More than just dandy pieces, be creative and use Lego in different ways

use Lego in different ways (1)

We have known these tiny square blocks since childhood. How these four-sided shapes helped us develop color recognition, spatial skills and creativity are remarkable, which is why it is no wonder that decades later, we still find this toy in the racks of toy stores and recreational shops. Generations may pass but its positive effects are still being recognized making it one of the most classic and well-loved playthings of all time.

Reconcile with the little kid residing within you by picking up those tiny squares and transforming them into a more functional object. Past the figures you can build through piling are more useful forms that just might make life more organized and arranged. The vibrant colors of this toy can bring spice to your desks and homes in a quirky and fun way.

Always forgetting where you put your keys? Worry no more because you may aid your forgetfulness with the help of key organizers made of Lego blocks. Opt for vibrant colors, ideally combine everything that’s available from the box so that the key holder would be noticeable enough every time you need to keep the keys in place. Also, make sure to form a habit of putting your keys in this holder so that it will not oppose the reason why you put this on your wall in the first place.

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Need to organize that stack of books? Channel your creativity and build book ends made out of your pure imagination.

This is ideal especially for reducing clutter on chaotic desks and spaces.

Give your gadgets, such as phones and tablets, a good stand by transforming your Lego pieces into a creative and cute dock.

This is ideal especially during Skype moments and diminishes the hassle of looking down while swiping through your phone’s screen.

use Lego in different ways (2)

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Modern People Need Meditation As Often As Possible


In the hustle and bustle of modern city life, people find it difficult to find time for meditation. Amid all the drama associated with work, the physical strain brought about by daily commute, and the bugging intangible noises outside that make us even more stressed, it is quite a need for everyone to keep calm through meditation. Rooted in the old times, meditation is a process in which a person collects all thoughts, and releases bottled tensions through the simple activity of sitting in silence.

Various types of meditation turned up as we progressed through time, but the core act lies in the quality of tranquility expected from this exercise, and the peace that one can gain when meditation is done properly. Scientifically, meditation can be described as a practice to unite your mind, physical body and spirit with hopes of reeling it back to its most cognitive and holistic state.

Many people have been yielding to the power of meditation, as this not only washes away any mental and physical burden, but it also grants a multitude health benefits only known to those who study it deeply. Below are some of the reasons why you should go back to practicing meditation, not once a year, but on a daily basis.

Meditation helps you identify which of your suppressed thoughts are still worth keeping and which ones are to be discarded. This practice gives you an opportunity to properly tune your thoughts, which in turn helps you to be more alert than ever. Some of the things that one tends to lay-off when stress kicks in is the power of being rational, and this is where meditation can aid you.

Refocusing your mind to what’s ahead of you and not what you left behind.

The stress filling your mind and body can be drained if you meditate daily. While it is a known fact that stress is something inevitable, meditation can help you in ensuring that you handle stress in a way that is appropriate to your body and mind. Stress is something that you should invest time and effort in eliminating, and meditation is an easy way for you to deal with it.

When meditating, people are also observed to be more in control of their emotions, as the calm influences the spirit. With all the hassles and toxicity that this modern age presents, meditation is a suit of armor that you can wear to eliminate further stress. If you’re one of the many who tend to deal with things in a rushed manner, meditation will let you slow down and get the most out of the things that you’d encounter.

It is through meditation that a person can be enlightened without the need for hiring a psychologist to help you. Aside from the fact that this won’t cost you a single penny, daily meditation won’t tire you as much as rigorous exercise. Also, meditation doesn’t need any special tools or specific place to carry out the activity, just pick a seat while commuting and you’re well on your way to feeling lighter and invigorated. Science is blatant evidence to the effectiveness of meditating, and there’s really no harm if you try to do it during your free time.

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Heal through Epsom salt baths

Epsom Salt

Aside from adding taste to our food, we all know the benefits of salt to our daily lives. There must be an array of types that offer specific benefits, but they all boil down to the fact that whatever the kind or no matter what the shape is, salt in general is one of the greatest natural gifts that the world has given us.

It may not be known to some cultures, but there is this type of ‘salt’ that is best used to treat illnesses. Unlike what is usually being used in kitchens, though, this kind isn’t really salt by nature. Clarify the confusion as this article introduces Epsom salt.

