Blisters, how to deal


Blisters usually occur on the feet area. Not many may notice it, but blisters can take place in every part of the body. These tiny bumps can be painful and bring discomfort. This is a natural way of sending a message that there’s a part of the body that’s injured. Soothe the discomfort by having remedies that are within the reach and resides with you in the comfort of your own abode.

There are many factors why blisters pop out. The most usual cause, especially if it happens at the foot area is an ill-fitting shoes. Avoid wearing a footwear that’s not in the correct size. Not only your feet will thank you for it, but it will also give a room for each foot to breath and move freely inside that good looking shoe. Friction is another factor why blisters occur. Repeated acts can irritate the skin and can result in the appearance of blisters. Sunburn and allergic reaction can also be pointed as the main culprit for having these bumps. These conditions have usually been accompanied by burst and blood blisters. Be careful in dealing with these types because of the broken skin. Having an open skin invites the attendance of bacteria that might make the skin condition even worse.

Blisters are considered common and most do not need the seeking of medical help. It does not require medical treatment but first aid can be administered to alleviate the agony and pain. However, it is still best to be equipped with the basic know how of curing and taking care of the body part that has this discomforting fluid-filled sac.

Cushion it. Cover the affected area with a bandage or band aid. This will protect the skin against further friction and air exposure (for burst and blood blisters) that might trigger infection.

Do not pop. Popping the fluid inside the bubble might promote infection, especially on the first days after blisters popped out of the skin. Try not removing the annoying fluid inside the sac. Wait for the skin to heal itself. Usual time frame for blisters to get better is between 7-10 days. Some experts believe though that removing the fluid after several days will better the condition of the skin. If this is the case, make sure to use a sterilized needle and secure clean hands before piercing the bubble on the skin. Press gently until all fluid is drained. Put soothing ointment afterwards and safeguard the affected area with a bandage.

Go natural. Go natural. Aloe Vera gel has soothing effects. Its anti-inflammatory property deals well with relieving the swelling and redness. Dabbing an apple cider vinegar can also be an option. Its antibacterial properties fights bacteria on the surface of the skin that can trigger an infection. Get that diaper rash cream and pat it on your blisters because it also has antibacterial content in a milder form. Other nature wonders that can be used in treating blisters would be used tea bags and tea tree oil. These are also rich in contents that fight bacteria that will not trigger irritation of the skin.

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The mighty sprouts of alfalfa

sproutsYou might have encountered alfalfa, or alfalfa sprouts, somewhere in your Biology class or on that Greek restaurant menu as a part of a healthy salad.

Burrowing their roots at a deep-level of 30 feet into the ground, the wondrous Alfalfa plant then shoots the minerals back up to its leaves and sprouts making it one of the most accessible super food to ever hit mainstream markets.

You might have encountered alfalfa, or alfalfa sprouts, somewhere in your Biology class or on that Greek restaurant menu as a part of a healthy salad.

Burrowing their roots at a deep-level of 30 feet into the ground, the wondrous Alfalfa plant then shoots the minerals back up to its leaves and sprouts making it one of the most accessible super food to ever hit mainstream markets.

Dubbed as the Father of Plants, alfalfa is known to have a complex and detailed list of vitamins and minerals that will aid in bone strengthening and maintenance of a healthier and energetic version of ourselves. Some of the many nutrients present in alfalfa seeds and leaves are Vitamin B1, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Protein and Vitamin A.

One of the most noted reasons on as to why alfalfa is known to be a relevant flora is due to its capabilities in supporting circulation of air and blood which then boosts the immune system.

Some people use alfalfa in adding nutrients to their meals and as a coagulating compound when cooking. It is also a known fact that the Old Times used alfalfa as a purposive ingredient in tonics.

Some people also used the alfalfa leaves to help just-birthed mothers in breast milk stimulation. Alfalfa, when ground and turned into a paste, can also be used in repelling insect and mosquito bite the same way how citronella works.

