’t stop in swimming because the splendid seas surrounding this destination are very much inviting that endless possibilities of water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing can be done when mingling through the waves turned to be somewhat tiring.

No need to worry because most hotels provide packages those visitors can try and avail.

Flamingo Watching

Flamingos in Coco Cayo(7)Flamingos in Cayo Coco

Going to Cayo Coco gives you a chance to get a sight of beautiful flamingos flocking the beauty of the island.

The shallow waters if some parts of the island is appealing to these birds. If lucky enough, travelers would be able to view these pristine birds roaming in groups.



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Portofino: A must visit village in Italy


Italy is a home of many amazing tourist destinations we have The Colosseum, Grand Canal, Florence Cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pantheon and many more.

But aside from these tourist spots there is a small village in Italy that will leave your mouth open and will definitely blow your mind because of its uniqueness.

A colourful village that is full of wonders!

Portofino is the most exclusive harbour and resort town in Italy. It is located on Ligurian coast near Genoa, at the tip of a peninsula bearing the same name, Portofino. Twilight view from the hill of San Giorgio church using HDR technique.

Paraggi Beach(3)


2) map(4)

Portofino is located on a peninsula in Tigullio gulf east of the Genoa province and a part of the Italian Riviera. This place is known as the resort of the rich and famous.

The shape of this place is like a half-moon and famous because of the seaside houses that has wonderful pastel colors. How is it possible to have beautiful houses like this, it seems like it is seated on a catwalk.


3) climate(5)

The Portofino is one of the many marvelous attractions in the Mediterranean Sea. Since the village is situated between two mountains technically the climate is very mild.

The almost perfect climate offer not too hot weather during the summer season and extreme weather condition barely happens in this place.


4) transportation(6)

They said that going to this place would need you to open your wallet wide, like open wide! Expensive as they say, but worth the stay.

The best mode of transportation is using a boat, but it depends on what tribe are you trying to have.

If you will just have a day trip don’t need to spend that much money unless you’re really splashing out. Bus travel is always available and car rental you just have to make arrangement.


Pastel Houses

5) pastel houses(7)

With this incredible coastline Portofino offers numbers of activities that you can do aside from “fishing” as usual.

If you’re not interested in doing extreme outdoor activities, walking has always been the never ending activity that you can do in every tourist destination that you would visit.

Take your time and enjoy the beauty of this picturesque place.

Fishing Village

6) fishing village(8)

Since this place is known as a fishing village, Portifino’s restaurant offers and specialize in seafood may it be from pasta to an ordinary dish.

Yatch ride

7) yatch ride(9)

Is it your dream to ride a yatch while drinking wine? Now come and treat yourself to an expensive and luxurious activity using a private yatch, while sipping your favorite wine.

There are 32 luxury yatch that are available for you to travel you around the picturesque harbor of Portofino. Explore the beauty of the French Reviera and the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea.


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Ancud is Definitely Chile’s Phoenix Bird


It is such an elating feeling to have witnessed cities came back from the ashes of natural calamities that once shook its grounds.

We all see terrible things happening everyday such as massive earthquakes, destruction brought about by unexpected tsunami and a fearsome landfall of a humongous storm from the Pacific, and yet, it is just heartwarming to have noticed cities after cities getting back on track after the calamity.

You might have heard of the city called Ancud, based in Chile, before on your Latin American class, but despite the old notion of the city as an affluent one, it has dramatically been changed with a more adept tagging.

After the 1960 earthquake that crumbled the elite city of Ancud, locals have been resilient with rebuilding their lives and preserving their architecture and spirit. If ever you’d step in Chile soon, never forget to pay Ancud a visit and admire the fresh version that their development has entailed.



Specifically, Ancud is located in the province of Chiloe; right off the so-called Los Lagos Region. On the map, Ancud is geographically situated on Chile’s southern outskirts and ironically on the northernmost tip of the island.

Ancud’s total land area is stretching at 486.3 square miles and is currently being inhabited by roughly 41,000 citizens as of last count.



Due to its location being close to a huge body of water, Ancud is classified to be under the oceanic climate type as according to Koppen. In all the months of the year, Ancud is experiencing a noticeable amount of precipitation bringing in a whopping 99-inch mark on their accumulated precipitation.

