Breathe easier and eliminate the presence of dust mites


If you thought the reason why you have been sneezing is the change of seasons, guess again. You might even blame the weather because you suffer from a constantly itchy and runny nose. This is a probable reason, but not always. We’ve known that allergens like pollen and other air agents can cause irritation too, but there’s this one organism that also merits attention. One creature that can be found in the comfort of your own home.

Dust mites. This is a microscopic organism that resides mostly in your pillows and bed sheets. They can also live in your carpets and seat covers. They are so small that you can only see them through a microscope. It is also said that dust mites belong to the arachnid family, just like spiders. Why do they choose to reside in these places? Simple. These nooks and crannies in your home are where they can find an abundant amount of their food – dead and sloughed human and animal skin. But just because they are tiny doesn’t mean they are harmless. The fact of the matter is, 80% of both adults and kids are allergic to these minuscule pests.

To set the record straight, it is not the organism that delivers allergies, but their feces and wastes. Due to size, total elimination of dust mites is hard and takes a long time. While this is the case, following proper cleaning methods can minimize the presence of these allergy-causing creatures.

Make sure to follow a routine in cleaning your bed sheets and pillow covers. Ideally, change them once a week and soak them in hot water before laundry. Wipe surfaces with a damp cloth and use a vacuum cleaner with multiple filters so that allergens can be trapped. Make sure to protect yourself while dusting and cleaning. Wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling the allergens. The main reason why we clean our surroundings is to maintain cleanliness and health. Neglecting to cover your nose won’t help especially in front of thick layers of dust.

Open the windows wide and allow the sunshine to come in. Sunlight kills dust mites naturally. It is the number one enemy of these organisms that like to dwell in humid places. Sunlight not only brings an uplifting mood, but it also eliminates one of the main reasons why people suffer from allergies.

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What is shift work disorder and how to deal?

young man in bed with eyes opened suffering insomnia and sleep disorder thinking about his problem

Not everyone is blessed with an eight to five kind of job. Those who are always on call do not have the luxury of living a monotonous way of life. Imagine the life of doctors, policemen and reporters. While some might find it exciting and thrilling, there’s actually a risk on having this kind of living.

If you are the kind of person who works in rotating shifts, then you should learn a thing or two about the shift work disorder. This is a kind of situation that primarily affects sleep. This can be linked to either insomnia or oversleeping, however the body chooses to cope with this type of problem.

This condition is primarily caused by the disturbed internal body clock. We know how the human frame can be trained and respond to taught tasks either voluntary or involuntary. Doing repeated actions form habits.

However, just like being a parent teaching a child a certain value, the manner should be done in a consisted kind of way not being firm on implementing it can appear confusing. Figuratively, this is exactly what happens in the body. The idea is that the body rises during day time and retires during night time, but with changing work schedules, this concept may not be applicable.

Sleep Work

Symptoms may include feeling tired most of the time, lack of concentration and either being sleepy or having difficulty snoozing. As harmless as it may seem, people who suffer with shift work disorder should take this seriously because it can lead to a more serious problem.

As we all know, sleeping is the body’s way of regeneration and piling up energy needed to perform daily tasks and activities. The body will become weaker, making it more susceptible in capturing illnesses like of infection, colds and flu. It can also lead to a more serious problem like heart disease and binging that can result in obesity.


Some doctors prescribe sleeping pills, however, this might lead to drug overdose taken in an incorrect manner. Resorting to natural way is much safer, but might take some time. A person who suffers from this disorder should observe the surroundings of where he or she would sleep.

Prepare the room by shutting the lights out to create an impression that it is night time. Use relaxing scents like lavender and chamomile before going to bed. This will soothe the senses and can result to faster sleep. Stay away from caffeine or chocolates. As we know, these foods will only make you alert and active.

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Keeping up with the risk takers


To succinctly quote the man behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” True enough, many people have played it safe all their lives. Some have settled into the things that will not harm them when all else fails. The fear of rejection, the heartbreaking loss, and the dwindling assets turned liabilities, oblivion and all the encompassing thoughts about failure—all of these, the safe ones are afraid to deal with.

