Corinne Bailey Rae is back with a new song


Those who know the chill song ‘Put Your Records On’ released in 2006 will surely find themselves missing the singer behind this single. Whatever happened to Corrine Bailey Rae, the voice behind the song, we wish she would one day return and grace our playlists with another laid back song that will serve as a background for long drives or lazy days.

Well, the wait is over for the British singer slash songwriter because she has once again stepped into the limelight with a new single called ‘Been to the Moon’. The long hiatus must have been good for the singer because she looks exceptionally stunning as seen in the video for the said song. Six years of rest may be long, but the effect on the singer is exquisitely noticeable.


The single serves as a sneak peak for the upcoming album entitled ‘The Heart Speaks in Whispers’ that is scheduled for release in May. Hearing this news will make her waiting fans excited as the singer was surely missed during that period when she was away. There is no denying that the soul singer has matured and returned with a positive vibe upon her shoulders.

Her followers were saddened after knowing about her former husband’s passing due to drug overdose. Stronger and standing taller, the remarried Corrine definitely channels her beautiful the disposition through the happy-meaning music she will release in the future.


Stunning as she already is, the singer is adorned in gold and a flashy diamond suit that surprisingly blended well with the desert vibe of the video’s location. Neat and classy, the video doesn’t have much of a buzz as it focuses on simplicity that made the singer and her lyrics stand out. ‘Been to the Moon’ is just the beginning and we can expect for things to get even better.

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Take Me Back in a Dream will lull you to sleep



Christina Martin is back with another soulful track which is so calm and soothing that listeners can’t help but yawn and crave for their beds while listening to her song.

The Canadian singer returns with the second single from her fifth studio album entitled ‘Take me Back in a Dream’ as a follow up to ‘It’ll be Alright’ released earlier this year. Clearly, there is no stopping this songstress as she continues to flourish not only in her home land, but in most parts of Europe as well.

The music video for her current track has a Sia vibe to it, where lyrical dance and impressionist movements are present. The video has drama in it. More than just a visual representation of the song, the music video is boastful on its own. Choreographed by Corey Bowles, the touch of cinematic appeal is successfully incorporated with the lyrical message of the track itself.

See Martin do her moves in a graceful kind of way as she combines well with back up dancers to complete the whole video. “It was a privilege for me to work with choreographer Corey Bowles to incorporate expression through dance in this video. Apart from recollecting difficult memories, the video brings light to empowering tones of resilience,” – Martin said on one of her interviews.


True to how she defines it, the song is about the struggles of a person. It shows those dark days when hope is the only thing to hold on to amid challenges. It is like a quick look back on hard times with a message of being strong and getting back on your

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feet no matter how seemingly hard the situation is.

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For the broken hearted: Gwen Stefani’s ‘Used to Love You’

Gwen Stefani

The No Doubt songstress seems to wear her heart on her sleeves as she introduced her current single entitled ‘Used to Love You’. The heart-felt ballad appeals especially to those who are suffering from heartbreak sealed and delivered by a thing called love.

The singer admitted that the new single is close to her heart. Personally written, it seems like the X Factor judge has gotten inspiration out her recent Gavin Rossdale divorce. The two were together for thirteen years and the separation news broke the hearts of many who looked up to their unity for more than a decade.

The song was first heard during Stefani’s performance at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. “I just want to share a song that I wrote recently,” she introduced before singing the track. (Cited:

The public performance was immediately followed by a music video that was directed by Sophie Muller who also directed some of No Doubt’s hit songs like of No Doubt and Simple life.

The video is downright simple and even personal as it only shows the singer’s emotion all throughout the four-minute length. The knowledge that the song was a brainchild of the singer herself makes us believe that the emotions she showed in the span of the video is everything straight from the heart and true.

Plans for an upcoming album have been wiped into neat sheets even though some of the tracks are already lined up, including collaborations with Pharrell Williams. As admitted by the singer herself, the earlier plans for album didn’t feel right because of the situation she went through. “”I needed to go through what I needed to go through to write the record that I needed to write. There was a lot of prayer and meditating in the sense of trying to be open and grateful with this record,” (Cited:

Back from scratch and armed with post-divorce experience, expect the birth of other songs that accounts the singer’s first-hand story of what she feels. Should these replace the album Gwen was originally making, no one is complaining. After all, we have missed her music. Hearing her on record again is definitely a welcomed thought.

