FKA Twigs goes sensual with current music video

FKA Twigs (1)

The critically celebrated FKA Twigs is out with her new music video for the single entitled ‘Good to Love’. What’s beautiful about her newest release is that it is self-directed; an opportunity that the singer/producer was able to capture in channeling her artistic side.

See the singer linger in white sheets while humming the song that serves as her comeback after the release of her album last year. Watch her as she artistically plays with the cloth creating a mood of sensuality without showing too much skin. Get to peek at her intimate side as the narration in the video goes well with the lyrics of the song.

FKA Twigs (2)

Not only does she reveal her sexier side, but she also exhibits her exceptional dancing skills. This serves as a reminder that this renowned underground singer started her early career through the expression of movements and dance.

What’s even more interesting is the jewelry that she wore. It gives an ethnic vibe that goes well with the FKA Twigs’ personal style: odd but interesting in positive kind of way.

FKA Twigs (3)

Indeed, there is a lot going on with the singer who became the envy of most women. For those who do not know, this UK-born singer is the current sweetheart of Twilight star and hunk actor Robert Pattinson.

After appearing on Calvin Klein’s ad together with other artists like Kendrick Lamar, see her guest again at the Jimmy Fallon show. This related to the US release of the current video of her said single. There will also be a series of gigs for FKA Twigs including some concerts for a cause.

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Ellie Goulding comes up with dance video on ‘Something the Way You Move’

Ellie Goulding Something the Way You Move

28-year-old English singer Ellie Goulding is making a return for her upcoming third album called Delirium with a second single entitled ‘Something in the Way You Move.’

The sophomore track follows the hit single ‘On My Mind’ that is also found in her current album released around the first week of November. ‘Something the Way You Move’ is a product of Goulding’s team up with Greg Kurstin, the same person behind works of Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry.

There is no doubt that Goulding is a gold. Considering her singing prowess, distinct style and undeniable creativity, there would be no reason why this singer would not capture the hearts of fans from all over the world. She has come a long way, from posting demos through her MySpace account to selling smash hits years later. There is no question that Goulding is one of the current generation’s superstars and is among the most famous musicians by far.

‘Something the Way You Move’ is another trademark love song from Goulding. As opposed to ‘Love Me Like You Do’, this second track from Delirium is about one-sided love. The kind that understands that the amount of love one side is giving can’t be returned the same way by the other party. There is a sense of realization, a sense of truth about the situation, but this does not stop the loving half to keep giving in.

This narration was written and told by none other than the singer herself. The pop and hint of upbeat tone kind of neutralizes the mood found in the lyrics making it unlike any other sad song.

The video is made up of people dancing and jiving with the rhythm of the song. The fun and lose vibe given by diverse people found in the video is young and vibrant. There is not much of a story in the video, really. People just dance in a black and white monochrome, which works well because the video jives with the song in a cohesive manner with no overpowering factors whatsoever.

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Douse Yourself with Fresh Hip Hop via Rae Sremmurd

raes remmurd

It is rather an unusual feat when we see artists who are bound by flesh and blood act as a duo, trio or group. We are acquainted with solo acts or if it’s a group, they are rarely siblings. But just recently, the music world was shaken with the impressive presence of a uniquely named duo Rae Sremmurd and their talent is unmistakably a fresh treat for those who love the hip hop genre.

The duo Rae Sremmurd is comprised of brothers Khalif ‘Swae Lee’ Brown and Aaquil ‘Slim Jxmmi” Brown and have been active since 2013. Focusing on their sole genre which is hip hop, the quirkiness and weirdness that the brothers have brought to the plate have garnered them enough attention to be tagged as one of 2015’s most popular artists.

Rae Sremmurd started making magic out of music in the comfort of their home in Tupelo, Mississippi. They went with the name Dem Outta St8 Boyz and were the frequent center of attention in local parties and watering holes. Just like most musical aspirants, they have also gotten as far as auditioning to several contests and shows for some exposure such as R&B show 106 and Park.

Together with a former member Andre Harris, the trio made it big in this reality-based music show and got the chance to meet-up with huge music labels such as Def Jam Recordings and Sony. But as luck would not have it, the trio disbanded and never scored a music deal with the aforementioned outfits, and the brothers continued to perform as a duo in several shows and gigs.