Some of the known benefits that this wonder plant has included aiding general digestive problems, lowers bad cholesterol and reduces incidence of atherosclerotic plaque, detoxes the urinary tract, purifies the blood and liver, has a strong alkaline effect on the body, supports healthy blood sugar levels, especially when taken with manganese and supports the pituitary gland.

Healthcare manufacturers used the amazing benefits of alfalfa as an inclusion in dietary supplements and formulas. Even more so, they have made it more accessible to the masses by producing capsule versions of the plant.

Those who are free enough to spare some time in making alfalfa even more exciting use infuse the leaves on their morning tea, put a dash of chopped alfalfa leaves on their meals and salads.

The Vitamin K composition of alfalfa has made its way into being a relevant component in the formation and strengthening of human bones, hence, experiments made to check its plausibility in curing bone-related issues such as arthritis.

It is also being used to lower blood sugar levels and have been aiding the human race in minimizing risk of complicated diabetes. Furthermore, the Vitamin A, C, E and zinc components of this wonder plant can also aid people in dissolving harmful kidney stones and cure lacerations.

People who would want to grow their hair back can infuse a grounded alfalfa leaf with carrot and lettuce juice as a form of a drink to be taken daily. This would not only grow lost hair back, this can prevent further keratin deterioration.

Like any other type of products which involves herbs, you might just be cautious in consuming alfalfa and seek for professional advice first before going in for an alfalfa extravaganza. Reports of an upset stomach and lupus-like effects are drawn from consuming quantities of alfalfa leaves and sprouts and so being cautious would do everyone best.

People who need to avoid devouring or including alfalfa on their diets include persons with autoimmune illnesses, cancer patients, pregnant women and people with pre-existing gout.

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Desist grease and flip that beautiful hair


We know how hassle it is to have an oily hair. In the continuous quest of having a beautiful and healthy hair inside and out, having a greasy hair is a big no, no because this means attracting dirt and on both hair and the scalp that can trigger dandruff and itching.

There are several factors that we must take a look into why the hair and scalp tends to be in an oil state like of hormonal changes, unhealthy diet, stress and heredity. While the aftermath of having an oily hair can be controlled by targeting the main source of the root problem, determining it however could take time.

Stress no more as remedies come in hand and can be done at the comfort of your very own home.

Let us understand that the reason why we have an oily hair is because of the active glands that’s located in the scalp. Since the scalp is also part of the skin, it also has pores that are responsible for the secretion of oil. Some methods can be made, though in order to control and manage this kind of dilemma that banishes the beauty of the crowning glory.

People can try doing the tea rinse. The ever reliable tannic acid in tea has antibacterial properties that washes away excessive oil and dirt residing in the hair. Pour on the tea water and leave it on the hair for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly with either water or mild shampoo.

Another solution is by tapping the help of every mane’s best friend – aloe Vera. We know how effective aloe there is when it comes to bringing cure and augmenting health to the hair. Not only it can aid to the thinning crown glory, but it is also ideal for driving the grease away.

Mix the aloe Vera gel with mild shampoo and lather it to the hair. Leave it for several minutes to allow the mixture be absorbed by the hair. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the process twice or thrice a week.

Lemon juice is another aid in removing excessive oil. The acidic component in the lemon helps in balancing the pH level that causes the scalp to excrete much sebum. Squeeze out the lemon juice to two cups of water and massage it to hair for 2 – 3 minutes. Make sure to remove the solution from the hair properly. Leaving residue will tend to make the hair and scalp even oilier.

Banish the excess oil away with these tips and wear your pet hair all throughout the day.

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The cons of self-diagnosis

Online Self Diagnose

Limited time, packed schedules and then couple it with information clicks away, it’s always a temptation to grab your mouse and type on your keyboard to look up on Google what may be causing the illness we’re are experiencing lately. We think it is more efficient; one which will save you the gas and time in driving to the doctor. Most of us actually have done it and reach their own prognosis; however, there are always some perils with this habit.

