A must hear: Adam Lambert’s Another Lonely Night

Adam Lamberts (1)

Adam Lambert, in his distinct style, comes back with his recent music video for a track entitled ‘Another Lonely Night’. We have known him to be an artistic performer, and his element is very much palpable in the music video directed by another artistic professional, Luke Gilford.

“Gilford leads with the heart and his instinct, and is very passionate about the work that he does. He has an incredible eye for the unique,” he said expressing his admiration for the fashion photographer/director. (Cited:

Adam Lamberts (2)

There’s story, there’s sass, dancing, singing and other forms of art shown through the movements exhibited in the music video that was shot in sin city, Las Vegas. As conceptualized by Gilford who is known for his artistic taste, the video narrates four characters that are all beautiful outside but still feel empty on the inside.

“The main theme of the video is exploring how many entertainers tend to feel the most connected and alive while they are creating. When the lights turn off and the costumes get put away, many struggle with the feeling of loneliness. I wanted to paint a picture that wasn’t necessarily happy or sad, but showed the entire range in between,” the singer describes. (Cited:

Adam Lamberts (3)

As if the appreciation from the watching crowd is not enough, performers still get the kick of loneliness after the doors have been closed and they are left on their own.

The video represents the fact that people, no matter how wealthy or beautiful or perfect they appear to be in the superficial world that surrounds them, can get still go through a series of lonely phases in life.

While this is the case, the lyrics themselves can express several meanings, primarily about the yearning for love. Lines “Another day, another lonely night / I would do anything to have you by my side / Another day, another lonely night / Don’t wanna throw away another lonely life,” seem to implore about one’s haunting love that has gotten away.

Another Lonely Night is Lambert’s second single from his third album entitled The Original High. The 33-year old singer has just finished his stint in Rock in Rio, for which he received positive feedback.

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Toast a party affair with Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia (1)

There is no doubt that their music is stimulating; not only because electronic is their chosen genre, but also because the trio super group has a distinct style that hypnotizes their listeners to get on their feet due to their upbeat music that makes it feel like Coachella can happen every single day.

Swedish House Mafia is a trio that already has substantial exposure in the music industry individually. Comprised by Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, the three-man team that was formed in 2008 gained popularity from their very first single entitled ‘One.’

Swedish House Mafia (2)

The popularity increased further when Pharrell Williams himself collaborated with the band in making a vocal version of the said song. The group has conquered the interest of the public and was even dubbed as ‘the faces of mainstream progressive house music.’

Already established in their own careers before forming a band, the members are not limited to projects within the group as they also venture on several productions individually every once in a while.

Swedish House Mafia (3)

The most successful song that Swedish House Mafia has released would be the single Don’t You Worry Child. The track made them even more famous not only within Europe, but also in other countries. For a while, all clubs and hang out bars had this song playing on repeat that earned the band more exposure.

What’s ironic was the fact that the band announced going separate ways during that same September when the song was released. This may have been the last for the trio, but they did it quite well. Those who have known them because of their very last track as a band may not have gotten enough. Their appearance in the Ultra Music Festival in March of 2013 was the last time that the crowd saw them perform together.

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This year’s important reggae events listed

reggae events (1)

Reggaeton is a chill genre that grants a sensible amount of fun. With respect to other sounds out there, reggae is a standalone genre that was able to gain its followers due to its own flavor. This type of music that flourished in Jamaica has become a widespread episode in the world of sound that was able to transcend even after new genres have arrived.

Reggae is a strict class of music that is characterized by distinct flavor and social relevance that captivates listeners not only through rhythm but most importantly through the lyrics that comprise each song.

Reggae will not be complete without mentioning the name of Bob Marley. The great singer may have passed on, but his craft has made such a big impact that his songs are considered classic along with other icons like Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Nirvana and the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

reggae events (2)

Reggae may not be as famous in mainstream media, but hardcore fans understand that every year, important festivals are held to celebrate the greatness of reggae. Those who are love-stricken by reggae would understand that it is more than just music played on gadgets. It’s more of a way of life and food for the soul.

