Drive When You’re Sober and Live Happily Ever After


Being on the road is such a daunting task that should be done accordingly, due to the sheer fact that it is a matter of life and death. Driving has been a fear that many failed to overcome, and while it might look clumsy, those who have seen the horrific face of accidents might even consider it lucky. Accidents are called as such due to the fact that it is rather unintentional, unplanned and unfavorable, or so we think.

We have seen vehicular accidents in the news almost every day and we just pass it off as if it is a normal occurrence. Sadly, more and more lives have been untimely ended due to these episodes of sudden tragedies, and as much as we don’t want it to happen, it does and it is a general fact.

One of the most common reasons for car accidents is due to intoxication while driving, which is a very lethal combination as proven by statistics and factual evidence. Below are some of the hidden truths that we need to know and maybe, just maybe, reiteration can make everyone understand, thereby minimizing the risk of car accidents in the future.


In the United States alone, a surprising amount of 30 people die in car accidents attributed to intoxicated drivers on a daily basis—that’s one life ended every 48 minutes. The stats have also shown that these car crashes cost the country a whopping $51 billion annually, making it another fine blow to United States’ economic standing.

Not only the driver is at risk, but all the passengers he or she has, raising the numbers higher even if the fault is with the intoxicated person behind the steering wheel. Sadly, reports have also shown that out of all the listed cases of fatalities due to car crashes, some involve innocent children aged of 14 and below.

In a more detailed approach, a person weighing 180 pounds can get intoxicated immediately after ingesting a beverage with .08 percent alcohol content, which is equivalent to three beers. The aforementioned blood-alcohol percentage is actually above acceptable values and can cause short-term memory loss, lack of focus and concentration, absent-minded disregard of speed limits and impaired perception.

Thankfully, some nations’ governments have raised the bar for fines and penalties on the unfortunate event that a law enforcer catches someone driving while under the influence. For example, the United States has four levels of sanctions when you get arrested for DUI, which include prison time, monetary fines, suspension of license, rehabilitation via the DUI program and can even deprive someone from driving ever again.

When a person wants to control something, he or she can, and it is just a matter of knowing what to do, areas for discipline and how to go about doing it religiously. Simple logic; if you’re out for a night of ultimate alcohol drinking and you’re tasked to drive for everyone on your way home, refrain from drinking any amount and any type of liquor.

If the odds won’t let you do it, at the very least consume as little as possible. You know yourself and you know when you’re all too dizzy to get up, so don’t push your luck by volunteering to drive. Just face the music and honestly confess to your incapacity.

If you really need to get back home, better hail a cab and entrust your life to a skilled and sober driver who drives for a living. When blacked-out, better stay at your friend’s house just for the night until proper rest detoxifies the booze.

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When tequila becomes one of your superfood


Okay, nobody’s saying that tequila is one of the best inventions of all time, not unless you’re the one who crafted the first bottle or you’re just a downright drunkard. We all have known tequila to be an alcoholic beverage that’s yellow in color, always packaged in a very assuming container and is the cause of millions of wrenching headaches post-Friday mornings.

At one point in our lives, we have taken the risk in gulping down a shot or two with its famous lemon-salt accompaniment and definitely swear to never being near this poison again. Amid all the negative feedback that this drink had been getting since its public release in the 16th century, experts have hypothesized that tequila is not just your ordinary beverage for getting drunk— it absurdly does have benefits for your health and wellness too.

For a quick botanical review class, tequila is spawned from the plant agave, fermented and aged to get your strong-kicking liquor. Normally grown in Latin cities of Tequila, Guadalajara, Los Altos and Jalisco, tequila is one of the most famous drinks to have traveled all the way across the globe.

The throat-lining elixir is normally drawn as a single shot, or mixed into cocktails to eliminate the not-so-pleasant taste and after taste when taken with salt and lemon. There are also different variations of tequila, ranging from blank, Plata, joven, oro, Reposado, Anejo and ultra Anejo. The bold taste of tequila and the alcoholic content also have amazing capabilities that we might have been unaware of.

One component of tequila that has works wonders is the sugar called agavin. Commonly mistaken as agave nectar, agavins aid your digestive track to improve metabolism. When one has takes tequila, it will not stay in the body like what most alcoholic drinks do.

The sugars found in tequila actually enter your digestive system with the purpose of assisting in breaking down some of the underlying fats. It is also easily flushed via urination and would not dwell in your bloodstream to give you high blood sugar levels.

