The Best of the Best BMW Cars Ever: A Shortlist


The illustrious brand tagging as ‘the ultimate driving machine’ is one of the key reasons why BMW cars have stayed this respectable within the automotive industry.

Known for its exemplary fusion of luxury and utter driving performance, this once humble company has proven to every critic that it is not just a fly-by-night gig.

BMW cars have long withstood the itching demand for something new, the side-glances it receives when parked beside other automotive behemoths, and the incessant craving of car enthusiasts for a better version of their last model.

It is no wonder why the brand became so successful after all these years because they simply surpassed all the tests that a demanding market presented.


BMW cars hail from the town of Bavaria and are now considered one of Germany’s prides in the world of automotive manufacturing and impeccable car engineering.

They have created legendary cars, all equipped with style, pizzazz and power. BMW cars always thrive to offer cutting-edge design, unique form and comfort brought about by luxury.

Truly, BMW cars shook the world and stayed afloat in the market as if they were made to be winners. As for their production models, below are some of the versions that people have drooled over and craved for, because this brand really has no room for disappointing its patrons.


Ironically named the 2002 Tii even though it was released in 1969, this car changed the game in the field of car engineering and was tagged by BMW as the ‘new class’.

This is one of the most innovative cars that the brand produced, all boasting its new uni-body design that is square-edged and spiky. The 2002 Tii also introduced independent rear suspension for optimum driving efficiency.

Direct injections, 2.0 liter inline, 130 horsepower and its upgraded engine made this 1969 model one amazing experience that thousands of people have succumbed to purchasing it. The 2002 Tii is also dubbed as one of the spearheads in the advent of luxury sports sedans during that time.


BMW Cars have never faltered in being adept craftsmen, and so comes the Z8 Roadster. This car release is BMW’s approach in combining the old and the new, as the classic design now comes with modern car engineering.

The convergence of these two scopes generated a car that’s second to none when it comes to performance and the overall physical attributes. Car enthusiasts are faced with an aluminum space frame that is sleek and dashing, which is truly eye candy for BMW fanatics.

Housed within its body is a very powerful 400-horsepower 4.9-liter V8 engine that solidified the brand’s claim that this car boasts extreme driving performance. The smoothened curves, unique design and effort injected into creating its engine make the Z8 Roadster more than legendary.


The company also delved into providing reliable city cars fit for daily use in the BMW i3. This bold electric version came off as a surprise to those who thought that BMW is concerned with upgrading their older models.

The BMW i3 is equipped with some of the most stunning features including a hybrid-synchronous electric motor, a 170-horsepower engine and an impressive 184 lb.-ft. of torque.

The BMW i3’s body is created to deliver faster speeds through the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic with an aluminum chassis.


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Recounting Interesting Tales of the World’s Greatest Sorcerers


You’ve been tightly hooked on watching too many Harry Potter movies and reading some Merlin books that you get to wonder if sorcerers and magicians truly exist. In a world where loopholes are always present and many things crave to be explained, it is quite ‘natural’ for people to believe the unexplainable and the mysterious.

Magic is a fun topic to stretch during discussions and there has been a plethora of instances, establishing that it is indeed happening among us. It is with gladness that we jump into this void of wonder and whim, with high hopes that one day, magic and sorcery would all be out in the open for us to explore.


History has been kind to people when it comes to listing some sorcerers and episodes said to have truly materialized, establishing the frisky concept that sorcery, witchcraft and magic is a true occurrence.

Decades of belief and these stories might be the populace’s ticket to enter this portal full of wondrous things that only sheer magic and miracle can offer. Listed below are some of the world-renowned icons and happenings that explain why the current civilization should not discount the force of mystery in any way possible.


Japan has always considered Abe No Seimei to be the country’s ultimate Merlin. Seimei is the type of sorcerer who surpassed public ridicule and came-off unscathed and established, as he served as ‘omyodo’ to six different empires.

Folklore intended Seimei to be Japan’s ultimate source of supernatural powers and his skills have definitely protected all the emperors he served, protecting their kingdoms from the most evil spirits and plagues.

