Other reasons for clogged pores uncovered


Ever watched Hollywood celebs and wondered how they attained smooth, flawless skin that’s to die for? While it is true that these people are well-off and can afford regular trips to the industry’s most trusted dermatologists, having the best of both worlds can seem unfair especially for plain Janes who are hustling their hardest just to obtain the simple pleasures in life.

Clogged pores are one of the major reasons why people don’t get the coveted smooth, clear skin. It has been a constant struggle to achieve beautiful, flawless skin. While there are wide arrays of products and procedures are available in the market to work hand-in-hand with this ultimate goal, the favorable end point seems to be elusive for some.

Maybe, it’s about time we stop looking for treatment and focus on the seemingly innocent deeds we do that causes the pores to clog. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

As frustrating as it can be, the golden rule repeatedly says ‘having good hygiene and following routines will definitely do the works’. But what if no matter how religiously you do each step, their purpose still does not come to show as a favorable result? Maybe it’s time to look a little closer and see possible reasons why pores are clogged most of the time.



Ladies living in cities, we all know this. The smog that comes from every corner of the metro is harmful to our health. Small particles can penetrate open pores and be stuck there, especially if you do not follow a constant skincare routine. Use charcoal infused products to treat this. Charcoal has clearing properties that extract toxins from the skin.

Filthy hands


The hands are the biggest carriers of bacteria and germs to our faces. Refrain from touching the face as much as possible. Some habits are hard to break, though. If it can’t be avoided, try patting your face with the forehand instead of the actual palm.  The forehand has lesser contact with various things, thus making it less dirty.

Consider changing linens and sheets


Be keen especially on changing your beddings regularly. They can accumulate dirt, dust, dead skin cells and sweat that can clog the pores if used for a prolonged period of time. Not only are they not good for your skin, they can also trigger the development of allergies and other immune system related diseases.

Blame your gadgets

Be sure to wipe your cellphone regularly to alleviate the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. There are also your sunglasses that can be pointed out as the source of acne especially on the forehead and cheek area. Your gadgets and other accessories can be placed almost anywhere, possibly even the dirtiest corners of your bag and other surfaces. Just think of the dirt it can possibly get from all these places and imagine it being in contact with your skin. Uh-oh!


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The Epilator – Your handy tool in removing unnecessary hair


The tradition of removing unwanted hair in to obtain smooth skin has been a practice even during early times. While those tiny hairs scattered around our body are placed there for a reason, the call for vanity asks for its elimination. Let us admit how improved, glowing and neat the skin appears by removing hair especially on areas like the underarms and legs. However, removing these can be expensive and painful at times. The struggle is real.

There are several ways to remove unwanted hair. The most economical is by using the always-trusted razors. There is no denying how many times this little shaver saved us from those unplanned occasions that require us to bare our hairless, clear skin. While this is the most basic tool, let us admit that using a razor makes the hair thicker over time, which is why using it constantly isn’t advisable. You do not want to appear like the world’s most luscious forest in human form, don’t you?


Another option is waxing. However, this process requires the hair to be at a certain length. This method pulls the hair from the roots making the hair that replaces it thinner since it weakens the attachment of the hair from the skin. But beware because this can be painful especially with hot wax and those with sensitive skin may suffer from allergies if this type of hair removal isn’t done correctly.

Also, there’s the pricey option: lasers. Not everyone has the means of paying money just to diminish unwanted hair. This may be the most effective, but with money as a consideration, not everyone can have the luxury of picking this course of action.


Worry no more because the tool for removing hair from the roots is available for both ladies and gents out there. It’s like using several number of tweezers at the same time to remove more hair altogether. In reality, epilators have been present for a long time, but not all are aware of this tiny little tool that brings magic to removing unwanted hair without the fear of having a rougher patch the next time it grows.

With an epilator, hair regrowth will take a longer time similar to waxing because it pulls the hair out from the very root. It may feel painful at first but certainly tolerable, especially for those who are already accustomed to using different hair removal methods. Modern epilators can be used with dry or wet skin, and is great even for the most sensitive skin.


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Add eye cream to your routine and it will serve you well



Having a youthful appearance is temporary. This point in the human life cycle does not remain forever, but it doesn’t mean you cannot halt the occurrence of aging. With a proper beauty regimen and tediously following your routines, your appearance can stay youthful against your actual age. Be that kind of advocate by paying attention to one of the areas on your face that’s somewhat neglected by the majority.

