Killing procrastination: Being busy VS Becoming productive

LIFESTYLE- Killing Procrastination being busy vs becoming productive
Why is it that massage parlors, spa centers, beauty centers are such a hit and booming in the industry of business so as the undying innovations in the fast food industry as well? The truth of the matter is that people are now becoming more and more engaged to work and are really trying to find ways on how to relieve the stress they experience by inclining themselves to these options, it is unending hospitals are open 24/7 to accommodate people under graveyard shifts collapsing because their body has shut down due to fatigue and lack of sleep.

The valid question to ask would be “Why are you stressed?” “What is the cause of your stress?” “How did you handle it?” “Are you curing it or merely relieving it?” The answers of these questions seemed to be winding but the truth is it is as simple as the kid’s rhyme goes A, B, C. Procrastination according to Merriam – Webster’s dictionary it is to “put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done” and this habit could only be cured through time Management.

Most people think they are busy, although some really are, but the important matter to be discussed is that, with the busyness of your day, are you able to achieve your goals you have set in the morning at the end of your shift? How much is the percentage level of your productiveness in working the healthiest would mean that on a scale of 100 your business would cost you 50% and your productivity level would mean 50% too… it must be a balance, but if you are only achieving 30% down to 10% therefore you have a huge problem solve before you even think of making your hands and feet work or else it would only mean waste of money, time and effort. In doing so evaluation must be done.

Do you know your priorities?

Labeling and numbering your priorities would help you maximize your time, as the saying goes “If there’s a will, there is a way” if things are way too important you will definitely not leave it hanging you will probably make time.

Saying yes means also to say no.

You can never go on a date with 2 people at different places and be happy and not waste energy all at the same time. You will definitely exhaust yourself and leave your date with a bad impression of you. This means, if you say yes to a project, it means you say no to something else that might take your time to finish it and things that would slow your phase in working.

A good example would be, if you were working on your computer doing some projects that you have said yes to, and still you open so many tabs including social networking sites because you don’t know when to tell yourself the “No” word. Then the probability of you getting your work down would lower you to the brink. You can never serve two Masters at the same time, according to one Jewish proverb.

Busy people are talkers. Productive people are doers and movers!

Busy people only talk about how exhausted, they are and not do anything about it, but productive people are focused people they know what they are busy about, and they do the work and then just let the product of their work do the talking for them.

Jump out of the hamster wheel!

Think about this, Time Management is centered upon TIME- which you have a God given 24 hours to use for a day, and then Management- is also synonymous with controlling do learn to control or budget your time is already present to you or with you every day you just have to learn to manage it.

After all this you will realize that you have all the time in the world to work, for your social life, and even enough for the day to rest. Quit saying I have a lot of things to do, and start saying I have a lot of things to achieve today!

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Sleeping Late and its Shocking Hidden Wonders

sleeping late

It is a stated fact that sleeping early would do the body a lot of benefits. As to what your trusted physician is recommending, an eight-hour sleep would do you good for your entire wellness. All our life, we tried to get a decent set of complete sleep and despite our fervor efforts, we most of the time failed to do so.

We feel our body wither, and as soon as the clock rang its usual sound at the early hours of the morning, we have wished for a longer slumber. But if the body reaps some benefits from dozing-off an 8-hour cycle, what happens to those who rarely have slept? Will they just shutdown like a robot out of battery? What if their jobs don’t permit them in following this body requirement? While there are adverse effects on how the body of the person with incomplete sleep reacts in retrospect of energy, you’d be shocked to know that there are still benefits for the nocturnal lot. It may not be as astounding as the heavy sleepers, but you might want to read on and see how sleeping late will help you in one-way or another.

Some studies have hypothesized that people who slept a little bit late on a regular basis are slightly smarter that those who respect the eight hour requirement. Experts have put the evolutionary novel tendencies as the basis of their theories as old man who refrains from following the traditional sleep cycles have higher levels of adaptability. On the contrary, those who sleeps late then wakes up early is all the more beneficial as people who have this kind of sleeping pattern have sharp and keen intelligence.