Epsom salt is inorganic. It’s a mineral compound that’s full of magnesium and sulfate. The name ‘Epsom’ is derived from a saline spring in England. The term ‘salt’ on the other hand, came from the physical attribute of the said compound. How it looks is comparable to the usual rock salt that’s part of almost every food recipe. While this can be taken orally to treat some digestive track problems, Epsom salt isn’t designed to be used the way table salt does. Since this is the case, how can we maximize the benefits we can get from this compound?

Many spas and wellness centers use Epsom salt as part of their services. Salt bath services mainly involve Epsom. It may be a unique connotation, but I have initially perceived that the salt being used in this kind of relaxation treatment is the normal salt I taste in my everyday meal. This was yet another significant realization for me.

There are various reasons why a person can benefit from Epsom salt baths. It has been proven to effectively relax tired muscles and alleviate the presence of sore joints, sunburn, cuts, bruises, gout and athlete’s foot. Studies say that magnesium is poorly received by the body when ingested through the digestive track and that the most effective work-around to get a dose of this important nutrient is by getting it absorbed through the skin. Additionally, this is the reason why salt baths use warm water. As we know, warm water opens the pores which serve as a gateway for the body to absorb magnesium and sulfate.

On a higher level, Epsom salt baths can also improve circulation. It enhances the heart rate, thus reducing blood clots that decrease the risk of high blood pressure. Soaking with Epsom salt also helps to drain harmful toxins out the body. It also helps improve oxygen and electrolyte regulation. This means hydration and proper dissemination of nutrients in the body. It also relieves stress. On a scientific level of explanation, the magnesium content in Epsom replenishes the lacking amount in the body. Magnesium promotes the production of serotonin, a mood elevating chemical that’s also being produced during exercise and eating chocolates. This gives a relaxed feeling and promotes focus and better sleep.

Ideally, soaking with Epsom salt thrice a week can help boost someone’s health. Do not be trapped in the connotation that Epsom salt baths can only be performed in your trusted spas. This compound is widely available and can be bought from groceries and drug stores. Get your own dose and start looking and feeling healthy inside out.

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Get that back massage once in a while

Woman getting a massage --- Image by © Fancy/Veer/Corbis

More than just relaxation and aiding muscle pain, having a back massage regularly offers a list of health benefits that we may not be aware of. While most people only think of it as a treat after a long, tiring work week, or a necessity when the situation calls for it, having a regular back massage is just as important as having those muscles stretched through exercise.

The book covers one of the biggest regions in the human body and it is susceptible to strain brought about by incorrect posture and everyday activities. Remember that the back serves as a cradle to one of the body’s major organs in the nervous system, thus it houses a number of nerves that act as express messengers to let the body feel an associated emotion at any given situation.

Having a back massage releases tension through repetition. Postural stress happens when a person stays in one position for a prolonged period of time. This is common especially for desk workers. Due to lack of movement, the muscle, specifically on the lower back, becomes stiff and weak and getting a regular massage counteracts its negative effects.

Back massages improve circulation. The rubbing motion performed during your massage session frees blocked veins and arteries, thus allowing the blood to flow smoothly. This is important, especially for spreading oxygen and nutrients all over the body.

Back massages also alleviate episodes of migraine and strengthen the immune system. By putting the right amount of pressure, headaches are reduced, if not diminished. It is also being scientifically proven that getting a back massage promotes the human body’s cytotoxic capacity that fights antibodies and illnesses.

A back massage not only relaxes, but also gives a happy feeling. The process encourages the production of endorphin and serotonin, which are responsible for feeling an elated and cheerful mood.

Studies also show that having a regular massage combats the early signs of osteoporosis and misalignment of the spine. It also improves mobility and motion. This effect is obvious, especially for athletes. Statistics show that those who have back massages after strenuous training or activity get higher joint flexibility.

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Meeting the Promise of the Future via Hoverboards

Hoverboards (4)

After the rush of the Holiday season, it’s quite certain that there are remnants floating around about some gifts that were never given. Maybe it’s your son, or your brother or even you who would wish to get this very item, but you are torn between purchasing it or not.

You want to blame the endless posts on Facebook about some lucky sets of people who have gotten the chance to own it, or the luring advertisements that scream of fun activities and modernized ‘toy’ manufacturing.

It was nevertheless a hit trend in the last quarter of 2015, and it’s sure to stay that way as we move along this year. Truly, hoverboards are the things that make you want to give-up all your worldly possessions just to cop a unit, attracting you into a realm that’s definitely hard to get out of.

