TomTom Spark Music Cardio, Running the watch that has thought of everything


The best way to succeed – or at least improve – a product, it is certain to take into account user feedback. And it was to this argument that the TomTom manufacturer presents its new running watch, the Spark, little starlet IFA in Berlin. If it looks close enough to the Muti-Sport cardio, Spark brings a new feature that, for sure, will appeal to sports.

And we must admit that the idea is good, although not entirely new. Wear the Android or Apple Watch watches allow to do so. Anyway, the user lifts regularly evoke they continue to use their smartphones to listen to current music. And even if it is placed in a cuff, the sensation is often unpleasant.

That’s why Spark incorporates a 3 GB memory. It is not a panacea, but it still allows to make a playlist of about 500 songs. Also welcome the initiative of TomTom who delivers his watch, “Running Trax”, a collection of tracks rhythmic (to run, is better) composed by the London club Ministry of Sound and equivalent to about 30 minutes of music.

Obviously, meanwhile, Bluetooth technology is to connect the watch to a wireless headset. The music then driven from the watch or headset, if equipped with buttons. However, TomTom gives no indication on the autonomy of the watch.

In addition to these innovations, the Spark takes the equipment that we loved on the Multi-Sport cardio, namely the heart rate sensor, GPS chip, sealing 40 meters and uses different profiles (biking, swimming , carpets, running) to which in also adds two new: the gym and freestyle. This latter mode is especially for use during a fitness session (for example) or for downhill skiing.

Spark always shares his measures through mobile MySport (iOS and Android), or by USB by connecting to a computer. Finally, TomTom indicates that the Spark will receive a software update at the end of the year, which will provide him with calls and message notification features when connected to the smartphone.

No price is published to Spark, whose availability is scheduled for October. Other versions, including without cardio sensor, will also be proposed to target the widest audience possible.

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Environment-Friendly hacks to keep the temperature cool


There are moments in a year when the heat is just not tolerable anymore. Even without movement, you can feel the heat of the summer caressing your skin so much like you’re hugging a flat iron, and sweat would definitely come next.

Normally, during the humid season, we have relied onto the cooling effects of an air-conditioned house or room to alleviate further stress caused by this inevitable occurrence.

We have succumbed and surrendered in battling heat the natural way, and little did we know that often the use of air-conditioning systems would all add up to the heat via the Greenhouse Effect.

You might have rolled your eyes at this thought, but the truth is, there are hundreds of ways in keeping the temperature down and low through creative and nature-friendly alternatives that we just have discarded.

We all have been guilty of letting our Mother Nature down, now, it is time to pay back by not adding up to the problem and embracing solutions that might be lying somewhere all along.

Below are some tips and hacks in keeping the temperature more acceptable, budget friendly and easily accessible.


If your bed is made with the most luxurious fabric because you can afford it, then do a quick switch in donning the bed, mattresses and pillow sheets with an economical alternative which is cotton.

Cotton is known to be a breathable kind of fabric and is light-weight which means that you won’t be sweating during your sleep despite how hot the ambient temperature is.

This switch can also be done on your wardrobe by picking cotton-made garments which will keep the cool hugging you all day long.

By being smart about what to wear, sporting cotton-finished garments would do you loads of comfort in and out of the house.

And if we are to avoid turning on that inviting AC system, then you have no option but to use fans to keep the air circulated within a room. Making the most out of this appliance would mean a better-tempered house or room.

Instead of just letting the fan be stuck in a corner, get this working even better by placing it about face from a window so that all the humidity would be sucked out Putting a bowl of ice in front of it would be resulting to a cooler air dominating the room.

Before going to bed, or if you have the luxury of doing it, take a quick trip to the bathroom. Short baths can significantly lower down hot body temperatures and maintain a more acceptable rate afterwards.

The wonder of water can also be channeled by ensuring that you are hydrated well all throughout the day. This would not only stray you away from being parched, a body that’s hydrated appropriately equates the optimum use of energy even when the temperature is sweltering.

Maximize the benefits of water by also putting a bowl of water at your bedside so as you have a quick soaking section for your feet when you’ve been woken up by the disturbing heat of the night.

If you have a two-storey or x-storey house, stay on the lowest part of it since we all know that heat is always on top through buoyancy.

Get back to your Physics class and be reminded that the lower you are from a specific place, staying at the lowest level possible would mean a cooler temperature to the touch.

Turning off your lights and bedside lamps would also decrease the chance of accumulating more heat and make sure to unplug all unnecessary appliances and devices because electricity can be causes of ambient heat, too.

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Traditional books are yet to part

traditional books

Development in technology has seeped its way through human lifestyle and dug itself among the activities of everyday living, including the simple pleasures brought forth by reading.

