Be cooler as you age and do ballroom dancing for better health


Ballroom dancing is a kind of social encounter through structured and graceful moves from different variations this form of physical motion is required of its participants. Unlike the earlier years where this dance is being rampantly practiced in Latin countries, progression through the early times made it an avenue not only for socialization, but for health betterment especially for elderlies who are hooked on this type of dance.

Increasing numbers of grandparents are getting into ballroom dancing. Not only it provides improved social ties, but experts also link this activity for stronger physique. In an age where bones are usually brittle and equilibrium isn’t that good, ballroom dancing is an activity that can improve an elderly’s health. Studies show that ballroom dancing has a tendency of enhancing dwindling balance for the oldies. “To be able to see the elderly dancing and spinning with autonomy, balance and a cognitive awareness of their space and body helped us understand ways to join useful exercise with a pleasant activity,” says Eliane Gomes da Silva Borges of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro state in Rio de Janeiro. “We have to realize that the practice of physical activity is beneficial because it strengthens the musculoskeletal system and professionals (in nursing homes) can and must help,” she even added.

ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing improves muscle and resilience as well as motor skills. This activity is also being linked by experts to be responsible for the decreased probability of diseases in which older generation are prone.

This dance also brings positive effects on grandparents’ mental health. It is said that being engaged in repeated movements and habitual practicing of steps can lower the possibility of dementia, heart failure and Parkinson’s disease.

This activity also serves as a platform to increase memory, stabilize mood and increased positive outlook. Never again would your grandparents be grumpy and emotional because dancing is another way or producing endorphins that’s responsible for the people to feel happy and elated.

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The wonders of keeping a journal

Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal is not obsolete. Looking through our computer or smartphones, the memos of grocery lists, accountability, to-do lists, and other things along those lines are have taken enough storage in our devices.

They are necessary to keep track of things and almost mechanical. While those are beneficial, it is not the only wonders keeping a journal entails.

A portal to creativity

Journals are our own personal closet to Narnia, our secret rabbit hole to wonderland and our very own King’s Cross Station platform nine and three-quarters. These blank pages, one can create a fantasy world, build a castle, and ride on a unicorn.

No one knows and no one will judge, thus it becomes a bubble with no boundaries except what you say would be. From simple words, and full-blown stories to little doodles and collage, your creativity can be set free here. It helps you develop what you love until you are ready to share it to the world.

Stress releaser

When you can’t release the scream building up in your throat, your journal will come in handy. No one will hear you shout and lose it releasing the stress and the frustrations in a non-destructive way.

It will also help you calm down through focusing on the task at hand where every stroke of the pen brings a moment of clarity and the tranquility of a simple act of writing will slowly lower your stress; thus, improving your well-being.

A dear friend

There are moments where life throws you curve balls better kept quiet about, yet proves to be hard when you have it weighing down on your shoulders.

A journal is a convenient friend you can turn to who will never tell those moments wrapped up in police warning tapes.

Keeps the goal clear

Even when we know what we want, one better way to keep being motivated is the constant reminder of your goals and the lists of your achievement, which brings you steps closer to your dream.

When you are striked with moments of doubts, don’t forget to take a look at your success to keep the positive feeling.


Any ideas, inspiring you suddenly or any dreams popping up suddenly, don’t forget to keep a journal beside you in order to commit them into paper before the idea slipped away.

Whether you think they are brilliant or not, keep them on paper as they will come handy in the future, especially when you’re running out of creative juices.

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Quench thy thirst with electrolytes


It is not unusual for us to see people every day that looked tired and all haggard on our bus ride home. They are the ones who stagger out of their seat and inch by inch slowly losing their way to consciousness because of the physical and mental stress of working or studying or whatever type of activity it might be.

Humans are now known to constantly push their body limits to its brim, and we cannot deny the fact exerting more effort means more work done. True enough, those who are so pre-occupied within the whole duration of the day are the same people who don’t have the luxury to even replenish themselves of a cold glass of water.