When taken in moderation, the probiotic capacity of tequila would work best for you and your upset stomach. The fructants found in tequila actually propagate smooth and pain-free digestion, which is the exact opposite of other sugars found in beer. Truthfully, the bold trait that we all have known tequila for is the same reason why it works double-time once ingested.

Agavins are also known to aid the body in absorbing more calcium, which in turn does your bones a tremendous favor of being sturdy and not porous. This sugar also helps you in tuning your blood sugar levels and not contributing to spikes of insulin.

Some studies also claim that small amounts of tequila lower the risk of acquiring dementia later in life. Some other benefits of drinking tequila in minuscule amounts include calming down the nerves, relaxation, aiding the digestive tract in absorbing drugs for diseases such as colitis, Crohn’s disease and IBS.

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Mercedes-Benz’ Authentic Triumvirate for Car Style and Speed


Since its inception in 1881, years and years of experience and skill have been put in to making Mercedes-Benz one of the most drooled-over car manufacturers to have ever existed.

Unlike its competitors, Mercedes-Benz thrived on the concept of luxury and comfort, while never letting go of its trademark of being the car company for the rich and affluent.

The delicate handling of their vehicles, the legendary three-pointed star as their ultimate icon, the fusion of technology and style, all smashed into Mercedes-Benz cars that can always look as good as new despite the tenure.


Over the decades, Mercedes-Benz has released numerous models that have captivated the world of automotive engineering. On every new announcement for a public line, the world is at the edge of its seat to marvel at the new car’s authentic flair that only Mercedes-Benz can provide.

Being a respected car company, people hold high regards to how Mercedes-Benz maneuvered through stiff competition, and that was made possible by sticking to what they promised to their clients—pizzazz and ultimate attention to function and detail.


Many would agree that the 1955 300 SLR Racer is the best Mercedes-Benz to have ever been reproduced for mass consumption. Heralding from a quirky concept of mimicking the looks of a streetcar, the 300 SLR has come-off as the car to beat, especially during the times that it wound up the streets of this car-crazed planet.

Known to be quite lighter than former Mercedes-Benz units, 300 SLR specialized in using a tubular aluminum frame, drawing enough reason for it to regard as a racecar.

This unit was also the first of its kind to use air brakes, making it a top choice in car races during the 1950s. The 300 SLR is nothing but a classic, with all its glorious feats; this Mercedes-Benz car is worth remembering.


Launched earlier that the 1955 300 SLR, the 300 SL Gullwing was Mercedes-Benz’s offer when everybody thought that the cars manufactured by the car company were useful but boring.

The Gullwing is a breath of fresh air with its upgraded and innovated chassis, an undeniably refreshing take on what Mercedes-Benz’s capabilities in car conception can do.

One of the major feats that made Gullwing an iconic car of all time is its gasoline-powered engine with a fuel injection system, making it more efficient in gas consumption and car handling.

You’d also be delighted to know that the Gullwing has snazzy upward opening doors, something that would make you drool more.


Made to outlast Audi’s competitor Quattro units, the 1983 Cosworth 190E made rounds for drivers who opted to drive in off-road rallies. It is with the Cosworth that people came to realize the speed that Mercedes-Benz cars can offer, with it’s 300 horsepower engine designed to zoom off when you step on that gas pedal.

On the succeeding years after it’s release, the Cosworth further made history by bagging three speed test world records and have since been the inspiration for other car units such as that of BMW’s M3.

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The Beauty, The Thrill and The How-To’s of Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Beautiful young woman holding christmas gifts

With the Christmas season just few months away, it is undeniable that more and more people are already daydreaming of what they would purchase for the yearly Christmas shopping rush.

The merry season of Christmas is the time of the year where everyone wants to snatch something endearing from that familiar store or put a lot of gifts under their makeshift trees without really having the need to do so.


While we can say that it is just right to be impulsive if only at this particular time, we must never lean on to this notion and be sensitive enough to know if we are spending beyond our means.

Impulsive buying or shopping, and all its encompassing terms, has been destroying our fiscal capabilities in ways that we haven’t noticed, or just overlooked.

If you want to make a change this year and be a smarter shopper, compared to how you wasted your hard-earned cash the previous Yuletide, then below are some tips to ponder.

Caucasian couple doing christmas shopping and carrying gifts; Shutterstock ID 39308446; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

You’d be surprised to know that almost 90% of employed and well-off people in the whole populace succumb into impulsive shopping during the Holidays.

One of the main reasons on as to why more and more people spend way more than what they planned because there are a lot of clearance and year-end sales happening, which are quite irresistible.

Some studies have shown that if you’re already lured by those big sale tarpaulins plastered on stores and malls, you must opt to travel by public transportation or even walk, which cuts the possibilities of impulse shopping by a whopping 44%.


