A Supernova in the Making – Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha (1)

In the slippery mainstream music industry, the combination of passion, looks, songwriting skills and vocal prowess is certainly a very lethal combination; lethal in a sense that one may overpower every existing singer on the same path with precision and ease.

It is never ordinary to come across an individual with all the glaring features of a future supernova, and the people of today are considered fortunate to cross paths with two or three femme fatales who dominate the music field. Certainly rare gems, these kinds of singers wouldn’t have known how powerful their talents are until they are exposed to the scene, innocent of what they are capable of. Take budding artist Bebe Rexha, for example.

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One vital thing that this rising artist has is the fact that she’s of pure ethnic Albanian descent. With a very rich historical rearing introduced to Bebe Rexha at home, fused with the culture of living in the urbanized city of Brooklyn, it is no surprise that she blossomed into someone who’s creative, confident and full of motivation to attain her musical dream.

Named in real life as Bleta Rexha, she is one of the most known frequents to the illustrious US Billboards due to her notable stints as a singer slash songwriter since she started out in 2010. She began embracing her talent in this field as early as her 4th grade and has been exposed to musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar, the legendary Fiddler on the Roof and Hello, Dolly!

Since her younger years, this very talented musician has garnered inspiration from famous names in the industry like The Temptations, Stevie Wonder and Tori Amos.

Bebe Rexha (3)

Focusing on musical genres such as pop and EDM, Bebe Rexha is also noted for being adept in playing the guitar and the piano with dexterity. Due to her slow but sure climb on the musical ladder, Bebe Rexha signed up and worked with different music labels such as Decaydance, Island Def Jam Music Group and Warner Bros.

Now aged 26, the experiences evident in her seemingly short career fueled the passion in her to move forward and collaborate with different artists and musicians. We can remember that Bebe Rexha was featured on tracks such as Cash Cash’s Take Me Home, David Guetta’s Hey Mama and the LSS-hit Me, Myself and I with G-Eazy.

Bebe Rexha is also a member of a now-defunct band Black Cards which was founded by another famous singer Pete Wentz back in the day. Bebe Rexha’s contribution to the song The Monster by Eminem and Rihanna opened doors for her to be established as a serious songwriter during her starting years in the industry.

Bebe Rexha (4)

With her songwriting skills treated as a notable asset, Bebe Rexha can be remembered through a plethora of songs, some of which are Lucifer by Shinee, Like a Champion by Selena Gomez, All Hands on Deck by Tinashe, One More Night by Bella Thorne, All The Way by Reykon and Battle Cry by Havana Brown.

Due to her unmistakable talent in singing and writing, Bebe Rexha has also received accolades from the Teen Choice Awards and the MTV Europe Music Awards last 2015 for Hey Mama, and garnered a nomination from the 2016 iHeart Radio Music Awards for the same track.

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A Refreshing Band for Country Music – Old Dominion

Country Music - Old Dominion (1)

We all have been acquainted with country music as led by solo acts of Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood and Shania Twain. Little do we know that the always flourishing country genre also has some group acts to boast, and when a couple of country artists come together, expect nothing but amazing music.

While the number of bands focusing on country music is quite small compared to juggernauts such as pop and contemporary, the noticeable rise of artists clumped together as single acts makes the genre more exciting. Just recently, the band Old Dominion is making rounds in the fame arena, and they are sailing smoothly into becoming one of the most celebrated country bands in history.

What makes Old Dominion more evident than bands within their league is the bold approach that they injected into country music. While country is a great genre to play as it is, many people have appreciated Old Dominion’s risk of putting in touches of rock, hip hop and even pop which translated into something unconventional and enjoyable.

Old Dominion leaned on the concept of transcending country and making it more appealing to the public, all along preserving the things that they gained by focusing on this genre. Nevertheless, this creative and crafty country group is setting a new standard for artists who are hesitant to try new things, and their example is a good path to follow.