One’s creativity is also at best interest as sleeping a little bit later than everyone shows high potentials of thinking out of the box for solutions to their problems, ideas for their work modules and deep-rooted thoughts. Literally, if one strayed away from the conventional sleeping requirements, their brains do the same and turn into intellectual rebels. It’s more of like taking a detour and patched paths rather than the clean, straight line.

Yes, there might be instances where night owls have lower energy levels in the morning, but as soon as their brains pick up the signal that there’s no way it can sleep again for a couple of hours, a switch is turned on and energies dormant in the morning become usable at the latter part of the day.

They are also more restless during the afternoon, giving them a better shot in performing well in the office or school and in the long-run, reap the benefits of this flipped the situation to become more successful in life. Some renowned poets, politicians and esoteric-pegged personalities are said to be more awake at night as this is where they find relative peace in getting their brains working full-time.

People who slept late and woke up early have higher tendencies to be more productive in various ways as taking naps within the day isn’t really their thing. The body’s reaction to being more alive is an advantage as more work is done as compared to those who slept early and woke up before 6AM. Simply, the sheer independence of nocturnal persons out of sleep is something that they can brag about, and as how so many people quoted, it is better to sleep when you’re dead.

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Safety 101: Say No to House Burglary

Einbrecher dringt in ein Haus ein.

Safety is always felt when one is at home, or should we say otherwise? Your home is where you’re most comfortable at, your privacy is at its best and you getting to rest here after a long and tiring day at work.

But yearly, cases of burglaries have been reported all around the globe, from well-planned ones to the most unintentional. While your houses tried to give you the best protection ever, it is still not exempted when felons overtake the situation.

No matter how expensive or meager the construction of your house is, when a burglar wants to get in, he/she would find all tricks and ways to make it happen. Surely, you’ll not stay awake all the time when you’re at home and so the level of security drops down when you sleep, or when you go out.

Below are some of the things that you’d want to bear in mind to lessen, if not fully prevent, risks of being burglarized.

There are four components for you to maintain a burglar-free and secure home—surveillance, lighting, home activity and physical security. Investing some effort and fortune in ensuring that you and your home is safe surely shouldn’t be an issue if you want to live a trauma-free life. It is always deemed important to get your home all prepped up in the unfortunate event of a burglar attack for your own benefit.

Technological advancements have helped the human race in exploring and reaching things that are deemed impossible before. Now that we have CCTV cameras and hidden camcorders available at your nearest tech store, take advantage and do purchase one for your home.

Discreetly install the said devices in areas not visible to the naked eye for you to be able to see and document every strange movement or action inside and out of your house. Get the kinds that will give you 1080p high definition video quality, night vision capabilities, weather and waterproof and those with smart and real-time monitoring.

The hidden cameras installed inside your premises would help you in identifying if other people outside your family are not straying with doing what they’re supposed to.

Lighting is another way of securing your abode as this would denote activity, even if there’s no one inside the house for a specific moment. If you have a huge outdoor perimeter, adorn the lot with lights that are sensor sensitive.

These lights sticking out of your lawn at night would not only provide you a clearer pathway, thus, it gives a signal to everyone outside of your house that there’s someone inside operating it.

It gives you the one thing that burglars are most afraid of—sense of occupancy. Having your interior lights turned on strategically within the house would also do the same trick as outdoor lighting.

Physical security involves your alarm system and all its complexities. Before installing one, make sure that you know how to effectively operate it for the purpose it originally have. If you have windows, ensure that all of them are locked and fully closed.

Cutoff those branches that are near your windows so that there’s no chance a burglar can step in and use your windows as the entryway. Screen doors are also highly advised to give you an added protection.

Petting dogs would not only make you closer to them, but they will help you in getting burglars away from your premise. The keen and distinct trait of these canines to deter burglaries has been deemed effective all over the years.

