Nobody Does French Tongue Twisters Like La Fouine

La Fouine (1)

Christmas Day is fast approaching and while everyone is on their own path into making this season as merry as possible, one talented solo artist is quite excited for his birthday celebration. Yes, you read it right, this music genius is set to spend his 34th year together with the cheers of Yuletide, and if you’re an avid fan you’d definitely associate with French soloist La Fouine.

One thing that sets La Fouine apart from the rest of the pack is his piercing eyes which are quite reminiscent of world-renowned rapper-slash-music-producer Drake. With the right physical package, the undeniable passion to entertain and his skill set deserving of the highest music pedestal, La Fouine has been making headlines all over Europe, and hopefully, all over the world.

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Born as Laouni Mouhid, La Fouine is originally of Moroccan descent, hence his overall look worthy of second glances. Confirming that this singer can do everything, he is also a renowned songwriter and rapper, as well as the sole of owner of Banlieue Sale Music, where he is currently signed up with.

Aside from being a superstar, La Fouine is also a respected businessman who owns his own line of clothing called ‘Street Swagg’, which is a French staple for young urban professionals and those who simply love to dress-up.

Focusing on French hip hop, La Fouine has been present since 2001, garnering quite a significant following in and out of Europe. He is also a talent of Sony Music France, which is the reason why he’s getting all the attention that he deserves. La Fouine is also translated as ‘the Weasel’ in the English language, and many associate this to the singer’s humble beginnings and ambitions in his musical career.

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Throughout his career, La Fouine managed to release a series of relevant albums and tracks that certified him as an established name in French rap. Spearheading his discography is his first album entitled ‘Bourre au Son’, which pegged on the California music style.

Released 2005, La Fouine and this album were a lethal combination for the birth of the singer’s ultimate fame alongside carrier tracks such as L’unite and Quelque chose de special, which both received positive accolades from his target French audience.

La Fouine (5)

In between studio albums, La Fouine is quite prolific with releasing mixtapes like ‘Planete Trappes’ and ‘Planete Trappes Volume 2’, which significantly made the preceding albums all the more attractive to the music market. The next albums crafted by La Fouine included ‘Aller-Retour’, which is certified Gold and was released in March 2007, ‘Mes Reperes’ which got a Platinum, La Fouine vs Laouni which was extremely marketable and got a Double Platinum in 2011 and the recent ‘Drole de parcours’, which careened a Platinum in 2013.

Some of the most infamous tracks by La Fouine are Tombe pour elle, Papa, J’avais pas les mots and Ma meilleure—all of which placed well within the Top 20 spots of several French music charts. As expected, La Fouine is regarded well by award-giving bodies such as the MTV Europe Music Awards by where he was hailed as 2011’s Best French New Artist.

La Fouine (4)

Other citations and accolades include the Victoires de la Musique where he was nominated three times, the L’annee du Hip Hop where he got three nominations for Best Rap Artist, Best Album and Best Track, and lastly for the Trace Urban Music Awards in 2013 where he bagged Best Male Artist, Best Collaboration and Best album for Drole de parcours.

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Nick Jonas doing good outside the loop of brothers

Nick Jonas (1)

The guy who once fed our teenager fantasies has now grown up as a full debonair that was linked to some of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. We started seeing him performing with his brothers on one stage but going solo did him good as the career of Nick Jonas continues to flourish.

Nick might be more famous nowadays due to the girls being attached to his name, but the singer proved that his staying power goes beyond the borders of the success him and his brothers were able to cultivate back when they were still a band. Being linked with Kendall Jenner and just recently Kate Hudson definitely shows that our teenage dream has grown up.

For Alexa MEN - December 2014 - Nick Jonas. Photos by Randall Slavin Photographer: Randall Slavin Stylist: Joseph Episcopo / de facto inc. Groomer: Mari Shten/ Location: Hôtel Americano 518 West 27th Street, New York, New York 10001 (212) 216-0000

We have seen him making an evident statement that having a solo career is something he can endure. Last year’s video, ‘Levels’, awakened that teenagers side inside us and made us relive the memories back when we sang together whenever any of the Jonas Brothers’ music was played. High expectations were set and there’s no denying that he was able to set the bar quite high with his newest single.