In our daily lives, we have been facing a lot of things that tests our capabilities to jump the gun and pull the trigger and we must be acquainted with the underlying benefits of swimming in the sea of risks once in a while. It’s not like we’d be putting everything on the line when circumstance asks for it, it’s more of like smartly coming up with a decision that you’ll either reap on or learn from in the end. We must keep on believing that the risks are there not just to boggle you, but aid you in living a life that’s fully maximized.

When finally arriving at a decision after a longish brainstorm, say for example, picking a course for college, risk-takers felt a deep liking to be utterly passionate with the choice they made. They tend to pull all strings to be successful on the path they chose to trek. The release of responsibility being dawned after a risky move jolts inner passion and undying commitment in carrying-out the ominous tasks. This changes the attitude and this goes hand-in-hand with altering a sedentary heart and brain to decide on things.

The courage being shown when someone takes risks is something noticeable. When one dusts off fear, they become bolder and smarter with every step they would take. The confidence that’s been channeled also results to be alert and enthuses larger-than-life self-worth. Even after everyone took a different stand, the mighty risk taker stands by to prove that in the end, all it takes to stand out is sticking to the initial and original decision.


When a risk taker fails, he or she looks at it in a positive light. They harness only the good that they can later use for different scenarios. They flip failures into avenues to learn and the very knowledge that they sought from being at the bottom are the same logic they’d be put in if there would be another wave to ride. They chase opportunities, not run away from it. After knowing the facts and figures of a risk gone wrong, they became the resilient lot to face tomorrow with a flared-up attitude.

They never stopped at a single broken place and dwell there for eons; they get the carcass buried, plant a new seed and let it bloom. Risks are always there to face they say, and they will only cease to move when they felt like all ends are met. Truthfully, risk takers are the ones you can rely on when it seemed like no one’s giving attention to succeed. Pay attention to these kinds of people as they are sewn and crafted to pluck you out from the seemingly hopeless drench you’re in.

Freedom is best exercise when one is never afraid. If a person embodies the positivity that a decision can put on the plate, then change would be inevitable. Risk takers are not stuck; they are the ones creating tides of new things. They are on for megalomania and bigger thoughts. They don’t entertainment discomfort and queasiness and they sure have some direction. In a life where change is always constant, people who knows when and what risks to talk are the ones who would definitely survive.

They embark on a journey wherein the word ‘comfort zone’ is not part of the mantra, they rule and dominate and in the end they succumb into the palpable results of their bold hard work. If you think you haven’t made that much risk on your entire existence, then somewhere, somehow, you need to start moving.

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Tarot Card Reading and its Realistic Human Implications


Amidst the world we’re currently living in, where prevalence of modernization and technology seemed to have gotten the best out of everyone, there are still realms of knowledge that separates the human race from the mysterious physical planet.

In different nations, there lie various and wide stretches of superstitions, the doings passed on from generation to generation, and the itchy truth that there are still things cannot be explained by human knowledge. The strong foothold of the unknown has victimized us all, and no one’s rather complaining.


Definitely, people have come to adore the concept of knowing things about themselves from the distant past, and the sketchy future. Many people have believed into certain ideas such as the illustrious act of tarot reading.

When one mentioned the word tarot, it can be often associated with a dark expanse of space with a serious looking tarot reader all equipped with flowing robes and a crystal ball. One hand is a deck of card known to relay to you what and who you are from the past and what can you be if you move further in life.

Tarot reading is such an intriguing field of sorcery and magic that many people have been magnetized to believe it’s makeshift power and control to human lives in general.

The concept of tarot reading is said to be spawned from the Medieval Times. It’s a sheer relating of a person’s life through channeling the energy of the one wanting to know. It has been said that for a tarot reading session to be successful, one must have full belief of the act since it will be the person’s energy that would direct the cards and its interpretations.