While drinking up information about our current conditions, these are not enough to treat ourselves. Some insights are helpful, but consulting the doctors is still our best bet. In not doing so, there are several grave consequences we are risking.

The most obvious one is incorporating the symptoms of wrong illnesses. The issue with symptoms is they are not exclusive with one illness. Mood swings, for example, is the symptom of depression, bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder; but which of the three. In diagnosis, there are subtleties we can miss, which a doctor can help us with. Without an expert advice, we will most likely reach the wrong conclusion; thus, administering the wrong treatment.

Administering the wrong treatment can be detrimental. The least of our problems when we take the wrong drug or apply the wrong method is it is ineffective. The worst is the treatment causing harm more than good. For example, there are drugs, which can prove fatal when use. A pill prescribed to someone else will also make our problems worse, as we don’t know if our body is compatible with the treatment. We also don’t know if we have underlying illness apart from what we diagnose. It may cause complications and more problems, which is what we’re avoiding in the first place.

Another risk in self-diagnosis is underestimating your symptoms, especially when you are in denial of its possible causes. For example, you may lead to believing yourself that bleeding gums are only caused by hard-bristled toothbrush when in fact you already have gingivitis.

Opposite of underestimating your condition is thinking of the worst possible scenario. It has been hard-wired into our system to unconsciously think the worst to happen. One example is when you can’t sleep at night; you’ll start worrying that you are starting to develop insomnia when in fact it is only caused by snacking late at night. The worrying part is what will make things go from bad to worse.

With the repercussions mentioned above, you should know better that rely fully on diagnosing yourself with the help of the internet. While some insights will be helpful, consulting the doctor will always be our best course of action.

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PMS 101: A guide to women, and men?

Beautiful young woman in bed, with hot water bag on her tummy


Many would agree that being a woman requires a very tough soul, a steady disposition and million-mile patience when undergoing a bodily change. It is not unusual to have heard of stories from women who are experiencing premenstrual syndrome episodes of PMS. Simply said, PMS is the side effect of hormonal imbalances when a woman is near her menstrual period. Sometimes called ‘estrogen poisoning’, PMS usually involves tension, anxiety, depressed mood, appetite changes and weird food cravings, poor concentration, less sociable attitude, anger and irritability and insomnia.

Physically, women battle muscular pains, fatigue and headaches, fluid retention, which leads to weight gain, bloated feeling, and tenderness of the breast, visible acne and diarrhea. If you’re a guy, you might even be wondering how your beau surpasses all this every single month, and the answer still remains undetected. Women have different approaches in PMS, some of them don’t even experience any of the aforementioned symptoms at all, and some even have more bullet points of torture each month.

For girls, you might want to check if any of the following herbs would work for you as these are being used all over the world as short-term cures for PMS episodes: wild yam, lemon balm, gingko biloba, evening primrose oil, dandelion, burdock, black cohosh, Chasteberry, Maca and St. John’s wort. Whenever under the dark canopy of PMS, ensure that you would avoid sweets such as chocolates as this would heighten blood sugar and won’t really promote hormone stability.

Cut down on sodas, candy bars, coffee and energy drinks so as to ensure that you’re not adding up any more sugar in your bloodstream in the meantime. Vitamins and minerals can be your go-to ally whenever you feel like lightening up the effects of PMS. Invest in taking in Vitamin B complex, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Chromium, Calcium and Omega 3S.

For a more intense approach in relieving your PMS issues, you might want to visit a medical practitioner as soon as you feel that you cannot manage the effects no more and it is affecting the way you handle your daily life. Expect that your obstetrician or gynecologist would give you tabs in taking antidepressants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, diuretics and hormonal contraceptives for a deeper type of cure.

For guys or those being surrounded by a PMS-crazed lady, just keep up a sensitive and open mind to how they are feeling. While this is a monthly battle and they should be used to it, you must always understand that having a queasy disposition is not good at all. Give them time to compose themselves and aid them into being calm despite the chaos happening inside of them.