In an annual scale, the hottest temperature is recorded at an estimate of 32.6-32.8-degrees Celsius with December, January and February as the driest months. Rainfall is best observed during the months of May until September and surprisingly enough, Ancud is harnessing a total of 200 days of rain in just one year. Temperature can even drop to a -3.0-degree Celsius mark, normally happening in May.



There are no direct flights or an aviation terminal located in the heart of Ancud and the best way to get in via air travel is through daily flights from Santiago to Puerto Mortt. From your last stop, tourists can take a bus ride going to Ancud within 20 minutes, or if your budget permits, rental cars are also present for you to use.

The island is technically a small one as compared to other Chile towns and once inside it, you can travel to and fro by riding public buses roaming around the city or even scan for interesting places by foot.

What to See

Centro de Visitantes Imaculada Concepcion


While the Island of Chiloe is saturated with churches tagged as a UNESCO Heritage Site, you may kick-off your church hopping by stopping at the Centro de Visitantes Inmaculada Concepcion for a closer look of what to expect.

This museum shows wooden scales of all the 16 churches with high probabilities of you seeing the intrinsic designs and internal woodwork to see on each church.

Museo Regional de Ancud


If you would want to focus your head into knowing Ancud in a more detailed level, then head straight to the Museo Regional de Ancud.

On this creative edifice lie the very specific things that have happened in Ancud, all complete with the mementos and even a life-size replica of the Ancud vicinity.

Fuerte San Antonio


Originally made as a defense camp on the late-colonial era, the Fuerte San Antonio is now a humbling, and yellowing, edifice, which still boasts on its 19th-century remains, cannon replacements and main armor during the wars.

On the other side of Fuerte San Antonio’s wall lies a secluded beach that would wash off your tired muscles from ceaseless walking called the Playa Gruesa.


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Save the Best for Last in Ushuaia


If you’re the type of traveler who revels in the enjoyment offered by outdoor activities, then you must put Ushuaia on your bucket list for dream travels. The very location of this suburban town makes it cognitive and perfect for several things that will bring about the rush within you such as hiking, skiing, sailing, kayaking and scuba diving, along with other water and land activities.

Map out your options through dozens of restaurants to ease the pain of all-day walking, chill out on cafeterias and spark some conversations with Ushuaia’s hospitable locals.

Known to be the ‘southernmost city’ of the world, Ushuaia would craft a vacation that you’ve always wanted—the serenity of watching Antarctica-bound vessels careening the waters of the city, the bustling city center basking on businesses and commerce, the glory of outdoor fun, enthralling tourists since time knows when; Ushuaia must make it to your attention, or you’ll regret to not have visited it in your lifetime.





You can easily spot Ushuaia on Argentina’s southern coast, specifically perched on the wide bay of Isla Grande de Tierra Del Fuego.

It is easily surrounded with the Beagle Channel on its southern edge and the well-known Martial Mountain Range bordering Ushuaia’s north.

It has been said that the city is scoping a total land area of 9-square miles, elevated at 75 feet and is currently home for an estimate of 57,000 inhabitants.



As according to the Koppen Climate Classification, Ushuaia is a mixture of sub polar oceanic climate with hints of the typical tundra class.

Sunshine hours are said to be well distributed within the whole year with December and January harnessing the months with the most sunshine episodes.

On an annual scale, temperatures are set upon the range of 18-degrees Celsius up to the recorded peak of 29.5-degrees Celsius.

Rainfall is also known to be on a fair spread the whole year, amounting to a total of 20.86 inches annually. Snow days can happen in Ushuaia, and like its rain and sunshine, it can be experienced evenly to almost all the months of the year.



Luckily for those who’re comfortable with air travel, Ushuaia receives and caters regular flights via the Ushuaia – Malvinas Argentina’s International Airport with travelers coming in and coming off to Buenos Aires, Santiago and El Calafate.

Due to its location as close and key entry from the Southern Ocean, you’d also have the chance to pass by Ushuaia via some cruise ships on the likes of Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and Celebrity Cruises.