If you are an avid fan, then missing out big reggae events would mean a huge fumble. Read on below and be informed:

Reggae Sumfest
Set to be held in July 17 – 23 at Montego Bay, this might be reggae’s biggest event. Tickets are now on sale.

reggae events (3)

Should you be a hardcore fan, this celebration of reggae is something that you do not want to miss as many great artists from all over the world will take time to get together and pay tribute to the genre that became a hit not only in the country where it started, but around the world as well.

No line up has been released yet, but with its track record of having popular artists like Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys, expect another good set of artist to come play this 2016.

One Love One Heart Reggae Festival
To be held in Sacramento, this is Jamaica’s extension in California when it comes to praising reggae. Dance and have all-out fun together with other music lovers as you mingle with some of the world’s greatest and promising singers. Set to occur in September this year, the line-up is still in the works.

Miami Reggae Festival
Scheduled for November 2016 in Doral, Florida, enjoy daylong nonstop music from your favorite artists. Find leisure while helping others as this festival has philanthropic purpose of raising funds for those in need.

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The Triumvirate that Will Make You Love Indie Pop More – Miike Snow

Miike Snow (1)

Collaboration in music has always been regarded as a successful venture. We have all seen a couple of artists fusing their unmistakable talents through crafting songs and forming bands. It is with their geniuses that they come-up with something twisted and exciting, offering avid fans of mainstream music something refreshing and unconventional.

Staying true to the ‘two heads are better than one’ philosophy, the bands of today have proven that while they value individuality, they find it more appealing to perform when they are with their team. If we are to read the signs, the idea of people merging to create a supernova group is quite common, especially now that groups equate to ensured success. With this in mind, the band called Miike Snow is continuously proving that they work better when they’re together.

Miike Snow (2)

Trying their luck in fame last 2007, Miike Snow has been quite unstoppable in etching their name in the halls of mainstream music. Focusing on a wide array of genres such as indie pop, psychedelic pop, alternative dance, noise pop, indie rock, house, indietronica and synthpop, this group is certainly a must-watch when they play. The group hails from Stockholm, Sweden and has reached a wide audience worldwide.

The band was created when childhood friends Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg decided to give their talents a try. Aside from the hopes of being discovered as talents themselves, Karlsson and Winnberg also helped out budding artists as producers. After quite some time, both of them got tired of being passed around as two separate artists and decided to go with the screen name Bloodshy & Avant and tagged themselves as a duo.

Miike Snow (3)

With putting forth their musical skills, their songwriting prowess has also been exposed when many firms approached them to co-write a song for an already famous mainstream artist. Bloodshy & Avant worked with famous names such as Sky Ferreira, Kylie Minogue and even the Queen of Pop herself Madonna, paving the way to build more connections and becoming well known as respected songwriters.

Luckily for the duo, they even capped a Grammy for Best Dance Recording, which was a venture with Britney Spears’ Toxic. The birth of the band Miike Snow took place when Andrew Wyatt joined the club, an American songwriter also on his way to establish a strong foothold in the mainstream music industry.

Miike Snow (4)

One of the most notable skills of Miike Snow is the way that they produce music: unconventional and impressively futuristic. The Blob, an instrument that they frequently use, is a tool that’s associated with how they make their music, and even if they need to travel in long tours for gigs, they just can’t use any other instrument aside from it.

Throughout their seemingly short career, Miike Snow was able to finish three major studio albums entitled Miike Snow (released in 2009), Happy To You (released in 2012) and iii (released in 2016). Miike Snow took leaps of faith with the trail of musical firms they signed up with such as DownTown, MapleMusic, Columbia and RCRD LBL.

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Continuing the EDM Legacy with Budding and Creative Flume

EDM Flume (1)

The world of electronic dance music has left its mark in the music industry since 2005 onwards. If you’re one of the people who have enjoyed it to its full extent and raved to its hypnotic sound, then you must be wondering if EDM is still something to patronize despite being less resounding than it was during its starting years.

Questioning the existence of EDM in current music should be abolished as there are still a lot of artists swimming in the fame that this genre has established. If you want to rekindle your love for EDM and wish to redeem your faith in it, then its best for you to stream a budding artist named Flume.

EDM Flume (2)

Harley Edward Streten is quite a long name to put on autographs and album covers, so he started using the moniker ‘Flume’ once he entered the business. Born in November 1991, this young yet very capable artist is now spearheading the EDM genre with refreshing takes on remixes and craftsmanship in relaying exciting tunes.

