The fad of skinny jeans and its possible danger

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Skin-tight jeans have gained so much popularity that almost every individual owns a pair. This is a staple garment that almost all closets have. But will you continue wearing something that might be dangerous to your health? Read on and think if skinny jeans are really a fad you want to follow.

If there is one fashion garment that’s a staple in every closet, it would be skinny jeans. Unlike some of the fads that come and go, this kind of clothing has been present since its emergence years ago. Skinny jeans are a classic and they work for both men and women.

These body hugging jeans create the illusion of a longer and leaner silhouette – one of the reasons why people are raving over it. But with the recent studies stating that it may harm your health, will you still consider wearing one?

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A recent study points out that wearing skinny jeans and squatting on it for a prolonged period of time might actually damage the nerve fibers and muscles in the legs.

Linking skinny jeans to this hazardous effect came from the case of a middle aged woman in Australia. It was said that she experienced weakness in her ankles and numbing of her legs that made her lie on the ground for several hours on her way home after squatting to empty cupboards as she was helping a relative move out.

She stayed on the ground for several hours before getting help. She claimed that her jeans felt uncomfortable and extremely tight during that day. Her pants were so body hugging that they needed to be cut just to be removed.

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Doctors found damage on the muscles and nerves on her lower legs because of prolonged squatting and the pants she wore made it worse. This case study was published by the Journal of Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.

While it is pointed out that skinny jeans are linked to the case of the woman, let us consider the fact that this was just one instance. Further research should be performed to strengthen the evidence of skinny jean being harmful to our health.

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The Art of Early Reading and Its Inevitable Benefits

Early Reading (1)

There’s a saying that education starts at home and if we were to look back at our own childhood memories, we can clearly pinpoint our parents or siblings as the ones who taught us a lot of things.

Children nowadays are immersed into a society wherein learning is gained through technological advancements, and while many of them learn through it magnificently, many educators are in a fearful state as the conventional method of reading is being completely ignored. If you’re a parent who wants to bring back the interest of reading but is lost on where to start, then this article will definitely aid you.

First, you must be aware of the reasons why you should promulgate reading to your kids at an early age. According to studies, reading will help kids recognize letters, comprehend that print represents the spoken word, realize the relationship of letters and sounds, widen their vocabulary and help them in enriching their oral communication skills.

Many analysts suggest that while it is you who will introduce reading to your kids, you must be around to do the activity. The most important thing here is your presence as it will be you who will maneuver the reading session.

Early Reading (2)

If you have a kid who’s just 6-12 months old, it’s best that you start exposing them to your plan by simple techniques such as making eye contact, talking back and forth to him or her and even playing simple games such as peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake.

Once they reach one to two years of age, this is the right time to introduce them to books in their most physical sense, let them flip the pages and read the words out loud whenever your child points at something readable on the book.

For ages three to four, prepare yourself for reading a specific book over and over again to accentuate mastery and retention. Ask questions such as ‘What happens next?’ in stories that you know they know, point out numbers and letters, stress words in accordance to pictures and craft stories out of pictures you see in the book.

For four to five year old children, relate some of the stories to a simple action experienced by your child, encourage them to read you a story and let them point to letters to spell out simple words.

Early Reading (3)

Aside from the technical aspect of reading, this very act will also let your kids prepare in sharing and interacting with other kids, exploration of things unknown to them such as animals, plants and the world in general, higher intellectual measures that can be beneficial once they grow up, establish self-confidence and create discipline.

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Recognize These Points before Buying that Cooling System

Repairman fixing air conditioner unit

Now that summer is fast approaching, many households from all over the world have found different methods to soften the blow of inevitable heat. Due to modernization, more and more residents battle the summer heat with ways that we never thought possible. Some have subscribed to the concept of traveling more, visiting places that can let them unwind while the sun is at its peak.

For the more fortunate ones, they purchase state-of-the-art air conditioning systems to supply them with an ambient air that’s more tolerable than most will experience. Yes, some might think that the season will end soon, and buying an appliance against the irksome climate will be a waste, but for as long as they have the capacity to do so, why not?

Cooling System (2)

Little do we know that the fad of purchasing air conditioning systems is all too essential to some people and they take the concept quite seriously. So, if you want to join the bandwagon and feel comfortable once summer hits, then read on below for some pointers that you can consider if you’ll shop for your very own unit.

