Stefani’s Solo Album Comeback is all about Feelings

Stefanis Solo Album (4)

Generation Y and the Millennials can definitely remember Gwen Stefani as either the muse of the alternative rock band No Doubt or that fancy, talented blonde who popularized the song Sweet Escape with Akon. Throughout the years, one thing that never waned is Gwen Stefani’s ability to lure in more and more fans whenever she steps into the limelight and opens her mouth to sing.

Going on and off the radar made Stefani a relatable artist, surging from the broken and happy pieces of her personal life and juggling her musical journey together. Despite the seemingly long absence for putting up a studio album, the warm reception of her current offering leaves us wondering why we love Gwen Stefani so much. The answer is comprised of just a few words: she is an awesome and passionate musician.

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Ten years after The Sweet Escape album which left us bouncing with the tracks comprising it, Gwen Stefani performed a major overhaul upon the release of her third studio album entitled ‘This is What the Truth Feels Like.’ Managed by the firm Interscope Records, this offering will channel much of Stefani’s experiences over her recently broken marriage and the start of a new romantic relationship.

Many album experts swear by the raw and real emotions Stefani herself put into the tracks of this album, making it more sellable to the singer’s plethora of fans that never left her side despite the lows in her career. Originally, This is What the Truth Feels Like was supposed to be released in 2012, but Stefani scrapped the idea altogether when she reached a roadblock, making it difficult to release her creative juices and craft tracks to be included in the album.

Stefanis Solo Album (3)

The vibe of the album leaned on the sorrow, joy and sarcasm of a recent break-up, tackling all possible human emotions that can be felt in between the stages. Themes of betrayal, disappointment and pure hurt coincide with the hope of loving again and the tedious process of moving on.

Tracks such as Baby Don’t Lie and Spark the Fire have been released prior to the album itself. However, the weak commercial reception was a deciding factor to postpone the album’s release until March 18, 2016.

Genres included in the album include dancehall reggae, pop and R&B, with rawness and stills from Gwen Stefani’s personal losses and triumphs. The album’s lead single first aired in October 2015, and Used to Love You is one of those songs you’d play when you’re about to step out of despair, but get pulled back by your heartbreak’s joyous past.

Stefanis Solo Album (2)

Some of the other tracks meant to make you adore Gwen Stefani’s musical talent even more include Misery, You’re My Favorite, Where Would I Be, Make Me Like You, Truth, Send Me a Picture, Rare and Me Without You. For its reception, This is What the Truth Feels Like debuted at number one in the illustrious US Billboard 200, with 84,000 units sold as of March this year.

The United Kingdom received the album with a lukewarm welcome at first, but eventually came to realize how relatable the album is and sales have been unstoppable since then. Professional ratings from different firms also affirmed how valuable this album is for Stefani’s solo career, with Rolling Stone giving it a 3 out of 5, Slant Magazine with a 3.5 out of 5 and Entertainment Weekly grading it with an A-.

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Pink wrote the soundtrack for the movie ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’

Pink, soundtrack for movie Alice Through the Looking Glass (1)

The Rabbit Hole together with famous fictional characters Alice and Mad Hatter will once again open its gates on the big screen through Disney’s latest offering Alice through the Looking Glass. But before the beloved story of Alice is shown before our dreamy eyes, a catchy soundtrack would first tease us which is written by none other than Pink.

The singer of ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ is having her comeback by engaging in a project where she penned and sang the latest soundtrack for the new motion picture from the powerhouse production company, Disney. Pink has officially joined the ranks of singers like Sarah McLachlan who sang Toy Story 2’s soundtrack When She Loved Me and Frozen’s Let It Go as performed by Idina Menzel.

Pink, soundtrack for movie Alice Through the Looking Glass (2)

A Disney soundtrack plays a big role in the success of the movie paired with it and Pink is given a chance to continue the tradition by sharing her talent in one of the most followed classics of all time.

The teasing and chasing is over as the track ‘Just Like Fire’ was officially released to grace the new Alice in Wonderland installment. Aside from the stellar cast that includes A-listers Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway, the hype and anticipation towards the movie became even more frenetic as the music video nudges us about the characters’ looks in the film. The visual appeal blended well with the song’s semi pop, semi punk vibe with a hint of rap on the side.