Country Music - Old Dominion (2)

Old Dominion consists of the creative quintet of Matthew Ramsey on vocals, Whit Sellers on drums, Trevor Rosen on guitars and keyboards, Brad Tursi on main guitars and Geoff Sprung on bass. The combination of their talents and experience as solo acts before are their perfect potion to be more famous outside of their chosen genre.

Old Dominion is currently signed up with one of the leading purveyors of country music which is RCA Nashville and the band also got a chance to work with budding music firm ReeSmack Records during their early years. Old Dominion actually started in 2007, and their long yet worthy climb to success has been witnessed by their most loyal followers.

Country Music - Old Dominion (3)

The group started to test the waters when they offered their first, self-titled extended play which is under ReeSmack. Old Dominion’s extended play has reached far and outside the country charts, placing ninth in US Heat and 139th on the overall US Album Charts. In the United States alone, the band was able to gain a whopping total of $32,000 which is quite a marvelous feat for such a small project.

In November 2015, the band expanded their vision and put forth their first studio album entitled Meat and Candy, governed by RCA Nashville and was able to bank in a total of $82,400 in sales. Meat and Candy, as expected, placed at the third spot in the US Country Charts, 16th place on the US Album Charts and 30th in the Canadian Hit Charts.

Old Dominion can be remembered with some of their biggest tracks such as Shut Me Up, Snapback and Break Up with Him.

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X Factor winner Ben Haenow features Kelly Clarkson in his new video

Ben Haenow

It is an AI meets X-Factor kind of thing as the 11th season X Factor winner Ben Haenow teams up with first ever American Idol Kelly Clarkson in the former’s single entitled ‘Second Hand Heart’.
The song is Haenow’s first single in his self-entitled debut album. Fresh from the win last year, the singer admitted that he is extremely honored to collaborate with Clarkson with his first track, describing her voice as ‘insane’(of course, he meant it in a positive way).

The music has this certain dab of country in it, which was further emphasized by the grasslands and stable settings shown in the video that was shot in Nashville. Hearing Kelly’s part of the song brings us back to the time when she was still starting and her sound had a country vibe.

Also, let us recognize how good Haenow’s voice is as it sounded beautiful with the phenomenal singing prowess of Kelly. It is true that he is just starting after bagging the title from last year’s X Factor, but there is no denying that with what he showed in this song, he is already on his way to success.

The upbeat rhythm is captivating enough, but if you listen to the lyrics, you will realize that it has promise in itself. The words stringed together are about a lover that just came from an unfortunate circumstance. The chorus itself is like a plea for the other half of the relationship to just stay because healing is on its way and that there’s an attempt coming from the wounded party to repair things.

Hear the song once or twice and have these lines stuck on your mind as you hum the track’s catchy rhythm:

If you let me show you, I could love you the same / And I can’t steal you the stars, but I can try every day / Oh, you know they’ll never tear us apart / And I’m just a fool, but I swear I can change / I can’t steal you the stars, but I can try every day / And you know, you’ve got my second hand heart.

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Whowho is not your usual KPOP band

Whowho KPOP band (1)

Listeners of KPOP may be used to the eccentric facade of the said genre but digging a bit deeper may prove that there is more to this music classification than the illusions that capture the eyes. While mainstream media shows a greater truth about the extravagant vibe that surrounds KPOP, there are some that would veer away from the common concept and resort to a sound that’s completely different from the familiar.

Meet Whowho – a South Korean band that chose to line up with electric-sounding music that’s somewhat synonymous to the western tone of Daft Punk. Unlike the arresting looks and very polished style of most KPOP singers, this three-man band resorted to a more laid-back style and indifferent look that is quite relative, especially for band lovers from the street.

Whowho KPOP band (2)

At first glance, these guys can pass as performers who do stints on major music gatherings like Coachella and Glastonbury. The easy going aura mixed with a fun mix of guitars would really be a hit on international music fests.

Another reason why this band has the potential of being an international star is because they sing English lyrics in their songs, allowing them to reach a broader audience. With the fun and upbeat tempo in their sound, it will not be surprising that these boys will captivate the interests of the younger crowd.