A tarot reader, with all his might, gives you snapshots of your life and the “has beens” that you have no idea about. You would be able to know your past strengths, your aspirations, even the smallest details such as how you worked and who you are bound with. Tarot readers can pretty much determine who your unseen influences are, who you pattern your behavior to, and where these things can lead you.


The future is something muddled and so tarot would be giving you some hints on how it would turn out for you. Many experts and tarot masters have been running around the idea that the things being foretold might not even materialize and these are just guides for you to follow on.

Tarot reading, in retrospect of your future, would be enlightening you to decide smartly on gargantuan decisions, major crossroads that you need to surpass and the future is still of your choosing.


Amazingly, tarot card reading would be able to answer earth-shattering questions that you have rounded up in your curious head with the sheer Yes or No. It can also delve into more specific details such as dates, names and exact locations of things you wanted some information with.

These things might make you wonder if tarot card reading can give you definitive remarks but unfortunately, it won’t. The readings would pretty much give you a quick glimpse of what to expect, what have happened and what you can do to alter anything that’s deviating from how you want your life to be.

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Uncovering The ‘Truths’ About the Iconic Unicorn


Once in your life, you have crossed the word unicorn—in music, in news, on literary works, by mouth and all other stuff. The concepts of unicorns have grown with society since its depiction from the olden times.

As kids, it is definite that we believed unicorns exist, but as we grow up and be exposed with different types of realities, it is such a sore to know that these ‘animals’ are nothing but a figment of the imagination.

Unicorns are always associated with magic and beauty, all together have been twisted and changed into something as how it is known today. Unicorns are one of the many things in this earthly existence that we wouldn’t altogether remove and with all of the concepts associated with it, it is with an assurance that the belief of its being, would drag on for as long as many people believe in it.

Unicorn is actually a legendary animal and was coined by the historical, unearthed seals of the Indus Valley Civilization. They are described as horse-like beasts with a humongous, pointed and spiraling horn, which sprouts from the middle of its forehead.

Unicorns are believed to look as whimsical as it could be, normally on the illusion of being immaculately white as if it’s the horse of the Heavens. The age of unicorns dates back and can be recounted through a plethora of Greek writings of literary geniuses such as Ctesias, Strabo, Pliny the Younger and Aelian.


The human race, being an imaginative lot, carried the folklore, which is the unicorn onto different eras and have encapsulated its supposed truth through stories being passed on to generations.

Fast forward to the middle Ages and the illustrious Renaissance, unicorns have been regarded as symbols of purity and majestic grace. Unicorns have also been considered, as a wild woodland animal that’s just difficult to catch for only ‘virgins’ would be able to interact with it.

It has also been retold over and over that people who are pensive and gentle would have the capability of taming the wild animal. Some scholarly books have even pointed out that the horn of the unicorn yields power to cleanse poisoned water or drink, and at the same time, to heal sickness and grief.


A debate has long withstanding about the possibility of unicorns being real and several people and organizations have come forward to show their evidences of its existence. One of the most resounding accounts of unicorn excavations can be found in Germany’s Harz Mountains.

In here, the former mayor of the small town from where the Harz Mountains is located was able to complete a skeletal model of the unicorn using the prehistoric bones harvested from the Unicorn Cave.

It was Otto van Guericke who divulged and presented this shocking discovery, however, further and intrinsic study of the unicorn model falsified the claim and has been dismissed as fossil bones of other ancient animals such as that of a mammoth or a rhinoceros.

However, there are some hushes that one of the most unexplainable finds relating to unicorns is that of the small stone seals garnered from the Indus Valley Civilization from Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. The seals bear depictions of unicorn-like figures and have been chemically dated to be at 2500 BC.


Aside from the unicorn which have been discussed above, there also have been studies and claims that there are animals to have existed and might be a close relative of the horned ones — winged unicorns.

Mythology introduced us to Pegasus and people have no way not to entertain the said concept. Today, unicorns have been used as a part of your child’s daily cartoons, as part of the opening remarks of one Herculean movie producing company, an animal representing joy, whim and pride.