Establishing solid influence in Sydney, Australia, Flume’s focus has been directed into enriching EDM through striking variations such as electronica, downtempo, experimental and trip hop. So far, many music experts have commented that Flume’s bold choice to play within a genre that has been dominated by many makes him one of a kind.

EDM Flume (4)

Flume’s ambition into seeking stardom started at an early of 13, when he crafted several remixes recorded in a basic production disc. He used another stage name which is HEDS and his impressive passion to recreate existing tracks enabled him to release two tracks entitled Flow and Fizz.

In 2011, an Australian musical firm was amazed by Flume’s gall in creativity and signed him up as an official artist. Future Classic has never made it easy for Flume to cut his way in as he needed to win a competition first, enabling him to craft songs such as Sleepless, Paper Thin and Over You as contest entries.

Hear new music from Flume on this week's show.

The rest is history as they say, and Future Classic aided Flume to release his self-titled debut album in November 2012. Like a flower blossoming, Flume was given huge opportunities to work with some of the industry’s biggest names such as Chet Faker, Moon Holiday, Jezzabell Doran, rapper T-Shirt and George Maple.

The reviews for Flume’s initial release have been mostly favorable, throwing in citations from ARIA and positive notes from Metacritic. In the next couple of months, Flume announced that a sophomore album is well on its way, entitled Skin, and is expected to be released in May or June this year under the same management.

For starters, you can listen to Flume’s tracks such as Drop the Game, Some Minds, Never Be Like You, Smoke and Retribution and Be Like You to be amazed by his creativity.

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Sunflower Beans drops new single Easier Said

Easier Said (1)

Forget heavy metal and disturbing sounds as Sunflower Beans delivers a single that will surely bring you a relaxing vibe that is usually felt during vacations. Alleviate your stress in an instant as NYC’s upcoming band channels their chill sound in their track called Easier Said.

The American band that was formed in the year of 2013 is a breath of fresh air compared to all the upbeat songs surfacing on mainstream media. Give your ears a quick rest and resort to the relaxing hymn of the trio in the personas of Kivlen, Faber and Julia. New York may be a concrete jungle, but the fact that their overall demeanor separates them from others simply means that these kids are up for stardom.

Easier Said (2)

The band gives us a classic sound that relates to any age. The mixture of calm with a twist of subdued buoyancy is an attribute that makes them a band that can cater to both the young and the old. Their single ‘Easier Said’ is the best act they performed by far.

The single is found on their debut album entitled Human Ceremony. Stint after stint, the three-piece band gained followers without really going into mainstream. Mind you, these kids are all under 21, which makes it even more impressive as their young age doesn’t represent the soul embodied by their tracks. Give them a few more years and imagine how much better their music will turn out.

Easier Said (3)

The dreamy sound can pass as a road trip track, no doubt. The slow but captivating tempo is great especially if you’re just looking for a background song for those laid back days at the office or at home. The lyrics depict common mishaps in real life. Specifically, adults can relate as the song narrates the common story of going around in circles and repeating same action over and over again.

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Starting Out Small and Ending Up Big – The Music Journey of Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan (1)

Not all musicians are the same. Some might be the most confident you’ll ever witness even at an early age, while others take their time and just come out of their shell if they could not contain it anymore. Either way, if a person is born with impressive vocal skills, then there’s an itch inside of him or her to scratch sooner or later, and that is when the concept of performing and entertaining people is taken from.

There are big stars today who have used social media to let the world know of their potential. Some have taken on streaming their song covers via Sound Cloud, while others get their opportunities on Facebook. Despite the multitude of social media forms that have spawned through the years, YouTube is certainly one of the pillars, and this social media site has been the channel for ‘shy’ musicians to expose what they can really do.

Troye Sivan (2)

Born Troye Sivan Mellet, this 20-year old singer offered the planet his talent by being a prolific YouTube user. Currently, Troye Sivan is a superstar in this social media network, having garnered as much as 3.6 million subscribers and 203 million views in the videos he uploaded.

Hailing from the progressive city of Johannesburg in South Africa, Sivan used YouTube to publish his versions of a multitude of tracks, attracting different echelons of the music industry. Aside from being extremely famous on YouTube, this young talented artist was casted in famous shot movies, which he said are only branches of what he can do as a full-pledged singer.