Whowho KPOP band (3)

One of the most remarkable songs they have by far is the track entitled ‘Her’. Reminiscent of the good western flavor that is dominating the international scene, the band was able to gain attention due to the contrast of their music versus typical KPOP.

The indie band that plays pop rock with a hint of funk is very endearing to watch live. Some of their songs also include Love, Dance in the Rain and Bye Bye. Thanks to their videos uploaded in YouTube, many are able to recognize the talent of this emerging group.

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Tori Kelly off for series of tours this 2016

Tori Kelly (1)

This promising rookie seems to have everything going for her as she opens the New Year with a busy schedule and an appearance in this year’s Grammys. The 1992-born singer continued to gain a bigger audience after she released her successful single entitled ‘Hollow.’

2015 was a jumpstart to brighter days for the young singer as her second LP entitled ‘Unbreakable Smile’ continues to garner success. Thanks to her single ‘Nobody Love’ that stimulated all the hype, Kelly is now set to have a series of tours not only within the United States but in the UK as well. Truly, the former 14 year old YouTube sensation has come a long way as she is now expected to be one of the budding artists to break through this year.

The tour will start in February in selected cities in the United Kingdom including London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester. American fans will get a chance to see her perform live in April and May.

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 19: Singer Tori Kelly is interviewed backstage at The Daytime Village during the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the Las Vegas Village on September 19, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Seen to be one of the promising divas to grace the millennial music industry, Kelly has long proven that her talent is as raw and as real as it can get.

As a matter of fact, her vocal prowess is best distinguished when she won Best New Artist during the 58th Grammys.

Tori Kelly (1)

Again, the singer will get a chance to attend the Grammy’s, but this time around, as a performer. Alongside other newcomers like Sam Hunt, James Bay and Ellie Goulding, the siren will sing before the eyes of the famous award giving body.

Kelly admitted that this by far is the biggest milestone of her career. See her belt duets with the aforementioned artists, as well as another famous country singer Carrie Underwood.

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Watch Out for Hollywood Vampires, Never Be Afraid


They call themselves Hollywood Vampires and no one’s complaining. You might turn into an instant fan upon knowing that this new band includes some of the biggest names in the music industry like Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp and many more of their friends.

They are definitely an all-star group, and they are not stopping with just keeping their talents to themselves. Recently, the group collectively regarded as Hollywood Vampires hinted on their very first official attempt in making their music collaborations mainstream via a self-titled debut album. Hollywood Vampires also released the news that their first attempt at radio will be more accessible because it can be streamed online.

One of the highlights on this endeavor is the promotion of their home-grown track entitled ‘My Generation’ which features Alice Cooper’s harsh yet pleasing vocals and Johnny Depp’s hidden talent in playing the guitar.

The song My Generation, originally sung by the equally famous band Who, will be hitting online sites showcasing other talents including that of guitarist Tommy Henriksen, bass supernova Bruce Witkin and the drumming skills displayed by Zak Starkey.

The said track is to be included on their self-titled debut album which has been parading music stands since September 11th. Hollywood Vampires, the album, will be highly-motivated with the leaps of faith from Cooper, Depp and Joe Perry.

As if the inclusion of some famous names into the band itself is not enough, the album is said to be a fusion of other equally-talented artists in the music industry. Some of those expected to be heard include Dave Grohl, Joe Walsh, Paul McCartney, Brian Johnson, Christopher Lee, Robby Krieger and Brian Johnson.

Hollywood Vampires ensures the success of their musical venture by taking part in some gigs within the United States and is rumored to be included in the Rock in Rio Festival set out in September 24th as well.

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Sam Smith’s Writing’s on the Wall out

Sam Smith

The anticipated song written by Sam Smith for the latest installment of the James Bond film Spectre is now out and the song climbed all its way to the top spot just days after its release. Thanks to the heightened anticipation and hype mostly from the social media and Smith’s flawless ability in composing tracks with soulful rhythm, this song is the first ever to top the charts among other Bond theme songs. Just when we thought Adele’s ‘Sky Fall’ is the best a Bond movie has to offer, the succeeding single was even better.