Some kabuki plays have shown Seimei to have a second sight, which he used to distinguish between normal human beings and those who are demonic in nature. Abe No Seimei is also known to be an alchemist of various spells to prevent harmful entities from hurting the families he served.


Showing his powers and skills throughout the whole of Jewish philosophy, stories say that Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel is the greatest sorcerer to have ever walked Prague. During his time, Bezalel and the community he was in were accused of kidnapping Christian children in exchange for blood to be used in rituals and prayers, which was never ever proven.

Bezalel, with all his mystic powers, created a golem to protect his fellowmen from all sorts of physical attacks from those who thought maliciously of his community. He also got the ability of identifying the dead as an added protection, giving safety and peace to the whole of Prague.


It was rage and vengeance that made John of Nottingham one of the most famous magicians in European culture. People of Coventry, England enlisted John’s help in destroying the oppressive dictatorship brought about by a chamberlain named Hugh Despenser in 1324.

It is with John of Nottingham’s magical prowess that the world came to know what it was like to put punish using the voodoo dolls, though John used life-sized wax figures of people he wanted to inflict pain upon. John of Nottingham’s sorcery included giving people amnesia, along with several leaden spells that result to pain and suffering, and even death.

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Never Fret Again about Office Gossips

Businesswomen gossiping in office

Aside from the stress that work entails, it is nothing when faced with the real enemy that even the calmest co-worker won’t be able to handle effectively: office gossip. From time to time, we are all guilty of participating in these gossip episodes even when we don’t mean to. It is tempting and happens daily that we succumb.

Studies have shown that office gossip has a high chance of being a ‘fact’ because the circumstance is that the people involved are under one roof and they see each other daily. We also cannot deny the fact that these discussions solidify camaraderie because we get to update each other of developments and opinions, whether intellectual or not. But what if you’re the center of recent office hushes? Below are some of the smartest tips that you can apply to keep everyone guessing.

The initial reactions when you first know about people talking about you during breaks are shame, guilt and wonder. Naturally, these types of feelings would make you flip and even put you in a state wherein you don’t want to go to work anymore. The possibility of hiding or even resigning from your job would surely come into play, but you need to wake up since this won’t solve the problem. It may take one day or two to process everything, and in these situations, you must remain calm to avoid cracking with the slightest nags of your co-workers.

The key point to remember here is to go back to your office friends and build the network of support you’d need. Having someone or some people who you can lean on eight to nine hours a day would lighten the load of those condescending stares and hushed bathroom conversations with your name on them. Use these friends to vent out steam when you feel like it. However, if you want to say things that are rather rash about a co-worker highlighting the news about you, get someone from outside the office or else you’d look as if you’re guilty of the accusations.

Never give ground and always stand higher than those who craft gossip about you. Whenever confronted by co-workers about the latest issue involving you, don’t give defensive. Explaining to them would do you no good and always bear in mind that no matter what you say to them, they would still view you the same way. Instead of channeling all your focus and effort in dealing with these kinds of things, perform and deliver results like you’ve never shown them before.

This isn’t proving your worth. Rather, you’re helping yourself to become noticed in a positive manner. Soon after you’ve heard everyone talking about you, prepare to let it go. If it bugs you as much as the first time you’ve encountered this gossip, then seek advice from you Human Resources Department for counseling and appropriate guidance on how to deal with it.

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Hail to the Capabilities of the Dragon Fruit


You don’t usually see dragon fruit in your conventional grocery as this is deemed to be always out of season. Usually grown in the tropical and subtropical areas of Asia and South America, this magical-sounding fruit doesn’t actually breathe fire—dragon fruits are actually more than awesome. If ever you’d chance by a dragon fruit at a nearby stand, you’d easily notice the cactus-like outer shell, which is associated with the mythical creature it is named after. It is commonly has vibrant green, red and pinkish spots that identify how the dragon fruit is full of nutrients.

You’d be surprised to see the inside and immediately associate the look to that of kiwis. Rather, it has white flesh with black seeds crowding the entire surface. Aside from the fact that its physical features would leave you in awe and intrigued, dragon fruits definitely have the right to be called super-food due to the numerous health benefits that they possess.