Seeing the video for the first time had me thinking that maybe, we are looking at another Justin Timberlake in the making. It is not as if he can’t be his own person, but his footsteps seem to be similar to Timberlake in his early days as a solo artist. It is no surprise because the guy has undeniable charisma and talent. Nick can definitely sing, dance and act.

Nick Jonas (3)

The release of his album entitled ‘Chains’ was also a success ranking at number 13 on the Billboard hit chart last year. He even made several appearances including a stint on Scream Queens and Kingdom. Clearly, there is no denying that Nick will do well with or without the presence of his brothers on the center stage.

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Meet the potential star in MIIA through Dynasty


Having carved her name in the Norwegian pop scene, young talent MIIA is now heard in a broader scale as her latest song entitled ‘Dynasty’ had its exclusive premiere via Billboard.

Starting at an early age, MIIA has been a mainstay of the current music industry in Norway. Her first album called ‘The Light of Love’ made enough impact on the local music scene that it even managed to climb to the number 24 spot of the iTunes Pop chart.

While she was already making noise locally, it was her rendition of Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’ that made her talent evident to a broader audience. Thanks to YouTube, music listeners from various parts of the world made the name of this talented singer a little bit more famous.

Her style of singing is distinct and can be easily remembered. There is something remarkable about this young talent’s voice. Her husky, throaty kind of singing reminds us a little bit of Adele and a partly of Norah Jones. There’s a hint of soul and croaky appeal in her style that makes her effective especially on humming songs of being broken and being pained from love, just like what her single Dynasty conveys.

The song is a poem of a love gone wrong. What’s impressive is that this song was penned by no other than the singer herself. There is depth in the words stringed together to make up meaningful phrases that are on point in conveying the image of a commitment on a verge of a split.

Hear the lines “Thought we built a dynasty that heaven couldn’t shake. Thought we built a dynasty forever couldn’t break up,” and feel the disappointment for a love that could’ve been true if the lovers were just able surpass the test of time. (Cited:

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Meet some of the KPOP’s most followed boy bands

KPOPs boybands (1)

KPOP opened a new dimension in the art of performing due to the higher intensity this genre put on the table. KPOP artists share the same recipe that makes this style unique. Aside from their eccentric looks on and off work, their craftsmanship in dancing and singing are well established, which is why there is no denying that KPOP lures many followers, within and outside Asia.

TVXQ – Since 2003, this boy band has been appreciated by audiences all over Asia. As a matter of fact, many consider them as the most successful act of their time especially when they reached their peak during late 2000s.

If a musician’s success is measured by their sales, TVXQ will definitely be part of the most famous bands as they were able to generate an estimate of 10 million records sold within a decade of their career. Originally composed of five members, the boy band became a duo with U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin remaining from the original group.

KPOPs boybands (2)

BigBang – This five-piece group started in 2006. However, their early career didn’t define them as the golden boys of KPOP. It took them several tries before establishing a name and gathering loyal fans that eventually grew in numbers when their album ‘Always’ was released. Their success continued until they bagged the much coveted Artist of the Year award in the 2008 Mnet Korean Music festival.

Due to their success, the group risked connecting to a wider audience as they tried their luck in Japan. Their efforts paid off, not only in record sales but with the recognition they received as well. The band won three recognitions in the MTV Video Music Awards Japan and claimed Best Worldwide Act in the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards.

KPOPs boybands (3)

Infinite – Aside from their music, the band attracted interest due to their impressive dance moves. The artistry and expertise in routines shown when they perform made this talented band one of the most well-known acts in KPOP. Songs like ‘Come Back’ and ‘She’s Back’ led to the success of this group comprised of Sungkyu, DongWoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong.

The band’s popularity was shown in the ticket sales of their concert back in 2012, wherein all tickets were sold-out in after ten minutes. Their world tour that began in 2013 received equal success as they had 20 performances in some parts of Asia, North America, Europe and Dubai. Aside from music, members of the band ventured onto other performing arts as some of them had acting stints on movies and TV shows.

