Mercedes-Benz’ Authentic Triumvirate for Car Style and Speed


Since its inception in 1881, years and years of experience and skill have been put in to making Mercedes-Benz one of the most drooled-over car manufacturers to have ever existed.

Unlike its competitors, Mercedes-Benz thrived on the concept of luxury and comfort, while never letting go of its trademark of being the car company for the rich and affluent.

The delicate handling of their vehicles, the legendary three-pointed star as their ultimate icon, the fusion of technology and style, all smashed into Mercedes-Benz cars that can always look as good as new despite the tenure.


Over the decades, Mercedes-Benz has released numerous models that have captivated the world of automotive engineering. On every new announcement for a public line, the world is at the edge of its seat to marvel at the new car’s authentic flair that only Mercedes-Benz can provide.

Being a respected car company, people hold high regards to how Mercedes-Benz maneuvered through stiff competition, and that was made possible by sticking to what they promised to their clients—pizzazz and ultimate attention to function and detail.


Many would agree that the 1955 300 SLR Racer is the best Mercedes-Benz to have ever been reproduced for mass consumption. Heralding from a quirky concept of mimicking the looks of a streetcar, the 300 SLR has come-off as the car to beat, especially during the times that it wound up the streets of this car-crazed planet.

Known to be quite lighter than former Mercedes-Benz units, 300 SLR specialized in using a tubular aluminum frame, drawing enough reason for it to regard as a racecar.

This unit was also the first of its kind to use air brakes, making it a top choice in car races during the 1950s. The 300 SLR is nothing but a classic, with all its glorious feats; this Mercedes-Benz car is worth remembering.


Launched earlier that the 1955 300 SLR, the 300 SL Gullwing was Mercedes-Benz’s offer when everybody thought that the cars manufactured by the car company were useful but boring.

The Gullwing is a breath of fresh air with its upgraded and innovated chassis, an undeniably refreshing take on what Mercedes-Benz’s capabilities in car conception can do.

One of the major feats that made Gullwing an iconic car of all time is its gasoline-powered engine with a fuel injection system, making it more efficient in gas consumption and car handling.

You’d also be delighted to know that the Gullwing has snazzy upward opening doors, something that would make you drool more.


Made to outlast Audi’s competitor Quattro units, the 1983 Cosworth 190E made rounds for drivers who opted to drive in off-road rallies. It is with the Cosworth that people came to realize the speed that Mercedes-Benz cars can offer, with it’s 300 horsepower engine designed to zoom off when you step on that gas pedal.

On the succeeding years after it’s release, the Cosworth further made history by bagging three speed test world records and have since been the inspiration for other car units such as that of BMW’s M3.

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The Beauty, The Thrill and The How-To’s of Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Beautiful young woman holding christmas gifts

With the Christmas season just few months away, it is undeniable that more and more people are already daydreaming of what they would purchase for the yearly Christmas shopping rush.

The merry season of Christmas is the time of the year where everyone wants to snatch something endearing from that familiar store or put a lot of gifts under their makeshift trees without really having the need to do so.


While we can say that it is just right to be impulsive if only at this particular time, we must never lean on to this notion and be sensitive enough to know if we are spending beyond our means.

Impulsive buying or shopping, and all its encompassing terms, has been destroying our fiscal capabilities in ways that we haven’t noticed, or just overlooked.

If you want to make a change this year and be a smarter shopper, compared to how you wasted your hard-earned cash the previous Yuletide, then below are some tips to ponder.

Caucasian couple doing christmas shopping and carrying gifts; Shutterstock ID 39308446; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

You’d be surprised to know that almost 90% of employed and well-off people in the whole populace succumb into impulsive shopping during the Holidays.

One of the main reasons on as to why more and more people spend way more than what they planned because there are a lot of clearance and year-end sales happening, which are quite irresistible.

Some studies have shown that if you’re already lured by those big sale tarpaulins plastered on stores and malls, you must opt to travel by public transportation or even walk, which cuts the possibilities of impulse shopping by a whopping 44%.


Being keen and sensitive to your general atmosphere is another trait that you must master, as salespeople will always entice you to purchase more.

Before going on a holiday shopping spree, you must assess your mood too, as some experts have concluded that anger, stress, guilt and utter boredom are some of the traits that bring out the worst in the act of shopping.

Also, the market and its very intrinsic attention to detail focus on how they would be able to ‘persuade’ you and pull you into the chaotic and pleasurable world of purchasing things.

Impulsive shopping items are said to be small, quite inexpensive and fulfill a short-term desire. Refrain from picking trinkets from the register or the cashier, as this is a clear manipulation coaxing you buy unnecessary items.