It was in January 2014 that Rae Sremmurd managed to capture Ear Drummers Entertainment’s attention resulting in a contract which jumpstarted their careers at last. Immediately, the dice of fame started rolling for the brothers and their name is a frequent banner on hip hop charts and R&B lists.

Five days after they have closed a deal with Ear Drummers, their debut album was officially released under the title SremmLife. Surprisingly enough, the duo’s first attempt in making their music official through an album was welcomed positively and placed 5th on the US Billboard 200.

On its first couple of weeks, SremmLife was known for four singles, all of which found their rightful place on several music charts and became frequent requests in radio stations. The track No Flex Zone became even more popular due to pop diva Nicki Minaj’s rap version and Pusha T’s intervention, as it easily careened to a number 36 finish on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Right after the tumult success of their first single, the song No Type was released, making Rae Sremmurd all the more influential as it placed 16th on the same music charts. Due to the distinct and fresh approach on the hip hop genre, both singles were dubbed as platinum by the RIAA.

Two of the four singles now popularized by Rae Sremmurd are Throw Some Mo and This Could Be Us, which have also been effective follow-ups to how they started their first album. In the recently concluded BET Awards, the duo bagged themselves the Best Group Award and was nominated by the Billboard Music Awards for Top Rap Artist. In December 2015, the duo is set to release another album entitled SremmLife 2.

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KPOP’s flare is a worldwide hit

KPOPs (1)

Setting foot on the US stage may be one of the biggest opportunities artists dream of in order to gain global influence. However, with the magnanimous amount of talents arising from different corners of the world, the most coveted spotlight glistening distinctly on the rays of America’s showbiz industry is slowly shifting to several territories including Asia.

Asia in itself is a continent that hosts diverse cultures, which is why it is no longer a surprise if this part of the planet will develop its own grandstand to showcase talents found within. If the west is known for the electronic mash up of sounds, Asia managed to come up with its own flavor that is equally captivating and interesting.

KPOPs (2)

KPOP is Asia’s hottest field when it comes to music. This unique style has garnered much attention and smashed record sales because of the exceptional recipe that completes the factors needed for a sure-fire hit genre. The rise of this music classification has created waves not only within the grounds of the continent but even in the well-established western arena. Thanks to Psy’s Gangnam Style, different races dance in unison whenever the catchy tune penetrates the airwaves.

But really, what makes KPOP a hit? Blame the aesthetics and composition that are responsible for pushing the popularity of this craze. More than a fad, KPOP has evolved into a lifestyle not only of the stars that are at the frontlines of the genre, but of the fans admiring it as well.

KPOPs (3)

They say that first impressions last. This is something that is well understood by this genre as it does not only focus on the sounds, it also makes sure that the looks are covered. The flamboyant style and trend-setting fashion of KPOP are noteworthy due to vibrant colors and interesting accessories. Notice how the makeup gets playful as well. Never have we appreciated circus-inspired makeup as much as the genre was able to shift it into wearable fashion.

Artists also come with a full package. Not only do they look good, but they can sing and dance as well. Do not undermine the grooves of KPOP stars as they possess world class dancing skills. Aside from the singing prowess which is impeccable, the twirling and impressive steps are one of a kind. Blame this on the years of training that these people have to undergo before they are set free to perform on stage.

KPOPs (4)

Aside from the exceptional choreography, the music KPOP itself is addictive.

The lyrics might use a majority of the Korean language, but the rhythm that surrounds it is able to penetrate the core of listening fans, whether Korean or not.

The concept behind every single is evidently well-thought as shown in the finished product.

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Equipped and Driven On Her Way to Stardom – Marren Morris

Marren Morris (1)

We can all remember Taylor Swift singing to her heart’s content with her single ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’ and we have all been glued to her as she strolled her way to stardom. While many have expected her to boom like the supernova that she is now, there are still people who are shocked to see this country girl climb up the ranks.

That’s the glory of music and fame combined; everyone should start from the bottom until you get to experience the feeling of being on top. With this philosophy at hand, another budding country girl is bound to start her journey this 2016, and Maren Morris isn’t scared of what’s ahead.

Marren Morris (2)

Now reverberating through the halls of famous music institutions such as the US Billboard, Maren Morris has been viewed by many to be the next Taylor Swift. With her angelic voice and charisma that’s just difficult to resist, Morris has the potential to be a gargantuan pop diva.

