Lime and cloves mosquito repellent

In the world of living things, a safe environment is important. Humans tend to do whatever it takes to live in a place where they can be safe. Knowing that disease carrying insects are everywhere, the best solution to avoid them is by buying some insect spray from the store, and this often costs you fortune.

But humans never gave up on looking for what is needed to not only avoid these killer insects in a natural way, but also to avoid spending more money on a product that is costly and may have chemicals that could harm your family.

lime and cloves
Lime and cloves

Mosquitoes bring different kinds of diseases. S Examples of these are dengue and malaria. They carry viruses that infect humans when bitten. We have a lot of instant insect repellents that you can buy over the counter.

But sometimes, those products aren’t what we’re looking. When buying a product, there are factors to consider, especially in buying insect repellent. Yes, they may all be effective in some ways, but is it best for human health when we consider chemical content. As they say you, can never go wrong with natural remedies!


Did you know that limes and cloves are very effective in avoiding mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects? Yes, you heard it right! A very natural way of avoiding killer insects, here is the very easy step-by-step procedure to make this wonderful outdoor insect repellent.

Of course, you must have a lime and cloves to start the process, and you just need to follow three simple steps. 1) Slice the lime into two 2) add 10 to 15 cloves 3) put them in a plate and place that on a table outdoors. Easy right? This is just one of many outdoor insect repellents we could use naturally, safely and effectively, and it won’t cost you dime.

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You are stronger than your depression


The disorder called depression can range from a mild form of melancholy to a condition that can compromise the vital prognosis. Often, there are prescribed drugs to treat depression. As a matter of fact, if you suffer from disabling symptoms of depression, drug therapy may be the best solution to improve your quality of life. Still, if you prefer to fight depression without medication, there are simple and effective ways to do so, especially if you are faced with a milder form of depression or if it was caused by a specific event in your life. These steps can also be helpful to accompany medical treatment related to severe depression.

Change your thinking. Tackle problems than you can handle. All problems have solutions. Depression may be exacerbated by uncontrollable factors such as health problems, financial problems and the death of a loved one. It is recommended to tackle something you can change in order to overcome the most difficult problems. What are the obstacles in your life that undermine you every day, or cause you to have negative feelings? Train yourself to overcome those and you will gain thestrength to face the biggest problems.

Give yourself goals that propose solutions. Think of concrete ways to improve your situation. Is your house becoming a mess? This is something you can tackle. Make a detailed plan to clean every room in your house and allow yourself to experience satisfaction every time you accomplish your mission. Keep traces of your progress through a logbook. The act of recording a goal provides the motivation to continue and change the situation.

Express yourself. Depression tends to isolate patients who avoid contact with others, but it can only get worse if you keep your feelings locked inside. Your feelings are valuable because they are part of you, so find a way to express them. Do not stay alone for too long. Have daily conversations with friends, family and classmates. It is not necessary to talk about your depression; remain content with yourself and say what comes to mind naturally. Writing, dance, visual arts, music and other art forms can be a great therapy to encourage the expression of feelings.

Do not be afraid to express sadness, anxiety, anger and the various emotions that accompany depression. These feelings are part of life.  Feeling ashamed will only worsen your situation. Cultivate your spirituality. Many people who struggle with depression are  becoming calm by turning to spirituality.

Try meditation which focuses on the development of thought patterns that lead to a state of consciousness and serenity. Find a meditation group or practice it yourself. If you have a religious belief, consider being present at your place of worship more frequently, and mingle with those who find themselves outside the church. You will feel supported as a member of a community if you spend time with people who think like you.

Be kind to yourself. Depression can lead to feeling extremely negative feelings about your abilities and personality. Focus on what you like in yourself and everything positive that you have to offer the world, rather than dwelling on what’s wrong.

Do not be lonely in your depression. Depression can affect anyone one way or another. You are neither weak nor a loser; you suffer from a condition that can be debilitating, and you will take action to confront it head high. This is called courage.

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The magic of olive oil


Olive oil is a staple in the Mediterranean diet and gives our dishes a unique taste, texture and aroma. The oil is extracted directly from the olive plant or olive fruit.

Moderate consumption of this product has enormous health benefits because it is an extraordinary source of antioxidants. The next step will detail the exact benefits of this excellent ingredient to our physical well-being.

Olive oil benefits for health:

Prevents and fights cancer.

No doubt that in these moments, cancer is a disease that causes significant damage to our society. Olive oil helps prevent and treat this deadly disease and has anti-carcinogenic effects.

This is known as monounsaturated oleic acid, which comprises 80% of olive oil. Studies have shown that this can reduce the effectiveness of a gene that cancer cells develop into.

Reduces and helps control blood pressure.