Amazon, Kindle, and Wattpad, are but a few communities formed by the digital era where books are compressed in a small few-pound weighing gadget. Anywhere and anytime, it is revolutionary.

And while many are transitioning to e-books, the good, old traditional book is yet to be uprooted. There are obvious benefits of e-books, but the traditional books have also some to brag and those are the reasons why the old-fashioned paperbacks are still here to stay today, or thereafter.

Getting the full experience of reading
Browsing online for books stands in stark contrast to searching in the library for something to read. Digital libraries are convenient; a few clicks and less mobilization entices a busy man. However, the act of running your fingers through spines and the smell of the pages is undisputed pleasures. The experience is also less constricted, offering a deep-seated response and a chance to stumble across different kinds of genre you’d thought you will never like.

Shared and passed to anyone
The traditional books open up the door of sharing what you’ve read to your friends or families. They can be rented, borrowed, or be given as a gift to someone. Receiving a book on your birthday for example, holds a sentimental value and encourage the receiver to read; as they trust the giver to give them a worthwhile book of their taste.

Boosts comprehension
According to studies, physical pages are better device for comprehension. It provides less distraction and every flip of pages gives the brain a different experience leading to better understanding. If you want a help in grasping the context of what you’ve read, traditional books will help keep the ideas solid in your mind.

The art is much appreciated
Every word woven with another to form a sentence unique from the others in order to elicit a specific response from the reader is an art on it; however, the realm of art is more explored and appreciated in the old traditional books. The physical book covers offers a different feel over the pixel ones. The details are better observed, adding another layer of wonder to the tale told by words.

The tales end, but the memory stays
As a child, many of us are exposed to books and digging through the dusty cardboard boxes containing what we love as a child brings warm memories. The bedtime tales, a cookie and a glass of milk, and a kiss on the forehead before the lights went off is sure to put a smile on anyone’s faces even on their bad days.

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Toothbrush can work in mysterious ways


Brushing the teeth is such an indispensable part of our daily existence that whenever we miss doing it, we felt like missing a friend or have lost an important accessory.

We do this twice or thrice a day and it will be no surprise to have seen our toothbrushes wither away like an old-aged woman.

Dentists have instructed and advised everyone to replace our toothbrush at least every two months and once a toothbrush’s life is done, it is doomed to be trash.

The cost of a single, generic toothbrush might be something that we can earn in a minute and purchasing a new one won’t even budge the budget, but if you were the resourceful type, you’d surely think twice before throwing it away.

Have you heard of recycling? Yes, well this can also apply to your trusted toothbrush. Below are some tricks and tips to lengthen the life of these teeth cleaners and before you say this would rather be unhygienic, just give it a try and read on.

As a cleaning tool, use your old toothbrush to remove unwanted spots that are hard to reach by the conventional kitchen or utility brushes.

The slim nature and head of your toothbrush is capable of scrubbing tile gaps on your kitchen, remove scum from your bathroom drain or clean the seemingly unreachable parts of your sink.

The brush has the same capabilities of a rough cleaning pad, and so it works exactly the same way. For those who have kids, use the toothbrush as a mighty tool in removing bubble gum stains off your precious little ones’ clothing and beat the struggle of doing so.

If you have quite a number of laptops and keyboards in the house, use your old toothbrush to remove the grit and crumbs that have been stuck underneath and in-between keyboard keys as if you have a miniaturized vacuum cleaner that won’t cost you a fortune.

Toothbrush can also be a gentler way to clean and disinfect your antique and expensive jewelries because it can seep on even the smallest locks and holes.

Be creative enough in introducing toothbrush’s aid on your daily kitchen dramas. For the little husk hairs of your corn cob, get a brand new toothbrush and be delighted at how these silky strands fall off with ease.

Keep your coffee maker filters free of any excess coffee grounds from getting the power of your toothbrush’s small and fine tips working. Your can opener might be an awesome kitchen tool at its best, but when used over time, this can be saturated with grime and food marks.

Soak it in soapy water and with a little swish of your toothbrush; flip it like it’s a brand new kitchen savior.

For beauty and cosmetics, toothbrushes have been an essential tool since time immemorial. Some of the few tricks that you can use toothbrushes with are de-clumping your mascara, tame your uncooperating hair ends, taming the eyebrows and styling it at the same time, can also be a quirky template for your nail art, exfoliate dry and chapped lips, be an instant nail dirt remover and can help you out in hair coloring as your reliable color applicator.

