Post Malone’s Small Dreams Now Becoming Reality

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Many huge names in the music industry nowadays came from the smallest beginnings. Taking advantage of technology, more and more talents are spawned through conveniently making everyone aware of them. Online streaming sites such as YouTube and SoundCloud are some channels where very talented people come to show the world how great they are without inhibitions.

The music industry has never gotten tired of skimming through millions of videos and sound clips online just to look for a potential supernova just waiting to be discovered. Perhaps you have come across Austin Post’s SoundCloud account in the last few years and noticed him but did not pay attention, until now when he’s surfing the waves of fame as if he’s been a part of it ever since.

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Now commercially known as Post Malone, Austin Post was born on born July 4, 1995 and found his ticket to fame by being prolific and active on his SoundCloud account. Hailing from the festive town of Dallas, Texas, Post Malone is one of the few artists to really watch out for this year, with his promising potential and innate talent reminiscent of the 2000s hip-hop artist league.

Many music experts and avid fans have come to love the idea of a possibly newer version of Eminem, with a fresher approach and style in hip-hop. Also a music producer, Post Malone has been active in the business for just two years and yet his climb in the music food chain is quite unstoppable.

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It can be remembered that Post Malone’s video/audio post of the track White Iverson sealed his fate to become a fixture in the modern hip-hop scene. Furthermore, he has been recruited immediately by Republic Records and his exposure to mainstream music was magnified over the next couple of months.

White Iverson is actually Post Malone’s mockery against himself, as he considers having the same physical features as the illustrious basketball player, Allen Iverson. In the first couple of weeks after the White Iverson video was posted online, a plethora of viewers cemented the concept of Post Malone being a bright star with 95 million views.

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Post Malone took the lead and used the tempo to release more songs to garner as much support as he can. He has gotten into stretching his music calisthenics with other songs released in his online music profile like Too Young, What’s Up and Tears. These follow-up singles gave him more exposure, inviting different music labels to come scrambling for a contract with him.

Post Malone finally penetrated into mainstream music and rubbed elbows with some notable artists in the field such as 50 Cent, Young Thug and even performed on the Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show.

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Freeing and Liberating EDM More with the Chainsmokers

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The dizzying world of EDM and the freneticism behind it works well with the current generation. Many people have come to adore the hypnotic tunes of this music genre, sending everyone into frenzy after playing just a couple of tracks. Mostly, EDM and electro house music cater to the younger market, making tracks under this realm popular to a plethora of music festivals and other huge music activities.

EDM has established itself onto a pedestal that is loved by so many, transcending the always-changing demands of the industry and remaining as invincible as ever. People have gathered around to feed their ears with sounds that only EDM can supply. Truthfully, it has acquired quite a significant fan base, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

After the tumultuous successes of artists such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Skrillex and Calvin Harris, there’s a plethora of artists and musicians who followed suit but never made it big. Just recently, skirting the edges of this very slippery genre come The Chainsmokers, and with how they are received nowadays, they are projected to continue the legacy of EDM.

Focusing on electro and progressive house music, The Chainsmokers have been a household name to millions of people around the globe due to their charismatic approach in their chosen genre. Furthermore, their passion to perform has been verified through their insistence in being part of the world’s most famous music fests.

The Chainsmokers (2)

Comprised of two talented American-born DJs Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, The Chainsmokers has been sculpting a very bright future ahead of them with their sheer love for music. They started out their journey when New York City-based manager Adam Alpert discovered this terrific duo in 2012.

The Chainsmokers began with their sole purpose of doing remixes from existing indie bands and later on expanded their horizons to swimming with mainstream. Their effort in their early career is shown in the song ‘Erase’, wherein they collaborated with indie artist Priyanka Chopra. The Chainsmokers’ venture with Chopra birthed another single entitled ‘The Rookie’, made public in 2013.

The Chainsmokers (3)

Their first single entitled ‘#Selfie’ is already catchy on its own. It also attracted Dim Mak Records, which aided the duo in re-releasing it in January 2014. The song #Selfie has been so effective in fascinating the EDM crowd that Republic Records picked it up from the radar and exposed it to a larger audience.