Before giving in to this indulgent activity, one must at least have a list of things that they would need to purchase. This might sound passé but this would definitely help you in deciding on whether or not to buy something.

Also, stay away from crowded malls and spaces, so that you’d have a wider range of options to choose from. If you can, set a specific budget before your holiday shopping activity and spare your finances from being compromised because of that unplanned trip to the mall.

The Holiday season is really the time of giving, but always bear in mind that the rest of the year or the following year wouldn’t be much of a hassle financially if you were able to map out your spending accordingly.

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A Sneak Peek on Ferrari’s Most High-Ticket Cars in Auction


There is no other car brand in the world that is as feisty and as exceedingly expensive as Ferrari. At the beginning of this company’s history in the 1940s, no one ever expected it to bloom to how it is being viewed by car enthusiasts on a global scale nowadays.

Starting as a small company after releasing it’s very first model called the Ferrari Fezza, Ferrari has never stopped in impressing its clients and the world by continuously innovating and updating what seemed to be the best car released ever.

The people behind Ferrari have thrived well into ensuring that every idea weaved through meticulous study and research would become striking when manufactured.


Now transcending the price of yacht, Ferrari cars have established a glowing reputation as cars that would definitely burn checkbooks and empty bank accounts. The monochromatic color of red had long withstood competitors’ playful attacks on using different hues, and has stayed as bloody as it is to represent vigor and utter elegance.

The Ferrari market has been deduced to two categories despite the fact that millions of people would never skip getting such a car if they had the capacity to purchase one. Ferrari cars are now hot and captivating to auction bidders and car collectors competing in the world’s richest echelons in obtaining one red unit.

Price has been an integral reason as to why Ferrari cars are deemed untouchable in the social market. It works as a status symbol, turning heads when it hits the road with its magnetic engine howl. Definitely, no one would disagree with the fact that Ferrari cars are worth a fortune because they give fortunate clients only the best in automotive science.

One of the most expensive Ferrari units to have ever been sold is the 1962 250 GTO, when it was placed on a bid won by a US businessman Craig McCaw for an astounding amount of $35,000,000.


The 1962 250 GTO was reproduced only 39 times, and it’s quite an honor to own one during the time that McCaw unleashed ‘some’ of his resources to secure one.

The said 1962 250 GTO was made special when it was announced that it was supposed to be used by the legendary car hero Sir Stirling Moss, if not only for his untimely death.

This specific Ferrari can generate impressive specs of 302 bhp, a top crank speed of 180 mph and a 0-60 mph mark in 5.8 seconds.


One memorable Ferrari to have made headlines is when one of three Ferrari 340/375 MM Berlinetta Competizione was won by a car collector named Jon Shirley in 1995.

The total price of the Berlinetta model skyrocketed to $7,000,000, which is quite ideal for this car in question, having competed in several races before it stayed in the lucky hands of Shirley.

After some overhauling, this ‘endangered’ Ferrari car is all the more valuable to the eyes of car collectors and bidders, which makes the purchase quite envious.


China is one of the few countries observed to raise the bar in Ferrari purchases, and so the company manufactured the 2006 China 599 units. With only twelve units reproduced, it is a very hot item to the Chinese community and the whole automotive market in general.

For this Ferrari boasts impressive specifications, such as a 6.0-liter V12 petrol engine for sustained performance, a 0-60 mph mark in 3.7 seconds, the elegant jade button, the car’s tachometers printed in ancient Chinese characters for a more personalized touch and the high-class Fuoco paint job. The 2006 China 599 is said to be sold at a gargantuan price of $1,600,000.

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Telltale of sea sirens: Mermaids and the myths following them


Their story may have been repeated numerous times, but the truth, whether they really exist remains unsteady and the proof of accounts relating to them are still shaky.

Nymphs of the underwater as they are, the subject about mermaids and the elusiveness of their state of being real is still an ongoing discussion, especially amongst those who are fascinated with their allure and indefinable charisma that is following them.


There is no doubt that the world beneath the blue seas is a sight to behold because it’s synonymous with going to a dimension of a totally different world. The unlikeliness and the magnificence found on the other side is probably the reason why people have come up with many stories about what really exists in this extension of the earth – including tales about mermaids.

As fictional as they may seem, narration about these sea creatures has been uttered many times that they somehow became part of the real world. Dating back early times, the mentioning about these water temptresses have been palpable as seen even on world’s most hailed literatures including Homer’s Odyssey. Incidents of them being seen by real people has also been reported, but none really provided a concrete evidence of mermaids shaped in the flesh.