As we all know, the elasticity of the skin diminishes as we age. Add other factors like pollution and vices then imagine the harm they can cause to the appearance of the largest organ in the body.  Rejuvenate the dwindling amount of skin elasticity by having a healthy lifestyle and sticking to a routine that best suits your skin type.

According to debates by dermatologists, the skin around the eye is different from the other areas of the face. This part is the thinnest and more sensitive, thus making it more susceptible to damage. This must be the reason why most early signs of wrinkles show up in this region of the face. With that being said, men and women should be more thorough in taking care of their skin and be more diligent, especially with what’s around the eyes.


Putting on eye cream during your nightly routine is the best way to combat and delay the surfacing of facial folds around the eyes. Since this part does not have much ability to produce natural oils, supplying moisture from the outside is the best way to counteract its dwindling amount as we grow older. Make sure to use only those with gentle formulation paired with hydrating effects, and stay away from creams that give peeling as an end result.

Remember how sensitive this part of your face is and scratching the surface might not help. Ideally, applying a thin amount would suffice, but it still depends on the consistency of your preferred eye cream. Gel cream works better with oily skin while serums are said to penetrate deeply. Get the advice of your trusted dermatologist to know what brand will work best on your skin.


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Hunt for this health aid called Kerson fruit


While almost all types of fruits can be found in groceries nowadays, there are still some that are unknown to the public unless you’re a professional botanist. Going by the scientific name Muntingia Calabura, these small circular fruits of wonder are now known all over the planet due to its key benefits to the human health.

Known to be cousins of our favorite cake and ice cream topper – cherries, the Kerson fruit is something that you might want to look for the next time you do your groceries. Truthfully an exquisite fruit to devour, the Kerson fruit is normally grown and found in Latin American countries and some selected parts of Asia. If you’ve never even encountered this fruit before, now is your chance to savor the sweet promise of the benefits that it has.

Some studies were conducted and hypothesized that the Kerson fruits is a rich source of antibacterial agents. Now that we live in a world where most bacteria  is resistant to  numerous types of medication, going natural by consuming Kerson is highly suggested by experts.

The Kerson fruit is capable of combating infections brought about by sepsis, staph, bacteria harmful to the intestine and diphtheria. The Kerson fruit’s Vitamin C content is also another notable property, as we have all been acquainted with the fact that it can fight off the usual colds and flu.

If you or one of your family members suffers from gout, eating your trusty Kerson fruit would not technically cure it, but it will relieve the pain connected to this disease. When a bugging headache is ruining your day, include small amounts of Kerson in your breakfast cereal and be amazed at how it soothes disturbed blood vessels for normal circulation. Despite the fact that the Kerson fruit is sweet in nature, it has the unusual capacity to aid diabetic patients in lowering blood sugar levels despite considerable consumption.

The Kerson fruit also includes almost 25 antioxidants in the form of phenolics and flavonoids, which are known to aid in oxidation. Releasing free radicals and other harmful toxins are done through oxidation, and the Kerson fruit would be your best companion in this bodily process.

Aside from the wondrous antioxidants, the fruit itself is comprised of other beneficial chemicals such as protein, phosphorous, iron, fiber and B-vitamins, which are definitely a group of nutrients that your body surely needs. Aside from the fruit, the Kerson tree’s leaves can also be used as tea for easier consumption, as the fruit is not highly accessible to all. The Kerson tree’s flowers are also known to provide gastric relief in calming the stomach, alleviating nasty gas cramps and assisting your digestion.

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Tips to Go When You Decide to Sell Your Beloved Car  



Okay, so you’ve been with your car since your very first prom night, and yet, you’re still behind its steering wheel right after you married. While we understand that the family car is more than a mere vehicle due to its sentimental value, there will come a time when you just need to let it go.

Trading a precious vehicle in exchange of a brand new car is not only suggested by many, but is also pragmatic. You know your car better, but selling it to purchase an upgraded ride should have crossed your mind at least once. Before you go ahead and look for someone to snatch your keys from your tight grip, read below for some strategies in proper car trading.


Before anything else, you must first be fully-aware of what your car is. Knowing the model, manufacturer and the tiniest bits of its workings will allow you to get the right market value for it. Subscribe to online sites such as Kelly Blue Book, Edmund’s or for you to get a hint on how much you should be charging for the purchase of your beloved car.