If you’re in dire need of maintaining or losing weight without compromising your taste buds for bland food, then grab a stash or two of dragon fruit whenever it’s around. This fruit has a very low amount of cholesterol making it easy to digest. Despite the fact that it is broken down by the body rather quickly, dragon fruit would not fail you in satisfying your taste buds. Unlike other fruits of its kind, dragon fruits are also leading sources of unsaturated fats, which aid in keeping your cardiovascular health at its peak.

Cholesterol levels in your body won’t change whenever you devour a piece of dragon fruit; rather it regulates the cholesterol rate in your body at acceptable levels. For those who have frequent issues in their digestion and bowel movement, the dragon fruit’s high fiber content would alleviate any type of abdominal pain and release toxins from the body in a natural way. The very flesh and seeds of dragon fruits are also rich in protein, which fortifies and satisfies your bodily needs. Consuming one dragon fruit daily would also detoxify you faster than eating well-known acai berries.

Sugar spikes and high sugar levels wouldn’t be an issue when eating dragon fruit due to the fiber content of the fruit. The antioxidants present in dragon fruits are also associated with keeping one’s skin tight and young, by simply mixing it with honey for your homemade facemask. Surprisingly, dragon fruit’s sap is also considered to be a good leavening agent to keep your colored and treated hair the way should to be.

The nutrients found in dragon fruit would basically open up your hair follicles and absorb all of the vitamins and minerals it can, which in turn would make it more healthy-looking. The high Vitamin C content also makes the dragon fruit a great topical ointment to cure your blaring acne and other skin problems. If you have a skin allergy or just recently acquired sun burn, you just need to make a paste out of the dragon fruit’s flesh, apply it on the affected area and wash it off with water. Lastly, dragon fruit is also known to be an anti-inflammatory agent, which tends to fight common repercussions of arthritis and joint problems.

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The Feline Dictionary of Effectively Caring for a Cat


Owning a pet is similar to the responsibility of caring for a human being. In the world of pet care, raising a cat in the comfort of your own home is actually easier than expected. Cats are independent pets, but as their rightful caretaker, you won’t be able to avoid doing the usual things any normal owner would.

In rearing a cat, you should avoid complicated and tedious actions. Cats won’t require too much effort as they can take care of themselves and above all, cats will not appreciate it when you meddle with their lives all the time. Below are some of the things that you might want to consider in raising cats, on how you would groom them properly, feed them sufficiently and carry-out the dreadful act of bathing.

While it is known that cats won’t demand a bath session, some uncontrollable circumstances would definitely bring you to this stage. Before showering your trusted cats with running water and lathering them with shampoo, get their eyes covered with mineral oil to avoid irritation from chemicals. Your cats will also appreciate it if you help them ease panic from slippery surfaces by using a washcloth for them to stand on while bathing. This would give them a strong foothold and a more peaceful bathing session.

Cat baths shouldn’t take too long or else your pets will contract colds. Prolonged exposure to cold water will affect their ability to insulate heat and will lead to higher risks of getting sick. Cleaning the rest of the body with simple cat shampoo is enough because their fur is self-beautifying. Also, make sure to clean their ears and creases to remove any fleas camping out on their bodies. Post-bath, let them do their thing and keep them inside the house even after they’re dry.

To feed our beloved feline friends, here are some pointers to make eating more enjoyable. If you ever plan to let your cats eat bones, you’re doing it wrong all along. Cats are the opposite of dogs with jaws and teeth built to crush bones for digestion. The bones’ sharp splinters could choke your pet cat and might even lead to sudden death. Avoid feeding them bones, no matter what type, as is best for their welfare.

Usually, moist food must be refrigerated if not going to be eaten after a couple of hours. As for dry food and cat biscuits, feel free to put them on your cat’s food bowls as long as it could stay. It is a huge mistake to make your cat eat dog food. The chemicals and food composition in dog food might put your cat’s health at risk. Diet changes must be scheduled. Like human beings, it will be a shock to cats if we demand them to change their diet in a snap. Water must always be taken into serious consideration, especially on hot months. Cats are living things and deserve to maintain a healthy water supply.