There are many versions of stories that are being connected with these water goddesses. While the modern world has come to know how friendly and kind they are – thanks to Disney’s A Little Mermaid, old folklores on the other hand associate them with disaster, death and misfortune.

As what some of the negative narratives tell about them, their enchanting beauty brings a curse to anyone who would get a glimpse of them especially sailors who skim through the ocean. Men who get the chance to see them are being lured and eventually dies due to incapability of breathing underwater.

While this is the case, some cultures on the other hand, believe that they are comparable to sorcerers and shamans as they are said to possess the gift of healing others. This positive mentioning about mermaids somehow scrape the stigma of them being harmful nonetheless ruinous.


In this modern time, negative connotations were put aside as the mainstream media managed to break in the walls of old man tales and shaped a new definition of mermaids being pure-hearted, compassionate and helpful. Who can ever forget the character of Ariel that ignited every child’s imagination as it also hints good influence through its story of sacrifice and concern for others?

How about the story of three teenage girls who are secret mermaids and own power over water? And yes, this refers to hitting Australian series H2O: Just Add Water.

Wicked or not, there is no denying that the hype about mermaids will remain timeless as these mythical creatures feed the whimsical minds and tickles the human fascination toward the unknown. The next time you’ll set a vacation on a beach, become sensitive and watchful. Who knows? You may have been swimming on the same body of water with an enthralling sea siren… Well, we can never tell.

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Behold Thy Fastest Lambo Cars Manufactured


After the advent of Ferrari during the 1960s era, an Italian automaker have thought of having a line of his own and named his brand Lamborghini. The legendary bull logo has made it quite an impressive take on car making and many car lovers never resisted adoring the brand even more.

Ever since, Lamborghini have taken the lead in car manufacturing, automotive technology, and luxurious designs and never before seen car feats that have strengthened the foothold of the brand as one of the most illustrious in this league of business.

Nowadays, Lamborghini has taken an aura of mystery, affluence and class, and only the fortunate ones have their buns seated on its comfortable seats and experience its impeccable performance.

One of the many things that made Lamborghini the way it’s known now is its brave and bold approach in putting quite an impressive speed on most of its models.

With all the decades that this Italian car brand has gone through, it is not a surprise that the chain of cars that they released have been top notch and ultra on swiftness.

Below are some the most memorable models that will make you drool and wish that you had enough money to purchase one.


Car enthusiasts would definitely roll when they heard the name Lamborghini Veneno. Known to be the most expensive car in retail today amounting to $4 million, this Lamborghini car has won plethora of hearts from all over the world.

Many experts have concluded that the very engine of Veneno makes it the fastest Lamborghini model at 220mph. This amazing feat of structure owns a 740 horsepower V12 engine which somewhat supports the aerodynamic design of the unit.

The carbon fiber, which is imminent to the make and model, also aided this car on its power and weight ratio, hence, gathering more speed as it zooms. Lamborghini Veneno has been manufactured with just three units, making its owner all the more above the rest.


It wouldn’t be named as the Lamborghini Diablo if it does not meet the requirements of what its like to be a car beast. All in all, Diablo had 30 units already purchased and it’s said to be one of the most rare Lamborghini models to have circled the car industry.

The engine boasted a 600 horsepower engine which relates to 217 miles per hour when started. The all-aluminum body and engine have set Diablo a notch higher than its predecessors and the make of the car is meant to look for more speed when driven.


Just released this year, the Lamborghini Huracan is also carving its name deeply on the confident roster of the world’s fastest cars with an engine that can run on 610 horsepower.

Huracan is said to be derived from “hurricane” and the car would definitely do you wonders due to its illustrious speed that can go up to 202 miles per hour.

The 5.2-liter V10 engine would have this car throttling from 0 to 60 in just a whopping short span of 3.2 seconds.

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Debunking pit bull’s monster-like image

pit bulls

When someone saw a pit bull, the initial reaction will surely include the sheer fear of being ravished and bitten. With their raucous look and the influences shown and injected to us by mass media, these canine breeds often are the subjects of criticism.

Let’s all admit the fact that there’s something in pit bulls that terrified us, even in the context of just visualizing them, and much as there are lots of people who contest the bad light shone on them, we just cannot shake the scare.

They say that dogs are ‘man’s best friend’ and unfortunately, pit bulls are not on your top picks to bet if you choose to be a dog’s foster parent. But little did we know that there is a lot of facts backed up by science and truths established by pit bull owners, which would definitely flip on how we have known them, so better read on.