Normal blood pressure should not be go beyond 120/80. If your problem is to keep these figures, do not worry because olive oil will help in this task and reduce the need for daily medication. This is possible thanks to vitamins and antioxidants.

It lowers the level of cholesterol in the arteries.

Another major problem is that cholesterol is incorporated into the arteries causing severe damage to our health. Fortunately for fighting against this, we have the benefits of olive oil.

Vegetable fat stimulates the appearance of good cholesterol (HDL), which reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and other lipids present in our blood, like harmful triglycerides.

That’s not all, olive oil also participates in the reduction of inflammation and cardiovascular disease, preventing blood clots among other things according to a recent study. It is rare for a person to consume olive oil and still fall victim to these health problems.

It acts against inflammation and pain.

Extra virgin olive oil is a natural substance that blocks inflammation and pain. If you suffer from constant migraines or sports injuries, add olive oil to your meals because this is an excellent solution.

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Sound that cares, thanks to Aegis Pro headphones

aegis head phones

The dilemma is real – many people, especially those that who belong to younger age groups suffer from hearing loss due to excessive exposure to loud sounds from ear and head phones.

The modern population may be blessed with advancements in technology that mostly caters to entertainment, but abusing high tech electronics – no matter how useful they can seem – may still lead to unfavorable results if utilized in an unhealthy way. 16-year old Kingsley Cheng who designed Aegis Pro – a headphone that’s said to take care of the ear through its intricately designed audio output, discerned the same.

Driven by the research he conducted after getting numerous reminders from his parents, Kingsley proved that listening to music for a prolonged period of time in high volume poses a significant risk of hearing loss. Backed by World Health Organization, studies shows that over a billion people are at the verge of this perilous possibility by baring themselves to heavy music.

Though the market is loaded with earphones that utilize ear-caring architecture, none so far targets an in-depth concept down to its core. Accordingly, it is said that the healthy length of time that a person should listen to sounds would be 8 hours at the rate of 8dB.

Said to be the first of its kind, Aero Pro headphones are specifically made to take care of the ears by minimizing the unwanted noise through its noise canceling technology named ‘jamsDefender.’ This is said to take away unnecessary noise up to 95 % and maintains the sound at safe amount of 8bD.

Aesthetically made through its volume limiting engineering with the use of digital decibel equalizers, each earpiece comes with two speakers all with the aim of staying away from bass – heavy approaches that most brands pick up. Loud sounds may damage the nerves, which is one of the primary reasons why hearing depreciates.

What is more impressive about this noble technology is its alliance with, a crowd-funding platform that aims to aid creative projects in the field of music, technology, photography, etc. Aegis Pro has gained substantial amounts of interest that it is already funded by backers to up to 400% as of today. Release of the first batch is expected to be in early January, and to convey gratitude to the public who made the project even more possible, the brand promises honest pricing with a special edition protective case for each head phone pre-order.

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Having postural syndrome tells you are doing things wrong

a woman sitting at a desk and has pain in the back. symbol photo for proper posture at work in the office.

In a world where everything is just a tap, click or swipe away, constant moving becomes unnecessary and performing tasks can be accomplished in one sitting. This kind of advancement in technology is something the new generation is thankful for. The need for moving around was significantly reduced and the time needed to perform tasks was diminished by substantial amount.

While technology is something that we need to be grateful for, there are disadvantages that go hand in hand with its luxury. An example would be the postural stress brought about by prolonged sitting. Postural Syndrome happens when there are episodes of back pain, usually in the lower region, and that ideal sitting and standing postures are not being met. Being in the same position for a long period of time brings stress and tension to joints, muscles and tendons, resulting in feeling tired and fatigue.

Slouching, been idle for a long time and sitting in a hunched position are the usual reasons for postural stress. Ergonomics is there for a reason and not following its guidelines can result to straining the head, neck, shoulders and back that leads to postural pain or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

One of the easiest ways to combat the pain is by having regular massage. Massage softens stiffness and awakens weak muscles. Stretching and changing positions will also be helpful from time to time while maintaining the back’s relaxed perpendicular stance. Ancient medicine in the form of acupuncture also claims to effectively diminish muscle stress. It is always best to prevent the presence of illness before it can actually set in. The key here is to keep moving. Do necessary stretching in between workloads to shake the stiffness away. Make sure to exercise and engage in physical activities to promote flexibility and strength.

It is inevitable, especially for desk workers, to avoid getting up from their chairs. While this is the case, one should observe a proper sitting position to avoiding postural stress. Opt for chairs that are designed with a backrest. The buttocks should reach the back of your chair and your body weight should be distributed equally to both hips. Observe that both feet should lie flatly on the ground.

They say sitting can kill you. This can be a dreadful phrase but observing the correct stance will make sitting not as bad.