The incessant demands of this kind of lifestyle, not only compromise your health, but also might even lose you some equally important things. And so one of the most known armor that people nowadays are using to ensure that they will not just fall into the void of sickness is through one-minute wonders for the health.

Electrolytes play an essential role in keeping the body energized and fully functioning despite the weight of activity a person would do. Normally, electrolytes are found in sports drinks, which is most known to be patronized by athletes.

Those who use physical strength in their day-to-day endeavors require a balanced meal and a constant intake of electrolytes to get the body working at its optimum level. Electrolytes are mainly comprised of sodium, calcium, hydrogen phosphate, carbonate and magnesium chloride.

These vitamins and nutrients are deemed to very beneficial to our bodies to reach our full potential. Aside from athletes, electrolytes are also vital to people who are pregnant, those who have strenuous physical activity as a daily routine and laborers in general.

Electrolytes in sports drinks might not be a quick replacement to the wonders that water intake can do, but this is an effective way of quenching your thirst and giving the necessary things the body requires.

People, being the creative lot, now have ways and means in creating electrolyte drinks just at the comfort of their very homes. Crafting your own electrolyte drink would not only save you money but you’d be surprised to know that the ingredients are just within your reach.

Aside from cost-cutting, doing your own electrolyte drinks would make you feel secure because you would know what you can put in and what you can omit. And the best part of all is that you don’t need to stay within the confinement of store-bought sports drinks because you can follow whatever your taste palate desires.

The options are limitless and you’d be delighted to realize that being healthy can never be this convenient and fun. The main composition that you’d want to consider before concocting your power electrolyte drink is the presence of cold water and salt.

You can mix in some of your favorite fruits for added nutrients such as lemon, lime, honey, cranberry, orange, coconut water, strawberries and natural sugars. Experimentation would be observed at best when you’re on the move in doing this healthy action and feel free to share this with your loved ones, too.

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Believe in the wondrous effects of guava and guava leaves


We all have known guava as a fruit that’s being heralded as one great source of Vitamin C and some other minerals. Normally being grown in Asian countries, guava has a respectable list of medicinal and health benefits due to its rich content of compounds such as Vitamin A, fiber, potassium and lycopene.

But little did we know that aside from the fruit bore from the guava tree; one wonder that can be harnessed from it is the powers of guava leaves. Truthfully, guava leaves are as astoundingly beneficial as the fruit and below are some of the things you’d be shocked to know about how these leaves, normally overlooked, can aid you in ways unimaginable.

One thing that you must know beforehand is that the guava leaves are not to be eaten directly. Experts have suggested that guava leaves should be sterilized in boiling water and the resulting mix must be the one that a person should intake.

If this plan won’t work, there have been readily available tablets and capsules of guava leaves which have undergone scientific laboratory tests and manufactured with high-quality standards. Some health companies put in guava leaves concentrate, in powder form, on their supplements and dietary products.

One thing that guava leaves can definitely help you out at is by losing weight. The leaves have the capacities of stopping carbohydrates from being turned into sugars. This very act would then minimize unnecessary food cravings and sugars not piling up on your body would be a good kick start in dieting, or even lower down the body’s glucose levels.

Lycopene is known to be an important component of guava and guava leaves. If so, the leaves and the fruit can easily be of aid in fighting off cancers due to the antioxidant content via lycopene. Though not strongly backed-up by a known scientific research, the sheer presence of lycopene is known to combat breast, oral and prostate cancers.

If you have a very upset stomach, or any funny feeling happening on your abdomen, seek the wonder of guava leaves to flush it all out. The strong anti-bacterial properties would create a fresh slate for your digestion and even result to better absorption of food in the long run.

Guava leaves can also be used in healing colds since it triggers the body with substances to block mucous production and slow down the spread of microbial activities which is one of the normal reasons of colds and flu.