Also, this stage will supply you with ideas your car’s profitability while reducing the risk of either underpricing or going over the top. Once this step has been fully realized, you must now do the necessary things to make your car more presentable and pleasing to the market.


Start off with removing all the personal mementos you’ve placed, plastered and cemented on the car itself for it to look welcoming to the next owner. Get into every corner available and look for stray pins, school stickers or long lost personal stuff that have lived in your car without you even knowing.

Be a responsible car owner slash seller by vacuuming, cleaning the interiors, personally washing the car, bolstering the car’s tires and wheels and ensuring that you can bring it closest to its mint condition. More intensely, you must also thoroughly inspect the car’s history detail, clear codes, clean the engine lights, get a copy of the car’s record from your resident mechanic, secure an original proof of purchase and evaluate the engine among others.


Once you have exerted all the effort necessary to get your car to its best condition, it’s time to look for buyers. Those who are tenured in car trading suggest that you must take as many offers as you can for better decision-making. You must be sensitive enough to know that jumping the trigger on the first bidder is a big mistake.

Also, selling the vehicle to a private party instead of a managed car trading business would open the doors for bigger profits and better negotiations. Also, having a good range on how much you want to sell your property is also necessary to avoid confusion once car offers come pouring in.

After a long journey to sell or trade your car, you must be mature enough to compute how much money you will be spending for a new car, and how much of the profit should swing by your bank account.

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Be your own leash and avoid compulsive shopping



Dear shopaholics, we understand that there is nothing wrong about rewarding yourself after working hard. And it is definitely okay to resort to luxurious brands if you think that you only deserve the best. After all, whatever you think, you become. We only want what’s the best for ourselves, don’t we? So by all means, conquer whatever it is that will make your existence complete even for a short time.

However, the problem starts when the paycheck arrives, you go shopping and realize that there’s nothing that ever made it your savings account.  Even worse, there is nothing left to pay for more important things.

They say nothing haunts you more than the things you don’t buy. However, it doesn’t immediately follow that you can just buy everything that steals your attention.


We get it; there are things that are impeccably perfect that looking at them can create a visual conversation that’s comparable to an interpersonal discourse between a master and his servant. It’s so overpowering that it makes you think you are taking the master’s place when, in fact, you are obligingly taking over the role of the ever submissive servant.Let’s be realistic, the real winners here would be the business empires who managed to penetrate your senses and create needs that are unnecessary and nonessential.

Shopping addiction is a recently found disorder and is scientifically called Omniomania. Signs of shopping addiction include compulsive overspending, lying and habitual purchasing whenever experiencing emotional highs and lows. Effects would include finding yourself penniless and a broken relationship with your family and the people around you.

Typically, those who are in earlier stages would undergo a denial phase. There are some, though, who would notice the change that’s happening. Lucky for these groups of people, they can still halt the undesirable fate of putting that hard-earned money down the drain.

Excited shopping

Self-medicate by following steps that would help you swim away from overspending towards unnecessary things. First, admit that there really is a problem and that it needs to be solved. Shopaholics can stay away from plastics and charge cards because they can just trigger spending the money they may not have earned yet.

Owning a credit card is a kind of temptation especially for those who are having a hard time controlling the way they spend. Also, try focusing on other productive things whenever the urge for spending comes to show. Find a hobby like sports or knowledge enhancing activities to divert the attention. A person who understands that he or she has spending problems should stay away from places that would provoke cash flow – specifically malls, bazaars, and online shops.

Follow strict a monetary table that separates the bills from what’s left after paying necessities. Prioritize those that need attention and make sure to have a savings account and feed it on a regular basis. Believe it or not, nothing beats the happiness and accomplishment from seeing the figures growing in your bank account.


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The Epic Essence of Your Trusted Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatch Under the Sunset


As kids, we have been taught by adults that dreaming is exciting and weird at the same time. We can vividly remember our parents telling us stories of their funniest, scariest and most unforgettable dreams that we have secretly wanted to experience as well.

As we grew older, we learned that dreams are bigger than we originally knew, and that they are something ‘vital’ to our waking lives. We have concluded that dreams are the reflection of who you are and what you do when you’re awake. Being the educated people that we are, we scramble for interpretations that would really mean something.


During the course of these episodes related to dreaming, there might be some of us who would still have our dreamcatchers. You might have seen these little trinkets paraded on the latest Coachella or just mere decorations in one’s house, but these powerful amulets have existed since the Native American Era.

