Pay Attention before Signing Up for Life Insurance


Nowadays, there is an advent of people investing their hard-earned money on life insurance. Many view life insurance as their families’ ticket to financial freedom and stability if in the unfortunate event that they face morbidity. Truly, the concept of ‘saving for your death’ is an absurd act to do, but more and more patrons have placed their trust in the complex process of insurance.

Simply put, life insurance is a lump sum of money from a deceased investor given to his/her immediate family members and beneficiaries. The money gained somewhat compensates your lost income post mortis, and covers the cost of living for your family. Life insurance is like your preparation for your impending demise and this is your way of still extending support to those you love, despite the loss.

Life insurance is beneficial as this would cover some of the needs your family might have, including but not limited to education, career training, nursing care, pending mortgages or even paying off loans and hanging debts. Aside from fiscal matters, your life insurance would also cover your family’s health and wellness. Your loved ones would be able to receive monetary support if they are under ongoing medical attention, specified medications or home care for your elderly parents.

Some other intangible things that life insurance can support are extended help in child care, housekeeping, landscaping, financial management, cooking and even the things we take for granted like groceries and shopping. Life insurance offered nowadays by huge outfits would also provide their clients with various options and flexible terms to cope with the demands of the ever-needy modern professionals.

One thing that a planning client must consider is the investment amount he or she will give in order to support all future needs. You must be fully aware in identifying which responsibility needs more financial attention and which can just be set aside as part of your terms. In order for you to do this appropriately, you must perform a serious assessment of your assets and liabilities and categorize them one by one.

Experts say that for you to have life insurance that would definitely aid you and your family, picking among 3 to 5 responsibilities is suggested. Purchasing life insurance might actually be a mathematical whirlwind and this is where insurance agents would come in. They would be your calculator and advisor on the things that you might not understand at first. Also, it is imperative for you to do extensive research on the company you would invest your money in. Remember, it is your family’s future that’s at stake and you shouldn’t compromise on realizing this goal.

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The Benefits of Involving Your Kids in Finishing Household Chores

Blowing Foam -Fun In The Kitchen

Instilling discipline in children is definitely not easy. Kids nowadays are born in a society wherein convenience and comfort are gained through the use and abuse of technology. Being too modernized is rooted to how children mature, and this is something that parents are truly worried about.

You can see kids tucked into bed with tablet computers smacked right at their faces, or preadolescents glued to their television screens to be fully updated on the latest series they are addicted to. These types of kids do not even raise a finger to tap off dust from their window sill, or are too lazy to turn the dishwasher on.

Finishing Household Chores (2)

Parents, read below and see how you can train your kids to be involved in doing chores and avoid becoming slaves of modernization, even at an early age.

Parents can start educating their kids to do household chores from 2 to 3 years old. At this stage, children should be taught of their roles as members of the family with accompanying light responsibilities. Since they are not fully capable of doing chores that require strength and logic, parents should start by delegating some of the lightest tasks to them.

One of the core concepts that can be passed at this age is ownership. Since they would play with their toys for almost the whole day, it’s best to start at this point. Let them realize that since they are the ones who create the mess, they should also tidy it up. Simple chores such as picking up their toys or putting their dirty clothing in the basket before they take a bath would be perfect at this stage.

Rear view of children and father washing dishes at kitchen sink

Since children improve their motor skills and comprehension as they grow, four to seven year old kids must be given appropriate household chores for them to retain what you’ve instructed during their younger years. The scope of chores for children at this age includes maximizing of focus and understanding.

Some of the things you might want to educate them on include making their own bed, feeding your domesticated pets, simple dusting around the house, ensuring that their room is tidy, help out in drying the dishes, setting the table and cleaning it after eating.

Finishing Household Chores (3)

Preadolescents of eight to eleven should be prompted into participating in full-house chores. Teasing them to be the best team player would be ideal as kids within this gap are hungry to be on top. Make them move around the house like a real adult and invest confidence in them all the time.