Definitely, you’ve first seen hoverboards as a form of transportation in the Back to the Future series. Technically, these things should be levitating and need a personal transportation skill for it work. Contrasting the ones being sold in the market nowadays, the movie concept of the hoverboard is far more dynamic and futuristic.

Hoverboards (1)

But people would always settle for something close to the original, and so hover boards are now dotting your favorite toyshops. Specifically, the one that your neighbor purchased and made you drool over is called an electric hands-free scooter.

Known to be one of the fastest selling toys of 2015, hoverboards managed to establish a strong foothold in kids pushing toward their teenage years.

Like its nearest kin known as the skateboard, hoverboards would certainly exude an arbitrary kind of cool for those who have it.

Now available in major toy chains all over the planet, it is not difficult to look for one at all. It is the price tag that’s keeping parents and adults from buying it.

Hoverboards (2)

As usual, while a demand shoots up, more manufacturers would come forth to supply hoverboards. So if you’re really interested in buying one for pleasure, or even convenience, toy enthusiasts have inked on reliable brands such as PhunkeeDunk, IO Hawk, Ninebot, Swagway and Hovertrax.

Hoverboards also differ in the specs they have and the resulting physical look. Though all hoverboards would have the same goal of giving you a more modern way of getting around, the technical features cause them to skyrocket in terms of end value.

Though a very famous toy at this present time, the safety measures attached to using it are very strict, even making some cities ban it from public use.

Hoverboards (3)

If you’re one of the fortunate few who has a hoverboard lying around the house, make sure that it’s off limits to children as this might cause accidents.

Also, the habit of wearing protective gear and helmets is strongly advised to avoid possible physical injury if things get out of hand.

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Keep Your Indoor Air As Clean as Possible


There are moments in your earthly existence when you just want to stay at home and never face the hassles of what’s happening outside. We have all been acquainted with the notion that being outdoors would definitely expose you to a lot of things that might harm your health, such as pollutants and the stress of urban living.

Being inside the house for quite some time is actually a refuge for some to unwind and relax their tired bodies. However, are we really safe and devoid of things that would compromise our wellness if we stay indoor for too long? Have you ever felt suffocated at home after staying a while? You’re house might be trodden with thick and unhealthy ambient air that needs to be cleansed, and below are some surprising plants that can help you breathe clean indoor air.

Aside from being well known as a healing plant, Aloe Vera is also good for cleansing the air of some chemicals such as formaldehyde. Aloe Vera’s natural composition makes it an appropriate windowsill decoration, and gets your indoor atmosphere all cleaned up at the same time. In your garden, you also might want to put up a trellis to make some room for English Ivy, as this climbing plant is absorbs harmful toxins in the air such as toluene and benzene.

Another plant that you might want to invest in is the so-called spider plant, which thrives on just light shade and ambient air. You would definitely love this grass-like plant to adorn your counter tops because spider plants might look innocent on the outside, but it is the best tool to decrease carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. This is also known to fight off chemicals such as ethyl benzene and formaldehyde, making the air definitely more breathable.

If you want a plant that’s easy to grow and aids you in purifying the air, then Boston fern is the best option that you’ve got. As far as expert studies are concerned, these verdant plants are the most efficient in clearing your surroundings of most chemicals found in a normal house setting.

Aside from the aforementioned plants, there are also some tips and tricks for you to clean the air on your own. Some of the toxins found indoors are normally brought about by human activities such as smoking, cooking and temperature imbalance, and it is essential for you to know which contributes most in contaminating your air indoors.

Power generators are normally the main cause for houses to have putrid and harmful indoor air, especially those who have car garages since this is where it’s normally placed. It is also suggested for you to ask for professional help in double-checking your indoor appliances and dusting off your chimneys.

Daily vacuum cleaning is also a must, as this activity removes toxins, dust and other particles in your house every day. When the chance permits, you should also clean your upholstery, carpets and air filters rigorously.

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Help the Disturbed through Equine Therapy


Teenagers are a troublesome lot. It is in the teenage years that a person gets to be confused and focused at the same time. Mental and emotional stress is at its peak, even when all the answers are just lying around the corner.

Teenagers, whether we deny it or not, are difficult to understand because they themselves don’t want to be understood. There have been many ways in uncovering what’s inside a teenager’s head. While some are just hoaxes, there are a few that really delivered results.

Psychology and this emerging problem of not understanding teenagers are now working hand-in-hand to know an odd yet successful way of communicating better and turning the confusion upside down.