Offer them assistance and be fully aware of what they can and should be devoured. Instead of clashing with them when an argument flared-up, just be the forgiving one and don’t push to win at all. Remember, PMS is just a phase; it will soon be over and don’t stain a relationship just because of a short-lived health mishap.

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Healthy summer bonding with Asian Mojito


Mojito, a blend of mint and rum with a sweet twist of lime, is a refreshing “on the rock” (ice) cocktail that is usually found on beaches and summer getaways.

The original recipe uses spearmint which is popular in Cuba. In this Asian version, the spearmint was replaced by lemon grass, herbs known for its strong citric aroma. It has anti-flatulence properties which help in digestion, metabolism and relieves stress.

Its anti-carcinogenic properties on the other hand reduces the risk of tumors and growth of cancer. The soda water or sparkling water enhances every flavor of the cocktail and because it’s carbonated, it hydrates the body system without any caffeine and refreshes the whole you. The rum, the light one, was said to be good for the heart.

According to studies, it helps prevent common colds, muscle pains and even arterial clogging because of its thinner like action in the blood. Having no fats and carbohydrates, it’s sure is good for the heart.

In this mix, the rum was used for an extra punch of the cocktail. With the lime juice (lemon juice or the local calamansi juice would be fine if lime is not available), is said to help in digestion and relieves constipation. It also has detoxifying properties that help reduce weight. The sugar, either washed or not, adds taste and balances the kick of the rum.

To prepare, simply crush the bud of the lemon grass and place it in a Collins glass with 4 parts of rum and 6 parts of sparkling water and stir with a teaspoon of sugar and lime. An optional drop of vanilla would make it more tempting and tease the thirst out of you. This mix is advisable and healthy if taken in moderation.

Have a healthy summer fun with the punch of Asian Mojito!

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Look more professional by avoiding these communication habits

Young Professional

Our alma mater has been our practice ground for years. It equips us with knowledge and skills as we prepare for the time when we need to step out into the real world. However, there is still a significant difference when we are finally on the actual scene.

Even though we have some experience and insight on how the business world works, it is still nerve-wracking to be away from the roof of your school, which has been your shelter for two decades. We are in a new territory and beyond the basic protocol; there is always a question on how one should act.

Usually, this dilemma falls on proper communication between colleagues or employer-employee relationship, as it is most of the time a tricky business. To appear more professional and less than a girl or boy fresh out of school, here are the communicating habits you should avoid.


Inquisitive employees are being valued at work, as they display great interest and give an impression of thinking deeply. However, it is not good to always have your sentences always ending with a question mark.

People will upon you as if you don’t know how to make decisions and lack common sense if you ask every step of the way. You’re still learning the rope, yes; however, being independent has its plus sides.


This goes without saying, but it is always good to be reminded what to avoid even they are already obvious. If at school, it’s okay to use profanities as an adjective, it is a different matter at work.

Your colleagues are not always your football buddies (still highly unprofessional, even if they are) and using profanities all the time as a substitute for adjectives will gain you frowns and shaking of heads. Even if they are not directed to the person you are talking to, they are still rude, unprofessional and will make you look lazy to even think of simple response.


In or out of office, fillers are always a sign of bad communication. Example fillers are um, uh, like, so, etc. These few letter words can easily mar your credibility as a person and as a professional.

Your statements will have less meaning, less impact, and less regard, because of weak and less concise delivery. It is a clear sign you are not quite ready to take on the hurdles thrown into the real world.

Fillers also make you inarticulate, which are highly looked down. Do yourself a favor and refrain from using these words. Whenever you lost your train of thoughts, it is okay to pause and gather your thoughts. Only don’t take too long. It means you are unprepared.

Punctuations and Emoticons

You can get your point across without using too many exclamation points. Instead of making an impact, a misplaced punctuation reeks of childishness. Skip it in a working environment and only on a text to your friends.

