Backpacking at South Africa

For those seeking adventure and some adrenaline rush, then a backpack trip to South Africa is suited for you. It is would be a fantastic, exciting and thrilling escapade. So get your backpacks ready, and explore South Africa.

What You Need to Know About South Africa

The country on the southern tip of Africa is the Republic of South Africa also known as South Africa. Another name for this country is Mzansi which means “south.” There are three cities that hold power: Pretoria for the executive branch, Bloemfontein for the judicial, and Cape Town for the legislative. Johannesburg is the largest city.


South Africa is bounded on the north by the countries Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. To its east are the countries Mozambique and Swaziland. Located within South African territory is the nation Lesotho.  South Atlantic and Indian Oceans surround the west and southern borders. It ranks as the 25th largest country in the world.

It is also the 25th most populous country. 80 percent of the populations are descendants of black Africans which composes different ethnic communities. The remaining 20 percent is composed of Europeans and Asians. Because of the various ethnic communities living here, the country was dubbed as the “rainbow nation.”

The main mode of transportation to get to South Africa is by plane. There are international flights from the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The main airports are located at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International or Cape Town.

Travelling within the country is easy because of the organized public transportation. Public transportation includes buses, minibus taxis, trains, and domestic flights. For those who could afford, there are also car and bike rentals.

What you need to know and bring in your travel

Make sure to have your return flight ticket, passport and temporary visitor’s permit ready when travelling to South Africa. The temporary visitor’s permit is valid for 90 days. If you wish to stay longer, you could apply a visa at the Department of Home Affairs.

Before travelling to South Africa, you should learn their language. There are a total of 11 official languages. English is the fourth most-spoken language and is used is public and commercial life. But if you want to converse with people in deeper parts of the country knowing another language would help.

The monetary unit is rand (R) which is also called “buck.” You can have your local currency changed at the airport upon arrival, banks, and hotels. Credit and debit cards are accepted at major cities and hotels. However, in remote areas, cash is needed.

You should also need to know that there are extreme weather conditions. The weather is mostly sunny. But during the months of June and July, temperature drops to zero. It is advised to do some research on the current weather conditions before travelling.

Electric supply here is 220/ 230V, 50Hz AC and the sockets are round-pinned plugs. Make sure to bring an adaptor to charge your gadgets.

Places of interest

There are a total of nine provinces in South Africa. Each of these provinces has its own uniqueness and beauty; something you must visit and see. It is a big country with a lot of fascinating places. The best way to explore everything is planning your visit. You could divide your itinerary between the different provinces.

Cape Town
Cape Town is the capital and largest city at Western Province. This town is a combination of stunning beaches and breathtaking views. Here are four attractions that you should not miss at Cape Town.

•    Robben Island

(Left) Aerial view of Robben Island. (Right) Prison cell at Robben Island

Robben Island is known to be a penal colony for 400 years. It is situated just off the coast of Cape Town and surrounded by sharks. It was also the prison cell of Nelson Mandela for 18 years. In 1997, it was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site and museum. A tour to the island lasts 4 hours; this includes the ferry ride, a visit to the prison building, and a bus tour.

•    The Township


If you want to meet and share an experience with the community, then a trip to Township is recommended. It was built as settlement area for non-whites during the old political system. Currently it is home to majority of Cape Town’s citizen. When you visit this place do not miss the pub or shebeen, school, orphanage, community venter and the traditional healer. It would give you an insight to the life of a South African. Despite their status in life, the people perform the best music.

•    Cape Town’s beaches

The best time to see the beaches is during summer – that is from December to February. There are a lot of different beach to choose from. There are also different watersports like surfing, diving, sailing, kayaking, and kite-surfing. There are designated beaches for young people showing off their bodies, family beaches, and nude beach. There are also beaches wherein you could see penguins and whales.

•    Table Mountain

The famous table mountain a large slab of sandstone located at the heart of the town. It stands at 1086m and a length of 3km. It is covered with clouds that dubbed as the mountain’s “tablecloth.” It is admired not only because of its beauty but also because of its diversity. It is the habitat of at least 1400 different plants and animals. For those brave and adventurous enough to climb the mountain for 3 hours, a spectacular view awaits. Or you could try using the cable cars installed. From atop you could see the coastline, the beaches and Robben Island. One way to get down from the top is by paragliding.


Knysna was voted twice to be South Africa’s favorite town. There are a lot of reasons for this nomination. Because of its location, between Outeniqua Mountains and Indian Ocean, it has a spectacular view. There is also a lagoon which water sports are hosted. The luscious forest serves as a nice trail for walking. Here are a few things you could do here:

•    Have fun along the beach. Build sand castles, have a barbeque with family and friends, talk a walk, and go swimming in the beach.
•    Walk into the forest. There is a trail path for walking within the forest. If you are lucky, you could also see birds and some animals.
•    Do not forget the Township tours.
•    Take a dip into the lagoon.
•    Spare some time to enjoy the view from the Featherbed. This is a private nature reserve. The trip starts with a boat trip, followed by a drive up to the lookout point. There are two ways to get down, by driving down or hiking through the forest or alongside the lagoon.

