Concepts to Live by Behind the Steering Wheel

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People have been given equal freedom to drive, provided that we accomplished a rigorous driving lesson and were able to obtain a country-approved driver’s license.

With the right amount of skill, age and proper orientation on road safety and all the rules and regulations encompassed within, then there’s no reason for a person to hinder him or herself from driving.

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In this time and age, it is quite a common scenario to have seen people walking around with car keys on their belts and is being transported from one place to another on foot.

Streets are saturated with bulky or compact vehicles, sometimes dotted with fast-moving motorcycles and traffic that is either free-flowing or jammed to its core.

Depending on which city you’re in, the general look of the streets differs, but there are still things that are universal: road violations and common driver neglects.

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The power of the saying “always drive on the left” might be laughable to some but this can really promote safe and responsible driving. Giving room to others to pass by your right side is also a way of saving yourself from reckless drivers who think that the road is theirs to dominate.

Slowing down won’t get you a memo, so when crossing bends and turning, always do soft taps on your clutch and let go of your gas pedals because this isn’t a race.

Moving slowly would also do you good when the road is highly-congested and traffic is blatant. Always keep in mind that there’s no way to alleviate the time burned during bumper-to-bumper traffic jams, so don’t rush and accept the reality that traffic is now jokingly dubbed as a ‘way of life.’

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Seat belts and other safety gear (helmets, shoulder and knee pads when driving a motorcycle) must be worn at all costs, as this can utterly save a driver’s and a passenger’s life.

Getting your speed limit consciously at bay is also a key factor for safe and hassle-free driving sessions. Also, being mindful and sensitive to your vehicle’s distance from those in front and behind is an extremely beneficial reminder.

Lastly, being well-informed and acquainted with common road signs is an expectation from every driver who passed the tests before getting a driver’s license, so you are left with no excuse.

Knowledge is power as they say, and this is proven when you know the general traffic signs, symbols and reminders posted visibly on roads.

Keep your head cool and don’t insinuate arguments with yourself and other drivers while on the road. Keep your focus straight and drive with calm and ease all the time.

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Shackle Up on These Minerals to Treat Imbalances

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Women have surely experienced twisted moments in time when they just don’t feel well. It’s as if the whole world put them in a trap, making them feel queasy and uneasy on the inside. There are a lot of jokes about women getting crazed up once or twice a month, and we have all laughed about this silly notion.

However, it is not a laughing matter when women deviate from their usual selves, and hormonal imbalance is really a serious issue for both women and men to ponder on.

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If you’re a girl who undergoes hormonal imbalance every now and then, below are some of the supplements that you can use whenever an ‘attack’ is imminent. Hormones are inside our bodies, and the best way to combat imbalance is by taking a soluble that goes directly to your bloodstream.

Although the supplements you will read about below won’t eliminate hormonal imbalance completely, they would soften the repercussions to give you a better physical and personal disposition.

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Many women would know what a chaste berry is. This is the cure to all hormone issues. This herbal remedy is known worldwide to cure the effects of PMS such as headaches and irritability. It also alleviates some menopause symptoms. On a deeper level, the chaste berry is proven to put cure fibrocystic breasts, lessen the risk of miscarriage and invigorate ladies with low progesterone levels.

Since the 1950s, the herbal wonder called black cohosh has been relieving hormonal problems in women. Some of the known benefits of black cohosh include alleviating pain for women with osteoporosis, lowering risks of menopausal side-effects, easing painful menstruation and clearing the skin of unwanted acne.

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Vitamin B6 is a known mineral to have provided the human race with a wide array of health benefits for decades.

Since its discovery, Vitamin B6 has proven that it’s more than what we think it is. As for hormonal imbalance, Vitamin B6 is known to combat several PMS symptoms and effects, along with intense breast pain.

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Key points to consider before getting your dreamed tattoo etched


There comes a point in one’s life that the struggle of getting or not getting a tattoo is truly real. With all the self-expression linked with inking the skin, it makes the act all the more empowering. Some have jumped on the bandwagon of doing it, not just to follow a trend but because they’re tough enough to arrive at an important decision.

We have seen hundreds of famous personalities having their share of tattoos and we cannot deny that they look awesome, thereby inspiring us to get our own. Endless debates have been aired about tattoos’ eligibility to be counted as art, and the undying notion that it is simply liberating. Whoever won, no one would ever know, but the buzz now is the advent of people getting their skins marked with blood and ink.

Dramatic as it may sound, tattooing is such a fad these days that even the most conservative want their skin tattooed. Below are some of the things that you need to consider before carrying-out the act, and it’s imperative that you read well.