Before you go trigger happy and pinpoint a unit based on its impressive physique, there are some considerations that you need to bear in mind which include the general local climate, energy efficiency, health features, the brand’s credibility in supplying quality cooling systems and how it would look like once it is placed inside your house.

Cooling System (3)

For beginners, it is vital for you to know that air conditioning systems have two types, namely evaporative cooling and refrigerated cooling. Whilst both have similar effects, how their mechanisms work are quite different from each other. Evaporative types are known to be more economical, make use of the fresh air from outside your property, easy to use and demand cheaper installation costs.

As for refrigerated cooling, users have given positive feedback such as its strong capabilities of battling humidity, the usefulness of also being a heater with a flick of a button and the internal workings are deemed to reduce possibilities of allergic reactions.

The types of evaporative cooling systems include the standard units, centrifugal fan ranges, fireproof units and top of the range units while refrigerated systems’ types are add-on cooling, split systems and the ducted-reverse style.

Cooling System (4)

Consumers should also consider the space where the air conditioning systems will be installed. One must be aware of the total size of the room, or the house, so that they can pick the best option. For families with children, it is imperative that they get the younger ones checked by a pediatrician before installation so as to distinguish any underlying allergies that need to be addressed.

Remember that the reason why you want a cooling system is to make the summer comfortable, not make it worse. Do your own research for brands with integrity, and bet your money on trusted manufacturers. Scan the details of the purchase and compare it to what you truly need. After all these, remember that summer will be back again after a year, so it’s best for you to get a reliable and resilient cooling system.

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Organize Your Job Effectively Through These Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications (1)

Nowadays, we can all agree that most of us are connected through the power of mobile phones and their wide array of functions. We have subscribed to the benefits of our handy mobiles for making our lives easier, more functional and highly efficient. There are more and more people attesting to the usefulness of these gizmos as we progress through time, and the hope for better connectivity boils down to mankind’s incessant attempts to improve.

Soon enough, we’ll be introduced to a plethora of possibilities that aims to keep the smoothness of things at its finest, and as much as we don’t want to be devoured by this notion, we have no choice but to comply. If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the fast-paced drama called life, read on and the mobile applications listed below might give you a clearer perspective in managing things.

Mobile Applications (2)

If the ancient method of keeping a diary is not working for you, then to-do lists should be more accessible as they are available through your mobile device. Now, many application programmers have formulated some one-touch programs that can organize your hectic daily schedule.

For beginners, you can download applications such as Todo7, Todoist,, Wunderlist and Carrot to help you with extensive management of your to-do list, in daily, weekly and even monthly scales. Some of these helpful applications even have an option for you to assign a dedicated alarm sound that you can pick, giving you a hint if an event should be prioritized or not.

For more advanced needs, you can subscribe to project management tools such as Basecamp, Trello, Redmine, AtTask, Wrike and Kick-off. The aforementioned programs all have features such as time tracking, creation of templates for simple presentations, integration of e-mail engines such as Gmail and Outlook, along with sophisticated and user-friendly interfaces.


There are quite a handful of people who lose control of the things that they do at work, ending up distracted and resorting to procrastination. Luckily for modern people, there are now mobile applications catering to those who need to be put back on track and keep the focus going when necessary. Some of these programs include Concentrate, Focus Writer, Anti-Social, Focus booster and Stayfocusd.

The aforementioned applications will give you the freedom to automate documents that you need to finish, turning off social media sites at certain times, play tracks or music that boost concentration and even countdown clocks to notify you of how much time is left for you to accomplish a task. For intense focus, people can also download goal-tracking applications such as, LifeTick, Habit List and GoalsonTrack.

Mobile Applications (4)

Leaning on automatic tools is something that would appeal to all sorts of employees, from frontline ranks to upper management. Nowadays, there are systems available for free that can let you automate everything that you need with just a flick of a touch.

People with inclinations to anything automatic can look for apps such as Zapier, Hootsuite, SortmyBox, IFTTT and Automateit-Automate Your Droid. For file storage, a requirement for workers on the go, applications such as DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive are the most downloaded.

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Satisfy your Tummy with the Glory of Simple Food


Food is as diverse as the number of finger prints from all over the globe. Because of continuous development and innovation, we surely won’t be able to count how many types of food there are. From a simple fish, we have 101 ways on how to cook it without repetition and all the results would surely be a taste to remember.