Drakensburg Mountains

This mountain range is about 600 miles long forms the KwaZulu-Natal’s western border. There are a lot of different things you could do here: hiking, bird watching, guided tours, 4 x 4 trails, bikes, golfing, fishing, white water rafting, and a lot more. It is indeed a sight for those adventure lovers. If you plan to visit this area, make sure to do the following:

•    The Karkloof Canopy Tour

This tour is an eco-wilderness adventure. You would get to see the birds and plants from above. It is an exciting educational tour because there are professional tour guides to give fascinating facts. The whole tour would last around three hours.

•    Bushman Rock Art

The first settlers of the Drakensburg Mountains were San Bushmen. They narrated their day to day life through paintings found in caves. Those painting became popular because of its unique beauty. These works of art are showcased at Kamberg National Park.

•    Royal Natal National Park

Tugela Falls

Mont-aux-Sources is known to be one of the highest mountains; and it could be found within the park. This high mountain is the source of five rivers and the famous Tugela Falls. Tugela Falls is 3000ft tall and the water flows to five different tiers. This is also the perfect place to go rock climbing and horseback riding.

Kristine Capanzana

Sights of China

People’s Republic of China or simply China is a must see country at East Asia. It has a total land area of approximately 9.6 million square kilometers making it the second largest country in the world. There are a total of 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four direct-controlled municipalities, and two self-governing special administrative regions. The seat of governance is at the capital, Beijing.

Traveling to China

There are different ways to reach China: plane, land, or sea. But remember, any of these routes would require the traveler to obtain a visa. To get a visa, inquire at your country’s Chinese embassy.

Via plane
There are many international flights going to China. The main airports are located at Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. From here one could travel by road to the different provinces of China.

Via land
It is also possible to reach China via land. There are roads from Tibet, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia and Russia going to China. However, some of these roads are tricky and expensive.

Via sea
Traveling by sea is a unique and possible way to reach China. Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and South Korea offers boat rides to reach the said country.

Natural Attractions

China consists of various land forms. The landscape on the northern borders consists of forest steppes and desserts. This is because of the dry and arid environment. And to the south there are subtropical forests. There are also mountain ranges like the Himalaya, Karakoram, Pamir and Tian Shan that divides China with South and Central Asia. There are also rivers like Yangtze and Yellow River crossing the lands of China. These rivers are known as the third and sixth longest rivers respectively.  It is also surrounded by the Bohai, Yellow, East and South Chine Seas on the east.
These landforms have become a tourist destination. The country has assisted and protected these areas making it an attraction for foreigners. Listed below are some natural sceneries one should see when they visit China.

Mount Huang

Mount Huang also known as Huangshan or Yellow Mountain is one natural tourist attraction that people must visit. It is mountain range located at eastern China. Nature lovers would want to take some time and admire the beautiful scenery, pine trees, and granite peaks that nearly touch the clouds. Ancestors had carved 60,000 steps to reach the peak. But now, tourist could ride a cable car to the top and admire the view.


Li River Cruise

For those travelling to Guangxi Province at northeastern China, do not miss a Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. Riding this cruise one would be at awe with the hills, cliffs, caves, villages by the river, and bamboo groves. It is a nice trip to escape from the busy city life.




Jiuzhaigou Valley was dubbed as a “fairyland.” Within the valley are clear waterfalls and lakes. On its background are snow-covered karst mountains. It is the home of giant pandas.

Aside from these natural tourist destinations, there are also man-made tourist destinations.


Historic tourist attractions

Historic tourist attractions have been built based on China’s rich history. China is known as one of the oldest civilization with a rich and interesting history. It was occupied and ruled by different dynasties that had influenced infrastructures. Each dynasty had a structural contribution that has now become a part of a historic attraction.

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built in the 5th century during the Ming Dynasty. It serves as a protection on the northern border from attacks from nomadic tribes. At present there are portions of the wall that have been ruined. But the government is doing what it can to preserve this historic architecture.

Great Wall of China1

Great Wall of China

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing is the largest palace in the world. It was built in 1406 to 1420 on 72 hectares of land. This was the home to twenty-four emperors for five centuries. At present there are approximately 980 buildings with 8,707 rooms still standing. The perimeter has moat 20 feet deep and a hall 33 feet high. It now nerves as a museum.

Forbidden City1

Forbidden City

Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is located at Xian Province. It is a collection of approximately 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses, and 150 cavalry horses. It represents the army of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang (221 BC-206 BC).

Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army2

Mogao Caves

The Mogao Caves is one of the three most famous ancient rock-cut temples. It is a collection of 492 temples. The wall of the cave showcases Buddhist art and storage of scrolls since 366 AD. It is located 25 kilometers southeast of Dunhuang.