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Understanding the hazards of third hand smoke


The negative effects of smoking have been established long enough. Efforts of concerned groups and governing bodies are all over the place to disseminate knowledge about its risks and damaging outcomes that even cost the lives of many. Lighting one stick can go a long way when it comes to ruining the health of both the person who does the smoking and the people around him.

The concept of first hand and second hand smoking has been well defined. However, newer studies have determined that smoking has more lingering effects even after the act of smoking is finished. This alarming discovery tells us that smoking is worse than what we already know. Recent findings tell us that just because you are not around the area when a cigar was lit don’t save you from its worst result, health wise. What made it even more alarming is the effect it can bring especially to infants and kids.

Third hand smoking means that harmful contents from tobacco residue penetrates into walls, furniture and other surfaces where indoor smoking occurs. It can also pertain to tiny debris mixed with hair, clothes and skin. Studies say that these harmful compounds stay and can transcend for numbers of decades. And this happens even if there hasn’t been smoking that transpired in the enclosed area for a long period of time. An experiment was conducted where six sticks were lit and eighteen hours later, they found that around 58 chemicals were measured. These particles are disastrous and can cause sorts of cancer and lung diseases. (Cited: These air borne compounds can even bring allergies, eye irritation and even asthma.

What’s even more serious is the fact that these chemicals won’t go away easily even in the presence of constant cleaning and disinfecting. There are some substances that are resistant; no amount of cleaning aid can diminish their existence in just one wipe. Since this is the case, experts advise to continue the habit of thorough cleaning while observing good ventilation and natural light passage. Consider sunlight as your free cleaning agent due to its ability to kill bacteria.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If a person cannot stop smoking all at once, try protecting loved ones and other people around by resisting the urge to light a cigarette in enclosed spaces like cars and rooms.

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Know basic etiquette and deal well with others


“Manners are like the shadows of virtues, they are the momentary display of those qualities which our fellow creatures love and respect.” – Unknown

Etiquette is an unwritten law that people follow in order to have better and considerate relationships with others. It is commonly perceived that those who belong to the higher end of the society should only observe etiquette. This is not quite right. While etiquette is always linked to refinement, being polite and behaving properly toward others is not restricted to the elite population of community. Having proper conduct is something that should be executed by everyone.

There are books that enumerate proper behavior in any situation. In reality, etiquette shouldn’t be this complicated. The main principle of having good etiquette is to always ask whether something would appear kind and convenient to others without taking your own sake into account.

This shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems, but it takes practice to master the art of being refined and acquiring proper decorum. See below to determine daily proper behavior that everyone should observe.

• Do not stay at the door for a long time. It may interrupt the incoming and outgoing flow of people who use door. Do the same on elevators and escalators.
• Cover the mouth with the left hand when coughing. Do the same when you feel like sneezing. Etiquettes Etiquette gurus tag the left hand as the ‘personal hand.’ This is used on everything that involves the body like wiping sweat and sweeping hair that disturbs the face to one side.
• The right hand is your conversational hand. This is used for shaking hands and waiving to others. Make sure that this part of the body is as neat as possible.
• When conversing, look at the other person’s eyes. This gives an impression that you are engaged and that you pay attention to the person whom you are speaking with. This can be intimidating at times. The trick then is to look at the space between the person’s eyebrows. This will still look as if you are looking straight at the other party’s eyes.
• Observe the little things. Remove the hat indoors. This is an old practice that denotes respect. Observe noise as well. Do things as silently as possible. Eating without creating any noise and putting your phone in silent mode are examples of showing refinement and esteem.
• Laugh with moderate sound. Sure, laughter is your happy sound but do not make this go overboard by gaining attention and disturbing another group’s conversation.
• Be on time. This conveys an unspoken message that you value another person’s time and that you do not want to waste it.
• Do not interrupt. When you want to stress a point or share an opinion during an open group conversation, get the attention of the speaker by slightly raising your hand.
• Do not point your finger at someone. Instead, angle your entire hand to imply that that you are referring to a specific person.
• Say powder room or rest room instead of comfort room because these are more formal.
• Say ‘excuse me’ whenever something or someone is blocking your way. There will be times that the listener will not hear it the first time. Try expressing this courtesy a little bit louder, but do not shout. If need be, slight tap the person’s should to get his or her attention.

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That’s why you should not look at your smartphone before sleep


Studies have shown that using a smartphone before going to sleep impairs the proper functions of the nervous system and metabolism: if you’re a smartphone addict and you have trouble falling asleep, you may have to change your habits. You may have heard this before: watching your smartphone before sleeping does not help to make you have a good night’s rest, but do you really know why?