We can combine apples and cucumbers to form an enhanced salad and drizzle it with twenty different dressings. There are packs of assorted nuts that can be flavored with garlic powder, or mix them in as a taster to a more complicated dish. The possibilities are endless and so long as there’s food on the plate, we are all happy campers.

Differences in culture are strong reasons why food is innovated. Latin countries are enamored with the spiciness of jalapeno peppers. People from China are fixated on soy sauce. The French love doughnuts and sweets and the list can go on forever. Food is classified depending on the person who cooks it, who eats it and where it’s eaten. Multiply these factors by hundreds of nationalities and you’ll get a thick cookbook to examine.

The human race is also known to be adventurous. We want to try things that are different and risky. From the thrill of experiencing a new outdoor activity to the exhilaration felt when arriving in a new country, the enjoyment that we gain from adventures is certainly a nice feeling. Combine the diverse types of food found everywhere and the audacious traveler would start to talk about street food.

In India, one famous street food is Chicken 65. Make sure to put this dish on your list to enjoy this spicy, red-colored chicken platter topped with India’s minty raita. The explosion of flavors and the unknown inclusion of the number 65 is surely an experience to take note of.

Malaysia’s well-known Corn in a Cup is also a must-try. The simplicity of corn kernels placed in huge Styrofoam cups and drizzled with oozing butter will surely make you roll on the floor from utter satisfaction.

Taiwan’s Fried Milk should not be missed. Proving yet again that if you deep-fry something, it’s going to taste awesome, this simple yet ingenious creation entails a skewer of three condensed milk cubes dipped in batter and fried. The resulting crispy-chewy interior contains a sweet, delicate center.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is known for its filling street food called burek. Crisp yet moist, hearty yet subtly spiced, burek is the Balkan street food. A filo pastry is filled with aromatic minced meat, spinach, or cheese and herbs, then rolled, glossed with butter or olive oil and baked until golden. Burek can be eaten at any hour: for breakfast accompanied by black tea or after a busy night in the bars of the Sarajevo District.

If croissants are for the French, sfenj are for Moroccans. They are uniquely spongy, deep-fried pastry rings made of unsweetened, sticky yeast dough, with no milk or butter added. They are eaten as a morning treat, or in late afternoon.

South Africans are addicted to walkie-talkies which are primarily the feet (walkies) and heads (talkies) of chickens. They are boiled together to facilitate the removal of chewier bits, then the pieces are seasoned and cooked according to taste.

Filipinos beat the heat with halo-halo which is a heavenly cup of sweetened fruits like banana and other native root crops, shaved ice with yam paste or leche flan as a topper then doused with huge portions of fresh milk. Halo-halo is their local term for ‘mix’ so you’re expected to mix everything in the cup and be amazed on how well this tastes.

Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market features some of the most photogenic produce you’ll ever see: bright red pomegranates, plump dates and deliciously prepared food. One you’ll want to try is a kebab burger sandwich: flavorful small patties of ground lamb, beef, and mint stuffed into a chewy pita bread pocket with tahini sauce, parsley, and dash of cilantro.

If you’re craving for sausage but not just the fried and typical way of eating it, then Germany will do the trick for you. Currywurst transforms sausage into night-time nirvana, after it is chopped and doused with spicy tomato sauce. Some favor a sauce with Indian spicing; others prefer pure chili heat. Then there’s the choice of chips, white bread or wholegrain roll to go with it.

Italians would take you to sweet tooth lane with their very own gelato. This is your guilt-free dessert fantasy, slightly softer and less fatty than your usual tubs of flavored ice cream. Choose from pistachio, strawberry and other fruit flavors to suit your salivating palate.

Street food is eaten not only for hunger satisfaction, but also to serve as your ‘markers’ for all of the places you’ve visited, or shall we say, tasted.

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The dangers in sugar-sweetened drinks

sweetened drinks

Candy-colored sweetened drinks are your instant fix for those tired, sleepy days, but apart from their pleasing appeal to the taste buds of many come the perils they bring health-wise. Their bad effects have been disclosed before, but many still indulge in these guilty pleasures not taking the negative outcomes of these seemingly innocent and delicious drinks into consideration.

Many would point fingers to sodas when sugary liquids are mentioned but aside from them, let us not forget about jelly drinks and commercially offered juices that also dominate the racks of grocery stores, along with vending machines and lunch boxes of kids in schools. Not only do they raise the risk of diabetes (which is a given negative outcome of high intake of sugar), these drinks can also open doors to different serious diseases that can manifest at any given time.