KPOPs boybands (4)

Super Junior – Formed in 2005, this thirteen-piece group gained international fame due to their hit ‘Sorry Sorry’. The success of one of the biggest groups in the history of KPOP was evident as they were able to attract international audiences outside Asia. As a matter of fact, the huge number of their fans was formally declared when they won Best Fandom Award in the 2015 Teen Choice Awards.

KPOPs boybands (5)

The members come from different backgrounds, but are all experienced when it comes to facing people as they group is made up of models, actors and hosts. Other hit songs include ‘Miracle’, ‘U’ and ‘The One I Love’.

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Hinds express girl power in millennial epoch

girl power (1)

There is no denying the modern day has shifted to being liberated. With the continuous pursuit of blurring lines between stereotypes, people from different backgrounds are more expressive now especially when it comes to individualism. Gone were the days when the majority just follows the familiar because more people are now courageous in self-expression using different mediums, from clothing to art to music.

Girl power is one of the things that the modern times have paid attention on. With active participation to augment feminism, more and more women stand taller and braver when it comes to following their paths and opening doors to opportunity. The Spanish band Hinds is on the list of empowered women who make things happen as this all girl group makes waves in the indie scene.

girl power (2)

Originally comprised of two members, Carlotta Cosials and Ana Garcia Perrote, the band that is now collectively known as Hinds was first called Deers. Eventually, there was a name change due to a conflict involving another band. Three years after the duo started, another two members came along with the release of ‘Demo’. The girl band was completed after the entrance of Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen.

Unlike mainstream bands that always appear with make-up, this quartet is always laid back. With jeans and shirts as their staple wardrobe, the group is comparable to the friends you usually hang out with during free time. This aspect alone makes these girls relative. Throw away huge wigs and shocking lipstick because the simplicity in the appearance of these girls does not overshadow their fun sound.

girl power (3)

After their first series of songs came out, the band garnered praise from some of the world’s most respected citation-giving organizations and sites including Pitchfork and The Iris Times.

The girls do not need to prove how in demand they are since getting 16 concerts in just 4 days shows how promising their chosen career is playing out.

Tours are already listed on the band’s official website and all of them will be held in different destinations in Europe including the UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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Kygo reveals new single featuring fresh talent Maty Noyes

Kygo Matty Noyes (1)

Kygo seems to know how to stir excitement among his fans as he releases a new single featuring the voice of new talent Maty Noyes. The clamor for him to come up with an album that exhibits his distinct tropical house sound might finally turn into reality as hints of an LP are widely discussed specifically in the social media.

Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll or Kygo to his followers first gained attention when he made a remix track of Ed Sheeran’s I see Fire. This alone got him millions of views from both SoundCloud and Youtube. The popularity kept growing as some of the world’s hailed performers like Coldplay and Avicii reached out to him for collaboration.

Kygo Matty Noyes (2)

Recently, the Norwegian DJ fed the desire of his audience yet again as he released Stay. True to his identity, the new song that was given life by Noyes’s unique voice gives a deep house vibe that his fans love him for. Unlike other team ups, the two artists collaborated to come up with a material happened quickly. “I actually co-wrote the song in maybe two to three hours, laid the vocals and thought to myself, ’The only thing it’s missing is a drop from Kygo,” LA based vocalist Noyes mentioned during one of her interviews with MTV. (Cited:

Kygo admitted that he’s been receiving a lot of demos from various aspiring artists and what makes the process interesting is finding the gold within the haystack. He admitted that finding fresh and unique talent excites and motivates him. The same happened when Noyes hand Kygo her demo tape.

Kygo Matty Noyes (3)

This admirable DJ quickly picked up the uniqueness of the vocals he heard and decided to work with the person owning that voice right away. “She sent me over the demo. I loved it,” Kygo explained. “Loved her voice. It was so unique. I just liked the idea and gave it a try. It was actually kind of a quick process. I feel like when I get the demos — I get a lot of demos — but when I get the right demo, I get very inspired. I produce around it, and it often goes very fast.” (Cited:

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The Cream of the Crop in Music’s Digital Libraries

Musics Digital Libraries (1)

With the advent of technology fusing with music, it is no wonder why it is more convenient for everyone to listen to tracks even before the release of its album. We have all been attracted by huge music streaming outfits such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and many others into believing that music can be replayed whenever you want.