Pink, soundtrack for movie Alice Through the Looking Glass (3)

Of course, the theme is all about empowerment and conquering challenges. As the movie’s general plot is about 19-year old Alice’s return and pursuit to vanquish the evil works of the Red Queen, the song’s message is tailored to the core meaning of the film. It is a tough job for our dear Alice, but we’ll let the movie do the storytelling for you all.

Pink admitted that this project is a welcome call for her. Aside from the main soundtrack, the singer was also involved with the trailer’s theme, White Rabbit.

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Looking at Good Charlotte’s musical voyage

Good Charlotte (1)

Mentioning Good Charlotte will pull you back to the early 2000s when the music scene was mostly dominated by bands from pop to rock. It was a time when the vibe of the mainstream industry had a balanced flavor of anything and everything. The diversity of genres made available in this epoch was a buffet of various pallets that fed the different wants of people who grew up at this time.

Unknown to many, while the majority were singing along with the Goo Goo Dolls and rapping with Eminem, identical twins from Maryland were jumpstarting their career to become one of the most remembered rock bands the world has ever heard by far. Brothers Joel and Benji Madden may have grown up surrounded by domestic problems including their parents’ separation, but the two kept holding on through their strong inclination towards music.

Good Charlotte (2)

Mostly influenced by rock artists like Green Day, The Smiths, The Cure, etc., the duo’s style and song writing eventually flourished. The two had a first-hand encounter with what was once considered the haven of bands who were just starting out. After high school, Joel and Benj received a plane ticket from their mother as a present and this gave them a chance to visit the East Bay club where some of the bands they look up to established their early music.

Other members eventually joined the band like Paul Thomas, Billy Martin and Dean Butterworth. The band was not always present or complete. They must have created quite an impression when their self-titled debut album was released live 11 years after they were introduced, but fans were given somewhat sad news when it was announced that the band will take some time off in September of the year 2011.

Good Charlotte (3)

With five albums under their belt, the band is returning with their newest album entitled Authority.

The members admitted that their rest from the spotlight allowed them to rekindle the drive and creativity that withered during the course of their career.

The hiatus also allowed them to focus on their personal lives including the marriage of Benj with the actress Cameron Diaz back in 2015.

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A Must hear: Needed Me by Rihanna

Needed Me, Rihanna (1)

Rihanna continues to prove that she’s one of the best female singers out there. We know how the song Work flirted with our imagination as she and Drake delivered the teasing track right before our eyes and gave us an ear-gasmic experience that screams sensuality and fun.

Gone were the days when Riri gave us mystery as she proved that made it as seen in the progress of here even better looking career. No more drama and scandals like what happened between her and former boyfriend Chris Brown. Our girl from Barbados has risen even stronger and bolder, evident in the ventures she has engaged in not only in the field of music, but within fashion as well.

Needed Me, Rihanna (2)

Clearly unapologetic and rebellious in a sense, the singer successfully transcended stereotypes and maintained the public’s interest when we all thought things were over after the much talked about scandal she had with her former boyfriend. There were even rumors circulating that she’s been spending time with actor Leo DiCaprio lately. Now that’s what you call bouncing back.

If Work lets us peek into Rihanna’s alluring charm, then another single from her album Anti entitled Needed Me gives us all access to her sheer nakedness and soul mixed together to come up with a narration that’s interpreted by director Harmony Korine.

Needed Me, Rihanna (3)

Watching the video is like watching an installment of a gangster inspired movie. There’s violence and some explicit scenes that are not supposed to be seen by kids. With a gun in her hand and bloodshed in the latter part of the vid, it will not be a surprise if the singer would land a cameo role in a mafia film in the future.

The song is probably her last offering before jumpstarting the Anti World Tour scheduled to commence in the month of May.

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Blossoms is Certainly Not Just another Band from England

Blossoms (1)

England is such a music-rich country that whenever acts or artists hail from this country, we all try to witness how awesome they will be. The healthy music industry which is contained within the country itself is viewed as somewhat beneficial to the ‘gifts’ brewing inside the musicians residing in the UK.

English acts are now known as purely talented folks who mean the industry no harm, and the charm that any British artist cascades has been irresistibly good to patronize. Now that we’ve known soloists like Adele and group acts such as the Spice Girls, another band is yet to conquer the music arena and they call themselves ‘Blossoms’.

If you’re thinking that Blossoms is an all-female group, then erase that notion as the band is pure testosterone. Hailing from the humble city of Stockport, Greater Manchester, Blossoms is out and about to offer nothing but the best musical styles and unmistakable talent to entertain.