Other tracks were released by the American duo, further expanding their fan base through songs like Kanye and Let You Go. Both of the aforementioned tracks were collaborated with established mainstream artists sirenXX and Great Good Fine Ok respectively.

performs onstage during day 4 of the Firefly Music Festival on June 21, 2015 in Dover, Delaware.

Staying within reach of Adam Alpert, The Chainsmokers signed up with Disruptor Records, a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment in April 2015. Within this, they were able to come-up with their first EP entitled Bouquet, something idyllic and surreal at the same time.

Bouquet have received fair reviews and managed to stay afloat in the EDM scene with songs New York City, Until You Were Gone, Good Intentions, Waterbed and their currently famous Roses. Rumor has it that The Chainsmokers is bound to release a studio album for their fans in 2016’s second quarter.

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There’s drama in Foals’ Give It All

Foals Band

This English band continues to share the same kind of music they are known for as they released the third track from their album ‘What Went Down’. The new track entitled ‘Give it All’ signifies the band’s continuous promotion of their fourth studio album which was released last June.

A true love song, the track was paired with an equally compelling narration that was directed by Nabil who happened to be one of the band’s favorites as seen in other works they have collaborated on. See the music video as if you are watching a sad love story and feel the agony of the male character in the persona of actor Jeremie Renier.

The vid is a depiction of what post-break up men and women go through. See memories blend alternately with post-separation scenes acted upon by Rainier and Caroline Fauvet. The solemn rhythm of the song goes well with the story of its music video. There’s sadness in its sound that blends well with the lyrics of the song.

Foals’ main man admitted that the song is different from everything else they have sung in the past. “That song more than anything we’ve ever done has been lead by its vocal. It felt like the purest bit of songwriting we’d ever done.” Yannis Philippakis mentioned. (Cited:

The indie rock band was originally formed back in 2005 and has remained intact since then. Members Jack Bevan, Jimmy Smith, Walter Gervers, Edwin Congreave and front man Yannis have been touring together both within England and internationally.

The band has been seen performing in different European music fests such as Glastonbury and Coachella. In lieu of their current album, Foals is set to go on tour in the coming year starting February. Schedules have been planned out and the tour is said to start at SSE Hydro in Glasgow on February 12 and expected to conclude on February 20 at the Leeds District Arena.

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The Rudimentals Bringing the Music Genre Ska Back to Life

Music Genre Ska (1)

The world of music nowadays would definitely lean on mainstream genres such as pop, rock, rap and R&B. We have come to embrace the aforementioned genres since this is what everyone listens to, and it feels obligatory to like them despite the itch of looking for a fresh genre.

We are all guilty of purchasing their albums, streaming their music videos and putting them on repeat for as long as our ears could take. With this lies the probability that we have neglected other great acts from other music genres such as ska.

Music Genre Ska (2)

It is not every day that we get to hear an artist or a group from the humble area of Cape Town in South Africa. Furthermore, it is really not conventional that we hear groups comprised of six members and above. The edge found in The Rudimentals is quite difficult to miss, so much that if you haven’t taken a second to hear them out, there must be something wrong with your system.

Focusing on unconventional music genres namely ska and reggae, this huge group of combined talent is slowly taking the world by storm through their innate passion to perform.

Currently, The Rudimentals is comprised of Teboho Maidza, Ross Macdonald, Simone Bates, Jodi Engelbrecht, Michael Levy, Karl Gray, Antonio Cencherle, Errol Strachan and Nikolai Athrios. This nine-piece music wonder will bring a fresh sound to your eardrums if the only ska track that you can think of is No Doubt’s ‘Underneath It All’.

Music Genre Ska (3)

All throughout their career since 2000, The Rudimentals was able to release two studio albums entitled ‘More Fire’ and ‘Set It Proper’. What made them really popular in underground and mainstream music is when they released a live DVD/CD compilation of the 2007 Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens Concert, topping charts in South Africa and echoed all over the world.

Currently, The Rudimentals have been jumping through different music moguls like V-Labs, Rising Records, and most recently, Independent. Just this year, The Rudimentals successfully signed a deal with world-renowned British music handler Moon Ska World, which primarily gives career opportunities to small-scale artists in the United Kingdom.