This is also the same for emoticons. A smiley face at the end of an email can be a strategic move; one which can make you look approachable and open to ideas. However, further than that will be a stretch (e.g. after every sentence).

Long and Short Emails

How do you know if your email is too long or too short? Stick to the requirements. Be sure you answered every question in details with figures if necessary.

On the other hand, skip beat around the bush. Make the first and second sentence the key ideas. Be as informative as you can while still maintaining brevity.

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Keeping thy eyesight on its optimum level


Every human being sees the world through the use of eyes. We have come to appreciate every stroke of color on that Picasso masterpiece, the littlest details of that wedding gown the bride is wearing, the cerulean skies hanging above during summer, the water bubbles being formed when rain falls down and everything that this world is made of.

It is through the power of vision that we get to experience life’s moments in multicolor. And it is with huge concern that we take care of our eyes the best possible ways we can as like other organs, the performance of your eyes is somewhat degenerative, unless you have enough money for a laser surgery.

Below are some of the few tips that we can all follow to maintain the wellness of our vision without burning both sides of your pocket.

Not having any difficulties with your vision doesn’t necessarily mean that a doctor’s visit wouldn’t be necessary. Even though you might have considered your eyesight as second to none, it is best for you to seek validation from a practitioner. Medical professionals would have a better opinion, if your eyes are doing fine, and they must be the best resource persons to turn to, not your gut.

Eye exams that are being done when you get yourself checked might even give you some ideas on other parts of your wellness as it can define other health issues such as glaucoma and diabetes. Other potential issues and underlying problems on your sight can only be brought out in the open when you let your ophthalmologist take a sure peek on what’s going on.

We are all known to be under different environments on several circumstances. Being ahead of things should do you well when it comes to eye care and you should be sensitive enough in knowing when and where an eyeglass or a sunglass should be worn. When inside the office, make sure that your computer monitor is UV sensitive as unseen harmful rays can damage your eye performance. When out and the sun is shining, make sure that you have a protective eyeglass on with optimum AVA and AVB protection.

These simple gestures would be huge in the long run as your mobile most of the time. When playing sports, wear appropriate eye protection so as to ensure that no damage would be done. Having quick drops of eye solution would also benefit you when you’re using your vision for far too long, when the environment is humid and you’re experiencing dryness already.

Also make it a point that you’re eating healthily for your eyesight. Try to put the following food in your everyday diet and see to it that once in a while, you have a generous intake as advised by professionals — avocados, broccoli, fishes high in omega fatty acids such as salmon and tuna, spinach or kale, non-meat proteins such as soy, nuts and beans, dark-pigmented fruits like blackberries, blueberries, grapes, strawberries and cherries and anything with Vitamin C on it.

When you smoke, just be aware that it is one of the leading contributors in macular degeneration and if you can’t quit the habit, at least cut down on it.

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Essential key points in decluttering


Every once in a while, we find ourselves standing in the middle of our room amidst the piles of unnecessary things that we’ve come to collect over the years. From the endless music boxes with the dancing ballerina, to the huge ledgers of accounting books used during your year in Finance or the other seemingly unimportant trinkets of memories that you cannot even remember why it’s there and what it’s for.

Growing up, your room had accumulated different kinds of things that are either kept because of its sentimental value or just the sheer lack of declutter wisdom. While it might be ideal to retain everything that shouts of worth-remembering events in the whole course of your life, there should come a time to let go, especially when your bed just occupied one-eighth of the total bedroom space. Decluttering plays a vital role in keeping your essentials organized and this is a chore that you shouldn’t be running from.

You have studied half of your life and it is quite understandable that you have kept some textbooks and school materials under your bed. Disposing these things requires a tactic of weighing what should go and what should not. In reality, you can still keep the fire of knowledge burning through book donations and let other kids experience the wonder that these books have given you. Instead of feeding these materials onto the paper shredder, you’re technically helping others to be well-informed and educated. If you would really want to keep some of the book stash, that’s just fine, but having it replaced by an e-book would definitely save you some space.