Other benefits that you can harness from guava and guava leaves are: reduction of allergies and its side effects, soothing of skin bites, oral malfunctions and toothaches, combating acne, delaying hair loss and aging skins via skin dilapidation, eyesight improvement through the vitamin A content, diminish risks of constipation through its high-dietary fiber composition, brain health aid via the presence of vitamin B3 or Niacin, keeping your thyroid happy through copper contents and a more controlled blood pressure.

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Auricular therapy, a treatment that lies on your ears

ear-1Also called ear acupuncture, the practice of auricular therapy and its effectiveness has been known even during the ancient age. Studies have proven favorable results to those who have tried this kind of alternative treatment.

Health practitioners pointed out the fact that the ear has a certain map of pulse points that correspond to each part of the body and that stimulating a certain area in the ear can alleviate the pain caused by an organ located in another region of the human frame.

Ear acupuncture is said to bring betterment when it comes to several health conditions such as pains, allergies, headaches and even addiction. Doctors dug deeper and the movement of understanding the role of the ears for the overall well-being has emerged. It is believed that this practice originated from an early Chinese era where the tradition of acupuncture was born.

However, it is during the 1880’s that this way of treatment has gained much interest. Western Europe has developed and expanded the study for a clearer understanding of the micro system that hides on the human ears.

Hitting the right point and pricking it with the use of a needle can track and treat the problems underlying inside the body. Stimulating the right dot on the ear can lessen the pain and other ailment manifestations.

Acupuncture experts determine a person’s state of health by assessing the texture, skin color and impression of the veins in the areas of the around the ear. Disposable needles with small beads are being used and are inserted millimeters from the surface of the skin.

Performing this can aid migraine, insomnia, indigestion and inflammation. The speed of feeling the effect of auricular therapy can vary from each patient though. Some feel relaxed while other experience light headedness.

While there are those who feel immediate improvement, some on the other hand takes a series of sessions before getting palpable results. It is important to get the help of a licensed practitioner because the treatment requires complex implementation and keen executes.

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Simple beauty tips for the summer

Beauty summerTips

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone is excited to get a tan, wear dresses and flaunt your summer bod with your favorite bikinis on the most awaited beach trip you have been planning with your friends and family this year.

But Mr. Sun can be harsh and work against these plans because it is also the sweat, sunburn, dry hair and skin season.

But do not worry, there are beauty hacks that will surely save your perfect summer below:

Put on a Sunscreen

If your dermatologists demand that you wear SPF all year, what more when it is summer where the sun is at its hottest?

That is why it is not enough to put it just once or twice, but you have to reapply all throughout the day for more protection.


8 glasses of water a day is good, but try to add more classes during the summer and do not forget to drink water because it can make your skin look parched and lifeless and can also cause other health issues.

So better fill your body up with fluids for a natural glow that cannot be faked by your favorite bronze.

Treat your hair

Give importance to your crowning glory by treating it with your daily conditioner or a treatment conditioner.

Treatment conditioners can instantly nourish the hair and repairs it from damage that is perfect for the summer beauty survivor of every girl.

Discover the tinted moisturizer

Experiment with the beauty “multitaskers” such as the BB or CC cream.

You can use this and can get the coverage you want without sacrificing the skin hydration you need.

Bring oil-blotting sheets

Heat makes the skin produce more oil, and oil can attract dirt and bacteria that leading and cause an acne.

Bring oil-blotting film or tissue with you wherever you go, so the only thing that’ll shine is the sun and not your T-zone.

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Perform massage and be closer to your pet


We know that there are different forms in which we can convey love. And this does not discount our trusted and dear pets from the equation. We all know that constant touching and fondling send out a direct message of our concern and care for them. This act in return is being compensated by their loyalty, faith to their master/human companion.

The importance and benefits of pet massage has been long pointed out even during ancient Egypt, China and even the early Romans. Just like its effects on human, massage promotes better blood circulation and reduces stress. The art of touching boosts the bond between the pet and its care provider.