Within the whole dog populace, 6% are that of pit bulls. Whilst they are originally bred as bully dogs, pit bulls transcended the notion and become more welcoming to human care. By the early 1900s, pit bulls are dubbed to be ‘nanny dogs’ due to their caring and affectionate nature towards children and the elderly. And one unnoticed truth about dog attacks and pit bulls is that breeds aren’t really a factor if a dog would bite deep or not.

The breed isn’t really accepted to be an essential factor in dog attacks, and so the misconception about pit bulls being a crazed dog breed isn’t really factual. There are three main reasons on as to the reasons why dogs are more susceptible to attacks and these are—un-neutered male dogs, dogs that are treated as guards rather than family pets and those dogs that experienced lashing and other physical abuse. Fatal dog bites, as what is commonly associated with pit bulls, do have a very miniscule percentage in retrospect to mortality, which is amounting to just 1 in 10 million cases.


Some of the myths surrounding the pit bull breed is their unique abilities to lock jaws when they have bitten someone. As far as science is concerned, they do own the same jaw and mouth mechanisms as what other breeds have, and there’s no way they can do differently. Pit bulls are also viewed as very aloof and angered by human presence, which is again, not completely true. As according to one study, a pit bull even scored a whopping 84% versus the standard 81% in retrospect to temperament and general behavior.

There is also a myth, which states that pit bulls are invincible dog breeds and cannot feel physical pain. Due to the blatant fact that they are living things, the pain will always be present, however, due to their affinity to their owners, pit bulls are said to have a higher tolerance for pain to please the people around them. And lastly, while pit bulls’ set of teeth might be downright scary, they do have lower bite strength as compared to other breeds such as Rottweiler and German Shepherds.

Sadly, due to the growing misconception about the lovable pit bulls, almost 30% of dogs living in animal shelters are of their kind. And 87% of which are being killed due to the fact that they promote fear, despite the fact that they must be taken cared of and where they have come from.

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Be you own master even at snooze world and control having pleasant dreams


Because having a bad dream is the last thing we want after being stretched from a long tiring day. And not even once would one want to disturb the supposed to be pleasant relaxation fest and interrupt hibernation just because of an awful sight during trance to dream world.

Growing up, I was under the notion that dreams are manifestations of some facts from the waking life that are most of the time hiding in riddles and symbols. Even thought that it can’t be controlled. On the contrary, though, dreams can be programmed before hitting the haystack by doing steps that condition the body and the mind.

The first rule is to relax and have a calm state of mind. The feeling of anxiety or fear can translate during sleep time as a dreadful nightmare. There are ways to alter the mood before closing the eyes. One would be by relaxing sound of slow and subtle music because this sets a peaceful mood. Another is be smelling essential oils of lighting scented candles. Essential oils that give soothing vibe like of lavender and chamomile are your best options to add up to the tranquil mood you want to achieve. Dab a little on your pulse points such as ear and wrists have a blast brought about by its calming effect. We have known how aromatherapy can go into senses and even lull one to sleep, thus using this a tool to promote a sound sleep would work.


Observe eating pattern as well. Make sure not to go to bed on a full stomach. While some people feel sleepy after having meals, the majority, though feel more energized. This is not surprising because food serves as the body’s gasoline in order to get going. Advisably, eat around 2-3 hours before bedtime because this will allow you to digest everything that you have eaten. Stay away from energy-boosting foods as well like chocolates and sweets. These will only make you active and will give you a hard time finding sleep.

Sleep comfortably and observe your pillows and blankets. Make sure that your sheets are clean. Having them ill-smelling will just distract you, let alone the parasites that can live on them. No one will ever achieve a good sleep with bed bugs around.

Having good dreams is just easy. There’s no any type of magic needed in order to venture to dream land and see nothing but bright lights and the sunshine. Knowing these tips will definitely give you a good and relaxing snooze. Until then, have a sound sleep!

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Organizing your child’s room is as easy as ABC


The time will come and you would need to separate your little kids from sleeping on the same bed as you and your husband doze off. While they’ll still be living under the same roof, of course, having your child sleep alone is a thing that we fear and is most excited about at the same time. Aside from the fact that your child will now exercise a sense of independence at an early age, this is also one opportunity for you as a parent to bond with your kid in styling and decorating their future rooms, or should we dub it as kingdoms, in the most creative and quirky ways possible.

Since this is going to be your kid’s room for at least a decade, you must ensure that the room’s location fits as he/she grows old. Make sure that the fixtures inside the room are adjustable, and the space is just the right size for a growing human being. As much as possible, let your kid occupy the nearest room to yours, or to an older sibling so as when the thunder-stricken moment scared your kid again, a quick dash would be possible to carryout.