Music Genre Ska (4)

Many music experts have noted that the fair mix and exposure of all the nine members made The Rudimentals float above the rest. They have made appearances in several music festivals in Europe and their home country. The Rudimentals’ preservation of how ska music should be performed has been a leap of faith especially now that the music industry is up for something new.

Aside from the hypnotic vocals, the band also never let go of the opportunity to perform with the aid of various musical instruments like the trombone, saxophone, flugel, percussions, keyboards and guitars.

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Raise your hand if you want to be in that James Corden carpool

James Corden (1)

Singing can be an escape, a mood changer or simply a narration of a relative situation hugged by rhythm and melody. It’s something that can be done almost everywhere except for places that require the utmost silence. Music has the ability to gather people and let them sing, dance and party. Many have become richer by choosing this path as a lifelong career – talk about the famous singers that dominate mainstream media of whom we idolize.

Rubbing elbows with the who’s who is a privilege given to few. And luckily, this is a chance that the late night host James Corden was able to devour in very much abyss. Why, if singing with the music industry’s hottest personalities while driving isn’t insane in a great way, I don’t know how else to call it.

James Corden (2)

Many would not mind hitching and driving for free if it is going to be with sensational singers Adele, Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber and One Direction. The segment ‘Carpool Karaoke’ of the Late Late Show with James Corden has gathered much attention especially when Adele graced the host’s front car seat and belted not only her smashing hits but Nicki Minaj’s Monster and Spice Girls’ Wannabe.

Watchers were left smiling when they saw the songstress lay her hair down and just be a party girl having a good time belting fun songs alongside her good comrade. Why, this video became even record braking as it garnered more than 40 million views and counting.

Aside from the lovely Adele, James Corden was also able to welcome the legendary Stevie Wonder in his very own car. With a touch of comedy and hilarious conversations while humming the singer’s famous songs, the video also got a massive 15 million views.

James Corden (3)

People can’t get enough of this segment on Corden’s very own show. Followers can’t help but to wish they know the singers on the list to be featured next but of course, that will only unfold by religiously watching the program that redefined how cool it is to have a mini party inside the car.

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Pick Conrad Sewell as Your Newest Music Delight

Pick Conrad (1)

Music fanatics all over the globe have always been on the lookout for something fresh. While our preferred mainstream musicians remain the same, the feel and sound of an act that we’ve never heard before always comes as a sweet treat. Since we have been introduced to a wide array of youngsters lately, maybe it’s about time that we patronize someone more mature and skilled like Conrad Sewell.

Pick Conrad (2)

Hailing from the Land Down Under, Conrad Ignatius Mario Maximillian Sewell, or more popularly known as just Conrad Sewell has been dominating the airwaves since we first met him in 2012. The undeniable charisma and the concept of listening to someone ‘mature’ are what set this male singer apart from other performers crowding the music scene.

Focusing on the genres pop and soul, Conrad Sewell is a ticking bomb just waiting to explode right after he collaborated with Kygo for the infamous pop single ‘Firestone’.

Sewell entered the established school St. Laurence’s College from 1998 to 2005. With a wide array of stints and gigs in Australia, he ensured that his journey would soon be recognized by a wider audience, hence the Firestone collaboration.

Musical ingenuity has been flowing deep within Conrad Sewell’s veins since he was a kid and reports have been made that he’s been prolifically sending out demo tapes to music producers since he was 8.

Many Australians would surely remember Sewell when he tried out for Australian Idol in 2004, and unfortunately did not make the cut. His dreams of becoming huge one day never died despite this defeat and he worked harder to be included in a short-lived rock band called Sons of Midnight.

Sewell cultivated himself more and did underground recordings and garage sessions to travel to the United Kingdom, where he thought he would be accepted as an artist.

Pick Conrad (3)

Conrad Sewell slowly climbed the music hierarchy and worked with several famous songwriters the likes of Jamie Hartman, Sam Hollander, Eric Rosse and Brian Lee.

He then managed to release his debut single entitled ‘Hold Me Up’, which received fairly general accolades from listeners and music experts. ‘All I Know’, his first studio album, was released in November 2015 under 300 Entertainment which peaked on Australian charts at number 9.

Pick Conrad (4)

This feisty and resilient musician can also be remembered through his tracks such as Start Again and Who You Lovin’, both of which included on the All I Know album.