Being keen and sensitive to your general atmosphere is another trait that you must master, as salespeople will always entice you to purchase more.

Before going on a holiday shopping spree, you must assess your mood too, as some experts have concluded that anger, stress, guilt and utter boredom are some of the traits that bring out the worst in the act of shopping.

Also, the market and its very intrinsic attention to detail focus on how they would be able to ‘persuade’ you and pull you into the chaotic and pleasurable world of purchasing things.

Impulsive shopping items are said to be small, quite inexpensive and fulfill a short-term desire. Refrain from picking trinkets from the register or the cashier, as this is a clear manipulation coaxing you buy unnecessary items.


Before giving in to this indulgent activity, one must at least have a list of things that they would need to purchase. This might sound passé but this would definitely help you in deciding on whether or not to buy something.

Also, stay away from crowded malls and spaces, so that you’d have a wider range of options to choose from. If you can, set a specific budget before your holiday shopping activity and spare your finances from being compromised because of that unplanned trip to the mall.

The Holiday season is really the time of giving, but always bear in mind that the rest of the year or the following year wouldn’t be much of a hassle financially if you were able to map out your spending accordingly.

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A Sneak Peek on Ferrari’s Most High-Ticket Cars in Auction


There is no other car brand in the world that is as feisty and as exceedingly expensive as Ferrari. At the beginning of this company’s history in the 1940s, no one ever expected it to bloom to how it is being viewed by car enthusiasts on a global scale nowadays.

Starting as a small company after releasing it’s very first model called the Ferrari Fezza, Ferrari has never stopped in impressing its clients and the world by continuously innovating and updating what seemed to be the best car released ever.

The people behind Ferrari have thrived well into ensuring that every idea weaved through meticulous study and research would become striking when manufactured.


Now transcending the price of yacht, Ferrari cars have established a glowing reputation as cars that would definitely burn checkbooks and empty bank accounts. The monochromatic color of red had long withstood competitors’ playful attacks on using different hues, and has stayed as bloody as it is to represent vigor and utter elegance.

The Ferrari market has been deduced to two categories despite the fact that millions of people would never skip getting such a car if they had the capacity to purchase one. Ferrari cars are now hot and captivating to auction bidders and car collectors competing in the world’s richest echelons in obtaining one red unit.

Price has been an integral reason as to why Ferrari cars are deemed untouchable in the social market. It works as a status symbol, turning heads when it hits the road with its magnetic engine howl. Definitely, no one would disagree with the fact that Ferrari cars are worth a fortune because they give fortunate clients only the best in automotive science.

One of the most expensive Ferrari units to have ever been sold is the 1962 250 GTO, when it was placed on a bid won by a US businessman Craig McCaw for an astounding amount of $35,000,000.


The 1962 250 GTO was reproduced only 39 times, and it’s quite an honor to own one during the time that McCaw unleashed ‘some’ of his resources to secure one.

The said 1962 250 GTO was made special when it was announced that it was supposed to be used by the legendary car hero Sir Stirling Moss, if not only for his untimely death.

This specific Ferrari can generate impressive specs of 302 bhp, a top crank speed of 180 mph and a 0-60 mph mark in 5.8 seconds.


One memorable Ferrari to have made headlines is when one of three Ferrari 340/375 MM Berlinetta Competizione was won by a car collector named Jon Shirley in 1995.

The total price of the Berlinetta model skyrocketed to $7,000,000, which is quite ideal for this car in question, having competed in several races before it stayed in the lucky hands of Shirley.

After some overhauling, this ‘endangered’ Ferrari car is all the more valuable to the eyes of car collectors and bidders, which makes the purchase quite envious.


China is one of the few countries observed to raise the bar in Ferrari purchases, and so the company manufactured the 2006 China 599 units. With only twelve units reproduced, it is a very hot item to the Chinese community and the whole automotive market in general.

For this Ferrari boasts impressive specifications, such as a 6.0-liter V12 petrol engine for sustained performance, a 0-60 mph mark in 3.7 seconds, the elegant jade button, the car’s tachometers printed in ancient Chinese characters for a more personalized touch and the high-class Fuoco paint job. The 2006 China 599 is said to be sold at a gargantuan price of $1,600,000.

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You might have Misophonia without even knowing it

Portrait business woman screaming at street car traffic

Do you feel great discomfort whenever hearing a specific sound such as loud eating or the sound of something being dragged on the floor? Many of us might not see it as something serious but the extent of difficulty may define a sound sensitivity condition named Misophonia.