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Little Mix’s Secret Love Song feat Jason Derulo will hit straight to your core



The Holiday season is supposed to be about big smiles and the elated vibe due to celebrations that are set to happen here and there. However, hearing the newest single from Little Mix will make us feel otherwise – thanks to the surprise performance they did during the Jingle Bell Ball in London with none other than Jason Derulo.

Derulo and Little Mix’s collaboration was something unexpected, especially from the live audience that attended the said event. What is even more surprising is the melancholic song that was impressively interpreted by the heartfelt voices of one of the hottest British girl bands together with the most exciting male artist.


The single is going to be the newest offering from their album in ‘United Kingdom and Ireland’, as confirmed on Twitter. Needless to say, the said team up left the audience and those who watched the video in awe. The blending of high notes that lingered flawlessly with the words moved the listeners exactly how they intended.

Secret Love Song appeals to the senses through its soulful rhythm and powerful lyrics. Let this be a warning that this is a heartbreak song. If you put the powerhouse Little Mix together with the brilliant Derulo, expect nothing but a performance that would reach straight to the very core.


Lines I wish that it could be like that / Why can’t it be like that? / Cause I’m yours are already giveaways that the song is an ode for a love that could have been. Continue clicking on that replay button and the song will just get better the more you listen to it.


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Let Passion Pit Take You to the Height of Music


A group of talented boys compelled to make relevant music is a great gift to humanity. As if one is not enough, the quintet hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts never failed to give their humongous fan base a treat through the music they create. Passion Pit truly åchanneled their skills and talents worthy of a concert.

At this moment, the  minds and hearts of Chris Hartz (drums), Aaron Harrison Folb (bass/synthesizers), Giuliano Pizzulo (guitar/synthesizers), Ray Suen (guitar/synthesizers) and Michael Angelakos (lead vocals/keyboards) are now intertwined to comprise the  popular name of Passion Pit, and with how they are rolling  in the mainstream industry, they are definitely here to stay. Currently, the fate of this very talented band is tied up with an equally gifted music outfit: Frenchkiss and Columbia Records, and Passion Pit is sure to make the crowd run to where they choose to go.

Focusing on genres such as alternative dance, indietronica, synthpop, neo-psychedelia and indie pop, Passion Pit is now making rounds to several radio stations in the United States and United Kingdom. Passion Pit’s strongest ace in retaining their fame is through their alluring looks and heartfelt tracks that are meant to reach the younger audience.

They decided to flip their usual gigs in underground bars to something official when they released their debut album, ‘Chunk of Change’, in September 2008. This initial dish on the plate that Passion Pit offered can be remembered via the tracks Sleepyhead and Better Things, and four of the tracks that are included in Chunk of Change are written by lead vocalist Angelakos as a form of endearment to his former girlfriend.

Passion Pit’s initial immersion to the music industry was successfully accepted and even earned them the Best New Local Act for that year title in the Boston-Phoenix music poll. Following up Chunk of Change is the full-length album entitled ‘Manners’, which was released in May of 2009. ‘Manners’ was spearheaded by three tracks entitled ‘The Reeling’, ‘Let Your Love Grow Tall’ and ‘Little Secrets’.

Most of the tracks on this LP have been used  in  different US shows and advertisements, such as ‘Let Your Love Grow Tall’ used in the US TV Series Ugly Betty, the track ‘To Kingdom Come’ for an iPhone application advertisement and the song ‘Moth Wings’ used in the teenage drama show Gossip Girl.

Due to the positive patronage garnered by the band, they have found exposure via several music festivals such as in Glastonbury 2009 where they played as a major act, and in Lollapalooza 2012 where they have announced their third album entitled Gossamer. Gossamer even paved the way for them to reach greater heights, such as being included in the first ever Coastline Festival and new opportunities for publicity in the online music store, Spotify.

Just recently, Passion Pit released their latest album entitled ‘Kindred’, which focuses on a more specified set of lyrics and extensive reach via several social media sites. True to their promise of making their minions happy, they have simultaneously released music videos on YouTube a month after their fourth album’s release, which pleases both the eyes and the ears. Currently, the band members are very much active in connecting to their followers via their website,


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FKA Twigs goes sensual with current music video

FKA Twigs (1)

The critically celebrated FKA Twigs is out with her new music video for the single entitled ‘Good to Love’. What’s beautiful about her newest release is that it is self-directed; an opportunity that the singer/producer was able to capture in channeling her artistic side.