The song Start Again is his best so far, which peaked at number 1 on the Australia Hot Charts and gave him his first Platinum recognition from ARIA. Some Sewell’s other collaborations that will mesmerize you include Running Out of You with Felix Snow, Braver Love with Arty and Little Love with Killian and Jo.

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Rose McGowan goes theatrical in RM486


She has been seen portraying several characters throughout the span of her acting career. Kids from the 90’s will never forget her in one of the era’s most beloved television series entitled Charmed. To the fans of the show, she will always remain as our Paige, part of a trio of sisters with magical powers. Several acting stints after, Rose McGowan was able to establish a name and a successful acting career outside the said TV show.

The music video called RM486 served as an impetus for McGowan’s official singing career. This is not her first time, though. As mentioned on her interview with, she already had records published before. “In the last few years I’ve actually released some songs under different names, just me pranking the public. I woke up one day and realized I hated acting and that I’d always hated it. Imagine, it’s predominantly men whose scripts get done so it was mostly a male voice coming out of my mouth for fifteen years.”- The actress turned singer confessed. (Cited:

The video directed by Jonas Akerlund showed different facets of McGowan in an eccentric manner. Each look definitely defines intricate styling due to the flamboyant look each image depicts. This is not surprising because the director himself was also responsible for one of Lady Gaga’s music videos entitled ‘Telephone.’

See McGowan go unconventional as she was clothed with nothing but white paint and a bald head. The singer has been known for her respect to showing skin. See her go topless and free while watching the video. It may seem risky and vulgar, but what’s surprising is the way it was tastefully made so that no touch of indecency can be felt.

The visuals seemed to be very personal for McGowan because they are synonymous with the metamorphosis she’s currently experiencing. The change from fully adorned styles to bare nakedness must have been her translation of transitioning between her career paths.


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Roaring within the Halls of Mainstream is the Magnificent Duo Lion Babe


Aside from the towering structures and bustling life in New York City, the general music scene has also flourished throughout the years. The steady mix of culture observed as a daily occurrence in New York and the multitude of colors, nationalities and influences found within are some of the reasons why singers or acts of New York come off as flamboyant. There are many ways to perform in this well-known city, and this has been the foothold of a slowly rising duo called Lion Babe.


Oddly, Lion Babe is the true name of this duo composed of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman. The peculiar group name is used to promote the unconventional with their tracks and talent as the main instruments. Focusing on an innovative genre called neo-soul, Lion Babe now grabs the industry’s attention through their numerous exposures in the mainstream category.


They started out performing in 2011 and after a couple of years, established their group as one of the remaining few who keep neo-soul alive. Now, Lion Babe is signed under the respected music outfit Interscope and is heard with smashing and catchy tracks that are definitely appealing to any avid music fan.


The fusion of Hervey and Goodman has been so wondrous. Lucas Goodman is notorious for incorporating funk and soul into his music style, which is perched on a very modern setting. It has been cited that Goodman’s inspiration comes from Timbaland, J Dilla and Flying Lotus.

Paradoxically, Jillian Hervey loves listening to all-time classical artists like Erykah Badu, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye and Al Green. As a duo, Lion Babe leans on a modern approach similar to The Neptunes, The Strokes and White Stripes.

Said to be released in February 2016, Lion Babe’s first album entitled ‘Begin’ is under the combined management of Interscope and Polydor. Lion Babe was already able to furnish a self-titled extended play, which became successful due to positive reviews and approvals from those who experienced their music.


Lion Babe can be associated with singles such as ‘Treat Me like Fire’ (2012), a collaboration with Childish Bambino for the song called ‘Jump Hi’ and future releases such as ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Where Do We Go’ and ‘Impossible’ for their first major record. Lion Babe also became famous when they were featured in the song ‘Hourglass’ performed by Disclosure in 2015, a track that made it big in the United Kingdom and France.


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Piercing Through the Music Canopy with Major Lazer


Music festivals have proven to be one of the best ways to keep the industry alive and kicking with its long and exciting list of artists, proven to never disappoint fans from all over the planet. With all the music frenzy going on within a particular music festival, it can be said that vocals isn’t that much of an importance but instead, fest goers are more into the galactic effect of sounds and the cacophony of instruments.