Blossoms (2)

Be delighted to know that this band is directed to perform tracks within the genres of indie pop, indie rock and alternative rock. Many music analysts have connoted that Blossoms’ fresh input to these seemingly old genres is just as bold as their ultimate dream to reach a worldwide audience.

Currently, Blossoms is under the experienced wing of musical firm Virgin EMI Records. While their fame is concentrated in the greater United Kingdom, Blossoms is slowly carving its name onto the mainstream music scene since they started out in 2013.

This English indie pop band is comprised of a gifted quintet, namely Tom Ogden (main vocals, guitars), Josh Dewhurst (lead guitar), Charlie Salt (bass, secondary vocals), Joe Donovan (drums) and Myles Kellock (keyboards). With this roster, Blossoms is an all-out band meant to provide their listeners with high-quality music and insurmountable energy when deployed on stage.

Blossoms (3)

The name ‘Blossoms’ is actually derived from a public house which is situated in their hometown, specifically in the corner of Bramhall Lane and Buxton Road. At the start of 2016, Blossoms was luckily included on BBC’s Sound of Music List, a citation for budding artists and acts that will definitely make it big if given the right amount of exposure and opportunity.

As soon as 2014 kicked in, Blossoms managed to deliver a couple of extended plays such as Bloom, Blown Rose, Charlemagne and At Most a Kiss. Just this year, they managed to release their first self-titled major studio album. Some of the tracks that made Blossoms’ journey interesting include You Pulled a Gun on Me, Blow, Cut Me and I’ll Bleed and Getaway.

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Attest to the Potential of James Blake

James Blake (2)

At first, he offered beats and tunes to the world that were reminiscent of the biggest EDM artists who conquered early 2010. The genius in him produced melodies and string of sounds that are just irresistible for dancing and after series of exposures, he displayed that there’s more to him than just beats. After quite few appearances on various stages, he then shocked his growing fans that his vocal chords can work wonders too.

The versatility of his mind to create electronic music and impeccably sing at the same time is reason enough for the world to know him more. If you’re on the look-out for an awesome artist to dominate your playlists, then try James Blake and never regret it.

Born James Blake Litherland, the 27-year old musician is slowly taking the world by storm through his sheer talent in crafting and performing songs. James Blake is focused on genres such as electronic, post dubstep, R&B, soul and experimental, which shows everyone how flexible his skills can really be.

James Blake (1)

Aside from his innate vocal prowess, James Blake is also notoriously known for playing the piano and the EDM instrument called the synthesizer. He has been around since 2009 and if you’re just starting to know him through this article, he’s definitely worth a shot to be heard.

Starting off with extended plays, James Blake is a cut above the rest due to the fact that he trekked the complex post dubstep genre, a concept that gave him the edge and exposure. He first gained popularity from his home country the United Kingdom and through the connection brought about by technology, his name zoomed into stardom as soon as it hit the mainstream.

James Blake’s career has been handled by different music firms such as 1-800 Dinosaur, ATLAS, Polydor, Universal Republic and Hessle Audio. James Blake, despite his short tenure, received a Mercury Prize for his second album and was nominated as the Best New Artist for both the Grammy’s and the Brit Awards.

James Blake (3)

Throughout the course of his journey, James Blake was able to produce three studio albums and a total of six extended plays which all turned out positively for this multi-talented artist. In 2010 and 2011, he captured the industry’s interest through EPs entitled The Bells Sketch, CMYK, Klavierwerke, Enough Thunder, Love What Happened Here and 200 Press.

His first self-titled studio album earned Silver and Gold status from BPI and IFPI DEN respectively and gave him his first break on charts such as US Dance, Denmark, UK, Australia and Belgium. His sophomore album entitled Overgrown was equally received by certain countries with open arms, which further cemented his career as a full-fledged recording artist.

Just recently, ‘The Colour in Anything’ under Republic Records is making a mark on several charts and is said to make his journey all the more famous in the next few months.

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Be Amazed with the Musical Style Brought About by DNCE

DNCE (1)

If you were saddened by the disbandment of the Jonas Brothers and you’re missing Joe Jonas quite terribly, then fret no more as a rising group called DNCE will chase your blues away. It’s a normal phenomenon that even the most successful acts would soon get into the separation phase, like the Spice Girls or Destiny’s Child, but the careers of the members thereafter are best to watch out for.

Like what happened to the Jonas Brothers, the disbandment led its members to tread their own paths. If you’re one of the millions who adored Joe better than the rest of the former group’s huge fan base, you need to fasten your seatbelts for the unstoppable rise of DNCE.