When you notice dirt crowding your floor, it is best to give your cats a clean and sweeping massage from head to tail. Hair maintenance might be difficult for you and your cat, but the magical power of touch can work wonders. Eliminate the use of tough and complicated brushes and make use of your hands to untangle and arrange your cat’s fur. Like how you clip your nails, make sure that you don’t overdo it with your cat. Once you’ve seen the pinkish inner part of the nail, stop clipping as doing it further might cause serious pain. Get a nail clipper at your nearby pet store as the human version won’t work for the cats elongated and hard nails.

Also, one way to ensure that you’re clipping correctly is to press the respective paw where the nails are to expose them. Don’t be obsessed with cleaning your cat’s ears and this should be done only once a month. Use your reliable mineral oil and cotton buds to do a swift sweep of dirt on the areas that are visible to you. Anything deeper than that might result in you getting bitten because it is rather painful.

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An Ice-Cold Resolution in 2016 for Food Disposal


Ice-Cold Resolution (1)

Now that a new year has begun, it is quite expected that most fridges, from all over this planet, have serious issues with food left lying around from the Holidays. This year, be smarter with how you deal with food and identify ineffective disposal because after all, this all came from your hard-earned cash so you don’t want that to be wasted, do you?

In a world where everything is replaceable, it is very important to go back to our old habits of saving on things like food. We have all been victimized by the glorious effects of ordering Chinese take-out and when we have eaten too much, we usually just throw the leftovers away. We don’t even take a second look at all the food that ends up in trash, all the food that just withers away on the shelves and all the money wasted just because we don’t care.

Truthfully, one way of ensuring that you’re maximizing the shelf life of your food is through proper refrigeration. Commonly overlooked, refrigerating your food in a more knowledgeable way would not only make you a savvy homemaker but will save you time, energy and effort in getting the most out of your food. We find ourselves face to face with freezing daily, and it is quite proper to be well-informed about its use, benefits and features.

Ice-Cold Resolution (2)

Before you shove that spaghetti leftover into your fridge, ensure that the food is cooled down first. The reason behind this is that food in room temperature is best refrigerated, as hot food can damage the cooling mechanics of your fridge.

Also, it will take quite some time before the heat passes and it will cause your freezers to work double time in delivering what’s expected of them. If this happens, your trusty freezing companion would need more electricity, hence higher bills come payday.

One tip that you also might want to take note of is that a freezer that’s fully packed with items would be more ideal. Most households leave a small space in freezer storage, but little did we know that this can result in cold air not circulating well. A more productive freezer means more energy used, so save up and put all the food inside the fridge when necessary.

Ice-Cold Resolution (3)

In storing raw food, it is best for you to wrap it well to avoid freezer burns. Freezer burns not only leave an ugly mark in your freezer, but might be harmful to your food as well. One way of eliminating this possibility is to store raw meat with a marinade in a zip-lock bag for longer shelf-life. The liquid inside the bag would definitely keep your food from acquiring freezer burns.

If you want to store a whole kilo of onions in your vegetable bin, try to weigh things and ask yourself if it is necessary. In storing vegetables, it is best to just put in small partitions per type to ensure that the will stay fresh and crisp. Also, if you have perishable groceries, keep note that they must definitely be stored in the freezer to retain their original buying condition.

Adding labels to food would also be a nice touch for organization and spare you from reaching for the deepest recesses of your refrigerator when searching for something. Raw eggs, if not in the provided egg rack, must be stored in a container, beaten slightly and used when needed. Glass containers must be tempered to avoid any breakage despite the long freezing time.

Ice-Cold Resolution (4)

Some of the food types that you must avoid freezing include those with high-moisture content (lettuce, watermelon, oranges) as they can go mushy, dairy products (yogurt and custard) as they can become watery and inedible, herbs (parsley, chives, basil) as they would undergo discoloration and browning, eggs that are boiled as they will be rubbery, eggs that are in their shells as they will have the tendency to expand and burst, and fried food because no matter how much reheating and refrying you do, it will never be the same again.