For those who understand the importance of a balanced diet know this: too much sugar can contribute to gaining weight, or worse, obesity. It can also increase blood pressure. More and more are diagnosed with high blood pressure and one of the main culprits is bad eating habits. This includes the consumption of more sugar than what the body needs.

As we know, high blood pressure is the start of other serious diseases like impaired vision, heart problems and stroke among others. Too much sugar can also damage the liver as well. This also brings us back to diabetes, which is the effect of having too much sugar in the body. Too much sugar can make the liver insulin-resistant, which disturbs the how the body transports energy-carrying nutrients to different organs.

Sweets are tempting, of course. Anything with sugar is to be considered a little piece of heaven on earth. But let us not forget that too much of anything is bad. Make sure to take things in moderation and if it can be avoided, stay away from artificial sugars and resort to more natural options like fruits.

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Tolerance can go a long way

Sand passing through the glass bulbs of an hourglass measuring the passing time as it counts down to a deadline or closure on a yellow background with copyspace

The waiting process can be tiring but sure it will pay off.

“Patience is a virtue,” as they say, but the truth is that this is an acquired ability that can go a long way. Easier said than done though, having a large dose of patience can be challenging, especially during times wherein limits are pushed and tempers are tested. We get it; it’s not every day that the sun shines brightly and the birds sing. There will be times when the rain will pour, and cruelty and being unjust would arise. How to cope then? First off, be patient.

Contrary to popular belief, being patient isn’t the same being weak. It’s actually a smart way of dealing with your own emotions. Controlling them and not acting on impulse is the most effective way to face challenges that require good decisions. It’s not being passive at all. It is not about being submissive into other people’s wants and putting your own sake in the back seat. It is about the wise use of time.

Understanding proper timing at a deeper level and that promotion that you’ve been dreaming of? It may not happen now, but it does not mean it will not happen ever. Being patient means giving yourself time to prepare.

That trip you’ve been dreaming of? Just because you don’t have enough funds doesn’t mean it can’t be fulfilled anytime in the future. Breathe and start working. Feed that bank account enough funds for that much-desired journey. Are there long lines at the cashier? That happens almost every time. But it doesn’t mean you won’t ever reach the counter.

Emulate the goodness in you and become kinder. Look at the brighter side because frustration will not do you any good. It will just hinder things from continuing on a smoother flow.

Accept that there are times when choices aren’t available, and waiting is the best way to deal with it. Yes, patience is accompanied by waiting. And it’s part of life whether we like it or not. Treat patience as a sign of power. It is a sign of the ability to adapt and survive despite changes in life. Remember, those who possess great of patience will always walk away as better people.

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Upgrade Your Haggling Expert Alter Ego


People don’t realize how much they are spending until faced with the receipt. There are times when we don’t seem to care and buy things that we don’t really need. We all regret these decisions afterwards. But since we are intelligent, we seek alternatives in reducing our spending and we have all resorted to the wonderful act of haggling.

Dating back to olden times, haggling is an indispensable part of commerce and trade, and it is through this technique that more and more people have found financial liberty. Instead of just saying yes to the price tag, consumers are now keen on slashing off an amount from the original price before making a purchase. Below are some tips that you might find useful, if you haven’t mastered haggling just yet.

The key attitude in haggling effectively is to be nice at all times. Aside from the fact that this is quite a common trait that everyone should have, talking to an upbeat, positive, patient and polite consumer would change the game on the seller’s end. The best hagglers are those who are the easiest to communicate with. Always remember that you’re the one asking for a favor, so you should make a move towards being liked.

When bargaining, it’s also suggested for you to keep the tone down as much as possible. Being discreet would suit you and the seller in terms of flexibility. You don’t want all of the customers to haggle the same way as you did, so be wise enough to keep your secret.

You must be responsible in knowing the product, the competition, the right price and the profits of sellers. Being knowledgeable in product information would make the seller think that fooling you is never an option.

While some might look at haggling negatively, you just need to swallow your pride to maximize the use of your hard-earned salary. Confidence is a skill that you should also master and always bear in mind that haggling is something that everyone does.

Timing is also essential and experts say that the best time to haggle is at the very start of the day or last minutes before the store closes when the crowd is thin. You should also look out for quarterly or annual clearance sales because this is when stores put forth all of their unsold products that need to be liquidated.