You must be well aware first that getting a tattoo means exposing your body to certain chemicals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, pen ink, soot and sometimes blood. Consider the odds, as the aforementioned elements would be applied to your epidermis, and tattoos don’t have the capability of being taken back. Once there, it would stay forever.

There hasn’t been any law to protect you if ever that there would be a mishap during your tattoo session, so better be careful in picking the artist to serve you. Also, chemicals aren’t monitored as tattoo inks are viewed to be cosmetic products and there’s a minuscule possibility of suing a tattoo ink company for not getting the right shade of blue that you have always dreamed of.

If you can find a way to think about the process a thousand times, do so. Be prepared to be hurt as needles would be pricking your skin a couple of times and pain is inevitable. Check your tolerance and trust your gut feeling if you can handle the whole thing. Also, ensure to be keen in checking if the needles that would be used in the very operation are sterilized, as you don’t want to expose your own skin to contagious diseases or nasty infections.

Before pulling the trigger, make sure that you spend good time to research on artists who you think can put tattoos on you the safest way possible. It might sound overly meticulous, but doing a background check on the tattoo shop, the artist and comments from previous clients would do you good. You must be on-point on what design you would want to be etched on your skin, which body part and the essence of tattooing in your general life.

If looking for work, check if the company allows tattooed employees. Avoid bony areas and settle with tiny parts of your skin that are thick for lower pain. Get yourself a skin test to avoid any further infections and adverse results. Before the day when you plan to get tattooed, don’t drink alcoholic beverages as this thins your blood.

Post-operation, you’d be prescribed with healing ointments and mantras to get the tattoo to dry up faster. Just don’t self- medicate as this might hinder the success of your newly-installed art. Refrain from it being exposed to the sun and being all too close to tight and ill-fitting garments. As how you normally heal a wound, putting up a medical plaster is definitely suggested.

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The summoning of truth and knowledge with the help of the dead


The thought is eerie and can bring shivers to the majority of us. Modern times linked it to darkness and everything bad. Thanks to the present-day depiction of this practice, the custom that was rooted from the old age has evolved into something fearsome as what has been shown on television shows and movies.

Necromancy is the art of calling the dead to get answers, foretell the future and even defend against something. There are no distinct accounts that prove the origin of the practice. However, ancient literature connotes that summoning ghosts has been an established custom of past cultures.

A good example of this would be found in Homer’s Odyssey when Odysseus had to travel to Katabasis, conduct rituals and utter prayers in order to call the gods and spirits of the underworld.

While there is no solid proof about necromancy’s origin, evidence from a number of countries confirms that this practice is part of the farthest corners of their culture. Chronicles in Persia, Greece, Egypt, Babylon and Rome state that the calling the dead is practiced especially by elder shamans and spiritualists.


Just like other rituals that spread out from different places, versions of conducting necromancy vary. Usually done during the wee hours, necromancers perform the deed at isolated places. It is important to focus while reciting the repeated prayer because the duration can take a long time.

The calling of a ghost might take hours, days or weeks. There are talismans involved, but extreme cases might also suggest the use of a dead person’s belongings like clothes, eating rotten food and worse, the flesh of an animal or person.

The ritual is performed within a circle because the said shape is believed to protect everything inside it – even from bad spirits that are called during the course of ritual.


While necromancy is used primarily for guidance, the birth of Christianity proved the opposite correlating the tradition to demonic acts and Satanism.

Since this mostly originated from pagan belief, the demolition of this tradition by regarding it as evil was beneficial for Christianity because it was in the pursuit of domination during that time.


Do not misunderstand necromancers as uneducated, though. Far from estranged hermits, necromancers actually hold important positions in society. As a matter of fact, some of them are scholars and advisors of leaders in some territories.

Most of these people are well versed and have great knowledge when it comes to astronomy and other sorts of divination. This is important, especially when it comes to defining signs and symbols that are used while calling the dead.

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Being More Connected through Technology

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The world nowadays is leaning towards the power of connection.

Gone were the days when one must write a long, handwritten letter which would then skim through the process of being delivered to another person from the opposite side of the globe.


We rarely see people sending each other constrained messages through the paid-by-word concept of telegrams.

Devoid are the ways of letting an argument pass due to the tedious process of conversing, the long wait for delivery men and the unwritten thoughts masked by the inability to express it.

The world is now a carousel of instants: messages, voice and a wide array of items.

Global Village, as how it’s now tagged, is where we are reveling and would be in for a few decades to come.

We are all introduced to a new way of communicating which can fit inside our pockets, write through a swish onto touchscreen glass, thoughts now being transcribed into digital media that’s convenient, concise and less time consuming.