Just at 25 and hailing from the merry town of Nashville, Tennessee, Maren Morris started going beyond the bounds of her reservations by exposing herself and her unmistakable talent to the rest of the world.

Maren Morris is a devout follower of the county pop and folk rock genres, and many of those who have heard her gave their approval that yes, this youngster can really entertain. Her race to fame started out in 2005 when she released her song ‘Walk On’, establishing her vocal prowess with dignity.

Two years after, she crafted another release named ‘All That It Takes’ which was handled by Smith Entertainment, and was described as coy and tasty in terms of approach and musical vibe.

(credit: Adam Greenwald / CBS)

After a long four year hiatus, the genius in Maren Morris was awakened again and she translated all of her bottled up thoughts through her third studio product under the title ‘Live Wire’ with Mozzi Blozzi Music. Maren Morris al-most let go of her American dream, but the aforementioned release garnered the attention she deserved and accolades were thrown at her as if she’s been with the industry for a very long time.

In 2015, Maren Morris made it big when she offered a self-entitled extended play with the illustrious Columbia Nashville. This extended play earned her a sizzling entry into the US Billboard Charts, copping two lists namely Country Albums where she debuted at No. 27 and Heatseekers Album Charts grabbing the top spot.

Marren Morris (4)

Maren Morris’ 2015 extended play easily careened to fame as it snatched a total of 2,400 purchased copies just on its first week. Just recently, Maren Morris was able to enhance her popularity again with the single ‘My Church’, peaking on several charts such as the US, Country Airplay and Canadian.

This feisty young country star is believed to set off with a 2016 tour as the opening act for Keith Urban’s Ripcord World Tour.

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Coldplay, Beyonce united for Hymn for the Weekend

Coldplay Beyonce  (1)

Yet again, another fusion of the greatest in the music industry became reality as the award winning band Coldplay and the alluring diva Beyonce joined forces in a catchy single paired with equally stunning music video that explores one of India’s important occasions, the Holi festival.

It’s all about the electrifying colors and the depiction of unique culture found in the country where the video was shot. We know how vast and unique Indian culture is and the current video for the latest collaboration of these popular international artists allowed us to get the gist of how beautiful their customs are. The imagery is accompanied by rawness as you get to see locals given ample exposure through their beautiful garments.

Coldplay Beyonce  (2)

The Holi Festival in India is celebrated to welcome the spring season. The happy colors are exhibited through hued powders that people splash on their bodies and on everything around them. The amazingly festive vibe, the mix of culture, pop music and the appearances of Beyonce and Coldplay made this recent music video a success.

While the single was first heard on air back in December, expect a flood of popularity as this magnificent video gives more life to the already captivating song.

Coldplay Beyonce  (3)

In the video, the ever stunning diva plays an actress with full makeup. Actually, it is noticeable that Queen B looked ethereal while wearing the traditional Indian outfits together with the equally beautiful head dresses. Adorned with luscious flowers on her background, the best-selling songstress radiated while humming her part on the song.

Meanwhile, Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin walked around the city mingling with the locals and having a good time. The video was directed by Ben Mor and features another lovely actress, Sonam Kapoor.

Official Video:

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Lend Your Ears to the Earnest Music Style of Kevin Abstract

Kevin Abstract (1)

The city of Texas shouldn’t only be known for their flaming-hot chili peppers or famous rodeo shows, but also through the music style brought about by Kevin Abstract.

The world of hip hop came alive through the downpour of talents in the early 2010s, and music fans all over the world should be very thankful that Abstract was included in that list.

Widely known as the future of this genre, Kevin Abstract has been featured by so many music magazines and experts because of his natural talent in performing.

Kevin Abstract (2)

Born Ian Simpson, this Marcos, Texas local made it big in the mainstream pop scene with his first album, MTV1987. Since the release of this discography, many have applauded Abstract’s fresh take in conventional hip hop because he focused more on the music’s lyrics rather than the beat. Aside from singing, Kevin Abstract is also known to be a very prolific songwriter and producer despite the fact that he’s just 19 years old.