For teenagers and parents, it is now best for you to be acquainted with what’s called ‘Equine Therapy’ and be mesmerized by the results that can be gained from this very specific way of communication.

As what the name denotes, Equine Therapy is a psychological procedure that involves communication between a teenager and a horse. There are now known experts who have delved deeper into this measure and they are the ones responsible in training horses to recognize some things that a normal teenager would do.

Equine therapy leans towards the importance of how a horse communicates through body language, and suggested activities include feeding, grooming and leading the horse to a physical plane.

Also, horses are known to be avid followers, making them perfect subjects in carrying-out this therapy to its best possible outcome, and their communication skills are impeccable compared to other non-domesticated animals.

Horses are also known to follow someone who makes requests rather than demands, which allows teens to practice the sense of asking instead of ordering.

Equine therapy is said to have helped teenagers in improving some aspects of their lives, which include, but are not limited to developing assertiveness, being in control of their emotions, a huge jump in their social skills, the impeccable way of creating interpersonal relationships, adept skills in maintaining impulse control, empathy development, intense development on their problem-solving skills, the light touch of understanding social responsibility and the observable confidence and trust in oneself and others.

Equine therapy is known to be very famous for teenagers who have addictions, substance abuse, behavior disorders, mood abnormalities, ADHD and ADD, family problems, recent trauma, depression, low self-esteem brought about by several personal factors, and autism.

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Have a taste of this year’s exciting food trends

food trends (1)

The pursuit of staying fit and healthy will not stop as the curtain of 2016 finally unveils itself. Make this new chapter a little better by living healthier while being trendy as this year brings you new ways of being well and staying in good shape.

While exercise plays a big role in having that perfect shape, the contribution of the food we eat is also another factor we have to consider to reach the optimum state of being healthy.

There is no doubt that food bars claimed the top spot when it came to popularity last year, and health enthusiasts rummaged grocery shelves just to get their own piece of the food that dominated the arena in 2015.

food trends (2)

2016 is mostly about upgrading and improving the healthy staples that are classic favorites of the health conscious.

We are accustomed to yogurt being mixed with fruit flavors to make the taste even more appealing, but the new year is creating a new twist as spices are about to take over.

Consider adding a dash of paprika, rosemary or cinnamon and have a more functional tummy in doing so.

food trends (3)

We know how beneficial green vegetables are. New trends suggest bypassing the chewing process and extract the chlorophyll directly instead.

This way, the essence of nutrients becomes as pure as it gets. Do not be amazed if some specialty coffee shops and yogurt houses add a chlorophyll infused option to their menu.

Studies say that having a dose of this breaks down fats faster and is rich in antioxidants– goodbye muffin top!

food trends (4)

Delivery meal kits will continue to live on and will gain even more popularity in accordance to the busy lives people have.

Not only is it convenient, especially for those who do not have time to prepare their own food due to demanding schedules.

The goodness of these ordered kits is that it tailors to the diet a person currently has. Nutritional chefs mostly offer this fad, which is why dieting and slimming will become even easier and faster.

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Hear These Parallel Universe Stories and Be Freaked Out

Parallel Universe Stories (1)

We get to hear stories that focus on the absurd and inexplicable almost every day of our lives in general. There are topics that tackle the paranormal, life outside Earth, folklore and myth, unicorns and magical creatures and all the things that tickles our curious minds.

We must admit that we are downright fans of ideas from another dimension, not because we’re tired of our own reality, but because it is quite unnerving to feel that unknown entities roam outside and within this planet.

Parallel Universe Stories (2)

Over the years, even if the illustrious field of science present us with established and well-researched explanations, we still can’t let go of the itch for validating everything that we know of.

Like a dangling pendulum, we go back and forth into making our minds believe that all of the things within our grasp can be explained based on fact.

But the stories below would definitely let your make-believe bubble burst, and the accounts relayed by these people will tap your consciousness and might flip your brain switches to form plausible ideas of parallel universes.

Parallel Universe Stories (3)

One of the most vivid stories recounted about traveling to a different universe is that of Pedro Oliva Ramirez. It was in November 1986 when Ramirez decided to drive from Seville, Spain to a small town called Alcala de Guadaira, when suddenly he realized that he’s driving on a different road, despite his knowledge of the path he should take.

The unfamiliar road stretched to six lanes instead of the original two, with terrains that he saw for the first time. While still on the pedal, he then felt a course of hot air blowing towards him, together with voices letting him know that he’s transported to an alternate dimension.