Making them feel that they are entrusted with a huge act would boost their morale not only inside the premises of your own home but on the outside, too. Some of the chores that you can let them do include helping you clean the bathroom, peeling vegetables in the kitchen, preparing their own snacks for school, emptying trash bins, sweeping and vacuuming floors, and putting laundry into the washing machine.

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Save your baby from diaper rash with these home remedies

Save your baby from diaper rash

The idea of our little ones crying due to the pain and itch diaper rash gives isn’t a welcomed thought at all. Who can ever stand seeing an innocent baby crying because of the discomfort this unwanted condition brings?

An infant’s skin is delicate and fragile, which is why extra care and the religious habit of maintaining its cleanliness is a duty of not only moms but of every adult that surrounds them. However, let us take into account that sometimes, no matter how keen we are on looking after a child’s well-being, the occurrence of diaper rash is inevitable.

Prevention is better than cure as they say. Making sure that the skin is clean and dry after pooping or urination is an effective way of avoiding the red rash. We understand that excretion for infants isn’t as coordinated as older people and they can happen often at any time of the day.

Since this is the case, give time for the skin to breathe. Do this by removing the diaper for an hour, ideally after the baby has pooped. Diapers tend to create an enclosed environment that can trigger the production of sweat and moisture that becomes the primary reason for diaper rash.

When diaper rash occurs, use specifically designed creams and jellies to treat the problem. Moms who are into organic materials can reach for witch hazel in order to relive the redness and itching and eventually banish the rash. The cooling effect of Aloe Vera can also combat the dryness. Pat a thin amount of Aloe Vera gel after every wash until the redness and bumps subside.

Mothers shouldn’t look too far as their breast milk can also help. The components in breast milk are effective in alleviating the pain from the irritation in the skin. Safe and economical, using this as lotion will also heal the rash.

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Gel eye masks are your eyes’ best friends

Eye masks (1)

There will be people who seem to be born with innate eye bags. This is a nightmare for women because this means adding more steps to their daily regimen, especially when preparing and putting on make-up. Eliminating these stubborn eye bags may seem to be easy, but not for some.

Heredity is one of the main culprits as to why some people have eye bags even if they have complete sleep. While medical procedures are now available to eliminate these flaws, sessions can tend to be pricey. Worry no more because the solution may just be hiding in your favorite beauty store or drugstore.

Eye masks (2)

Ladies and gentlemen, you may want to consider getting gel eye masks to cure those incessant black holes right under your eyes. Not only will they make your eyes look and feel fresher, they will also help the circulation of blood around your eyes.

The gel that surrounds plastic eye masks is formulated to soothe those tired eyes especially after a long day of staring at your computer. This is also your instant cure right after staying up late last night.

Eye masks (3)

Aside from treating eye bags, gel eye masks can also be your quick fix during unwanted moments of head ache. You may want to reach for one whenever experiencing a migraine because the cooling effect will alleviate the discomfort.

Just make sure to clean your gel eye mask every now and then to prevent the buildup of any unwanted bacteria that can cause acne or rashes around your eyes. Always put them inside the fridge while covering them with plastic so that they’ll be set whenever a situation needs their help.

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A Short List of Strategies for Routine Car Check-Ups and Maintenance

A technician checking car engine

Like any other investment we’ve made, maintaining a car is as demanding as that of a house. Many people are addicted to ensuring that their cars are always in the best condition, and we can all agree that it is just and right for an owner to take care of his belongings.

But how far should a car owner go in examining his wheels and how would you know if your car is getting the care it deserves?

Car Check (2)

Monthly, it is proper for you to check some parts and details that mature faster than the rest of the automobile. One of the most important things to check is the car’s oil level as it makes the vehicle function.

The oil must always be sufficient and if it’s running low, you should fill it up to what’s acceptable. Leaks in the tank must also be prevented, as this might damage the performance of your car in the long run.