Formed and dominating the general music scene since last 2015, the American group DNCE is all about performance and the strong display of individual skills from its members. Many music fans have commented that the mixture of members and their accompanying individuality make DNCE a group to root for in the next few years.

Focusing on pop rock and funk, DNCE screams dance beats and fanciful tunes, giving the whole music community a breath of fresh air in contemporary music. DNCE is currently handled by the eponymous outfit Republic Records, and everyone is excited about the group’s bright future.

DNCE (2)

DNCE is comprised of Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Jin Joo Lee and Cole Whittle, all equipped with awesome passion to please their growing fan base. Most of them have come from bands of their own, and the experiences they have reaped from their former careers gave DNCE a boost to become even more successful.

DNCE tested the waters of fame when they ventured into releasing the track Cake by the Ocean, which generally started out a bit off the radar upon its release. However, when people came to know that the members of the band sounded very familiar, the song proceeded to gain steam and received positive feedback from a plethora of pop lovers.

Cake by the Ocean successfully landed on the US Billboard Hot 100 at the ninth spot and even entered the Canadian Hot 100 at number seven.

DNCE (3)

Right after their firs track rolled out, DNCE put forth the effort to craft their first official extended play entitled SWAY, comprised of four cuts. The inevitable influence of Jonas’ slick pop orientation has been evident on SWAY, and reviews are generally positive. They then followed it up with a fourteen-date tour, the Greatest Tour Ever, which was a treat to those who witnessed the event.

DNCE gave it their best shot by performing with unreleased tracks and numerous covers of current and old pop songs. The band has also been applauded with their renditions of songs such as Maybe Baby, Rock and Rock is Here to Stay and Born to Hand Jive. While they are becoming increasingly famous, DNCE took the opportunity to dig deeper by joining pop superstar Selena Gomez in her Revival Tour this year by being the concert’s opening act.

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Releasing the Gift of Entertainment through Otep

Otep (1)

Of all the music genres available, metal is definitely one of the most popular. While the mainstream industry is more of light rock, R&B and pop, there exists a genre that embodies noise, purposive use of loud instruments and percussions, and metaphors thrown in between lyrics. Metal is the kind of music you play when you’ve had a very bad day at the office or when you want to release any bottled-up anger.

Luckily, metal has branched out into different styles, making it more personal and identifiable instead of just one huge field. The variations make it easier for listeners to personalize the genre. With different shades, people can adore this genre even more, and one band that comes to mind if you want that ‘metal’ flexibility is known as Otep.

Otep (2)

Showing diversity in skills and orientation, Otep can simultaneously play different types of metal such as NU metal, alternative metal, gothic metal, rap metal and extreme metal. They flourished by playing one metal music style to the next and easily attracted audiences throughout the course of their career.

Hailing from the flamboyant city of Los Angeles, California, Otep is considered as one of the most revered metal groups in all of history through their prolific exposures as entertainers. Starting their seemingly distant ambition to be superstars in their chosen genre, Otep first have played on stage by participating in an invite sent to them by Ozzfest. Since then, the band has graced the stage of this event, earning more and more minions along the way.

Otep (3)

Otep is actually an anagram for the word ‘poet’ and was inspired by the name of lead vocalist, Otep Shamaya. Currently, the other band members include Ari Mihalopoulos in guitars, Justin Kier handling drums and Andrew Barnes for the touring bass. The quartet launched their official career by releasing their first studio album in June 2002 entitled Sevas Tra, which can also be considered an anagram for “Art Saves.”

After a few weeks, the album’s strength increased, making this Capitol-produced venture soar to the US Billboard charts at 145th place and 86th in the United Kingdom. They immediately followed with a stronger comeback for their sophomore album, House of Secrets, establishing the band as a relevant part of the metal genre, with bold approaches in instruments and impressive color channeled through the band’s vocals.

Otep (4)

Four more albums have been released by Otep which are The Ascension (2007), Smash the Control Machine (2009), Atavist (2011) and Hydra (2013). Just last April, Otep managed to craft their seventh studio album entitled Generation Doom, which was favorably received by their large fan base, topping the charts in US Indie (10th place) and US Rock charts (7th spot).

The band also successfully created a live album in 2012, which was sponsored by Victory Records and widely known by the title ‘Sounds like Armageddon’. Some of the most popular tracks from all of Otep’s studio albums include Rise, Rebel, Resist, Fists Fall, Not to Touch the Earth, Warhead, Ghost Flowers, Breed and Perfectly Flawed.