See the singer linger in white sheets while humming the song that serves as her comeback after the release of her album last year. Watch her as she artistically plays with the cloth creating a mood of sensuality without showing too much skin. Get to peek at her intimate side as the narration in the video goes well with the lyrics of the song.

FKA Twigs (2)

Not only does she reveal her sexier side, but she also exhibits her exceptional dancing skills. This serves as a reminder that this renowned underground singer started her early career through the expression of movements and dance.

What’s even more interesting is the jewelry that she wore. It gives an ethnic vibe that goes well with the FKA Twigs’ personal style: odd but interesting in positive kind of way.

FKA Twigs (3)

Indeed, there is a lot going on with the singer who became the envy of most women. For those who do not know, this UK-born singer is the current sweetheart of Twilight star and hunk actor Robert Pattinson.

After appearing on Calvin Klein’s ad together with other artists like Kendrick Lamar, see her guest again at the Jimmy Fallon show. This related to the US release of the current video of her said single. There will also be a series of gigs for FKA Twigs including some concerts for a cause.

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Ellie Goulding comes up with dance video on ‘Something the Way You Move’

Ellie Goulding Something the Way You Move

28-year-old English singer Ellie Goulding is making a return for her upcoming third album called Delirium with a second single entitled ‘Something in the Way You Move.’

The sophomore track follows the hit single ‘On My Mind’ that is also found in her current album released around the first week of November. ‘Something the Way You Move’ is a product of Goulding’s team up with Greg Kurstin, the same person behind works of Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry.

There is no doubt that Goulding is a gold. Considering her singing prowess, distinct style and undeniable creativity, there would be no reason why this singer would not capture the hearts of fans from all over the world. She has come a long way, from posting demos through her MySpace account to selling smash hits years later. There is no question that Goulding is one of the current generation’s superstars and is among the most famous musicians by far.

‘Something the Way You Move’ is another trademark love song from Goulding. As opposed to ‘Love Me Like You Do’, this second track from Delirium is about one-sided love. The kind that understands that the amount of love one side is giving can’t be returned the same way by the other party. There is a sense of realization, a sense of truth about the situation, but this does not stop the loving half to keep giving in.

This narration was written and told by none other than the singer herself. The pop and hint of upbeat tone kind of neutralizes the mood found in the lyrics making it unlike any other sad song.

The video is made up of people dancing and jiving with the rhythm of the song. The fun and lose vibe given by diverse people found in the video is young and vibrant. There is not much of a story in the video, really. People just dance in a black and white monochrome, which works well because the video jives with the song in a cohesive manner with no overpowering factors whatsoever.

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Douse Yourself with Fresh Hip Hop via Rae Sremmurd

raes remmurd

It is rather an unusual feat when we see artists who are bound by flesh and blood act as a duo, trio or group. We are acquainted with solo acts or if it’s a group, they are rarely siblings. But just recently, the music world was shaken with the impressive presence of a uniquely named duo Rae Sremmurd and their talent is unmistakably a fresh treat for those who love the hip hop genre.

The duo Rae Sremmurd is comprised of brothers Khalif ‘Swae Lee’ Brown and Aaquil ‘Slim Jxmmi” Brown and have been active since 2013. Focusing on their sole genre which is hip hop, the quirkiness and weirdness that the brothers have brought to the plate have garnered them enough attention to be tagged as one of 2015’s most popular artists.

Rae Sremmurd started making magic out of music in the comfort of their home in Tupelo, Mississippi. They went with the name Dem Outta St8 Boyz and were the frequent center of attention in local parties and watering holes. Just like most musical aspirants, they have also gotten as far as auditioning to several contests and shows for some exposure such as R&B show 106 and Park.

Together with a former member Andre Harris, the trio made it big in this reality-based music show and got the chance to meet-up with huge music labels such as Def Jam Recordings and Sony. But as luck would not have it, the trio disbanded and never scored a music deal with the aforementioned outfits, and the brothers continued to perform as a duo in several shows and gigs.

It was in January 2014 that Rae Sremmurd managed to capture Ear Drummers Entertainment’s attention resulting in a contract which jumpstarted their careers at last. Immediately, the dice of fame started rolling for the brothers and their name is a frequent banner on hip hop charts and R&B lists.

Five days after they have closed a deal with Ear Drummers, their debut album was officially released under the title SremmLife. Surprisingly enough, the duo’s first attempt in making their music official through an album was welcomed positively and placed 5th on the US Billboard 200.