Aside from being a decoration on your bed’s headboard, many have believed that dreamcatchers play an integral role in minimizing bad dreams and giving people a good night’s sleep.


Also known in the Native American language as lakota or ojibwe, dreamcatchers look unique to the place where get it. Usually handmade, the main component is a circular wooden frame with web-like threads filling the gap.

The net or web in place is hand-woven and the hoop where it’s weaved is wrapped in fancy and colorful cloth. Ideally, dreamcatchers are reliant on the one who’s going to use it. However, Native Americans influenced its overall look by putting in feathers and bids dangling majestically from the wooden hoop. The adornments seen in each dreamcatcher are made out of purpose, not just from mere concepts of aesthetics and design.




Dreamcatchers became common when the Native American influence spread due to marriage, trade and commerce. It was in the 1960s to the 1970s when the Pan-Indian movement further extended Native American beliefs, including that of the dreamcatcher. The Ojibwe people have a separate myth about the beginning of dreamcatchers, connecting the story to Asibikaashi, or the Spider Woman.


Dreamcatchers are best placed on top of the bed where you lay your head so that bad dreams would be filtered by the web and eventually burned once the sun rises in the morning. It is also known that dreamcatchers help in clearing our thoughts and starting the day with a positive vibe. Nightmares will decrease and nasty remnants of last night’s activities in Dreamland would never be remembered.


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Barbie becomes more relative as it undergoes a diverse makeover


Barbie will always hold a special place in our childhood memories. Times may have changed and fads come and go in terms of toys, but this beloved fashion doll will remain as one of the best-selling toys of all time.

For more than 50 years, Barbie has experienced many ups and downs – a common thing for being the celebrity that she is.  However, the adored belle retained her popularity despite newer dolls in the market.


There is no denying that the demands of the current generation have changed drastically compared to before, when we played with Barbie dressed in different costumes. Mattel, the company that created this toy, has noticed this and decided on a makeover. Barbie is the benchmark for girls around the world. This doll may not be a real person, but her influence has transcended that limitation and she even became the epitome of agelessness.


However, Barbie’s seemingly perfect appearance does not translate well to real and breathing women. With the views against body shaming and the push towards accepting one’s individuality, the fantasy that Barbie created as the basis for beauty soon became an illusion that many realized to be impossible to attain. This is one of the reasons why sales dwindled in past, as toys like Lego and animation characters in Frozen took over the spot of Barbie in terms of revenues.


As an answer to the modern views of people, Mattel has released Barbie in different body types. The release gathered good reviews from critics as the proportions became more realistic, using variations from tall, curvy and petite. According to Mattel, this is only the beginning according. Expect more diverse looks as exploration into different skin colors and textures is on its way to make Barbie look even more genuine.


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Pick the Right Feline for the Best Pet-Owner Relationship


The ongoing and popular debate about why cats are better pets than dogs, or the best pet for that matter, has been subjected to so much scrutiny that it seems to have not reached a conclusion. As such, we will analyze the big and small advantages as to why cats are great pets.

We might not run out of reasons, but we can state some of the obvious. Slowly, cats are domesticated as much as dogs since it was recently recorded that there are 500 million cats being fostered in humble households and the number is expected to keep increasing. Vying for world domination, cats are now parts of families and are becoming essential to giving furry happiness to their owners.
The very convenience of having a small Simba prancing around in your living room is extremely adorable and worthwhile. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should own a cat, and be comforted with the irrefutable fact that cats would definitely change your view of getting a household animal.

Since they stay at home more than you do, your pet cat will not greet you once you set foot on your doorstep after a long day at the office. As a matter of fact, they won’t even budge from where they are when you come in, and if you’re one of those who want to just relax on the nearest available seat, your cat won’t be a hinder to this craving.

When you’re with a visitor, you’d be delighted to know that you won’t need to tame your cats to stop them from running about wildly or jumping around the furniture. Unlike dogs that crave attention from the very moment you’re home, or bark at someone new to them, cats would just remain nonchalant in your presence. Talk about being sensitive to their owners’ peace and tranquility.

If not sleeping, cats can be found exterminating unnecessary tenants inside your house. Name it, your trusty and enthusiastic feline pet can nail it. Bugs, roaches, mice, anything that flies—all of these would be unknown to your house’s walls as cats vanquish them from staying. Even silent insects would be heard by your cat’s crystal-clear hearing capabilities, and you can expect that crawling creature to not pay you a visit again.