One of the most famous genres that set the tone of music fests are that of Electronic Dance Music or EDM, and one of the most popular groups to have ever graced the music planet is that of Major Lazer. Currently comprised of Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, Major Lazer was originally crafted by record producer Diplo, to take on a multitude of genres such as EDM, dancehall, reggae, trap, reggaeton and house since 2008.

The duo is a frequent part of music festival set lists and with how things are rolling, these wonderful and talented musicians are sure to keep the spirit of EDM resounding for a very long time.
Major Lazer is currently signed up with Interscope, after a long struggle to settle with a music outfit to take care of their careers. Former handlers the likes of Secretly Canadian, Downtown and Mad Decent provided the break that the Major Lazer needed and deserved, and since their start in 2008, the duo is pretty much doing an awesome job with the passion to perform and entertain.

Coming from the musically-inclined city of Los Angeles, Major Lazer has performed on various music festivals such as the Flow Festival in Helsinki, Pitchfork Music Festival, Sasquatch Music Festival and Outside Lands Music Fest to name a few.

The eclectic approach on EDM and their blatant passion to perform in front of a huge crowd without even the jitters normally accompanying it have made Major Lazer a crowd favorite. As of now, the band has released three studio albums entitled ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do’, ‘Free the Universe’ and the latest ‘Peace is the Mission’.

Their initial offering of their first album to the already awed fan-base made them attractive to singers such as Crookers and Afrojack, and was made famous by their first single entitled Hold the Line. Their debut album definitely garnered so much attention that they have been invited to a couple of music gigs and asked to perform on huge events. Their music video for Hold the Line also managed to make it to the MTV Video Award’s Breakthrough Video Category as a strong nominee.

Free the Universe, the band’s follow-up LP, is focused on the reggae genre, working with the legendary Snoop Dogg all throughout the album’s production. After all the drama involved with its original members, Major Lazer managed to come-off unscathed with two remaining members and ventured into other things aside from music making. While producing their second album, they also helped other budding artists to flourish and become a part of the fame they managed to acquire.

They have been instrumental to completing Rita Ora’s first album and the iconic No Doubt’s sixth attempt to release a studio disk. Alongside producing for other singers, Major Lazer has toured for the first time in 2013, which was a world tour campaigning their second album. Major Lazer is set to release a fourth album entitled ‘Music is the Mission’, which would be on the music stands in early 2016. This album, which is eagerly awaited by fans from all over the world, is said to include tracks co-written by Belgian singer Selah Sue.

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In Focus: The Weeknd’s Tell Your Friends

The Weeknd (1)

His soothing voice is food for the soul. The queer performer and critically acclaimed singer garnered attention due to his one of a kind style that made him a cut above most of the performers seen nowadays. Get to hear that unique voice once again through his single entitled ‘Tell Your Friends’, which created a buzz not only for listeners but music icons as well.

The Weeknd (2)

His track Tell Your Friends is a story; a narration of the singer’s life. This describes his early years growing up in Canada. The growing-up stage isn’t about being sheltered and living a pampered life. He mentioned being engaged in drugs and minor thefts during his younger years.

“As soon as I stepped foot in the city, it was a feeling I got addicted to,” he told to Rolling Stone on one of his interviews. “Lights, no sleep — either you’re going to make it or die trying.” – The singer added. (Cited:

The Weeknd (3)

The song is part of his second album named ‘Beauty behind Madness’. The video was set in a monotone vibe directed by Grant Singer. It’s nothing but dark surroundings that combined well with the striking words of the track. The sultry rhythm serves as a cushion to the harsh story that’s etched on the verses of the song. Armed with a shovel in a desert, some might find the video creepy especially in the scene where the singer seems to bury himself in the soil.

The words may be full of pessimism and truths about the rough road ahead, but we can probably relate to the singer’s personal experiences. The line ‘go tell your friends about it’ is what makes the chorus unforgettable. This repeated line will definitely stick to any listener’s mind and will linger for a certain amount of time on the playlist. The video ended maintaining the overall mood with The Weeknd riding a car and moving away in the same dark surroundings.

Official Video:

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