Truthfully, patronizing music and all the things it encompasses have come a long way from being played on turntables or sold via laser disks. As much as we want to go back to the old ways, we all know that the current situation is what’s best for music addicts.

While the power of albums and radio remain significant, more and more music fans have succumbed into getting the latest tracks through modern ways. The people of today have their music libraries on mobile phones and other electronic devices. Listed below are the best-selling digital singles that have dominated the intangible lines of technology, and you’d be shocked to know that it’s not Beyonce or Taylor Swift who’s on top of the food chain.

Canadian-based singer and pop star Carly Rae Jepsen is dubbed as the Queen of Digital Airplay for her song ‘Call Me Maybe’, released in 2011.

Musics Digital Libraries (2)

It bested other tracks with almost 15.1 million copies sold. Not far behind, the techno group Black Eyed Peas placed second with 15 million copies for their anthem song ‘I Gotta Feeling’.

Les Black Eyed Peas en concert privé au VIP Room Paris. avec,, Taboo et Fergie

Collaborations have also made it to the first 10% of the list with the songs Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke, T.I., Pharrell) and Moves Like Jagger (pop group Maroon 5 and pop diva Christina Aguilera) respectively garnering 14.8 and 14.4 million copies purchased online. Solo act Kesha got a spot with the song Tik Tok that has been a humongous banner song of teenagers who think that life is a party, hence the 15 million copies sold as a result.

Musics Digital Libraries (4)

Of the ballads, Adele’s Someone Like You garnered a total of 9.9 million tied up with another collaboration in the song Just Give Me a Reason by Pink and Nate Reuss. Released in 2002, Eminem’s Lose Yourself secured his influence with 9.7 million copies.

Musics Digital Libraries (5)

Femme fatales like Beyonce, Leona Lewis and Katy Perry won’t just cease chart domination as their songs ‘Single Ladies’, ‘Bleeding Love’ and ‘Hot N’ Cold’ all reaped a 7.7-million-copy achievement. Included in the prestigious list are Rihanna for ‘Diamonds’ with 7.5 million, Avril Lavigne and Nicki Minaj shared the 7.2 million mark with hits ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Starships’, while established rock group Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ got astounding sales of 7.1 million.

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Fifth Harmony sets the mood in new vid ‘Work from Home’


Girl band Fifth Harmony is back with another exciting song paired with a sassy video that will definitely catch the attention of their growing fan base. This group proved that the voice of each member is certainly golden. Why, each lady can belt a good high note as we can hear from their past songs. Their music may be upbeat, but we can clearly hear the diva-like tone each members possesses though the diverse quality of their voices.

Just before we get over the collaboration between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendez on hit single ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, the band is clearly not taking a break as their new video shows how to make a construction site steamy and sexy as seen in their dance moves that complement this energetic song.


Hot from the pan, this newly released video should debunk rumors of them going separate ways. To stress that they will stick together for a long time, the single ‘Work from Home’ can actually be found on their second album entitled 7/27, set to be released by this five piece group in May. The name of their sophomore album is a tribute to the day they were formed on hit talent seeking show X Factor, where they originally came from.


The beat and the overall vibe of the song sticks to the nature of Fifth Harmony’s music: urban mixed with pop. Catchy as it is, the tradition of the band when it comes to delivering an over the top performance be it live or on record is undeniably reminiscent as this new single serves as a part of an uninterrupted cycle of party songs from Fifth Harmony.

The video also features rapper Ty Dolla. Watch him as his rap blends well with the girls showing how to work it through their exceptional song and dance number exhibited throughout the video.

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Dream Wife is not your ordinary girl band


The London-based girl band Dream Wife will give you a new flavor of music through ‘edge’; a genre which is not typical for the mainstream girl groups we’ve seen in mainstream media. While others sing the same music they do, most choose to play underground and in small crowds.