Hoses present under the hood must also be free of bulges, scratches and tears and you must be responsible enough to replace it as soon as you see a discrepancy.

Car Check (5)

The vital motor belts must be kept in their best condition and further mechanical help should be sought when they are frayed, glazed or worn. Tire pressure is also a part of your daily routine, and should be checked if it’s firm enough for even the shortest drives.

The coolant system must be devoid of any leaks and should always be filled adequately. Air filters should be cleaned to avoid affecting the car’s overall temperature.

Woman talking with her car mechanic at the repair shop

After a quarter of using your car, some of the things that you need to ponder on include the oil and oil filter, the windshield water fluid as it will decrease when frequently used, same as the power steering fluid. Furthermore, you must also see to it that your transmission fluid is intact and ample.

As for batteries, the wear and tear might be normal, but if you notice any corrosion, replacing it might actually be beneficial. You must be sensitive enough to analyze if your batteries are still functional by cleaning it manually first. Lights, both inside and outside the car, must be checked if working properly. Otherwise, replacements are necessary.

090701-N-5821P-052 SIGONELLA, Sicily (July 1, 2009) Aviation Support Equipment Technician 3rd Class Tony Perkins of Fayetteville, Ark. attached to Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department at Naval Air Station Sigonella, performs a routine oil change to a 42 Tow Tractor. NAS Sigonella provides logistical support for 6th Fleet and NATO forces in the Mediterranean. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jason T. Poplin/Released)

After six months, a car owner must perform a rigorous check of the ins and outs of the vehicle. It would be better if it is examined by the manufacturer themselves.

Some of the things you should prioritize include the wiper blades, the effectiveness of the horn, brakes for the usual wear and tear, the usability of your spare tire, ensuring that your exhaust system isn’t damaged, loosened or unhinged in any way and if shock absorbers are still functional.

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Baba Vanga: The Prophecies of the Blind

Baba Vanga (1)

The human mind has always been curious; always in pursuit of knowing the reasons behind everything. This is one of the reasons why practices like fortune telling tickle the interest of many. The mystique that surrounds different kinds of foresight has garnered a solid following from people who want to know about this unusual body of knowledge.

There will be people who would claim to possess a special gift when it comes to telling the future. However, only a few legitimate names arose throughout history. Even in the past, sorcerers and wizards held important roles in society, even in politics. Rulers would receive their counsel in seeing the future, maintaining order and preventing disasters.

While some narratives depict these people as evil, those with clairvoyant abilities have become useful and their capabilities were recognized.

Baba Vanga (2)

Sometime in World War II, a blind woman believed to predict the future with great accuracy attracted attention. The world came to know this person as Bulgaria’s Nostradamus due to her forecasts that mostly came true. Her stature as a reputable fortune teller became evident when the Bulgarian tsar Boris III visited her. Since then, visits from important people including politicians, dignitaries and even commoners became common.

Born Vangelia Gushterova, the prophetess used to have two working brown eyes. However, the young Baba Vanga was lost in a storm and found after a long search. This was not verified but narrations indicate that this instance was the reason why the young fortune teller lost her sense of sight.

She underwent several operations in an attempt to recover her ability to see but all of these failed. After seeing many dreams that depicted the future, more and more people soon realized her one of a kind ability, which then led to a growing number of followers.

Baba Vanga (3)

According to accounts written about her, Baba Vanga was able to make predictions with the help of invisible creatures. As to what kind or how they look like, no clear descriptions were made. The books that narrated her works and fortune telling were written by the people who surrounded her during her lifetime.

One of the most famous prophecies that became reality was the 9-11 attack. Another intriguing prediction was the invasion of Muslims in Europe in the year 2043. Some people see the recent Paris attack as an event related to this. While studies say that nearly 80% of her predictions came true, one of the most controversial was the surge of World War III that was said to transpire in 2010. Evidently, this didn’t happen.