One interesting fact about Kevin Abstract is that he is openly vocal about his gender preference, as he is a bisexual and music isn’t really a career that he wants to pursue given other options. Still, his love for music came from his interest in listening to musical scoring and soundtracks in movies, which transcended into an addiction to contemporary and classical artists, too.

Kevin Abstract (3)

Some of the flicks that sparked his motivation to sing include Me, Earl and the Dying Girl, Boogie Nights, Mean Girls, Fury, It Follows and Palo Alto. This Texan music prodigy also respects singers and acts like Kanye West, the late and legendary Kurt Cobain, Justin Timberlake, Kid Cudi and Frank Ocean.

Aside from MTV1987, Kevin Abstract is currently completing his sophomore album entitled They Shoot Horses, set to be made public in the second or third quarter of 2016. He has also compiled several mixtapes entitled KevinLovesYou (2009), The Comics (2011), Pink Elephants (2011) and Imagination (2011).

Kevin Abstract (4)

Aside from flying solo, Kevin Abstract is also a part of a band called Brockhampton where he received an award from the VFILES Loud Contest mainly for their song ‘Dirt’.

Due to his exposure in the music scene these past few months, Kevin Abstract is now one of the hottest items in 2016, especially now that a second album is expected to explode like a supernova.

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Get to Know Some Reggaeton Tracks That Blew the World Away

Reggaeton Tracks (1)

With all the success that the music genre Reggaeton has received over the last couple of years, it is quite fitting that we list down some of its most unforgettable tracks.

We have all been acquainted with how Reggaeton is supposed to be—the feisty and sexy lyrics, the jumpy tunes, the beats that are worthy of our best dance moves and the raw take on exposing anything that it wants to be known.

Reggeaton proves that all Latin American countries would definitely keep the pavement sizzling and our ears strapped in to hear more.

Reggaeton Tracks (4)

Known for his huge contribution in making Reggaeton one heck of a genre, it is quite imperative to include Daddy Yankee on this short list.

Heralded as the father of modern Reggaeton, his worldwide hit track Gasolina and other skillfully crafted singles such as Oasis de Fantasia, Llamado de Emergencia and Que Tengo Que Hacer, no one would ever forget the mark that the song El Ritmo No Prende left.

We have all been lured by this track’s energetic beats, the use of Latin reggae instruments permeating on the background and the numerous times that the song paid respect to proper rhythm and melody.

The illustrious voice of Tego Calderon would forever reverberate in the enclosed halls of Reggaeton as without him, this music genre wouldn’t be as famous as it is today.

It was in 2006 that Calderon fascinated the world with his hit single Los Mate, together with Pitbull and Nejo. This track invariably attested that the world should pay respect to Reggaeton and there’s no moment in this track that would ever make you hate the artists.

FILE - This Nov. 10, 2011 file photo shows Eduardo Cabra Martinez, also known as Visitante, left, and Rene Perez Joglar, also known as Residente, of musical group Calle 13, pose backstage at the 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. Calle 13 will perform as part of The Latin American Music Conference (LAMC) on July 13, 2012, in Prospect Park in the Brooklyn borough of New York. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, file)

Contrary to the frenetic tunes that Reggaeton offered to the music planet, La Factoria’s Perdoname took a cool twist to how this genre is played. This specific song brought the world into the softer side of Reggaeton, all with the soulful and sultry music video, the soft hushes and tones, the deep-rooted voice which is just too alluring to resist and the entirety of the track sounding luscious and attractive.

Through the geniuses comprising Calle 13, more specifically its frontman Residente, the song Atrevete Te Te is one of the most known Reggaeton tracks of all time. It was just a couple of years back when we were introduced to Residente when he got all of the awards at the Latin Grammy’s and people have craved for more.

Reggaeton Tracks (3)

Reggaeton is one lucky genre as the artists that make its heart beat are downright intelligent at what they do. During the days when Reggaeton was at its peak, artists like Don Omar knew the concept of slowing down with his track Ayer La Vi.

Reggaeton requires smart tactics up to the detail of when to release a single, and Don Omar does just that. This track is vehemently considered as one of the best follow-ups shouting pizzazz, ruggedness and musical quality fit to satisfy your Reggaeton craving.