When out of town, get a neighbor to pick your mail and newspaper so as to make it appear that you’re at home doing the chore every morning. If you have tall grasses surrounding the perimeter, better get that shaved off and manicure your lawn well and this would exude a sense of home identity, which burglars usually avoid.

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Be acquainted with the fragrance families

Fragrance Families

A person who smells good definitely becomes more attractive, real talk. The importance of a single bottle is immeasurable, especially in the aspect of one’s image. We cannot deny the fact that someone who smells fine creates a better image than those who don’t.

It is also a form of self-expression in a nonverbal but roaring away. Its significance is found even during the earlier days. Evan the infamous Cleopatra knows how being fragrant can bring a long way.

It must not be known to many, but one of her signature scents would be blue lotus. This is what she dabs on her ears to achieve a sweet, watery floral scent. A real beauty goddess indeed, even she knows the importance of putting the perfume on pulse points.

The basic foundation of a getting deeper knowledge when it comes to fragrance is knowing the basic families that segments each scent from one another.

Floral is the most popular amongst other fragrance families. This mostly caters to women. From the word itself, the scent gives the aroma of flowers. It may be composed of just one or combination of sorts. This usually conveys femininity and romanticism.

Oriental is bordering between masculine and feminine scents. This is mainly composed of spices like vanilla, amber, sandalwood and musk. This scent is usually being the choice during night time and for formal occasions.

Fougere means fern. This gives a stronger scent and is usually the common choice for men. The name is derived from Fougere Royals and is usually composed of fresh herbs, oak and moss. Citrus family on the other hand gives a fresher and invigorating vibe.

This scent is more likely to be found on colognes and evaporates quickly from the skin, unlike the aroma being given by other fragrance groups. Cyprus or Çhypre’ is a combination of citrus and woody notes.

This type is a bit confusing and takes a trained sense of smelling to be distinguished. This is the kind of in between scent that can be worn by both men and women.

Next time, purchasing a perfume will not be as hard by being knowledgeable with the basic composition that sets each scent apart. Happy shopping!

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Restless Leg Syndrome defined

Restless Leg Syndrome

Ever felt the urge of giving the legs any kind of movement after being in a stationary positing for quite some time? How about the sudden kicking or twitching of either one or both feet during sleep time? While these may be considered as close to nothing, people who frequently experience these types might consider a health condition in the name of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).

People might not notice it, but severe urge can be taken into serious consideration, especially if it hinders daily activities and disrupts night time sleep. People who are diagnosed with RLS often describe its characteristics as “having unpleasant sensations on the limbs and leg area”.

These sensations are usually in the form of creeping, crawling, pulling, burning, itching and aching. In some cases, it has also been distinguished by sudden or lingering electric shock.

RLS is not easy to detect since symptoms can also qualify as those that are seen on some illnesses like diabetes, anemia, nervous system abnormalities and kidney dysfunction. It will be ideal to undergo several clinical tests in order to rule out other causes and name the condition being experienced as Restless Leg Syndrome.

This kind of disorder is either acquired or through heredity. RLS has no distinct cause. Researchers though, consider chemical imbalance that causes the uncontrolled muscle movement. Most women also suffer from restless leg syndrome during pregnancy.

This is because of the change in hormonal alignment during this said period that brings about the presence of RLS. The condition itself isn’t serious at all unless it is accompanied by other conditions like kidney failure, iron deficiency and peripheral neuropathy.

RSL Home Remedies

While it is true that having an appointment with a medical professional is the best way of determining and treating restless leg syndrome, drug-free home care can also be conducted especially if the sensation impedes everyday living.

Doing light to moderate exercises will ease the pain being experienced during nighttime. Movement alleviates the pain caused by RLS and stretching the muscles, especially those that are in the lower extremities will definitely be beneficial.

Slight massage when the pain strikes will also soothe the tingling and painful sensation. Do this before going to bed to help lessen the occurrence of uncomfortable torments. Considering warm or cold compress can also be done to soothe the uncomfortability.