Passenger and freight lines can also be used going in and out of the city. If you’re feeling quite extravagant, there are also private helicopter rides to choose from and can bring you to Ushuaia and other neighboring sites such as Cape Horn and Faulkner Islands.

What to See

Legislatura Provincial


Simply, the Legislatura Provincial has served to be the governor’s official mansion and residence for years. The structure is boasting of the finest woodcarvings and materials such as oak and narra.

The Ushuaia government due to the historical value it holds has preserved this landmark and the very stuff housed within its walls.

Parque Yatana Park


With the efforts of one Ushuaia family, the Parque Yatana Park is a sentinel for creativity and passion. Known to be part art project and part urban refuge, this sight is sure to take your breath away due to the picturesque view it offers.

It is a city block of lenga forest, which has been saved from possible encroachment services blocking its full potential in being preserved.

Glaciar Martial


Located at Ushuaia’s downtown area, the Glaciar Martial will let you revel the views of the whole city and the bordering Beagle Channel.

This is where all the outdoor activities come into play as you can hike a few kilometers before you get to the end point and this landmark.

If you’re feeling really lackadaisical, you can grab a cab or the services of the Aerosilla Chairlift for a more hassle-free trek to the place.


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Travel back in time: Visit Peru!

peru (1)

Every tourist will surely experience and discover Peru with a wealth of different world because of their unique and own landscaped, sounds, tastes and colors.

It will help you travel back in time during the ancient civilization, it will also share a rich and great cultural heritage of the Peruvian citizens. Many destinations and tourist attractions will surely keep and make you stay.

The memorable experiences in Peru’s coast and mountains can only be explained by seeing them in the flesh that is why packing your bags and be ready for a wonderful adventure in Peru.



Peru is located in the western part of South America. The countries of Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia border it. It has a total land area of 1,285,215 km2 and 200 nautical miles away from the Pacific Ocean.

It is the third largest country in South America and one of the 20 largest countries in the world. Peru is larger than Spain and France combined.



The weather in Peru varies according to area – the changes in altitude are so extreme that the climate goes from freezing snow in the mountains to boiling sun on the coast. Likewise, the coast covers such a large stretch of longitude that the temperature changes dramatically as you head further south.

The winter on the coast can lasts from the months of June to September. This weather tends to be overcast and slightly damp but rarely cold, while in the mountainous areas these months are often sunny by day but cold during the night.

This is the best time to visit Peru. Rainy season starts during the month of September and peaks between the months of January and March, and heavy rains in both mountainous and jungle parts of Peru are during the months of December to April.



Peru’s main and major International Airport is The Jorge Chávez International Airport that is located In Lima. It is has leading international airlines from other countries, different airlines that offer services and flights to Peru from North and South America, Europe and Asia. Some of these airlines are the LAN Peru which caters domestic and international flights.

There is also the TACA Peru that offer only international flights, and Star Peru that only offers domestic flights.

The Jorge Chávez International Airport catered over 15,000,000 passengers in the year of 2013. It also serves as a Domestic air travel and a major method for tourists to cross the country with several airlines that offers good services between many of Peru’s cities.

What to see

Machu Picchu

Early morning in wonderful Machu Picchu

It is one of the most famous and impressive tourist sites not just in Peru but also in the whole world. Machu Picchu is the one of the most guaranteed and top tourist attractions in the country.

It is considered and called as the “Lost City of the Incas.” It is surrounded by beautiful agricultural terraces and watered by the natural springs.

Manu National Park

Manu National Park(6)

This vast national park in the Amazon Basin is one of the best places in South America to see a stunning variety of tropical wildlife. With patience, wildlife is seen in most areas.

During just a one-week trip, visitors can expect and experience to see many different bird species, several kinds of monkeys and a few other mammals.

The best time to visit Manu National Park is during the dry season, between the months of June to November.

Paracas National Reserve

Paracas National Reserve(7)

Paracas National Reserve is located in Peru’s southern coast. It is a desert that reserves and occupies the most of the Península de Paracas.

The Nature Conservancy says it is a great example of Pacific subtropical coastal desert, a desert that extends right to the beach.

The area can also produce food for a wide variety of animals, including sea lions, dolphins and over 200 types of birds.


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