The amazing ways of being in touch with almost anybody have given us the relief that in one way or another, we would never ever be alone, again.


The use of telephones to clearly express emotions, the flick of a mobile phone entitling us to converse in such a way that a second seems long and the help of fast-paced deliveries let us experience business transactions as if the one we’re doing business with is at arm’s reach.

We all have taken advantage of the distance now made closer, and while there are a lot of ideologies that are negative most of the time, we can all agree that it aids us in more ways than it doesn’t.

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We are now subscribed into being in the loop for new information, the latest updates and even the simplest things that we are not really interested in knowing.

What’s more exciting to ponder is the probability of having more innovation in the future, and how small the world can get when these developments are deployed.


We can expect better ways to talk, upgraded and digital methods of being in the know, and endless options for information that will certainly improve our way of life.

Human beings won’t be content and this would only shed light onto the fact that everything just keeps getting better.

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What is the alkaline diet and how does it work?

woman with fruits rejecting junk food

Maintaining balance is important, especially when it comes to health. This is the same reason why diverse fitness programs and eating plans are designed to work with the unique needs of each individual’s lifestyle and health requirements.

The alkaline diet is no exception when it comes to aiming for good health, as it primarily concerns the pH level of the body. As the golden rule states, the pH level of the body should reach 7 on a scale for it to be considered balanced. Anything below is acidic and is considered dangerous. It is also recognized in the color of urine. If the urine is darker, this hints that the body is in need of water to combat dehydration.

The alkaline diet requires a person to minimize or stay away from acidic food like fast food, processed food, dairy and meat. Instead, opt for those that provide alkaline such as fruits, vegetables and herbs in order to maintain the body’s pH balance.

Too much acid in the body can cause chronic diseases that are detrimental to our health. Conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol are some of the effects of eating food that has a high acid content.

Ideally, a plate of a person that follows the alkaline diet should be composed up to 80% alkaline forming food while the rest is left to acid forming foods. Avoid eating processed foods completely. Instead, go natural with beans or grains. This will allow you to have better digestion and will save you from the risk of getting cancer .

Just like most diets available, the main rule of this diet program is to resort more to fruits and vegetables to preserve balance for a more functional body and a longer life that’s free from illnesses.

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More than just a beauty in your garden, the Marigold is a gem (public domain image)

They are these yellow, red and sometimes orange colored flowers that are eye catching even among other belles found in the garden. Their vibrant hues are not only captivating, but also have an uplifting ambiance. We know how relaxing plants are, but pairing them with the beauty of these waving and inviting petals make looking at them even more enjoyable.

The beauty of marigold is not solely measurable through its appearance. It might not be common knowledge, but this gorgeous plant also offers benefits that make our well-being better and healthier. Also known as Calendula officinalis, one of the amazing benefits of this plant is its capability to cure cancer. Taking an amount of marigold has been proven to reduce the size of cancer tumors and halt the formation of cancer cells.

The plant is known to be rich in anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, which also works great with wounds and allergies. Not only does it treat broken and irritated skin, but it also helps in rebuilding damaged layers of the skin due to its soothing effect. Using it as a topical ointment can also treat varicose veins, athlete’s foot, sunburn and eczema.

It is also safe to use for the treatment of eye irritation and infection. Inflammation and redness can be reduced by washing the eyes using the extract from boiled marigold leaves. Do not discard the excess fluid should you have prepared more than needed, because it can also be used to wash the skin. Since it has healing properties, boiled marigold can also work well in removing pimples.

Upset stomach can also be cured by drinking tea made from this plant. Other stomach conditions like diarrhea, ulcer and even worms can be treated by having a dose of marigold tea. The extract mixed with warm water relaxes the stomach and grants healing in the process.

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No to sagging of skin

Sagging of Skin

Sagging of the skin can affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence. It is caused by natural aging, exuberant smoking and drinking, obesity, pregnancy and excessive weight loss where the skin loses its elasticity.

Sagging of the skin can be hard to treat, if you want to get rid of it fast, you need to contact your doctor and undergo surgery, but there are also home remedies to help sagging of the skin:

1. Egg Whites – This home remedy has a substance called ‘hydro lipid’ and can act as a natural astringent to tighten up the sagging skin.

Just whisk one or 2 eggs until they get a foamy structure, then apply this to the sagging part of your body, leave it for 20 minutes or more and rinse with water. Do this twice a week for more radiant and firmer skin.

2. Lemon Juice – Lemon has Vitamin C that helps to boost collagen production that can result in the restoration of the skin’s elasticity. It also has a substance that can tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles and other aging problems.

Just apply fresh lemon juice and rub it on the affected area for 10 minutes then rinse it with water. Make sure to do this twice to thrice a day for better results.