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The option of having a home birth

home birth

Before the advanced medical technology, giving birth at home was the norm. But considering how modern the world is, today, there are still women who opt to give birth at home. When you say home birth, it doesn’t literally mean that you will give birth to yourself. It includes the participation of midwives, nurses and other trained professionals. Is home birth for you?

Home birth may be an option for you if you are having a healthy, low-risk pregnancy, meaning that there’s no complications during your pregnancy; if you want to avoid operation (caesarian section operation); if you want to be comfortable moving around your house during labor; and if you want to be surrounded by your family and loved ones.

Home birth is not recommended for you if you are diabetic; when have experienced preterm labor during your past pregnancies; if you are at risk of preterm labor now; and if your partner does not support this kind of birth process.

Home birth may be significantly more affordable compared to giving birth in the hospital. It is said that an average uncomplicated vaginal birth costs about 60% less in a home that in a hospital.

Home birth also provides immediate bonding and breastfeeding. Breastfeeding helps the mother to stop bleeding, clears mucus from the baby’s nose and mouth and most important of all, it transfers disease- fighting antibodies in the milk. For those first time moms, it would be more comfortable to give a breastmilk to your baby when you are surrounded by people dear to you.

Home birth allows you to be surrounded by the people dearest to your heart. By including children, spouse and people dear to your heart during the birth process will provide you much understanding from them that will help you heal physically and emotionally.

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Once upon A-merican Time


And then there’s that so- called “American Time.” Americans are known for their value for time. That’s why it was called American Time. When you give a deadline, they will comply with it. But how important it is to be on time?

They say that punctual people are admired and respected. They gain it without asking for it. It is because people see how they value their time and other people’s time. Time is something that you can never get back.

So when, you were attended on time. It means a lot. It means that you are important. Being on time demonstrates that you are diligent and dependable. If you come on time in any appointments that you have, it means that you honor your commitments and you can be trusted.

That you respect other people’s time and you set a good example to other people too. It is said that punctual people build self –confidence, trust and success.

One of the common traits of successful people is that they view their time as a precious resource. When you are late for an appointment with a person who value their time, you will waste their valuable asset and they will also think that you are rude and does not respect them.

You might also get an impression of being irresponsible. And I believe you don’t want to brand yourself like that.

You should also make an effort to be on time for personal commitment, not just for your business- related transactions. Valuing your friend’s time will earn their respect for you. Gaining someone’s respect is an important part of your individual reputation.

Yes, there would be circumstances that may arise and it won’t be possible to be always on time. But if you know that you’ll be late, make sure to make a call as soon as possible. This will allow the other person to plan or adjust their schedule.

Always remember that there is no downside in being early, but, there is a significant downside of being late.

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Make your statement at your doorstep


The door welcomes anyone who steps in your home. And it is important that we care on its general appearance. With that being said, it is important to have a good, quality doormat at your doorstep.

Doormats, do not just beautify your space, but it also keep your floor in perfect condition. It also keeps your home from germs, making it dirt- free. But how will you make a statement at the door with a great doormat?

It is not impossible to make your entryway look appealing. You just need to make sure to choose quality and beautiful doormat. All you need to consider is both feet are fit and feet are comfortable onto the mat.

You also need to make sure that it is in good condition and quality, resistant materials like rubber, coir and bamboo. Also, it should withstand tough weather conditions and should be easy to clean as well.

Choose a color or pattern that will make a good impression of your home as soon as they step in at your doorstep. Here are some of the ideas you might want to check out:

Personalized doormats with written messages. These are the mats with the most appealing sense. It’s like having the first words you’ll say to your visitors before they enter your home.

You may also choose funny messages and your guests will surely appreciate your sense of humor.

Doormats with drawings. You can choose doormats with drawings of animals or some fun drawing depending on what type of person you are. You can also consider partnering it to your home design or theme.

Colors and patterns. Colors and patterns can make an impression and a statement. You may choose striking colors that will get your guest’s attention. As for the shape, the bolder will be better.

Having a welcoming entryway will make your guests think that you are a good host. It’s also important that it is always clean to make a good impression on what’s inside.

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Less fat, less worries


Fats, a product of meat and poultry and any other food related to meats, caused a greater percentage of deaths due to heart attacks and cardiac failures. Many institutions keep on finding a way on how to prevent this life-taking the substance.

They release many information about heart attacks and failures and how it can be prevented. They teach the method of measuring fat intake through the Recommended Daily intake index wherein the daily intake of every age bracket is listed along with every measure of food and its equivalent and total weight (milligrams) of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, calories and fats.

By looking at this table, you would realize that a serving of a double-quarter-pound-cheesy-overload-jaw-breaker burger has fats equivalent to three days of the recommended intake. Too bad for the heart and yourself.