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Picking the Best of Rock with Dead Weather


If there’s such a thing as a rock super group, The Dead Weather is sure to be regarded as one. Formed through a mix of talents coming from their former bands, The Dead Weather will never disappoint their fans due to the myriad of approaches they put on the plate. Currently comprised of Jack White, Dean Fertita, Alison Mosshart and Jack Lawrence, the quartet takes on almost all forms of rock and is sure to keep you at the edge of your seats whenever you see them perform.

They have gone as far as performing with a combination of blues, garage, psychedelic and alternative. The Dead Weather has been known to raise the bar of contemporary rock since 2009 and is prolific in releasing single after single as if they will never play again. The band humbly started and played live at Third Man Records’ headquarters in Nashville 6 years ago, and their trek to become known as one of the best rock bands of the New Age was set into motion.

Currently signed up with the musical outfit Third Man, The Dead Weather released three studio albums, all of which received sound reviews from critics and fans alike. Their debut album is entitled ‘Horeground’, which unexpectedly entered the US Billboard Hot 100 at the sixth spot carrying three of their most memorable songs: Hang You From the Heavens, No Hassle Night and Treat Me Like Your Mother.

After releasing their follow-up album entitled ‘Sea of Cowards’ in October 2009, the band became stronger and more relevant as a rock group, giving them better results on numerous charts all over the world. If you’re a Twilight Saga fan, then you’ve definitely heard their track ‘Rolling in a Burning Fire’ which is one of Eclipse’s official movie soundtracks. Their second album is also tagged as one of the thirty greatest albums of 2010, as per the famous music website, Rolling Stone.

Released this September, The Dead Weather managed to get their third album rolling entitled ‘Dodge and Burn’, which is already climbing up the charts just a few weeks after its release. Currently, the third album of The Dead Weather ranks within the Top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100 and is known for their released tracks Buzzkill and I Feel Love.

The Dead Weather also came-up with a live album entitled ‘Live’ at Third Man Records West, which is managed by another well-known rock outfit Reprise, released in October 2009. Mosshart and White cited Captain Beefheart as their musical core, which is evident in some of the tracks written by the group.

Mosshart, known to be the band’s lead vocalist also gave thanks to artists like Janis Joplin and Patti Smith for molding her artistry and approach to singing. As a group, the quartet pointed to Sonic Youth’s way of singing which gave them direction in whatever it is that they are doing right now. Aside from the exposure of the band, The Dead Weather is also noted to be huge performers in music fests like the recently concluded Glastonbury Music Festival.

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To bouts of loving – “Drive” by Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder Drive

“Cause loving you, loving you is too hard
All I do, all I do is not enough
Loving you, loving you
I cannot be loving you, loving you”

LOVE – a lot of times, we hear the word as the subject of a song, left and right, day after day. The word has been used so often that we hear different ways of how the singer conveys the message. Songs are outlets for feelings left unsaid anyways, and love is a subject that causes us to feel the most complicated emotions too hard to put in conversation. So hearing another track – in this case – cooing over a relationship gone wrong, it should not be an uncommon occurrence.

However, there are times when there is an exception. More than the business of making a song, those few who succeed in portraying the simplest of words into genuine feelings are artists who connect with listeners and leave a mark that may or may not be noticeable.

One of those artists happens to be a Southeast London-hailed duo called ‘Oh Wonder’. Formerly known by name Wonder Wonder, this duo is composed of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West. They have made songs together since 2014 and release them just as the current page of the calendar flips to the next.

With no promotion, fanfare, or even a foot set in an official studio, the creative way the two have come up in releasing their song is a rather risky move, especially with their status as artists who are yet to be caught on the radar. Yet, true talents are hard to suppress. Currently, Oh Wonder has more or less ten million streams on SoundCloud and their track for August 2015 is receiving much attention.

“Drive” is the duo’s track for the month of August, and is one of the few songs to be hailed as one of the most beautifully crafted indie-pop songs of the year. This piece of Polish indie-pop resonates even after you’ve played the song. The ethereal quality between Vander Gucht and West is a perfect harmony that fits and melds together.

Every word is clear, as they wash through notes and simple production of down-tempo and far in between beats cohesively gliding with the classical piano. With a simple setting that leaves a big impact and lyrics that are true and not trying, this song could be your medicine for late-night, quiet jams.

Listen to the music and decide the score of this song yourself. If you like it – and there’s a high probability you will – don’t forget to check out their self-titled debut album already out since September 4th.

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