With sales of 70,000 and counting since the first week after its release, we can say that this new James Bond song has fueled the excitement for the upcoming movie that’s scheduled to be unveiled on November 6th in the United States.

It seems like the music industry’s gem didn’t expect such reception from listeners. “It was such an honor to be asked to write and record ‘Writing’s on the Wall’, and it’s incredible that it’s become the first Number 1 Bond theme song,” Smith mentioned during his interview with Official Charts. (Cited:

The 23-year old singer was able to brush off Justin Bieber’s lead leaving his 13,000 sales in the dust. The stars of the English singer are very much aligned as it is not the first time he was able to reach the top spot for the Official Charts.

Not only does he capture audiences from his birth place but also international listeners. There is charm and sincerity in his lyrics and his voice conveys an appropriate message from the song he is singing. Let us emphasize that the versatility is there. Good heavens, the singer can reach high notes and can also work well with low keys.

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Zooming to Your Playlist – Rudimental

Rudimental (1)

If you think that you’ve heard all the music genres ever played, then feast your ears on rare names such as jungle, breakbeat, liquid funk or drum and bass. It’s not every day that we are able to witness singers that defy the conventional, and it’s just as surprising that we get to adore them after a track has been played.

Truthfully, the new age of music has dawned on mankind and people who live in these current times can be considered lucky.

Rudimental (2)

Hailing from the musically-inclined nation of Great Britain, the band Rudimental is slowly gaining appreciation from music lovers and experts. Starting out as a makeshift musical ensemble in 2010, the members of Rudimental have never thought of being as famous as they are now.

Technically, this very skilled group is a neophyte in the music scene due to their short tenure, but it’s apparent that their passion to perform would take them to better heights.
The esteemed members of Rudimental include Leon Rolle, Kesi Dryden, Piers Agget and Amir Amor, all willing to please their listeners and hordes of fans at all times. Aside from the aforementioned genres, the band is also well-known for their confident approach to the established music category of soul.

As for the fortunate music labels that handled them, firms like Asylum, Atlantic and Black Butter aided them to penetrate the seemingly crowded music industry. Their journey to stardom has been dotted with numerous accolades such as copping a coveted nomination at the Mercury Awards in 2013, and a growing list of recognitions from the likes of the much-awaited Mobo Awards and Brit Awards.

The respected MTV Music Awards has also shown their love for the band as they gave them nominations for Best New Act and Best New UK and Ireland Act.

Rudimental (3)

It can be remembered that Rudimental became famous when they released a track entitled ‘Feel the Love’ in 2012. Shared with an equally talented singer John Newman, Feel the Love topped the UK Singles Hit Chart, gaining approval from the masses at that time.

Rudimental (4)

Some of the other releases from Rudimental have been utterly successful, cementing their name as one of the most popular Brit bands of 2016. Tracks like Waiting All Night, Right Here, Free, Powerless and Not Giving In are so solid that music critics have dubbed them to be a relevant pop band that would innovate the way that we see or hear music in the future.

In total, Rudimental was able to release two albums, namely Home (2013) and We the Generation (2015), both of which placed well on music charts the across United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and hopefully, worldwide.

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Six girls in F-VE Dolls

F-VE Dolls (1)

The glitz and the bling that surround KPOP make this genre very appealing especially for the younger generation. With this kind of music, the fashionable and eccentric clothes we usually get from dolls come to life. It’s like a fantasy creating form within the bounds of reality. Aside from that, the modelesque physiques and talent that arm KPOP performers make the genre glisten even more brightly.