Many companies (technological, industrial, and pharmaceutical) do help in this case through their products. The non-stick pans and casseroles help you cook using less oil than usual. The air fryers which gives you a lot of joy and fries with less fat.

Food companies brag their low-fat-low –calorie products. Pills that help burn fats faster are said to be available in the market along with food products containing low or no fat.

Nutritionist and dieticians says that instead of depending on those products and drugs, a diet of fish, fruits and vegetables would help in reducing the risk of heart attacks and failure due to too much fat.

For a day’s energy, don’t rely too much on meat for fats, instead, choose protein-rich meal. Consult a doctor and have a heart check-up for better adjustments of meals and activities.

Have a regular exercise. Walking or jogging would simply have it done for you. It does not only burn fat, but exercises your heart and lungs as well.

The best remedy for such a thing is discipline. Always remember that “one is enough, two is too much” and that too much makes things worse, but with discipline, you’ll have less worries.

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Household items that everyone forgot to clean


Believe it or not, some of your household items can cause skin infection because we tend to forget cleaning it as we use it in our everyday life. And when not cleaned, these items can have bacteria that can latch to your skin and could cause skin diseases or allergies.

Cleaning these items are important, especially to those who have poor immune system. A simple skin infection or allergy can become very serious later.

Here are some of the household items we use every day and forgot to clean:

Mobile phones. It is believed that an average mobile phone has 25,000 germs per square inch. How huge is that? It’s like 18 times dirtier than a public restroom. It can cause, skin infection, acne and bloodstream infections. How was it acquired? Not all the time our hands are clean.

We hold different items and most of the time we are on the mobile phone. The germs that you acquired from the other things that you hold pass through when you hold your phone.

Always make sure to clean your mobile phones by dampening a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and rub the screen, USB port, earphone ports and phone cases.

Make sure that the rubbing alcohol does not seep into the phone.

Remote Controls. According to the study, remote controls contain 70 bacteria per square inch that can cause common colds. To make sure it is clean, wipe down remote with rubbing alcohol and make sure to get to the top, bottom and sides of the remote as well as the battery compartment. You can use a cotton swab for areas that cloth can’t reach easily.

Toothbrush Holders. Toothbrush holders are most likely situated near the toilet. Flushing of the toilet causes aerosols, containing fecal bacteria that may land to the items near the toilet. These bacteria can cause skin problems and dysentery. To clean the toothbrush holder, rinse out the inside with hot water, use a pipe cleaner to pick up the grime. Fill with anti- bacterial mouthwash for two minutes and then rinse. Lastly, air- dry it.

Hair Brushes and Combs. It is said that 72% of the people do not clean their combs which can cause scalp problems, dandruff and hair loss. To clean it, remove all the hair left on the comb with your finger or toothpick. Soak the comb or brush under a warm tap water. Rib the comb on the brush bristles and gently remove trapped debris. Gently rinse it then dry it with a clean towel.

There are still a lot of household items. All we need to make sure we clean it every now and then to avoid diseases that we can also pass to others.

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Achieve a royal bedroom look

royal bed

Sleeping is the best part of the day for most of us, especially for those who are workaholic and has a lot of things to do every day. It is important indeed that your bedroom would look like, “You deserve some rest, Master.”

Who have not ever dreamed of sleeping in a palace or mansion to give you such noble feel? Well, anyone can turn your bedroom into a grandiose and majestic one if you’re willing to do the steps below:

Get a high bed with thick comforters. The highlight of every bedroom, is of course the bed. Choose either a queen or king- sized bed with thick comforters and pillows to have a regal bedroom. You can also add a canopy to add luxurious impression in your room.

Put long curtains in your bedroom. Long curtains and drapes that reach the floor covering, your window will give your bedroom a more sophisticated look. It should match the theme, design and color of your bed. Long and thick curtains will give you that fortress atmosphere.

Install fancy lights. To express the room’s imperial mode, it is important to choose the proper light. The yellow light would instantly give your room an elegant and warm ambience. You can opt to choose either a chandelier or a lamp to make it look more royal.

Put some classy decors. You can display antique- objects, but not too old to put some class and add that highness feeling in your room. It doesn’t have to be expensive as well. You can buy furniture with classy and vintage feels.

Put artsy mirrors. Mirrors with nicely engraved edges heighten the room’s royal look. That old, antique style of mirror would complement the entire look of the room. Mirrors would also make your room look bigger.

Select the right color. If you hear the word loyal, the first color that would come to our mind are gold, black, silver and all those warm colors. Choosing the right color in your room will add glamour and that feeling to a queen’s of king’s.

Clean your room. No royal room is messy. It is important to make sure that your resting place is clean. Make sure your things are always organized.

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