An American newspaper conducted a survey on the effects of using a phone before sleeping and after reading it, it is likely that you will sleep early tonight and away from your phone. Above all, it is helpful to perform a booster shot. The circadian cycle is the set of biological processes on an oscillating cycle of 24 hours. This cycle is controlled by exposure to light and it particularly regulates the secretion of a hormone called melatonin or sleep hormone. The latter is responsible for the sensation of fatigue and need for sleep. When the phone takes control, the problem is the light they produce.

When looking at your screen before going to bed, photons, which are particles of light, stimulate your brain in such a way that since there is light, it is not yet time to secrete melatonin. And since you do not feel tired, why not look at your phone a little? Thus, a really vicious cycle begins and it keeps you awake until your brain has had enough. In the end, you fall asleep two hours later than planned, and your sleep time is significantly reduced. In the long term, many valuable hours of sleep will be lost and it can have a serious impact on your mood and health in general. You want your sleep.

It is now known that a certain amount of sleep is necessary for the proper function of the nervous system and metabolism. An estimated 7-9 hours of sleep is required. Although researchers are just beginning to understand why sleep is so important, we now know that sleep contributes to the rest of active neurons, but more than that, sleep supports cells to “cleanse” toxins produced in the body. If you do not get enough sleep, these toxins remain, causing oscillations of attention, impaired memory and difficulty in solving problems.

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Watch Urbane: The first android watch that has a SIM card

Watch urbane

LG releases a new version of the watch- Watch Urbane. The new LG Watch Urbane is the first Android watch that has a SIM card

Connected watches with cellular antennaes and SIM cards slot are not new. But lately, it is clear that the trend among large manufacturers was to offer smart watches that are lacking and therefore need to be associated with a smartphone to function properly. This is the case with the Apple Watch, the Samsung S2 Gear and other watches under Android Wear.

Indeed, as explained by LG, the new LG Watch Urbane is the “first wearable Android device with cellular connectivity.” With this cellular connectivity, the watch can connect to the Internet or make phone calls without using a smartphone.

Since the operating system used is Android Wear, it can use applications available for Google wearables and partner with an Android or iOS smartphone ( with limited functionality).

This would be perfect for sporty people or even busy people who tend to forget where they put their phone. Worry less about where they put it, since it will always be on their wrists.

The battery is 570 mAh and according to LG, the Watch Urbane will last a day through its power saving mode. This is relatively low but comparable to the capabilities of many competing products.

Finally, here are the full specifications:

Processor: 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
Operating system: Android Wea (Version with cellular connectivity)
Screen: P-OLED 1.38-inch screen (480 x 480/348 ppi)
Dimensions: 44.5 x 14.2 mm
Memory: 4GB eMMC / 768MB LPDDR3
Battery: 570 mAh
Networking: Bluetooth 4.1 / Wi-Fi / 3G
Sensors: accelerometer / gyroscope / compass / barometer / PPG / GPS
Color: Space Black / Blue Opal / Luxury White / Brown Signature
Other: resistant to dust and water (IP67)

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Channel imagination via 3D pen Creopop


In an era where three-dimensional viewing is a fad, putting it into hobby isn’t impossible at all.

While sketching through a one-dimensional medium will always remain a classic, the emergence of another facet definitely appeals on the creative minds of the contemporary time.Creopop pen

Meet Creopop, the world’s first three-dimensional pen that unleashes the imaginative side of its handler.

The possibilities are endless because using it does not require any specific rule that would limit the creative juices of a person.

The idea is simple: Just hold the pen and let the free flowing interpretation be stimulated pushing its way out and be expressing it in multiple forms and characters using the special ink that comes out of Creopop.

3D pen

The technology is comparable to the previous hit ‘3Doodler’. H However, the innovation is different in a sense that it boasts attributes relating to safety.

Compared to scorching melted plastic that other 3D pens use, Creopop is cutting edge in a sense that it uses light sensitive photopolymers that can be touched even immediately after it goes outside of the pen because it is not hot at all.

This is great especially when manipulating small details for more intricate designing.

Due to the fact that it doesn’t use hot plastic as a medium, Creopop is safe to use even for children. This means a very low possibility of skin injury that usually occurs with 3D pens that resemble the handicraft arsenal staple glue gun.

The standard package comes with three colored inks. Each cartridge can produce a 46- foot line of photopolymers. Colors available would be white, black, pink, yellow, blue and green.

A rechargeable USB battery operates Creopop, which is convenient as opposed to electrical cords used by conventional pens of the same technology. This means a hassle-free, handy pen that results in continuous usage.


Several types of ink includes glow in the dark, glittering, magnetic and aromatic. There’s also a kind that is safe to use for the skin.

This means having a temporary tattoo in a more fashionable and innovative way as opposed to the conventional henna that is commonly used to adorn skin with designs.

This crowd funding technology was co-founded by Andreas Birnik who is not a novice when it comes to the field of innovation and technology.

His expertise in management and strategy has worked wonders, considering the pursuit of success in this new project.

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