Also, be sensitive enough to know if your freezer needs to be defrosted so that you can fully maximize its use.

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More than just dandy pieces, be creative and use Lego in different ways

use Lego in different ways (1)

We have known these tiny square blocks since childhood. How these four-sided shapes helped us develop color recognition, spatial skills and creativity are remarkable, which is why it is no wonder that decades later, we still find this toy in the racks of toy stores and recreational shops. Generations may pass but its positive effects are still being recognized making it one of the most classic and well-loved playthings of all time.

Reconcile with the little kid residing within you by picking up those tiny squares and transforming them into a more functional object. Past the figures you can build through piling are more useful forms that just might make life more organized and arranged. The vibrant colors of this toy can bring spice to your desks and homes in a quirky and fun way.

Always forgetting where you put your keys? Worry no more because you may aid your forgetfulness with the help of key organizers made of Lego blocks. Opt for vibrant colors, ideally combine everything that’s available from the box so that the key holder would be noticeable enough every time you need to keep the keys in place. Also, make sure to form a habit of putting your keys in this holder so that it will not oppose the reason why you put this on your wall in the first place.

use Lego in different ways (3)

Need to organize that stack of books? Channel your creativity and build book ends made out of your pure imagination.

This is ideal especially for reducing clutter on chaotic desks and spaces.

Give your gadgets, such as phones and tablets, a good stand by transforming your Lego pieces into a creative and cute dock.

This is ideal especially during Skype moments and diminishes the hassle of looking down while swiping through your phone’s screen.

use Lego in different ways (2)

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Modern People Need Meditation As Often As Possible


In the hustle and bustle of modern city life, people find it difficult to find time for meditation. Amid all the drama associated with work, the physical strain brought about by daily commute, and the bugging intangible noises outside that make us even more stressed, it is quite a need for everyone to keep calm through meditation. Rooted in the old times, meditation is a process in which a person collects all thoughts, and releases bottled tensions through the simple activity of sitting in silence.

Various types of meditation turned up as we progressed through time, but the core act lies in the quality of tranquility expected from this exercise, and the peace that one can gain when meditation is done properly. Scientifically, meditation can be described as a practice to unite your mind, physical body and spirit with hopes of reeling it back to its most cognitive and holistic state.

Many people have been yielding to the power of meditation, as this not only washes away any mental and physical burden, but it also grants a multitude health benefits only known to those who study it deeply. Below are some of the reasons why you should go back to practicing meditation, not once a year, but on a daily basis.

Meditation helps you identify which of your suppressed thoughts are still worth keeping and which ones are to be discarded. This practice gives you an opportunity to properly tune your thoughts, which in turn helps you to be more alert than ever. Some of the things that one tends to lay-off when stress kicks in is the power of being rational, and this is where meditation can aid you.

Refocusing your mind to what’s ahead of you and not what you left behind.

The stress filling your mind and body can be drained if you meditate daily. While it is a known fact that stress is something inevitable, meditation can help you in ensuring that you handle stress in a way that is appropriate to your body and mind. Stress is something that you should invest time and effort in eliminating, and meditation is an easy way for you to deal with it.

When meditating, people are also observed to be more in control of their emotions, as the calm influences the spirit. With all the hassles and toxicity that this modern age presents, meditation is a suit of armor that you can wear to eliminate further stress. If you’re one of the many who tend to deal with things in a rushed manner, meditation will let you slow down and get the most out of the things that you’d encounter.

It is through meditation that a person can be enlightened without the need for hiring a psychologist to help you. Aside from the fact that this won’t cost you a single penny, daily meditation won’t tire you as much as rigorous exercise. Also, meditation doesn’t need any special tools or specific place to carry out the activity, just pick a seat while commuting and you’re well on your way to feeling lighter and invigorated. Science is blatant evidence to the effectiveness of meditating, and there’s really no harm if you try to do it during your free time.