There are several reasons why pets acquire stress. Sound is one of the factors that can cause stress and behavior change toward pets. As we all know, some animals possess sharp hearing that they can hear even the slightest sound made by the needle that fell on the floor.

Amazing as it may seem, this knowledge alone can make us imagine the impact of loud sound made by heavy music or intense noise made by fireworks. Another reason for stress would be lack of exercise.

Some pets that stay at home tend to be lazy and that routinely walks sometimes being ignored. This weakens the muscle and joints that affect the overall health of your animal best friend.

Focus on key areas of your pet’s physique to achieve specific results. Massaging ears and ear flaps will help your pet relax. Head area, especially that of surrounds the eyes can target your pet’s stomach and bladder.

Touch this circuit to promote better digestion and excretion. Focusing on the spine and back will alleviate any illness connected to core pains and vomiting. Do this when the pet is experiencing said conditions to deliver comfort and relief.

Leg and elbows on the other hand targets allergies your pet may or can have while back toes are your one stop area to cover most parts of the body.

Make sure to do the massage in a tender and gentle manner to prevent any type of inconvenience that might lead to your pet’s unbecoming reaction. Massaging your pet regularly will not only make its health better, it will also draw that beloved being even closer for a tighter bond and connection.

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TomTom Spark Music Cardio, Running the watch that has thought of everything


The best way to succeed – or at least improve – a product, it is certain to take into account user feedback. And it was to this argument that the TomTom manufacturer presents its new running watch, the Spark, little starlet IFA in Berlin. If it looks close enough to the Muti-Sport cardio, Spark brings a new feature that, for sure, will appeal to sports.

And we must admit that the idea is good, although not entirely new. Wear the Android or Apple Watch watches allow to do so. Anyway, the user lifts regularly evoke they continue to use their smartphones to listen to current music. And even if it is placed in a cuff, the sensation is often unpleasant.

That’s why Spark incorporates a 3 GB memory. It is not a panacea, but it still allows to make a playlist of about 500 songs. Also welcome the initiative of TomTom who delivers his watch, “Running Trax”, a collection of tracks rhythmic (to run, is better) composed by the London club Ministry of Sound and equivalent to about 30 minutes of music.

Obviously, meanwhile, Bluetooth technology is to connect the watch to a wireless headset. The music then driven from the watch or headset, if equipped with buttons. However, TomTom gives no indication on the autonomy of the watch.

In addition to these innovations, the Spark takes the equipment that we loved on the Multi-Sport cardio, namely the heart rate sensor, GPS chip, sealing 40 meters and uses different profiles (biking, swimming , carpets, running) to which in also adds two new: the gym and freestyle. This latter mode is especially for use during a fitness session (for example) or for downhill skiing.

Spark always shares his measures through mobile MySport (iOS and Android), or by USB by connecting to a computer. Finally, TomTom indicates that the Spark will receive a software update at the end of the year, which will provide him with calls and message notification features when connected to the smartphone.

No price is published to Spark, whose availability is scheduled for October. Other versions, including without cardio sensor, will also be proposed to target the widest audience possible.

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Environment-Friendly hacks to keep the temperature cool


There are moments in a year when the heat is just not tolerable anymore. Even without movement, you can feel the heat of the summer caressing your skin so much like you’re hugging a flat iron, and sweat would definitely come next.

Normally, during the humid season, we have relied onto the cooling effects of an air-conditioned house or room to alleviate further stress caused by this inevitable occurrence.

We have succumbed and surrendered in battling heat the natural way, and little did we know that often the use of air-conditioning systems would all add up to the heat via the Greenhouse Effect.

You might have rolled your eyes at this thought, but the truth is, there are hundreds of ways in keeping the temperature down and low through creative and nature-friendly alternatives that we just have discarded.

We all have been guilty of letting our Mother Nature down, now, it is time to pay back by not adding up to the problem and embracing solutions that might be lying somewhere all along.