On its first couple of weeks, SremmLife was known for four singles, all of which found their rightful place on several music charts and became frequent requests in radio stations. The track No Flex Zone became even more popular due to pop diva Nicki Minaj’s rap version and Pusha T’s intervention, as it easily careened to a number 36 finish on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Right after the tumult success of their first single, the song No Type was released, making Rae Sremmurd all the more influential as it placed 16th on the same music charts. Due to the distinct and fresh approach on the hip hop genre, both singles were dubbed as platinum by the RIAA.

Two of the four singles now popularized by Rae Sremmurd are Throw Some Mo and This Could Be Us, which have also been effective follow-ups to how they started their first album. In the recently concluded BET Awards, the duo bagged themselves the Best Group Award and was nominated by the Billboard Music Awards for Top Rap Artist. In December 2015, the duo is set to release another album entitled SremmLife 2.

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KPOP’s flare is a worldwide hit

KPOPs (1)

Setting foot on the US stage may be one of the biggest opportunities artists dream of in order to gain global influence. However, with the magnanimous amount of talents arising from different corners of the world, the most coveted spotlight glistening distinctly on the rays of America’s showbiz industry is slowly shifting to several territories including Asia.

Asia in itself is a continent that hosts diverse cultures, which is why it is no longer a surprise if this part of the planet will develop its own grandstand to showcase talents found within. If the west is known for the electronic mash up of sounds, Asia managed to come up with its own flavor that is equally captivating and interesting.

KPOPs (2)

KPOP is Asia’s hottest field when it comes to music. This unique style has garnered much attention and smashed record sales because of the exceptional recipe that completes the factors needed for a sure-fire hit genre. The rise of this music classification has created waves not only within the grounds of the continent but even in the well-established western arena. Thanks to Psy’s Gangnam Style, different races dance in unison whenever the catchy tune penetrates the airwaves.

But really, what makes KPOP a hit? Blame the aesthetics and composition that are responsible for pushing the popularity of this craze. More than a fad, KPOP has evolved into a lifestyle not only of the stars that are at the frontlines of the genre, but of the fans admiring it as well.

KPOPs (3)

They say that first impressions last. This is something that is well understood by this genre as it does not only focus on the sounds, it also makes sure that the looks are covered. The flamboyant style and trend-setting fashion of KPOP are noteworthy due to vibrant colors and interesting accessories. Notice how the makeup gets playful as well. Never have we appreciated circus-inspired makeup as much as the genre was able to shift it into wearable fashion.

Artists also come with a full package. Not only do they look good, but they can sing and dance as well. Do not undermine the grooves of KPOP stars as they possess world class dancing skills. Aside from the singing prowess which is impeccable, the twirling and impressive steps are one of a kind. Blame this on the years of training that these people have to undergo before they are set free to perform on stage.

KPOPs (4)

Aside from the exceptional choreography, the music KPOP itself is addictive.

The lyrics might use a majority of the Korean language, but the rhythm that surrounds it is able to penetrate the core of listening fans, whether Korean or not.

The concept behind every single is evidently well-thought as shown in the finished product.

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Coldplay, Beyonce united for Hymn for the Weekend

Coldplay Beyonce  (1)

Yet again, another fusion of the greatest in the music industry became reality as the award winning band Coldplay and the alluring diva Beyonce joined forces in a catchy single paired with equally stunning music video that explores one of India’s important occasions, the Holi festival.

It’s all about the electrifying colors and the depiction of unique culture found in the country where the video was shot. We know how vast and unique Indian culture is and the current video for the latest collaboration of these popular international artists allowed us to get the gist of how beautiful their customs are. The imagery is accompanied by rawness as you get to see locals given ample exposure through their beautiful garments.

Coldplay Beyonce  (2)

The Holi Festival in India is celebrated to welcome the spring season. The happy colors are exhibited through hued powders that people splash on their bodies and on everything around them. The amazingly festive vibe, the mix of culture, pop music and the appearances of Beyonce and Coldplay made this recent music video a success.

While the single was first heard on air back in December, expect a flood of popularity as this magnificent video gives more life to the already captivating song.

Coldplay Beyonce  (3)

In the video, the ever stunning diva plays an actress with full makeup. Actually, it is noticeable that Queen B looked ethereal while wearing the traditional Indian outfits together with the equally beautiful head dresses. Adorned with luscious flowers on her background, the best-selling songstress radiated while humming her part on the song.

Meanwhile, Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin walked around the city mingling with the locals and having a good time. The video was directed by Ben Mor and features another lovely actress, Sonam Kapoor.

Official Video:

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