Also called selective sound sensitivity, Misophonia is often experienced when a trigger sound reverberates into the hearing of a person being affected by it. Most common sounds charted that deliver hassle to a person suffering from Misophonia would be the loud sound of chewing, whistling or nasal breathing. Normally, these sounds would seem usual, but these cause pain and even hatred to the person afflicted by the said condition.

misophonia (3)

Reactions may vary depending on the state and intensity of the condition. Those who suffer from mild Misophonia may experience anxiety, slight disturbance, fidgeting, discomfort end even drive to be away from the source of ‘disgusting’ sound. On the other hand, people who are affected by a more serious intensity can feel rage and panic attacks.

Let us understand that people who have this condition do not live a normal life, since they are disturbed by a trigger sound that brings discomfort to them.

It might be even hard for some to admit and let every person around them know about it for the fear of affecting their social relationship with others. However keeping open communication would greatly help, as this condition can be mistakenly related to other psychological conditions like being bipolar disorder and anxiety.

misophonia (4)

It took a while before doctors determined the presence of Misophonia in some people and until now, the root cause is yet to be identified.

Treatments include a hearing aid that has a relaxing sound to create a distraction whenever triggers are audible. Some doctors also suggest talk therapy and antidepressants to help the patient reach a calmer state whenever panic kicks in.

Healthy running runner woman early morning sunrise workout on misty mountain road workout jog. sunflare through the mist gives atmospheric feel and depth to these fitness images; Shutterstock ID 103383071; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

Doctors also suggest living a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise and other stress reducing activities like biking, cooking, painting etc. to dwindle the rate of stress in the body.

Stress can make the condition worse and creating ways to decrease it would greatly help the person suffering from Misophonia.

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Remedies against fatigue: Treatments and medications


To get fit, it sometimes takes following just a few simple lifestyle rules.

The remedies against chronic or occasional exhaustion are not necessarily based on drugs.

So, what can be a remedy for any kind of fatigue?

The first remedy: Eating the right food
Energy strengthens our resilience against fatigue, favoring a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If we do not have a large appetite or if we are dieting, make sure to keep taking vitamins and minerals in food supplements. Sweets (candy bars, soda, etc.) should also be avoided because their chronic use can cause severe fatigue after a sugar rush.

The second remedy: More caffeine
Well known as a stimulant, caffeine increases the resistance to fatigue. But if you overdose, it aggravates the symptoms. Thus, heavy coffee drinkers (more than 5 cups per day on average) are more susceptible to fatigue than moderate drinkers (one cup a day). So, what is a good cure against fatigue? Regulating caffeine!

The third remedy: Drinking Water
Water is essential to our health and works really well against fatigue. It brings fluids and nutrients that our body needs while ensuring the transportation of waste for disposal. Any water deficiency results in the difficulty to recover, and therefore, an increase in fatigue. As such, it is recommended to drink at least one liter of water a day even before you feel thirsty.

The fourth remedy: Sports
Contrary to popular belief, regular physical activity does not cause fatigue. Instead, we regain our energy, decrease our stress and burn calories! Feeling invigorated , we increase the production of brain hormones, particularly serotonin. Another advantage is that playing sports strengthens the immune system.

The fifth remedy: Going green!
The natural anti-fatigue solution, and the most famous is ginseng. Both intellectually and physically stimulating, it is recommended for use against pump stroke. The effect is instantaneous. Royal jelly, another anti-fatigue solution, is a concentration of nutrients and energy. A great against fatigue, it causes increased activity and improved resistance to fatigue and other external aggressions, like cold stress.

The sixth remedy: Diet and Medication: There is an old recipe wherein once a month, we should clean our bodies by dieting for 15 hours. The night before, take a light meal. Do not swallow anything after 21 hours.

The next morning, drink only water until noon. By doing so, we become resistant against fatigue while getting rid of toxins. At noon, take a light meal. This is a great way to get a real boost!

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Control your emotions, the key to better sleep!


According to a new study, people who have difficulty controlling their emotions increase the risk of insomnia.

“These results are important because, even if the extent of the effects is limited, they suggest that to teach emotional regulation strategies could possibly help prevent cases of insomnia and reduce the risk of chronic insomnia, ” says Markus Jansson Fröjmark, co-author of the study from theSwedish University of Örebro.

Researchers used 2333 adults living in Sweden. They made them fill out several questionnaires about emotions and insomnia. Participants were asked if they had difficulty controlling their impulses, if they were not listening to their emotions, if they had difficulty falling asleep or if they constantly woke up too early.