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Telltale of sea sirens: Mermaids and the myths following them


Their story may have been repeated numerous times, but the truth, whether they really exist remains unsteady and the proof of accounts relating to them are still shaky.

Nymphs of the underwater as they are, the subject about mermaids and the elusiveness of their state of being real is still an ongoing discussion, especially amongst those who are fascinated with their allure and indefinable charisma that is following them.


There is no doubt that the world beneath the blue seas is a sight to behold because it’s synonymous with going to a dimension of a totally different world. The unlikeliness and the magnificence found on the other side is probably the reason why people have come up with many stories about what really exists in this extension of the earth – including tales about mermaids.

As fictional as they may seem, narration about these sea creatures has been uttered many times that they somehow became part of the real world. Dating back early times, the mentioning about these water temptresses have been palpable as seen even on world’s most hailed literatures including Homer’s Odyssey. Incidents of them being seen by real people has also been reported, but none really provided a concrete evidence of mermaids shaped in the flesh.


There are many versions of stories that are being connected with these water goddesses. While the modern world has come to know how friendly and kind they are – thanks to Disney’s A Little Mermaid, old folklores on the other hand associate them with disaster, death and misfortune.

As what some of the negative narratives tell about them, their enchanting beauty brings a curse to anyone who would get a glimpse of them especially sailors who skim through the ocean. Men who get the chance to see them are being lured and eventually dies due to incapability of breathing underwater.

While this is the case, some cultures on the other hand, believe that they are comparable to sorcerers and shamans as they are said to possess the gift of healing others. This positive mentioning about mermaids somehow scrape the stigma of them being harmful nonetheless ruinous.


In this modern time, negative connotations were put aside as the mainstream media managed to break in the walls of old man tales and shaped a new definition of mermaids being pure-hearted, compassionate and helpful. Who can ever forget the character of Ariel that ignited every child’s imagination as it also hints good influence through its story of sacrifice and concern for others?

How about the story of three teenage girls who are secret mermaids and own power over water? And yes, this refers to hitting Australian series H2O: Just Add Water.

Wicked or not, there is no denying that the hype about mermaids will remain timeless as these mythical creatures feed the whimsical minds and tickles the human fascination toward the unknown. The next time you’ll set a vacation on a beach, become sensitive and watchful. Who knows? You may have been swimming on the same body of water with an enthralling sea siren… Well, we can never tell.

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Your loved pets deserved a treat, too

pets Relax

Pets have been around to satisfy the human’s craving to nurture and be loved. Some people have even invested on pets rather than the fluctuating benefits of human to human relationships. There had been a lot of pets to choose from, from the usual canine friends in the feline class, even birds and snakes and insects.

People have this urgency to take care of pets more than they care of themselves, and it is really not that alarming to see dogs and cats being spoiled onto almost any type of whim. We can see them sashaying the streets with a complete pet outfit, eating the best kinds of canned food and envying trips to pet salons and veterinarians.

Pets are now an important part of every household that has them, they provide joy and love without any inhibitions and taking the best care of them isn’t much of a hassle anymore.

By the end of each day, our pets retire to bed all feeling sore and heavy due to endless running, cuddling and all activities that require movement. We cannot say to us directly about how they are feeling so being sensitive enough is such an essential trait that every pet owner should possess. If you looked at your dog or cat being lifeless as compared to their usual energy, then look into the possibility of giving your pet a treat through massages.

pets massage

Massaging had been deemed beneficial to humans and this can give-of the same advantages to pets too. Doing pet massages would definitely aid your loved household stuffed toys into increasing joint flexibility, aid their tired and all stretched muscles, jolt their immunity by lymph node stimulation, promotes tissue regeneration and circulation of oxygen to the right organs, minimize unseen swelling of lymphatic systems, help them in injury recovery, de-stress any neurological issues and strengthen palliative care.

Massaging your pets would also uphold human to pet bonding, as touch is one the best ways to channel care on animals. Securely placing your warm and caring hands to the right pet spots would definitely send your loved pets for a physical treat.

