Professional Teeth Whitening versus Home Care Teeth Whitening

teeth-whiteningTooth discoloration could be extrinsic in nature – caused by outside factors such as foods, beverages, and habits. Or it could be intrinsic – stains that are within the tooth. These are stains that have crystallized and have been incorporated within the tooth structures since formation of the tooth. Examples of intrinsic stains are fluorosis and tetracycline stains.

These stains could be addressed by two ways: home care or by professional teeth whitening.

Home care teeth whitening are done by the patient himself without any help from the dental professional. The dentist would advise the patient with the best method for that particular patient. Home care teeth whitening include teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening trays, teeth whitening pens, home teeth whitening remedies, and a lot more. Daily tooth brushing and flossing and preventive measures are also included in hope care teeth whitening. The instruments used could all be easily bought in different supermarkets and boutiques at a very affordable price. The best advantage of home care teeth whitening would be the flexibility on the part of the patient. The patient has the freedom to use the product at the time they want or when they are more available. But this kind of method requires the compliance of the patient.

The other method would be professional teeth whitening. Both extrinsic and intrinsic stains could be addressed by professional teeth whitening. When extrinsic stains are too thick or could not be removed by the patient themselves, then having a dental professional to help them is deemed necessary. Only a dentist could address intrinsic stains because treatment may need a more complicated procedure. Some procedures that could address intrinsic stains are jacket crowns, bleaching, and root canal treatments. Usually this could cost more compared to home care teeth whitening. It also needs several appointments. This means the patient must be willing to give their time to assure the success of the treatment. But after each appointment, there is a visible change in tooth shade.

As you can see there are different pros and cons between home care teeth whitening and professional teeth whitening. There is indeed a need for the consultation of a dentist because there are certain things to consider such as the cause of stains, your budget, and the overall health and status of the oral cavity. The choice of what you would use would be decided by you and your dentist.

Hopefully, this short article will help you be enlightened on tooth whitening, the causes and ways to treat and address it.

Kristine Capanzana

The 10 Best Things About Being in Your Early Twenties

Quoth the raven, “You have fresh young skin and you can do whatever.”

1. Your face is a fresh, dewy wonder. Had a crazy night out? Later in life, you’ll spend 45 minutes in the bathroom trying to look slightly less like Charlize Theron in Monster. But for now, you could spend all night doing crank in a radiation lab and still wake up looking 17.

2. You’re still that person who “just doesn’t get hangovers!” Hahaha, oh boy, JUST YOU WAIT.

3. You’re free of any high school and early college labels you may have accrued. When you go to happy hour with your coworkers, or out with a new guy, they don’t know that you were considered the “responsible one” in high school, or that you once drunkenly puked in the broom closet of a frat house, or had bad hair, or that your nickname used to be Jenna Teeth Blowjob. You’re free to reinvent yourself. (Jenna Awesome Blowjob?)

4. You have an excuse to upgrade your wardrobe for both work and play. This ain’t no sweatpants-to-your-11 a.m.-recitation shit. Once you land your first job, you have an excuse to go on a profesh-woman shopping spree. (And counter it with a bunch of hot going-out outfits.)

5. Theme parties. Truth bomb: After the age of 25 you will never go to another Great Gatsby-themed house party again. May as well give the flapper number to Goodwill and check your “getting wasted in period attire” pass at the door.

6. You can prematurely start the beauty routines that will Benjamin Button your twentysomething self for years to come. Moisturizer! Eye cream! Way ahead of the game if you start these ASAP. I didn’t moisturize until I was 23 and when I told a bunch of friends this, they looked at me like I’d just pooped on the table.

7. You can go out in American Apparel dresses without questioning the age-appropriateness of it/you/every decision you’ve made. Go forth and purchase that body-con U-neck dress with no remorse. You look amazing.

8. You can still be on your parents’ insurance. Do not underestimate the importance of access to Pap smears and root canals.

9. You can still be on the family plan. How much does it cost to send one text? You don’t know, do you.

10. Going to a music festival is still exciting and awesome and not a living nightmare. Ditto for low-budget road trips. Or sleeping on anyone’s floor. Or couch-surfing.