Even if they are very mobile at times, your cats will never have a foul smell or cause your house to stink. Unlike dogs, cats can easily clean themselves as the thought of being bathed makes them really anxious. Cats, depending on how much care you invested, won’t require you to buy them the fanciest fur care shampoo; they can instill hygiene even without your demand or instruction.

You won’t ever hear your cat’s meow to the point that it would irritate you. The soft purr that they emanate might even be music to your ears. You also can consider yourself excluded from neighbor complaints about your cats practicing their vocal chords late at night. The independence that cats have can be rooted back to their historical origins and until today, they still can stand on their own.

Remember the day when you picked that stray cat and kept it at home? Even without that stroke of luck, that cat which you named Saffron can still live by using its natural instinct. When you need to go to work and stay there for a long period of time, your cat won’t really bother if you’re not around. Just get the kitty litter in place and fill the cat bowl to the brim and they can get by as expected.

Your cats won’t ask you to take them for a stroll. When you adopt or co-habituate with a cat, your home will be their universe. Very different from dogs who want to play catch under the heat of the sun, your cat can just use your shelves to practice their jumping skills, their litter for doing the number two and you as their pouncing companion.

The hassles of having a dog for a pet will be completely eliminated once you decided to go for a feline. No more regular trips for fur cutting or that very formal visit for rabies injections, once you own a cat, they can live their entire existence in the comfort of your own home.

When you want to retain the peace and be submerged into the sound of your own breathing, you can expect a cat to let you. They won’t bug you as much as they can due to the fact that they also want you to respect the space they need. They might not demand your praises and don’t expect any cuddling moments with them in return.

No heavy emotional drama and your ownership of them would not be judged. As they say, you never own a cat, you really live with them. You and your cat are equals, and that is something lovable about them – they see you as someone who takes care of them, and they will surely take care of you too.

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Behold the Wondrous Benefits of Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves (1)

The world has been informed on different sorts of things that are deemed as ‘super-food’. This includes ginseng to avocado and the wide array of nuts that were brought to fame due to endless testimonials from health experts.

As the human race evolves through time, we have been introduced to better ways of eating which also lead to a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.

Moringa Leaves (1)

We are all born suckers for food and the benefits they yield, and light has already been shed on more versions and more discoveries about food to bridge us into full-body wellness. One craze that’s been reverberating around the food industry is the magical plant called moringa, and based on recent studies this might be the Incredible Hulk of all previously cited super-food.

Many accounts have already been presented about the power and benefits of the moringa plant, especially its green, vitamin-packed leaves. Heralded from stories of soldiers using the moringa leaf to sustain physical strength and stamina up to the olden Egyptian pharaoh stories of having these leaves until their burial would be the best reasons to stop and take a look at how effective the aforementioned plant is.

With its scientific name Moringa Oleifera, moringa would definitely answer your prayers of eating something that would contain every needed vitamin and mineral your body requires. Moringa will prove to everyone that it is indeed a miraculous tree.

Moringa Leaves (2)

For fast facts, moringa leaves can supply you with iron up to 25 times more than a handful of spinach, quadruple the protein content of eggs, 10 times more Vitamin A than your trusted carrots, a trace of Vitamin C similar to oranges, a whopping 15 times more potassium than bananas and 17 times more calcium than milk.

Moringa Leaves (3)

For those who are health conscious and follow a very strict diet, you don’t need to worry as moringa would aid you to get to where you originally planned to be.

The absence of fat on raw moringa leaves would be the best thing you can read from this article, and yes, you can incorporate it into your dietary salads on a daily basis.

Furthermore, there are many supplements, tablets or capsules that contain moringa extract. The better the concentration of moringa leaves, the more effective it would become.

Super food Moringa green powder (Moringaceae)

Moringa Oleifera can help you regulate your digestive system so that it can break down food more efficiently and absorb what’s beneficial to your body. Also, moringa can be added to your dishes such as being part of soups, casseroles and stir-fry vegetables.

Some other advantages of having a regular intake of moringa include detoxification, longer sustainability of energy and strength, controlled blood pressure, balancing organs that are associated with the endocrine system and a boosted immune system to shield you from unwanted bacteria and diseases.

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