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Avicii’s second album, Stories

Avicci Stories (1)

‘Waiting for Love’ DJ/singer comes back after taking some time off from his tour with a sophomore album in his hands. Not seeing him in the limelight made us miss this artist that possesses a different kind of music style and the news that his return includes an LP makes us understand that some things are really worth the wait, especially if it means good tunes to fill our dull routines.

Released in October 2 via PRMD Records, Stories was a 15 track album including 14 new and original tracks with the addition of his international hit song ‘Waiting for Love’. We know how good his debut album was. His first LP named ‘True’ was a success as it sold 5 million copies worldwide and managed to reach the top spot in around 80 counties.

“It’s going to be a lot more song-oriented. True was an attempt at that, getting electronic music in a song format”- the Swedish DJ-singer producer describes. (Cited:

The talented DJ is said to have around 80 unreleased songs. Too bad not all of them can fit one album. His single ‘For a Better Day’ has gained much attention as it reached millions of video views. The song wasn’t far from the original sound he is known for. Hear electronic sounds accompanied by acoustic instrumentals. The song may not be as captivating as his first hits in terms of rhythm, but ‘For a Better Day’ has a beauty of its own and a message as well.

Avicci Stories (3)

The song is about carrying on and dealing with what’s at hand amid longing and waiting. Even its music video is a must-watch itself. It’s like watching a good documentary film set in a monochrome mood. There’s revenge while touching a seemingly sensitive topic of human trafficking. The video is genius and relates to a serious problem rather than dipping toes into superficial matters of the present day.

So far, four singles were released from the said album including Waiting for Love, Pure Grinding and Broken Arrows. Despite reviews saying that this album somehow didn’t match the intensity of his first, Avicii was able to embody the diversity of his music outside EDM where he first became famous.

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Adore Pia Mia Now and She Will Return the Favor through Good Music

Pia Mia (1)

Having been immersed into a society which finds comfort in watching videos online or secretly watching other people’s lives through a Facebook timeline, people nowadays have maximized the use of technology with all its advantages and disadvantages. We now listen to music through streaming and gone were the days when we needed to save up some money to purchase a disk because that’s the only option we had.

Many ambitions were started after a video post, and the likes or views it received along the way dictate if the act is fit for success. Pop music has been dotted with many artists and groups who swam through the world of YouTube and gained as many fans as they could before they made it big. Now, one feisty, talented lady is trekking the same path and Pia Mia is sure to be worthy of your time.

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 13: Pia Mia attends Flaunt Magazine and G-Star Raw celebrate the pre-release of The Dye Issue with Lily Collins at G-Star Raw, Rodeo Drive on August 13, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rachel Murray/WireImage)

Using the aforementioned video sharing site, Pia Mia never actually dreamed of pursuing a singing career after all the clips she posted. Originally working as a full-fledged model, Pia Mia just wanted to share her talent online, encouraging others to do the same and reach for what they want in life.

The goddess-like face and the undeniable talent that have been channeled through her posts gained a million views, some of them awe-stricken by her innate vocal prowess. Through a twist of fate and conscious effort in between, Pia Mia blossomed into a budding pop musician and did wonders after quite some time in the limelight.

Pia Mia (3)

Pia Mia’s career began when she was introduced to the manager of Chris Brown who also happens to be the origin of his fame. Her early exposure to the industry’s juggernauts played well for her career to be fast-tracked into huge productions. One of the most memorable songs covered by Pia Mia in the early leg of her singing profession was ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’, which was originally sang by Drake way back in 2013.

Going back to where she left, her producers decided to post a music video of this track on her very own YouTube channel, adding a shock to her upgraded career undertaking. In December 2013, Pia Mia released her first ever single entitled Red Love on VeVo, which cemented her hopes into becoming one of the most renowned stars in pop and R&B.

Pia Mia (4)

The Gift, her first extended play, was then made available online, and one strategy that her management team used was making this venture free. As expected, many music fans took advantage of this and returned the favor by sending positive feedback about the EP. Furthermore, The Gift was soon released in iTunes, striking the interest of American record label Interscope Records.

The firm then sheltered Pia Mia under its wings and immediately planned huge campaigns for the YouTube sensation. A studio album is already in the works, with the lead single ‘Do It Again’ circling the national and international scope.

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