Below are some tips and hacks in keeping the temperature more acceptable, budget friendly and easily accessible.


If your bed is made with the most luxurious fabric because you can afford it, then do a quick switch in donning the bed, mattresses and pillow sheets with an economical alternative which is cotton.

Cotton is known to be a breathable kind of fabric and is light-weight which means that you won’t be sweating during your sleep despite how hot the ambient temperature is.

This switch can also be done on your wardrobe by picking cotton-made garments which will keep the cool hugging you all day long.

By being smart about what to wear, sporting cotton-finished garments would do you loads of comfort in and out of the house.

And if we are to avoid turning on that inviting AC system, then you have no option but to use fans to keep the air circulated within a room. Making the most out of this appliance would mean a better-tempered house or room.

Instead of just letting the fan be stuck in a corner, get this working even better by placing it about face from a window so that all the humidity would be sucked out Putting a bowl of ice in front of it would be resulting to a cooler air dominating the room.

Before going to bed, or if you have the luxury of doing it, take a quick trip to the bathroom. Short baths can significantly lower down hot body temperatures and maintain a more acceptable rate afterwards.

The wonder of water can also be channeled by ensuring that you are hydrated well all throughout the day. This would not only stray you away from being parched, a body that’s hydrated appropriately equates the optimum use of energy even when the temperature is sweltering.

Maximize the benefits of water by also putting a bowl of water at your bedside so as you have a quick soaking section for your feet when you’ve been woken up by the disturbing heat of the night.

If you have a two-storey or x-storey house, stay on the lowest part of it since we all know that heat is always on top through buoyancy.

Get back to your Physics class and be reminded that the lower you are from a specific place, staying at the lowest level possible would mean a cooler temperature to the touch.

Turning off your lights and bedside lamps would also decrease the chance of accumulating more heat and make sure to unplug all unnecessary appliances and devices because electricity can be causes of ambient heat, too.

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Traditional books are yet to part

traditional books

Development in technology has seeped its way through human lifestyle and dug itself among the activities of everyday living, including the simple pleasures brought forth by reading.

Amazon, Kindle, and Wattpad, are but a few communities formed by the digital era where books are compressed in a small few-pound weighing gadget. Anywhere and anytime, it is revolutionary.

And while many are transitioning to e-books, the good, old traditional book is yet to be uprooted. There are obvious benefits of e-books, but the traditional books have also some to brag and those are the reasons why the old-fashioned paperbacks are still here to stay today, or thereafter.

Getting the full experience of reading
Browsing online for books stands in stark contrast to searching in the library for something to read. Digital libraries are convenient; a few clicks and less mobilization entices a busy man. However, the act of running your fingers through spines and the smell of the pages is undisputed pleasures. The experience is also less constricted, offering a deep-seated response and a chance to stumble across different kinds of genre you’d thought you will never like.

Shared and passed to anyone
The traditional books open up the door of sharing what you’ve read to your friends or families. They can be rented, borrowed, or be given as a gift to someone. Receiving a book on your birthday for example, holds a sentimental value and encourage the receiver to read; as they trust the giver to give them a worthwhile book of their taste.

Boosts comprehension
According to studies, physical pages are better device for comprehension. It provides less distraction and every flip of pages gives the brain a different experience leading to better understanding. If you want a help in grasping the context of what you’ve read, traditional books will help keep the ideas solid in your mind.

The art is much appreciated
Every word woven with another to form a sentence unique from the others in order to elicit a specific response from the reader is an art on it; however, the realm of art is more explored and appreciated in the old traditional books. The physical book covers offers a different feel over the pixel ones. The details are better observed, adding another layer of wonder to the tale told by words.

The tales end, but the memory stays
As a child, many of us are exposed to books and digging through the dusty cardboard boxes containing what we love as a child brings warm memories. The bedtime tales, a cookie and a glass of milk, and a kiss on the forehead before the lights went off is sure to put a smile on anyone’s faces even on their bad days.

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