Just like a normal day, other cars drove past him, all colored white or beige, definitely outdated and had rectangular license plates.

Parallel Universe Stories (4)

The Beatles is undeniably one of the best bands who have entertained the planet and was able to garner the biggest fan base ever recorded. However, the illustrious band broke up despite their tumult success, and John Lennon and George Harrison both passed away making the band eternally incomplete.

But a story narrated by a man known as James Richards wanted to prove everyone wrong as he said he experienced traveling to an alternate reality where the Fab Four continuously hit marks as a well-revered band.

Richards retold the story of him being warped to a different world after tripping on a rabbit hole in September 2009, to a place where he was sure he didn’t belong. Here, he was able to met a man named Jonas, who explained to him that the Beatles never really parted, and is still producing music as if it were a fact.

James Richards even furnished a cassette tape of The Beatles From The Alternate Universe’s album entitled ‘Everyday Chemistry’ from his trip down a parallel universe portal.

Parallel Universe Stories (5)

Located on the Andes Mountains in Lima, Peru lies a mysterious place called the Markawasi Stone Forest, which is said to contain a dimensional door, that can transport us into a different universe.

Through it’s eerily-shaped facade of stone formations, the Markawasi Forest was said to have infected one of Dr. Raul Rios Centeno’s patients, where half of the patient’s motor skills have ceased to function.

The said patient had mentioned that the disease started when they have camped out in the Markawasi Stone Forest, where she saw a cabin-like dwelling in the middle of the forest and forced herself to peek inside through the door.

However, one of her camp-mates yanked her from proceeding, leaving half of her body completely and equally paralyzed. Many have deduced that Centeno’s patient might have been split between the current and alternate realities upon entering the 17th century house.

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Key Points for Your Child’s Bedroom Haven


Time will come when you will need to separate your little kids from sleeping in the same bed as you and your husband. While they’ll still be living under the same roof, having your child sleep alone is a thing that we fear and look forward to at the same time. Aside from the fact that your child will now exercise a sense of independence at an early age, this is also one opportunity for you as a parent to bond with your kid in styling and decorating their future rooms, or kingdoms, in the most creative and quirky ways possible.

Since this is going to be your kid’s room for at least a decade, you must ensure that the room’s location fits, as he or she grows older. Make sure that the fixtures inside the room are adjustable, and the space is just the right size for a growing person. As much as possible, let your kid occupy the nearest room to yours, or an older sibling so as when the thunder strikes and scares your kid, a quick dash would be possible to carryout.

Be playful with the theme that you would want to use for your child’s bedroom. Always ask about his or her wants so that the room would turn out the way he or she visualizes it to be. Stimulate your child’s imagination by picking the best colors, particularly the calming ones, and always stick to what you both planned at the very beginning. Remember that this would be their room and not yours, so keep your motherly or fatherly guidelines at bay and let them drive the wheel. Encourage creativity by means of infusing elements of fantasy and let their imagination fly. Wall motifs focusing on cartoon characters, kids’ literature and the like will be a good start.

If you picked a calm and serene wall color, be intelligent enough to splash vibrant colors on the furniture that would be placed inside. Get contrast at its peak. Let the upholstery be neon when the wall is deep blue and always be fancy in putting small rugs to prevent slips and accidents. Comfortable and huge beanbags used as chairs and low-height beds also ensure your child’s safety.

Keeping the kids in touch with nature is also a discipline that you want to instill; so putting plants inside the room would not be a sin. Citronella plants won’t just make the room mosquito-free, the plant’s innate smell would be pleasant inside the room, inducing visions of nature and the outdoors. You might also want to let your kid treat the plant as some sort of project by caring for the plant’s growth.

Don’t ever overcrowd the room by putting huge shelves of books that are just built for style or hundreds of photo frames scattered on the bedside table. Keep the space in the middle of the room for playing and having friends over. Adorn the room with lightly colored curtains to produce a sense of freshness and relaxation at the same time. If you have two kids sharing one room, settle for bunk beds instead of twins.

Organization is also another value that you would want your child to learn, so teach them how even when decorating their rooms. Set toy cabinets at bay and show them how to arrange the toys in a cramped yet organized manner. Put labels on boxes and show them what the contents are and must be. Pinpoint where a thing should be placed and be vigilant to keep track if your child is obeying it or not.

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