Treat these three belles differently because their band wants nothing to do with any music mogul or talent scout who will push them to work on a package that the usual listeners will pick up. Their style was derived from a school project, where the band was formed within the university they go to.


Bella, Alice and Icelander Rakel got together right within the grounds of one of the schools in Brighton England. Their supposed project prospered into a fully functional band. Thanks to their first their performance, bookings for numbers of gigs came pouring right at the doorstep.

Their first single was called ‘Believe’. The song is young and the video can pass for a classic trend that we usually go for whenever we need a reference to a specific fashion era. With a slow disco vibe, the band was able to establish a message that they are in for the real deal.


The success of their first song is now followed by their newest single entitled ‘Hey Heartbreaker’. Not letting go of their signature pop rock style, hear these three as they reverberate with this catchy tune that bars and pubs can definitely use for a fun and carefree atmosphere.

Cool indeed, it’s been a while since we’ve heard this kind of music in an all-girl group. Do not get it wrong, these ladies are rocking it spot on.

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DeJ Loaf Taking Rap and Hip-Hop by Storm



The world of rap has been dominated by men. The tongue-twisting lyrics, the jumpy beats and the rather liberating words injected into each track have been channeled well by brusque men over the past couple of years.

We have been awe-stricken when the likes of Missy Elliott and Macy Gray came up bravely to the spotlight and let the world know that women can also progress in this male-dominated music genre. The machismo and bravado that rap exudes have been vanquished by female artists who put forth their talents and proved that music is for everyone.

It has been rather a long time after Nicki Minaj popped out rap antics letting us miss the power of women doing rap on stage. Sating this craving is a budding artist named DeJ Loaf, making us love the rapping female species even better.

Born as Deja Trimble, this 24-year old American artist has been reverberating through the halls of mainstream music for the last couple of weeks. Slowly etching her name on the pedestal of female rap artists, DeJ Loaf’s exposure to the world is definitely expanding her market and career.

Coming from the musically-inclined city of Detroit, Michigan, DeJ Loaf is certainly talented; a breath of fresh air after female singers flooded the pop and ballad era in 2015. This year, this brilliant musician is trampling her way to become one of the best in her chosen genre.


Life has never been easy for DeJ Loaf and the struggles that she faced made her stronger and more passionate to fulfill her Hollywood dream. Growing up on the East Side, she was acquainted with a variety of music through singers such as Rakim, Miley Davis and 2PAC; a musical blanket so diverse that she was easily attracted.

As early as nine years old, DeJ Loaf crafted songs out of her disturbed youth, a strong motivating force to chase the dream of becoming a famous artist when she grows up. DeJ Loaf continued normal her life, even taking up nursing for three years in college, then went back to the path she first loved: music.


Starting out her venture in 2011, DeJ Loaf inched herself into the life she has always wanted. She used her talents and channeled her innermost thoughts into the hop hop genre, coming-up with a screen name inspired by her love for Air Jordans. In 2013, she braved the demands of the music industry and released her first mixtape entitled Just Do It, which soon gained the attention of Detroit rap artist SAYITAINTTONE.

The newfound talent in DeJ Loaf escalated quickly, making her sign with her first ever music firm, IBGM. Her career has rolled out smoothly until 2014, when she managed to publicize her single ‘Try Me’. Her rise to stardom caught fire, with even well-known artist Drake citing some of her track’s lyrics in an Instagram post. Shortly afterwards, DeJ Loaf signed with Colombia Records, with the mixtape Sell Sole as her first studio project.


In 2014, DeJ Loaf also gained more popularity when she was featured on Eminem’s Shady XV album for the track Detroit vs. Everybody. This female rap prodigy is also known as a fantastic opening act for Nicki Minaj’s recent Pinkprint Tour.

DeJ Loaf’s third mixtape entitled …And That’s The Thing soared high on numerous charts in the United States, placing 8th on the US R&B / Hip-Hop list. Some of the other singles released by DeJ Loaf include We Be On It, Back-Up, Hey There and Me U & Hennessy.


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