Troye Sivan (3)

After establishing a good fan base as a ‘vlogger’ and his few movie stints, Troye Sivan had taken his career to the next level by releasing his first major EP entitled TRXYE.

Not surprisingly, avid Sivan fans are excited for their idol’s latest venture, sending it off successfully to the fifth spot on the US Billboard’s Hot 200. While TRXYE was made public in 2014, many music analysts commented that this EP is still reaching a wider audience given its continuous patronization in a global scale.

Troye Sivan’s orientation in music started at an early age and he has been seen to participate in Australian-wide singing competitions, which further enriched his desire to become a mainstream act. As of the moment, Sivan was signed up by the huge music firm EMI Australia, and is producing more tracks under their management. Sivan is also known to be a budding songwriter with huge hidden potential.

Troye Sivan (4)

His first extended play also topped iTunes in 55 countries, a feat that’s rare for a rising artist. TRXYE’s lead single entitled Happy Little Pill is a major success after it peaked on other listing associations such as the ARIA Singles Chart and exceeded 35,000 copies sold gaining gold status from the Australian Recording Industry Association. A follow-up EP rooted Troye Sivan as a musical protégé when Wild was favorably received and applauded.

Being the creative lad that he is, Troye Sivan bolstered this sophomore EP by releasing an intriguing music video trilogy for tracks Wild, Fools and Talk Me Down. Just last year, Troye Sivan ventured even higher by putting forth his first studio album, Blue Neighborhood, which sealed his career to soar in the coming years.

Presently, Blue Neighborhood has accumulated a whopping total of $129,000 in sales and placed well on numerous charts such as in Canada (11th), Ireland (30th), the US (7th) and the UK (43rd).

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Country Music’s Newfound Jewel: Cam

Cam (1)

The music industry knows no age, no boundaries, no gender and no place of origin. This flourishing industry has thrived on talents coming from all walks of life, and certainly, it has approved of solo acts or groups for as long as they have the talent to prove that they are worthy.

Just recently, the music scene has proven once again that no matter how you started out, if a shining career is for you, it would come running at the best possible time. She might have started as someone ‘behind’ the music or the most popular track as a songwriter, but the passion to perform never escaped Cam, and now that she’s out in the open, she’s more than willing to show the world how great she is as an artist.

Cam (2)

Born as Cameron Marvel Ochs, the now 31-year old singer from Lafayette, California is set to blaze her musical career as a singer despite the fact that she has always been around as a songwriter. Now, Cam is focusing on country music, a genre that she wanted to revolutionize after being exposed to too much pop and contemporary music.

Her controlled vocal calisthenics and her wit in writing songs easily are some of the many assets that Cam has, and since her first dip into the music industry in 2010, she’s now an unstoppable superstar.

Some of the songs that Miley Cyrus sang recently were actually influenced by the songwriting skills of Cam, and so it is a definite that she’s off to a career that’s fully interesting and refreshing. Since Cam’s potential is brimming, the huge music firm Sony Music Entertainment didn’t waste the opportunity of signing her up and made her release her first EP entitled Welcome to Cam Country in March, 2015.

Cam (3)

The said extended play garnered favorable responses from those who have heard her sing for the first time and the track Burning House is considered to advance her career to stardom.

Burning House has been played multiple times on country radio stations and has been used by the Bobby Jones Show, making it reach a wider and more receptive audience. Cam never faltered in exposing the musical genius in her and immediately followed-up with the sophomore album Untamed in December, 2015.

Cam (4)

Cam, during her starting years as a full-pledged singer, has managed to release the album Heartforward, showing her unmistakable knack to sing country music, coupling it up with her impeccable guitar skills. The album Untamed has been received well as it peaked at the 2nd spot on the US Country Charts, earning a whopping estimate of $95,300 in total album sales.

Some of the other tracks that made Cam a valuable contemporary artist nowadays include Down This Road, My Mistake and Mayday. The Grammy Awards paid much attention to Cam’s career development and gave her a nomination for her track Burning House as a possible winner for Best Country Solo Performance.