3. Aloe Vera – This is best home remedy for sagging skin because it has a good element called Malic acid that makes the skin firm and tight, and it also helps to improve the elasticity of the skin.

Just extract some gel from the aloe Vera leaf and put it over sagging skin, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this every day for better and faster results.

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The Online World Can Be Unsafe, Guard Your Own Credentials


With the advent of technology, it is quite clear that people have succumbed into the idea of finding comfort and convenience in this interconnected society.

We have witnessed developments brought about by technology in medicine, mobile phones and the Internet. So far, most of us can agree that these feats in technology are advantageous and exciting. One trend that has resulted from this is online shopping for everyone.

The rules are simple: products are posted online, you choose which one sparks your interest, enter the necessary details to fill up an order form and your product is delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy. This is beneficial for those who have little time to go to a mall and shop, but since technology made the populace smarter, we should all be cautious about online transactions.

One tip before you hit that enter button is to limit your shopping to trusted websites. Do a little bit of research like checking reviews of social media sites. When shopping online, know that your payment information will be gathered so ensure that it is protected.

As a simple logic, your payment method is an extension of yourself and your fiscal stability, so keep it private. Make sure that all costs are listed clearly on the webpage before you making a purchase.

Any costs for shipping, value added tax and tips must be itemized. Your chosen payment method should also be insured with buyer protection so if worse comes to worst, and then you have a company to aid you in getting back what you spent.

Check-out pages for online websites must be encrypted and you’ll immediately see this with a little ‘lock’ icon on the URL bar. If there’s no encryption, try to purchase your chosen product from another online store. Your bank account statements should be checked frequently if you’ve successfully made a purchase online, as this would be your cue if something weird is happening.

Passwords should be strong and it is best for you to follow the instructions given for password creation. You must also be keen on your web transactions and ensure that you have a detailed record of your purchases and government-recognized receipts. Studies have also proven that for online transactions, buyers are more comfortable with communicating via live chat, instead of e-mail and calls.

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The Science behind Your Hobby Called Slouching


When we’re in the office, or enjoying our recently downloaded TV series at home, or even reading this article, chances are you are sitting… in a slouching position. We all have this wrong notion that sitting helps us to relax strained muscles or rest our extremely stretched backs, but is there really any harm in sitting that we should be alarmed about?

Experts from all over the world have deduced some facts about why prolonged and improper sitting can be disastrous, despite the simplicity of the act. Unknown to us are some related events happening in the body when we let posture and physical activity go, and below is some information to make you think twice before strengthening your affinity with your most beloved chair.


One piece of information that strikes a chord is that prolonged and inappropriate sitting might cause organ damage. Experts concluded that the risk of heart disease is at its peak when a person has been seated for longer than eight hours straight. Remaining sedentary while sitting means that your muscles burn less fat, resulting in slower blood flow. This would then open the gates for fatty acids to clog the arteries of the heart.

Your pancreas can also be affected if you have been immobile for far too long. This organ is known to administer insulin to the bloodstream, and too much of this can cause diabetes. Your muscles, which should be filtrating insulin from being absorbed by your body too much, perform below standard since you don’t move at all.


Muscle degeneration is also one of the many things that sitting sluggishly might result in. Your abdominal muscles are specifically the band of muscles that keep you upright. When you sit improperly, this patch around your stomach also becomes sedentary, and can even be an underlying reason for you to develop hyperlordosis. Prolonged sitting can also weaken your glutes, or the muscles on your hind and hips. When this happens, you’ll definitely feel some moments of instability while standing, difficulties in pushing and the inability to perform a powerful stride.

Your backbone or spine is also at risk of having hardened collagen due to immobility. When a person moves, the discs of your spine contract and absorb fresh blood and nutrients, and so if you have been sitting for a long period of time, these bones become soft and brittle. Unfortunately, a person who has been stuck in a chair for a prolonged duration than normal is at risk of developing herniated lumbar disks.

If you are guilty of this overlooked act of sitting improperly for a long time, don’t fret as there are some ways to alter this habit and keep your health at its best. Ergonomics, or the science of sitting and moving properly, has some pointers to give regarding the right sitting position which includes your shoulders to be relaxed, arms close to your sides, strong support for your lower back muscles and bones, your feet flat on the floor, your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle and refraining from leaning forward too much.


Every once in a while, get your blood flowing by alternately sitting and standing. Stretching your hip muscles and sitting on something wobbly could also be of huge help to avoid the aforementioned downsides of sitting incorrectly.

Taking a quick walk to the bathroom and doing the cow and the cat pose in yoga might also be some things that you can keep in mind.

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