Similar to the usual petting, animals would feel special when you brush them with gentle strokes while keeping the main purpose at hand in keeping them relaxed.

Putting pressure on one end while stroking muscles on the opposite end, which in scientific terms called effleurage, would release knots formed by muscular tension and circulation would be propagated at its finest.

Not rushing into covering the whole pet body is also one key factor in keeping the pet massage a success so better execute it one side or body part at a time.

While it is all adorable to give your pet massages every single day, you must also learn in making sure to observe the limits like your pet having broken bones or skin, torn muscles, surgical remnants, fever and shock.

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Everyone Would Definitely Remember This UFO Sightings Short List


It has never escaped the human brain that there is life outside the planet Earth. Since the olden times, people have come to love the idea of knowing other entities that might be circling in the dark, vast universe.

Scientific probes, countless hear says and debunked hoaxes have puzzled the whole populace if what lies in places we haven’t been into yet. There have been millions of stories published, televised and scrutinized about some fortunate ones who have testified that yes, aliens and other extraterrestrial beings are well in fact true.

We can never shake the fact that some of the stories are quite believable and this thin thread of mystery has led us into being more curious and more inquisitive.

UFO sightings have always been included in the long list of unexplainable stuff that even science can contradict or comprehend. Below are some of the world-renowned narratives of UFO sighting that still up to now knows no explication.


Everyone would definitely nod in agreement that the Roswell UFO phenomenon should top this list. It was in 1947 when a group of UFO enthusiasts and hunters have claimed that they have finally captured a photo that will testify to their strong belief.

It has been quite controversial due to the fact that the US Military have got its frisky hands on the scene and soon contradicted that the ones seen in Roswell are actually aircrafts flown for surveillance.

Kenneth Arnold has also been the meat of newspapers all over the world when he confidently have endowed the human race a story of him seeing nine flying saucers circling nonchalantly in Washington’s infamous Mount Rainier.

Thanks to Arnold’s creativity in describing what he had experienced, the term ‘flying saucer’ have then been coined is still in use up to this date. The Arnold case has pretty much supported the Roswell phenomenon as this has happened in the same year, 1947.


Driving across the silent town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, husband and wife, Barney and Betty Hill have told that they’ve been kidnapped by a flying saucer trailing by. The accounts divulged by this couple have been accurate and solid as some reporters can recall, and the stories included intense physical examination, 3D star maps lying about inside the UFO craft and the slightly similar descriptions that the Hills have sketched for everyone to see.

What made this story memorable is that when both Barney and Betty have been interviewed under hypnosis, they are still retelling the whole scene as how they have when they are sane during former interviews.


One mass story that has circulated the television is the Levelland UFO Case in 1957 wherein a group of drivers have recounted that their vehicles stopped and stalled as one egg-shaped object flew around town.

Surprisingly enough, every vehicle that’s passed on by this supposed UFO has gotten their engine working almost immediately. However, after an intensive police probe and investigation, this mystery has been explained by an electrical storm that coursed through the city, which caused the vehicle failures and the aforementioned sighting.

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Behold Thy Fastest Lambo Cars Manufactured


After the advent of Ferrari during the 1960s era, an Italian automaker have thought of having a line of his own and named his brand Lamborghini. The legendary bull logo has made it quite an impressive take on car making and many car lovers never resisted adoring the brand even more.

Ever since, Lamborghini have taken the lead in car manufacturing, automotive technology, and luxurious designs and never before seen car feats that have strengthened the foothold of the brand as one of the most illustrious in this league of business.

Nowadays, Lamborghini has taken an aura of mystery, affluence and class, and only the fortunate ones have their buns seated on its comfortable seats and experience its impeccable performance.

One of the many things that made Lamborghini the way it’s known now is its brave and bold approach in putting quite an impressive speed on most of its models.

With all the decades that this Italian car brand has gone through, it is not a surprise that the chain of cars that they released have been top notch and ultra on swiftness.

Below are some the most memorable models that will make you drool and wish that you had enough money to purchase one.