Before she passed away, she mentioned that a blind 10 year old girl would inherit her abilities. The said heiress of the unusual ability is said to be living in France.

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Never Feel Guilty Again When You Eat Desserts


One thing that people usually want after that scrumptious lunch feast or that restaurant dinner is dessert. Many have joked that ‘stressed’ spelled backwards is ‘desserts’, and this is the part of your daily meals that you shouldn’t miss. It is true that it is customary to devour something sweet and sugary so that all of the savory remnants of your rib-eye steak will be contradicted and washed down in an amazing way.

Dessert is the type of food that brings out the inner kid in you – from that molten lava cake or that sophisticated yet luscious-looking tiramisu, to the sweetened glazed banana slices up to the bone-chilling salted caramel ice cream – all of these are part of our sweet gastronomic fantasies. Aside from putting those victorious smiles on our faces while we munch down on carbohydrates and sugar, eating dessert has more benefits than we could imagine, and some of them are listed below.

Eating desserts is essentially taking carbohydrates in the most enjoyable manner. While some might indulge on too many sweets, experts have given us enough warnings to eat dessert in moderation. When the appropriate amount of sugar is in the bloodstream, a person who ate dessert properly will be refueled with energy and starch, which keeps the body more receptive to movement.

Scientifically speaking, carbohydrates are also catalysts that help release the hormone serotonin, which is responsible for making people happy. If you think that the merry feeling you feel when you take that first bite of your cappuccino cheesecake is due to your brain fantasizing, it is really because of serotonin. Being happy would then aid the body in its well-being in an emotional aspect, and yes, you’d be enticed to finish all of your day’s work right after lunch because you’re smiling the stress away.

When you’re watching your weight, eating small amounts of dessert after every meal would actually help you in your endeavor, contrary to the common myth of sugar being a fattening agent. Balancing your craving for sweets can be achieved through eating small portions of those honey-glazed doughnuts, instead of completely depriving yourself from it and devouring even more than the usual amount when you decided to binge.

According to experts, it is not smart to ignore the urgency to eat sweets because you want to slim down. As a matter of fact, it can even lead to fatal results as your mind would want to eat more than expected. Dessert is the food class that can be altered on a whim, so this is another hidden advantage on your end. When you want to improve the health benefits of your dessert, then it is best for you to incorporate fruits.

Be creative enough to fuse health and enjoyment by making sure that your chosen dessert would be delectable. Lastly, it is a fact that sugar and all minerals akin to it would do you good in diminishing sluggishness, stress, mental exhaustion and physical strain more effectively.

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The Art and Mastery of Working Efficiently

Working Fast and Swift (1)

You need to be congratulated if you haven’t worked at any point in your adult life, because the truth is, we are all fated to experience the precarious demands of being employed.

It does not matter if you are the boss or the lowest ranking employee. When your occupation needs you to accomplish something, you are obliged to do so because you are paid.

Working Fast and Swift (2)

Many employees have mastered the skill of delivering what’s asked of them in a timely manner, while there are millions who have difficulty just to crunch up on deadlines. Time is a very important component of any kind of job, and if you want to be the month’s best employee, then read on for some tips of working as swiftly as you can.

Having a clear state of mind would do you wonders when you are time-bound with a specific task. You must keep your focus and avoid deviating from what’s expected of you. A clouded mindset would lead to slower work, and maybe an angrier superior. Before you start working, you must clearly see how the day would end and the things you need to do in between.

Also, stop asking questions about why you need to do what you need to do. This only hinders continuous focus and motivation. Always bear in mind that you would not be given the task if it’s not essential to your work. While many idealistic people would definitely push you to ask ‘why’, this should not be applied when you’re working under a deadline. Having these silly, defensive questions would just muddle your concentration and slow down your pace.

Working Fast and Swift (3)

Ergonomics also plays an important role in keeping tabs on your success. Having a clear desk, listening to calming sounds and having a well-lit room are some of the many ways to keep you up and running.