Creating a conducive sleeping environment will also provide betterment. Avoid any disruption that would lead to sleep disturbances. Get a sleep habit such as going to bed a specific time to set the body clock. Get into relaxing techniques like performing yoga or lighting scented candles. A person suffering from RSL can also get the help of chamomile due to its calming effect.

Since RSL is being triggered by prolonged posture, be mindful of changing positions from time to time. People with suspected or diagnosed RSL should also avoid anything with caffeine, such as coffee and chocolates. Smoking and drinking will also worsen the condition so these vices should also be avoided as well.

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Fathoming Blood Type Diet


The blood is the body’s lifeline in liquid form. How it plays a very vital role in the human life can’t be stressed enough by just few words.

Basically, we all know that it serves as a stream that carries out all the good and the bad that’s inside the body. Nutrients and vitamins are being divided and disseminated to all organs for better functioning.

Wastes on the other hand, are being converted to different forms like sweat, urine and others through different processes – again with the help of this amazing life component in liquiform.

Just like the unique mark found on every individuals’ thumb, it is being said that blood also carries a specific identity that is exclusive for each person. It is believed that the blood has unparalleled biochemical make up that separates its body from the body. With this being realized, a kind of diet was formed.

The blood type diet focuses on the four major groups of blood types. It is said that each blood group is designed in a specific way and requires definitive needs and demands. According to its developer Dr. DÁdamo, a diet plan that fits all will not be effective because each body has distinguished characteristics.

Complex as it may seem, this type of diet is made simple by basing it to the four blood groups, O, A, B and AB.

Blood O requires a high protein diet. People who belong in this blood type are said to focus more on meat. Eating lean beef, chicken, pork and fish will suffice the optimal thyroid function.

Let us not remove fruits and vegetables on the bigger picture, however avoid excessive intake of wheat, dairies, eggs, legumes, beans and grains because these are the kinds of food that are hard to digest for people who have type O blood.

Type A people are under the category of vegetarians. According to Dr DÁdamo, these people from the said blood kind have weaker immune system that is why they should focus on eating those that strengthens it.

If you belong from this group, consider staying away from meat, dairies and wheat. When it comes to losing weight, eating more of soy foods and vegetables on achieving it in a faster and more effective way.

Type B is somewhat the most blessed because people who belong in this blood group are more tolerable when it comes to immune and digestive diseases. While this is the case, type B folks should avoid chicken, peanuts, tomatoes, lentils corn and wheat. To shed off unwanted weight, these people eat more eggs, liver, licorice and tea.

Type AB have low stomach acid. With this being said, those with this kind of blood type should avoid caffeine, alcohol, milk and others that that has the capacity to bring stomach dismay.

Also, avoid much intake of red meat, buckwheat and cured/smoked meat. Losing weight can be achieved by eating seafood, greens and pineapples.

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Lifehack 101: Vodka Will Not Just Make You Dizzy, Reap the Benefits


Alcohol drinking had been around since time immemorial. People drink on special occasions, some after a hearty dinner, to socialize and all other encompassing reasons that only a drinker would know. Alcoholic beverages have its own share of benefits and numerous downsides.

While it is slowly turning to be a poison to human health, specifically to the liver, the emotional high that one experiences after drinking a couple of bottles is said to be one of the countless reasons why many kept on going back to the ‘being drunk’ void.

And if you’ve been raiding bars for a cocktail drink after a hard day’s work, then you surely have encountered the neutral-looking, you-can-concoct-it-anywhere tonic which is universally known as vodka.

Vodka is the base of almost any type of alcoholic poison, from the female cocktail drinks to the strongest types ever known to man. But aside from pleasing the palate, vodka has a lot of uses that you can use up in the future so you better read on.

While we normally let the vodka pass our mouths before gulping it down, you can use this powerful drink in alleviating simple toothaches that’s ruining your day. Just dab cotton of vodka on the area of pain and miraculously, you’d feel the relief in no time.