On the upcoming Academy Awards for Country Music, Cam is also nominated in four categories: Single Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Video of the Year and New Female Vocalist of the Year.

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Behold the Charm of Rising Group Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham (1)

The culture of boy bands has remained as quite a fad since the early 1990s. It is just adorable to see groups of boys dancing and singing to entertain, and a majority of the female population is hypnotized as avid followers. Before, mainstream music has been doused with names such as the Backstreet Boys, A1, New Kids from the Block and Boyzone, while the people of today get to experience the craze brought about by One Direction and The 1975.

Transcending through time and music’s ever changing demands, the boy band culture is rooted deeply in our subconscious and one way or another, we crave to witness great acts to quench this thirst. Fans behold the boy band named Lukas Graham, and you’d wonder where they have been all this time.

Aside from chocolates and the prevalence of house music, Denmark is now known due to the attention Lukas Graham is getting. Focusing on catchy genres such as pop rock and soul, there’s a lot of favorable and ecstatic feedback given to the group.

Since the waning of One Direction and other boy bands going off the radar, Lukas Graham is obviously rekindling the boy band craze and is now talked about by a lot of radio shows and chart listing sites within Denmark and Europe. Since the formation of the band in 2011, the path Lukas Graham has treaded is directed to superstardom, as many say that aside from their unmistakable talent, they’ve got looks to boot.

Lukas Graham (2)

Lukas Graham is comprised of four equally talented youngsters namely Lukas Forchhammer, Mark Falgren, Magnus Larsson and Kasper Dauggard. The band has unforgettable collaborations with highly regarded musicians such as Suspekt and Hedegaard, further exposing them to the shimmering limelight of mainstream music.

The boy band became known initially when they uploaded two Youtube videos of themselves and made covers of songs Drunk in the Morning and Criminal Mind. As expected, these videos whirled around social media like a storm and reached a wider audience. Copenhagen Records immediately showed interest in Lukas Graham and signed them up as new artists to manage.

Lukas Graham (3)

Lukas Graham’s self-titled debut album is an explosion in the Denmark music scene due to the funky refreshing approach put forth in pop music. Easily, the album reached quadruple-platinum status in Denmark alone, paraded with smash tracks Ordinary Things, Better Than Yourself and Drunk in the Morning. They also extended their presence to Europe with the song Happy Home, and went to being famous in Sweden and New Zealand.

At the peak of their debut album, Lukas Graham conquered their own country and capped a lot of live shows and exposures which they thought they would never get. Following up their first album is Lukas Graham Blue Album, which includes favorably revered tracks such as 7 Years, Strip No More and Mama Said. This further increased Lukas Graham’s success and tapped the US Billboard Charts as an upcoming feisty band.

Just recently, they announced that they will be re-releasing their first album with copies to be distributed on a global scale.

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Ariana Grande unleashes feisty side on Dangerous Woman

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman (1)

From child star to successful music siren, Ariana Grande proved that crossing borders between her used to be wholesome image to her now alluring facade can be as flawless and seamless as can be. There is no doubt that she created enough buzz that made her become one of the most bankable stars of today.

The perfect mixture of the innocence found in the singer’s doe eyes and her teasing outfits made her gather interest from people around the world. Let us not forget the fact that this girl can really belt high notes, which proves that she is a legit musician. There is no stopping for this 22-year old singer as she returns with another single after her successful song entitled ‘Focus’.

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman (2)

Guesting on a night show is clearly one of the most effective ways for an artist to promote everything new that is going on with her career. While this might seem to be a win-win situation between the show and the artist, Grande’s guesting in Saturday Night Live was totally an A as she proved that she is a performer that delivers and she has absolutely no plans of disappointing her audience.

The singer gave the viewing crowd a taste of her third album as she shared two of its songs. The LP entitled Dangerous Woman carries a title track that gives us somewhat of an R&B flavor – something new from the usual style we used to hear from her past songs. Hearing the song for the first time kind of reminded me of Alicia Keys or Destiny’s Child. The tempo is slower compared to the singer’s previous songs, like the upbeat Bang Bang and Problem.

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman (3)

It is as though we are hearing a mature version of this stunning singer as the lyrics of the song coincides with the title itself.

The overall feel specifically provides empowerment to women with subtle advice of being an independent and self-sufficient individual.

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