The ambience of where you work should be pleasant, motivating and efficient. You must always exercise your empowered alter-ego and invite the most positive vibes. Avoid moments of idle time as this might lead you to work slower.

Working Fast and Swift (4)

On top of it all, if you want to reach the finish line, you must not stop under any circumstance. You will definitely encounter some blockades and detours along the way, but quitting should never be an option.

You might also be faced with the inviting claws of relaxing in the middle of work and you should never give-in. If you want to seal the deal for a specific task, then you must keep your game face on to finish it faster than you thought possible.

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The perils of reusing plastic bottles

plastic bottles (1)

Recycling is a way of protecting nature by reusing materials for other functions aside from its original intended use. This is a common practice especially for non-biodegradables. While this is encouraged, there are some things that people need to know in order to protect our health.

It’s been taught in schools, communities and media. We’ve seen the segregation of waste bins from bio to non-biodegradable in different sectors. Most establishments promote the proper grouping of wastes. Look at the non-biodegradable bin and you’ll notice a stack of plastic bottles that makes up most of the waste from the said garbage group. It’s no surprise because these containers are available everywhere.


So how do we recycle these plastic bottles? By reusing them – most of us would answer. Reusing a bottle means putting in another batch of liquid for drinking. The intention is great, but is it safe? Sorry folks, the answer is no.

Studies prove that using plastic bottles per se can cause cancer, reproductive illnesses and other serious health conditions. Chemicals found in plastic bottles such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates adversely affect the natural, chemical and hormonal functions of the body.

Also, they severely affect pregnant women and babies inside their wombs. The worst case would be premature labor and deformities in newborn children. The longer a liquid is stored inside the plastic bottle, the more it will strengthen the development of bacteria and the concentration of harmful chemicals that mix with the drink.

Collection of Open Water Bottles ca. 2001

Plastics are everywhere, and diminishing them will take a long time especially nowadays where everything needs to be instant and every need must be within reach. While we hope for new developments in future plastic creations that are less hazardous to both our health and the environment, let us do our part for now and take care of both the surroundings and our own health.

Try to lessen the use of plastic by bringing your own tumbler or mug. If there is a need to recycle, think of more creative ways other than refilling bottles with drinks. Release your inner artist and channel your creativity through the use of bottles in a decorative and functional way.

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What you need to know about the waist trainer fad

waist trainer fad (1)

Popularized by the highly-exposed Kardashian family fad, the craze of wearing waist trainers to achieve an ideal hourglass figure has become so popular that we see every lady friend we have on social media with photos wearing corsets. There is no denying that curves run in the blood of the girls in Hollywood’s reality shows, but theirs are even more defined by the binders that they wear.

But is this method safe? Long before Khloe and Kim and Kourtney, women of the 16th century, especially those in western countries, have been using this garment as part of their everyday clothes. That being said, wearing waist binders seems harmless. Are they effective? If you are someone looking for an instant result, waist trainers may not be for you.

waist trainer fad (2)

To achieve results, a waist trainer has to be worn for a certain number of hours every day. Doing this not only helps in getting that coveted hourglass shape, but it also helps in improving posture. Steel boned corsets push the wearer to straighten up their torso, which helps eliminate the hunchback posture most women acquire from a bad stance.

There are also some who claim that wearing corsets creates an illusion of being full, hence eating small proportions during meal time. This is good especially for those who find it hard to maintain discipline when in front of a wide selection of food.

waist trainer fad (3)

If you are the type who wants to slim down without lifting a finger, then forget waist trainers. Since they compress fat in the mid-section, it doesn’t mean they dissolve unwanted flabs completely. Pairing a corset with your exercise routine is a great combination to achieve a toned body.

Some claim that they experience dizziness while wearing corset. Beware of the tightness and loosen or adjust the waist trainer to avoid any difficulty in breathing. Bear in mind that wearing a corset will not feel comfortable at all but consider this as an indication that it works.

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