The neutral taste of vodka is also the reason why you’d want to gargle it up as your trusted mouthwash. Just get half a bottle of this drink, get the same amount of water and infuse it with a dash of cinnamon or mint.

Let it rest on the countertop for quite some time and start disinfecting your mouth the way it should be cleansed. Vodka is also deemed as an effective bug repellant if mixed with lavender oil and sealed in a spray container.

In the event of a jellyfish attack, instead of the usual vinegar, splash vodka all over the skin of sting and let it soothe the sting effects for a good 10-20 minutes.

For personal hygiene, vodka can work on ways that concerns odor management, cleansing and skin disinfection. If you have smelly feet and armpits, just get your trusted swig of vodka bottle and spray it in the folds of your skin (in this case, your toe gaps and armpits) and expect it to be clean-smelling even after a strenuous activity.

The alcoholic content of vodka would also aid you in avoiding skin inflammation caused by shaving. After each meal, or whenever you deem it necessary, vodka can also act as your hand soap because of its disinfecting capabilities.

When you want to use vodka as a cleaning agent, you’d be surprised to know that this tonic works the same way as baking powder. Cleaning glass windows can be all the more effective when you swipe vodka on it because cleaning solutions pretty much rely on alcohol, which fully comprises vodka.

This can also put a protection on your rugs and mattresses to further being dirty after its daily use and purpose. Spraying vodka on your sneakers would also minimize odor build-up and lower down the risk of your dark-colored clothes from fading.

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Carrots for your baby

Baby eating carrot

Carrot is one of the best and a good first vegetable for infants due to its nutrition, taste and texture. It is easy for the babies to swallow and digest and most of the babies like the taste too, because they have a natural preference for sweets because carrots are one of the sweetest of all vegetables.

Babies generally are ready to try vegetables, such as carrots, at 6 to 8 months. Just offer them 2 to 3 tablespoons of this beneficial vegetable per feeding to get started.

Carrots are excellent source nutrition of beta-carotene that turns into vitamin A in the body that aids your baby’s eyes. It also promotes a strong immune system and contains phytochemicals that may protect against heart disease and certain cancers. Carrots are also rich in iron, calcium and vitamin C and fiber which helps the baby have normal bowel movements.

It is best to feed your baby soft, smooth foods before moving on to thicker foods. You can easily mash a cooked carrot to achieve a soft, smooth texture. The appropriate texture will allow your baby’s tongue and mouth to control and easily swallow the food. Commercial baby foods containing carrots are the appropriate texture.

If your baby turns up his little nose at carrots, try them again later. The more times you offer a food, the more likely your baby will accept it. And when buying carrots for your baby choose the bright colored ones with feathery tops because it indicates how fresh the carrot is. And also you can store fresh carrots in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Wait until your baby is at least 6 months old before offering the home-cooked carrots due to the possibility of nitrates, chemicals that could cause a type of anemia in young babies. After 6 months, home-cooked carrots are safe for infants.

Commercial baby foods are fine for infants younger than 6 months because they test for nitrates. And never give an infant chopped raw carrot because choking is a hazard. Stick with commercial baby food or smashed, home-cooked carrots.

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A tub of Petroleum Jelly makes the day Okay!

A tub of petroleum jelly makes the day okay

This cream has become a regular presence on every household’s beauty and medicine cupboards. This wondrous saver, if not all, has rescued almost everyone, during infant years against the itchy and uncomfortable diaper rash. This is your mom’s best friend. Your sister’s fixer. Your brother’s mate. Your father’s get-the-job done confidante. Your ever trusted pal.

We know how a small canister can go a long way. Petroleum jelly has been around for so many decades and though there are some studies that connotes it can be potentially harmful, the greater masses still believe that this marvelous topical applique is nothing but an over all treat that remedies almost every aspect of the breathing life.

Petroleum jelly as skin’s dear pal.