The consequences these disorders have on their daily lives were also discussed. After the initial analysis of the results, the researchers were not able to establish a link between the lack of ability to control emotions and insomnia.

However, after six months of performing follow-up questionnaires succeeding the first analysis, the results began to vary. Of the original study group, 1887 participants answered follow-up questionnaires six months later and 1795 a year and a half later. It shows that people who lost the ability to manage their emotions were more likely to suffer from insomnia, particularly chronic insomnia.

The analysis of this new data allowed researchers to make a similar conclusion to the relationship between regulating emotions and the risk of chronic insomnia.

This study was backed by the British Journal of Health Psychology. A recent experiment conducted at the University of North Umbria helped 73% of its participants end their insomnia after a one hour session of cognitive behavioral therapy. The people were treated within three months after the onset of their insomnia.

The team of researchers, whose results are published in the journal Sleep, recommends treating insomnia as quickly as possible, which helps prevent depression that often follows periods of chronic insomnia.

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Advantages and disadvantages of home schooling your child


Thinking of homeschooling your child? There are many reasons to choose homeschooling over public schools. To help you make your decision, here are some pros and cons of homeschooling:

Homeschooled children perform better on standardized tests. For example, in a recent comparison of SAT scores, homeschooled children got an average of 568 on the verbal test and 525 on math, while the national average was 506 on verbal and 514 on math.

Homeschooled children can work on flexible schedules according to their needs and personalities. You do not have to wake your child up at 6:00 A.M. to prepare for school. If your child is not an early riser, you can start classes at 9 A.M. instead.

Your child receives focused attention when homeschooled. It is difficult for a teacher in a public school to give children the focused attention they need in a classroom full of 30 children.

Homeschooling gives you extra time to bond with your child and stll have more for the family. You can take educational tours with your family to experiment with each other.

There is no peer pressure in homeschooling. If your child mispronounces a word or does not give the correct answer, nobody will laugh or make fun of them. Nobody cares if they have the latest designer clothes. They can go to school in their pajamas, if they prefer.

Religion is avoided in public schools. However, you can include religion in daily lessons through homeschooling.

With homeschooling, you can define a learning pace that is right for your child. You know their strengths and weaknesses. If they struggle more with math than English, you can focus more on mathematics.

Public schools often may not have the best teaching materials available to them. With homeschooling, you can choose the best materials for your child’s needs and abilities.

Some disadvantages of Homeschooling

Be aware that even if homeschooling has many benefits for your child, it takes some sacrifices on your part. You will need to set aside time to prepare and give lessons, organize activities and excursions outdoors, and teach the child to form friendships and engage in other activities.

Another disadvantage of home schooling is cost. Parents who choose home schooling instead of free public education are mainly responsible for purchasing the necessary program, which can amount to an average of about $400 per child each year.

This includes costs for excursions, software and equipment for projects, and the many resources available for other parents. The cost is even higher for families in which one parent has relinquished his full-time job in school to stay at home. For those families who had previously relied on two incomes, this can be a serious drawback.

So, consider all of the factors before making a decision to homeschool your child. Make sure you can commit to it before you start.

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What does running means in dreamland?

running  (1)


You might have experienced it once or even a number of times before. Some depictions during sleep can be so intense that you find yourself suddenly waking up and panting for breath. As if the rigorous act truly occurred in real life, the thin line between the borders of dreamland and the real world become blurry for a split second.

Running in dreams seems to be quite normal, but the meaning behind it should be taken into substantial consideration, as it can metaphorically explain what occurs in real life. According to some psychologists, finding your self running while dreaming depicts subconscious fear that somewhat troubles the mind.

running  (2)

Running away means trying to avoid something. It is important to examine what occurred in the dream carefully and correlate it with the current situations happening in real life. It may be hard to decode things, but a thorough analysis would be helpful.

Anyway, no one should know you better than yourself. Do you have any dilemmas at work or a feud with your family that disturbs you in any way? How about some secrets that you want to keep to yourself? You might want to consider those things while examining the reason why you were running in your dream.


If you have dreamed about running towards something, it means that you are pursuing something in real life. Do you have a current goal that you are aiming for? Assess the dream and the overall feeling that dominates it.

Running to a particular thing or finish line vigorously means that you are positive and optimistic about the objective. Determination is the focus if the dream depicts a person running all by himself because this defines the one’s drive towards reaching advantageous results. This might also mean your readiness to deal with a current dilemma with the intention of ironing things out.

So the next time you experience waking up from a dream where you see your self running, do not be afraid and open up to your deeper self. Remember that dreams are reflections of your own fears and desires. Uncovering them means having a better understanding of yourself.

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