Car enthusiasts would definitely roll when they heard the name Lamborghini Veneno. Known to be the most expensive car in retail today amounting to $4 million, this Lamborghini car has won plethora of hearts from all over the world.

Many experts have concluded that the very engine of Veneno makes it the fastest Lamborghini model at 220mph. This amazing feat of structure owns a 740 horsepower V12 engine which somewhat supports the aerodynamic design of the unit.

The carbon fiber, which is imminent to the make and model, also aided this car on its power and weight ratio, hence, gathering more speed as it zooms. Lamborghini Veneno has been manufactured with just three units, making its owner all the more above the rest.


It wouldn’t be named as the Lamborghini Diablo if it does not meet the requirements of what its like to be a car beast. All in all, Diablo had 30 units already purchased and it’s said to be one of the most rare Lamborghini models to have circled the car industry.

The engine boasted a 600 horsepower engine which relates to 217 miles per hour when started. The all-aluminum body and engine have set Diablo a notch higher than its predecessors and the make of the car is meant to look for more speed when driven.


Just released this year, the Lamborghini Huracan is also carving its name deeply on the confident roster of the world’s fastest cars with an engine that can run on 610 horsepower.

Huracan is said to be derived from “hurricane” and the car would definitely do you wonders due to its illustrious speed that can go up to 202 miles per hour.

The 5.2-liter V10 engine would have this car throttling from 0 to 60 in just a whopping short span of 3.2 seconds.

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The pros and cons of detox


The importance of removing toxins in the body has become more of a lifestyle, as people are more aware about the dangers of it when the humongous amount is deposited in the body. This knowledge then comes hand in hand with going green and being engaged with different physical activities in order to rinse away unnecessary components and maintain a better health.

Colon detoxification has been a practice since the ancient age, however its hype has become stronger due to the rise of health awareness and fitness fads that’s been popping rapidly on different nooks and corners of the improved shape and strength seeking population of the world.

Fresh vegetable juices on wooden table, on green background; Shutterstock ID 122568670; PO: The Huffington Post; Job: The Huffington Post; Client: The Huffington Post; Other: The Huffington Post

While different ways of detoxification have been available and being offered in the market, the argument whether it is necessary is still ongoing. While it is true that eating healthy and proper exercise stimulates the body’s ability to shoo away unwanted and unimportant components and wastes in the body, some believe that the latest vogue when it comes to dieting in the form of detoxification removes the essential nutrients in the body and might trigger eating disorders.

According to Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokeswoman Heather Mangieri, RD, CSSD, the body is built to remove the toxins from itself. “There is absolutely no scientific evidence that our body needs to fast or detox in order to cleanse itself from toxins,” she said. “These diets are so popular because they feed off the fear that our environment is full of chemicals, and therefore detoxes are necessary. But our bodies have their own built-in defense system—such as our lungs, liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal tract—to help eliminate toxins.”

It is also being argued by Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, author of the book The Doctor’s Detox Diet that in order to remove plaques and cholesterol in the system to improve kidney and liver function, food is actually needed like fruits and vegetables as well as right amount of fluids like tea and herbal juices.


Other perils that those who do not believe detox really works include dehydration, changes in electrolytes. It can also trigger and nausea because due to hunger and the lack of food stored in the stomach.

While this is the case, a number of believers think that detoxification promotes wellness by removing radicals stored in the layers of the digestive and excretory tract. Detox gives ‘lighter’ feeling for improved movement and energy.

Another argument by those who are on the side of pro-detox is that it provides a better immune system and a body that’s stronger in protection to other health risks like cancer. It also delivers better circulation that’s not only beneficial physically, but mentally as well. Those who are in detox religiously claim that fatigue, brain fog and trouble in sleeping are being reduced and eventually disappear.

Whether you try to detox or not, it is still important to do everything in moderation. Eating healthy in right amount and interval will bring the ideal rhythm that the body should have in order to perform digestion, circulation, dissemination of nutrients and removing toxins in the body.

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