Petroleum jelly has served as a cheap and effective moisturizer, especially during the cold season. This can be an alternative lip balm and cream that treats windburn, flaky skin and even dry scalp. It can also alleviate the dryness of the feet. As we all know, the callous made by everyday activities can become thick and hard to remove. Help reduce the occurrence of this and maintain a fancy foot by smoothing a thin layer and locking it with socks every night. Not only you’ll get to have healed skin, but it will also make the rough skin softer and appear healthier. Overall, it can make the entire skin supple and leaves velvety finish. Who wouldn’t want that?

And of course, let us not forget how it can effectively act as a replacement to fancy and sometimes pricey makeup removers. Next to essential oils, petroleum jelly can also do the work on removing stubborn and hard to remove make up that women adorn on their faces. This can be a staple in every lady’s beauty arsenal because aside from its dirt, eliminating powers, it can also be applied again after thorough washing but this time acting as a moisturizer. We know that as we age, the skin moisture dwindles and what other effective way of restoring it but by supplying the needed amount externally?

Don’t be bothered again by smeared beauty products like nail polish and hair colorant during the process of application. Before starting the process, apply petroleum jelly to the sides of the forehead and ears (for putting hair dye) or on the sides of each nail (for nail polish application) so that any tainted part won’t have left any stubborn marks once it’s washed.

Petroleum jelly as an effective home remedy.

Forgot including shoe shiner on your grocery list? Don’t worry because petroleum jelly will save the day on getting a clean and put-together look. Trust this cream on retaining the shine and luster on your wood furniture. Just make sure to apply it on thin layer, just enough to remove the dirt and dust away. Overdoing it might leave excess old on the surface that can cause attraction of more dirt. Love candles? Easily remove the wax drippings by putting petroleum jelly on the sides of the container or on the floor before sticking a piece of candle.

Doing this will make you like a lot easier, especially on removing hard to remove candle residue. Petroleum jelly can also prevent the squeaking sound of hinges, cabinets and windows. Put some on the edges to provide lubrication and never again, you will hear the bothersome noise made by your windows, doors and storage chests. It can also save the day from smelly feet when the presence of water and soap is not readily available. Put a thin layer on feet and toes for several minutes and wipe it with a dry cloth. Doing this will provide an instant fix to achieve fresh smelling feet.

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Words We Often Interchange But Should Not

Confusing Words

If names have power, so do words. Words, when used effectively, are strong tools on every man’s arsenal. It can break walls, light up imaginations, and invoke emotions, even to the stone hearts.

Thus, words should be chosen carefully spoken in the right way, and arranged to communicate the right meaning. It is an art not everyone is aware of, causing a less-than-effective way of communicating.

You don’t have to master the language in order to be an effective speaker (or writer), as it is a lifelong experience. Memorizing the English dictionary is not a requirement, too, although knowing a wider range of vocabulary is always a plus.

What we need is to be aware of “everyday words,” as we often use them erroneously. Based on observations and online research, here are the common words we thought would be okay to use interchangeably but not.

May and Can

The difference between “may” and “can” is an elementary lesson. Still, many are charged guilty for using them interchangeably. “May” denotes permission, while “Can” denotes what is ability.

Should and Would

It is another lesson taught in basic education that we fail to use properly. “Should” indicate an obligation while we use “Would” for customary actions, which means you always have a choice.

Defective and Deficient

You say “Defective” when a machine is incapable of accomplishing tasks, but you don’t say that to a person when he also fails delivering results. “Deficient” is the word reserved for that. The word defective is only for inanimate objects.

Chronic and Severe

“Severe” refers to the intensity of the situation while chronic refers to a condition that lasts for a long time. In that case, saying “chronic cancer” is incorrect when referring to the intensity of the illness; you use the word severe for that.

I.E. and E.G.

I. E. is a Latin origin meaning “that is.” It does not mean “for example,” instead, it means “in other words.” That’s why it is incorrect to use them in a parenthetical example. You use “E.G.” for that. For example: “I like pink flowers (e.g. carnations).”

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