And sure, you’re a music-file and have purchased a huge stack of CDs just to support your favorite band or singer. In this time and age, while music still plays a vital role in entertaining people, we all have been introduced in a more efficient way of listening and that’s through being electronic. While CD collections are still a big deal to some, it is just about time that we lean on to more ecological ways of patronizing music. If you’d want to get something from all these CDs you have purchased, selling them online would be your best bet.

Inside your closet, there is a good amount of clothing that you’re not using anymore because of two reasons — body changes or it’s not in season (i.e. winter clothes). The garments that are not in season, you can definitely keep, but for those ensembles who aren’t just getting you because it’s way too tight or too loose, you must cut ties with. While others might think that these outfits can still be worn after a few workouts, we must all be real that some of them might not be the trend anymore. Releasing some space in your closet is another way for you to invest on new sets of wardrobe. Feel good about doing a small garage sale in your neighborhood or even better; donate it to clothe those in need.

When some furniture takes a lot of space, be smart enough to know which still serves its purpose and which are just mere decorous. Since it is you who have the final say on how your whole household would look like, you’d have a clearer picture of what to discard. Don’t let this furniture be outdated junks that you’d soon stash away in the basement and let it rot there, hence, allot some time and effort in giving these out to your friends or family or sell them online.

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Aromatherapy candle scents for a better you


Some households nowadays have succumbed into the luxury of deodorizing through scents. It is just fitting that your home is where you are most of the time and different stenches of smell come in and out of the door so having a clean and fresh odor is as good as saying that your house is on its cleanest state.

We have all heard ways on how to eliminate strong and pungent smells through the comforts of your own kitchen and while we don’t say that some of it are ineffective, it’s just a bore to let a slice of lemon sitting on the countertop absorb all gut-wrenching scents available.

And once in a while we have visited the Home Depot or IKEA to purchase candles that is not just a cool way of decorating the house but for its underlying benefits of aromatherapy. We can call this as an indulgent ‘alternative’ in keeping your house smelling pleasantly and jolting some of your senses through its therapeutic properties. Listed below are some scents that you might be juggling with on the store and its foreseen benefits in your holistic wellness.

It is widely known that lavender is one of the best scents to pick for its soothing and calming effect to the body. Commonly placed in bedrooms and baths, lavender has been used since time immemorial and is said to have proven effects in treating headaches, cutting risks of stress, anxiety, depression and aid is in falling soundly asleep.

Citrus scents on the other hand, which includes but not limited to orange, lime, grapefruit and pomegranate, puts you in a livelier mood. It also has huge effects in lowering down stress and anxiousness. Studies even have hypothesized that citrus scented candles aid employee in keyboard errors and efficient document handling.

Vanilla scented candles would transport you back in time as the sweetness that this scent boasts has a tap on your memory and thinking. It is generally warm and soothing to the senses and even sometimes dubbed as an aphrodisiac. Well-placed in your bathroom, vanilla would definitely make your mornings calmer yet focused.

Cinnamon, like vanilla, has wonderful effects on your memory and is known to put you in a clear state of mind. It also aids in cutting exhaustion after a long day at work and settle your worked-out nerve endings. Lilac, as within the ‘memory’ group, helps you have better decisions and keep things straight for you whenever you have tons of work to do.

Lesser-known scents such as germanium and jasmine would definitely channel a relaxing and sensual scent. Rose scent, on the other hand, is known to have helped women balance their hormones. When irritated, light up a sandalwood candle to relieve your ticked disposition and soften depression.

Eucalyptus is strongly suggested to cure issues with the sinuses, keeps your breathing at its best and somewhat cure headaches and fatigue. Rosemary and peppermint-pegged candles are known to stimulate brain functions, heighten alertness and give you a better retention of things.

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