Mogao Caves

Leshan Giant Buddha

The 233 feet tall Giant Buddha of Leshan is located at western China at the province of Sichuan. It was built in 713 during the Tang Dynasty and was completed in 803.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Modern-day attractions

In addition to historic tourist attractions, there are also must-see modern buildings and architectures. These are a reflection of China’s economic progress throughout the years.

Pudong Skyline

Pudong is a district of Shanghai. Twenty years ago, this was a farmland, but now skyscrapers and tall buildings have been erected. Located here are the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Center, the Jin Mao Building and the Shanghai Tower. It became China’s financial and commercial district.

Pudong Skyline


Tianjin is one of the national central cities located on the coast of northern China. It is one of the largest coastal cities; because of that, it is a major seaport and gateway. It is the center of advanced industry and financial activity.


China is indeed a large country with so many wonderful tourist destinations. One could choose to go on a nature trip, historical adventure or enjoy city life of China. The travel is all worth it.

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People’s Republic of China or simply China is a must see country at East Asia. It has a total land area of approximately 9.6 million square kilometers making it the second largest country in the world.

Road Trip to Tagaytay City

TagaytayTagaytay is one of the most scenic and sought after travel destinations in the Philippines. It is a city within the province of Cavite which is located 55km south from the country’s capital, Manila. Public transportation to the city is available. But the best way to reach the place and enjoy all the benefits of the city is by a private car which would take approximately an hour and 15 minutes from Manila.

Tagaytay is an inviting place to go on a road trip. It provides an easy escape for those who wish to unwind and relax from the busy and hectic life. It has an ideal temperature, cool but not freezing. It is within luscious greenery that brings you closer to nature. It also has different viewing points of the iconic Taal Volcano and Lake. It is a popular tourist destination because of its uniqueness – a lake within a lake. There are also establishments that provides for your basic necessities. These establishments were built to cater to the needs of the tourists but at the same time maintaining the beauty of nature.

Where and What to Do at Tagaytay

Here are few of the places you could go to during your road trip:


People’s Park in the Sky

This place is simply known as People’s Park. This is the perfect place to bask and appreciate nature. At 2500 feet, this is the highest summit within the city. From here you can see four bodies of water – Taal Lake, Bulayan Bay, Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay – and mountains – Dapdap West and Dapdap East. Within the park grounds one could see the unfinished Palace in the Sky – a mansion that was built during the Marcos’s regime. The Shrine of Our Lady, Mother Fair Love was also built within the park in December 1974. A Doppler weather radar station is also within the park.

View at People's Park in the Sky
View at People’s Park in the Sky

Picnic Grove

The ideal family destination is Picnic Grove, a large and inviting park which overlooks Taal Volcano and Lake. Family and friends could bring their own lunch and rent tables and huts. You can also eat inside a restaurant located within the park. There are different activities that you could do such as horseback riding, eco-trail walk, and ride a zipline and cable car.

Sky Ranch

This is the latest attraction located along the highway. It offers tourist a view of Taal Volcano and Lake, different rides, and a wide range of restaurants you could eat. A few of the attractions here: the biggest ferris wheel in the Philippines also known as Sky Eye, a carousel, train ride, and horseback riding. All these rides could be enjoyed by people of all ages. A few of the restaurants you could choose from are Kenny Rogers, Tokyo Tokyo, KFC, Rue Bourbon, and Leslie’s.

Sky Ranch at night
Sky Ranch at night

One Destination

This is the perfect place if you prefer to dine within a restaurant. Modern establishments and restaurants are available such as Pancake House, Starbucks, Dencio’s Grill, Yellow Cab, and Max’s Restaurant. This is also the go-to place for those looking for a nice cool nightlife.

Other activities and places of interest are spiritual places like churches, chapels and seminaries; to name a few: Divine Word Seminary, Pink Sisters,St. Anne’s Shrine, and SVD Retreat House. As a matter of fact, this city serves as a meditation place for many. There are also historical sites and places of interest like Mabini Shrine, Casa de Segunda Katigbak, Jose P. Laurel Memorial Library, and Marcela N. Agoncillo Historical Landmark. You should also not miss out their famous restaurants and cafes like Leslie’s, Sonya’s Garden, Josephine’s Restaurant, and Bag of Beans.

There is no reason not to visit Tagaytay City in the Philippines. Grab a friend and go explore the city.

Some pictures:

Taal Lake and Volcano top view
Taal Lake and Volcano

Taal Lake and Volcano up close
Taal Lake and Volcano

Taal Lake and Volcano
Taal Lake and Volcano

Taal Lake and Volcano 2
Taal Lake and Volcano

Divine Word Seminary
Divine Word Seminary

Pictures by:

Kristine Capanzana

Tagaytay is one of the most scenic and sought after travel destinations in the Philippines. It is a city within the province of Cavite which is located 55km south from the country’s capital, Manila. Public transportation to the city is available. But the best way to reach the place and enjoy all the benefits of the city is by a private car which would take approximately an hour and 15 minutes from Manila.