If your haggling skills aren’t working at all, politely accept the deal that the seller sets, craft a believable excuse to get out of that store and be resilient enough to hunt for new prey.

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The Weird and Quirky Candy called ‘Nerds’

Candy That is Nerds (1)

One of the craziest candies existing in this playful world is known as Nerds. You might have come across Nerds boxes in your conventional candy store, or seen another kid munching on these sweet colorful rocks across the street. Undeniably, the joy that Nerds has brought to the world is so evident that it’s something unforgettable from our joyous youth.

Like Slinkies, Kit Kat or Tamagochi, Nerds is a treasured part of our childish memoirs, and created a legacy that only kids would understand. Still, while letting these tasty rock candies crunch on every movement of your jaw, have you ever wondered where they originated from? Now is the best time to know.

Candy That is Nerds (3)

The initial batch of Nerds was produced in 1983, thanks to a man named Angelo Fraggos. The refreshing and bold move in breaking down candies this small was one of the greatest advantages of Nerds in its starting years. It has been picked up wildly by kids and adults alike. When it was put on the shelf, the candy industry of the 1980s boomed with competition.

Nerds found a way for it to become a household name for children at that time, attracting a plethora of fans to the way the flavors burst inside your mouth. It is no wonder why two years after it first production, Nerds was awarded ‘Candy of the Year’ by the illustrious National Candy Wholesalers Association.

Candy That is Nerds (2)

Nerds is technically an American candy and it stretched its influence worldwide. Nerds innovated into being sold in boxes with two compartments, with each slot containing a different flavor for optimum enjoyment. Many have speculated on how Nerds are made, but the company revealed that it’s simply sugar rocks covered with more layers of flavored-sugar.

The core sugar crystal is treated with multiple other coats of sugar, making the indefinite shape the candy known for. Colors stored in barrels are then applied, and each barrel would contain a flavor distinct to what the company wants to apply

Despite Nerds’ success, competition has been rampant over the years. Some other companies have released similar versions of Nerds, namely Candy Buttons and Pop Rocks. Dweebs, considered to be akin to Nerds, have also been manufactured which aim to please those patrons who wanted to remove the sour and tangy flavors of the conventional Nerds.

Over the years, there has been a mix of flavors released by the company, including Wild Cherry, Watermelon, Grape, Strawberry, Peach, Raspberry and Wild Cherry.

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Get Your Hands on Revolutionary Facial Milks


In the world of beauty and wellness, most of us have opted to go natural. While it’s a given fact that most cosmetics nowadays have a touch or two of chemicals, many women are into finding brands and items that will suit their need to go au natural. Luckily, there are many who continuously uphold the philosophy of using natural ingredients, replacing synthetic products with those that are environment-friendly.


After the success of beauty regimens such as sunflower oil and facial oil, here come the revolutionary facial milks. This new product combines two of your favorite cosmetics into one functional item that you can use every day. Nope, you’re wrong if you think of milk as the key component here. It’s actually oil and cream fused together producing a lathery, silky serum which is more efficient in reaching difficult parts of your face. If you dislike the feeling of oils on your face or the hassle of sticky creams, then facial milks will definitely change the game.

Equipped with the same key ingredients as your trusted oils and vitamin-enriched creams that you apply on a daily basis, facial milks are the innovative replacement of those bottles sitting on your vanity table. The capability of facial milks to penetrate the skin faster is one of the many reasons why so many A-listers and avid beauty fans grapple for hoarding of this specific product. The by-product of facial milk on the face is quite beneficial for women and men who don’t want to look drooping with cosmetics all day long.


For starters, facial milks are now manufactured by the biggest names in facial care. If you’re acquainted with the brand Julep, you’d definitely come across a product named ‘What Your Skin Needs’. Julep’s facial milk targets the smallest pores of the skin through its serum-like composition which then replenishes, whitens and repairs the skin as you use it. Julep’s facial milk is actually the combination of jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil and squalene, which is absorbed by your skin in a matter of seconds.


Other brands that now carry facial milks on their catalogs include NUDE Skincare (composed of omega-rich plant oils and other superfood extracts), Farm House Fresh’s Three Milk (comprised of milk thistle, milk vetch and coco milk), Josie Maran’s Pure Argan Milk (cured and extracted droplets of Argan Oil) and Hada Labo’s lightweight moisturizers.

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