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Meeting the Promise of the Future via Hoverboards

Hoverboards (4)

After the rush of the Holiday season, it’s quite certain that there are remnants floating around about some gifts that were never given. Maybe it’s your son, or your brother or even you who would wish to get this very item, but you are torn between purchasing it or not.

You want to blame the endless posts on Facebook about some lucky sets of people who have gotten the chance to own it, or the luring advertisements that scream of fun activities and modernized ‘toy’ manufacturing.

It was nevertheless a hit trend in the last quarter of 2015, and it’s sure to stay that way as we move along this year. Truly, hoverboards are the things that make you want to give-up all your worldly possessions just to cop a unit, attracting you into a realm that’s definitely hard to get out of.

Definitely, you’ve first seen hoverboards as a form of transportation in the Back to the Future series. Technically, these things should be levitating and need a personal transportation skill for it work. Contrasting the ones being sold in the market nowadays, the movie concept of the hoverboard is far more dynamic and futuristic.

Hoverboards (1)

But people would always settle for something close to the original, and so hover boards are now dotting your favorite toyshops. Specifically, the one that your neighbor purchased and made you drool over is called an electric hands-free scooter.

Known to be one of the fastest selling toys of 2015, hoverboards managed to establish a strong foothold in kids pushing toward their teenage years.

Like its nearest kin known as the skateboard, hoverboards would certainly exude an arbitrary kind of cool for those who have it.

Now available in major toy chains all over the planet, it is not difficult to look for one at all. It is the price tag that’s keeping parents and adults from buying it.

Hoverboards (2)

As usual, while a demand shoots up, more manufacturers would come forth to supply hoverboards. So if you’re really interested in buying one for pleasure, or even convenience, toy enthusiasts have inked on reliable brands such as PhunkeeDunk, IO Hawk, Ninebot, Swagway and Hovertrax.

Hoverboards also differ in the specs they have and the resulting physical look. Though all hoverboards would have the same goal of giving you a more modern way of getting around, the technical features cause them to skyrocket in terms of end value.

Though a very famous toy at this present time, the safety measures attached to using it are very strict, even making some cities ban it from public use.

Hoverboards (3)

If you’re one of the fortunate few who has a hoverboard lying around the house, make sure that it’s off limits to children as this might cause accidents.

Also, the habit of wearing protective gear and helmets is strongly advised to avoid possible physical injury if things get out of hand.

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Have a taste of this year’s exciting food trends

food trends (1)

The pursuit of staying fit and healthy will not stop as the curtain of 2016 finally unveils itself. Make this new chapter a little better by living healthier while being trendy as this year brings you new ways of being well and staying in good shape.

While exercise plays a big role in having that perfect shape, the contribution of the food we eat is also another factor we have to consider to reach the optimum state of being healthy.

There is no doubt that food bars claimed the top spot when it came to popularity last year, and health enthusiasts rummaged grocery shelves just to get their own piece of the food that dominated the arena in 2015.

food trends (2)

2016 is mostly about upgrading and improving the healthy staples that are classic favorites of the health conscious.

We are accustomed to yogurt being mixed with fruit flavors to make the taste even more appealing, but the new year is creating a new twist as spices are about to take over.

Consider adding a dash of paprika, rosemary or cinnamon and have a more functional tummy in doing so.

food trends (3)

We know how beneficial green vegetables are. New trends suggest bypassing the chewing process and extract the chlorophyll directly instead.

This way, the essence of nutrients becomes as pure as it gets. Do not be amazed if some specialty coffee shops and yogurt houses add a chlorophyll infused option to their menu.

Studies say that having a dose of this breaks down fats faster and is rich in antioxidants– goodbye muffin top!

food trends (4)

Delivery meal kits will continue to live on and will gain even more popularity in accordance to the busy lives people have.

Not only is it convenient, especially for those who do not have time to prepare their own food due to demanding schedules.

The goodness of these ordered kits is that it tailors to the diet a person currently has. Nutritional chefs mostly offer this fad, which is why dieting and slimming will become even easier and faster.

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