KPOP girl group F-VE Dolls is one of the most famous acts in the genre. The band that was originally formed in 2011 was a subgroup of another band called Coed School. Contrary to their name, F-VE Dolls is composed of six members namely Hyoyoung, Seunghee, Yeonkyung, Hyewon, Eunkyo and Nayeon. Their girly fashion sense inspired by the preppy style of school dolls is one of the reasons why this girl group became noticeable above all other KPOP girl groups.

F-VE Dolls (2)

F-VE Dolls released their first singles entitled Lips Stains and I Mean You the same year they left from their mother group. Just like other celebrities, the group wasn’t able to get away from controversies as they were accused of the worst ‘crime’ any singer can commit – lip synching.

The band was able to go past this when they released their lead single Like This or That from their mini album called Time To Play. The song became an instant hit. This even made them 2011’s rookie of the year because of the success and sales volume their album generated.

F-VE Dolls (3)

The promising trail of their career continued years after as the band religiously released singles to feed their fans’ clamor. Their First Love mini album released in 2013 served as their comeback piece and an attempt to pacify rumors about parting ways.

Considered to be very premature given the years they’ve worked together, the band’s agency then confirmed that the circulating gossip was true when it was announced that the members will pursue different paths.

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Primavera Sound 2016 Will Put You in a Musical Whirlwind

Primavera Sound 2016 (1)

Spain is a country made famous by festivities and celebrations with loud, bursting music. The Spanish are known to be very accommodating people, and countless tales in Spain have been documented by first-hand experiences over the last couple of years. In every Spanish celebration comes a wide array of musical selections that are pleasing to the ears. Their rich culture, strong following and sheer piles of talent made music in Spain worth knowing.

The people of this country have treated music as if it flows directly from their veins, and in every activity that happens, the influence of sound and lyrics is a must. The mix of genres played and the wide plethora of artists who want to perform in the glory of this country can now be experienced under one celebration known as ‘Primavera Sound’.

Started in 2001, Primavera Sound is now an annual event taking place in the captivating city of Barcelona, attracting hordes of musical fanatics from all over the globe. Usually, this musical extravaganza is held between the months of May and June, conforming to the schedules of artists they will invite over.

Dubbed to be one of the largest music festivals in Spain, Primavera Sound is an event awaited by music lovers all over the planet due to its impressive set of artists and musicians together with the ambience of Barcelona. Primavera Sound is always specifically in the Parc Del Forum leisure site, a wide expanse of land meant for huge congregations.

Primavera Sound 2016 (2)

Worldwide business mogul San Miguel is fortunate to be the festival’s official sponsor. The festival’s ability to gather foreign and local artists has been highlighted by analysts and tagged as the greatest asset behind its success for so many years.

Some of the music genres people can enjoy in Primavera Sound include alternative, rock, indie, dance, electronic and hip-hop. Primavera Sound also gives way to smaller genres such as folk, jazz and experimental music, giving festgoers a very memorable experience. The unbridled success of Primavera Sound has generated a visiting capacity of 100,000 since 2010.

Primavera Sound 2016 (3)

If you can’t get enough of Primavera Sound in Barcelona, music lovers can immerse themselves in an instalment to be held in Porto, Portugal entitled ‘NOS Primavera Sound’. This has been a concept since Primavera Sound 2012, meant to reach a wider audience while using the same set of performers.

Some of the most notable performances that graced Primavera/NOS Primavera Sound include Sonic Youth, The National, Smashing Pumpkins, Neil Young, The Cure, Blur, Arcade Fire, Lou Reed, The White Stripes, Primal Scream and many more.

Primavera Sound 2016 (4)

For 2016’s instalment, Primavera Sound will take place on June 1 to 5, with an amazing list of artists expected to perform. This year, organizers have been preparing for a larger number of attendees due to its hype from 2015.

Artists like Action Bronson, Young Husband, Chairlift, Wild Nothing, Explosions in the Sky, Freddie Gibbs, Siberian Wolves, Cabaret Voltaire, Alessandro Cortini, Baywaves, Angel Witch, Julia Holter, Optimo and Inspira are expected to set the stage on fire for this year’s edition.

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