Be playful with the theme that you would want to use in your child’s bedroom. Always ask for his/her wants so that the turnout would be pegged for what he/she visualizes it to be. Stimulate your child’s imagination by picking the best of colors, the calming ones if you may, and always stick to what you both planned at the beginning. Remember that this would be their room and not yours so keep your motherly or fatherly guidelines at bay and let them drive the wheel. Encourage creativity by means of infusing elements of fantasy and let their imagination fly. Wall motifs focusing on cartoon characters, kids’ literature and the like will be a good start.

Children's room

If you picked a calm and serene wall color, be intelligent enough to splash color of the furniture that would be placed inside. Get contrasts at its highest peak. Let the upholsteries are known when the walling is in deep blue and always be fancy in putting small rugs (anti-slip tip), comfortable and huge bean bags as chairs and low-floored beds for your child’s safety.

Keeping the kids in touch with nature is also a discipline that you want to inculcate so putting plants inside the room would not be a sin. Citronella plants won’t just make the room mosquito-free; the plant’s innate smell would be effervescent inside the room, inducing visions of nature and outdoors. You might want to also let your kid treat the plant as some sort of project by caring for the plant’s growth.


Don’t ever overcrowd the room by putting huge shelves of books that are just built for style or hundreds of photo frames scattered on the bedside table. Keep the space in the middle of the room for role-plays and possible play dates. Adorn the room with light colored curtains to imbibe a sense of freshness and relaxation at the same time. If you’re having two kids sharing one room, settle for bunk beds instead of twins.

Being organized would also be another value that you want your child to learn so teach them how to even when decorating their rooms. Set toy cabinets at bay and show them how to arrange the toys in a cramped yet organized manner. Put labels on boxes and show them what the contents are and must be. Pinpoint where a thing should be placed and be a vigilant to keep track if your child is obeying it or not.

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Take a pick on these indoor air purifiers


Aside from the purpose of beautifying your home, which definitely lacks color and attitude, decorative plants are now being heralded as the best house accessory for modern dwellings.

Aside from the fact that taking care of them isn’t much of a hassle, the sheer presence of plants inside a house brings a very refreshing and shocking result as pleasers to the eye.


Houseplants are now a trend that everyone is following as a science had backed up studies concerning its benefits in deodorising and purifying the air that’s being circulated on your premise. Truly a functional decoration, house plants is reported to decrease stress levels of those residing with indoor plants that those who don’t.

The increase in oxygen intake would definitely be more observant and you’d be treated with breathing a cleaner and fresher indoor air, thanks to these wonders. Below are some of the plants that you can choose from if you’re on the lookout of putting some green pots inside your house.

Whilst it is recommended that Aloe Vera plants should be planted outside, as it needs more sunlight, you can still put a pot in your living room due to its benefits.

Aloe Vera leaves are said to dry out when the house by where it is placed is laced of air with harmful chemicals, hence, the browning of its plump, green leaves. This plant is also said to clear out and filter are making it more breathable despite the fact that insect sprays and deodorising canisters are sprayed inside your house.


English Ivy, on the other hand, is the best plant to absorb the harmful formaldehyde and you might be listing this as a top choice when you’ve decided to do house planting.

The ease of growing English Ivy is also a bonus point for you as this only needs moderate temperatures and medium share of sunlight.

If you want to delve into a type that’s less-maintenance, then place your bet into picking the rubber tree. Don’t fret as rubber trees are small in size, are easy to grow and are a powerful exterminator of air toxins by absorption.

English Ivy

Peace lilies might be beautiful in sight, but this seemingly innocent indoor plant has the capabilities of killing bacteria and excessive toxins in the air. Although can thrive best in cooler room temperatures, peace lilies are also known to be a majestic centerpiece for kitchen tops, dining tables and even living room shelves.

Don’t ever forget to list snake plant as one of your major picks in getting an indoor plant. Aside from the fact that snake plants are low-maintained, they would also aid you in releasing oxygen at night suitable to make your sleep more conducive and pleasing.

For a more specific detail, you must know that the bamboo palm might take up a larger-than-usual space when you’ve put them in the corner, but it is also known to be notorious in trumping out benzene and trichloroethylene.

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How to sit properly in front a Computer

sit in front a Computer

Nowadays, people’s work consists of sitting for long hours in front of the computer that gives them body aches like a stiff neck, tight shoulders, or much worst chronic back pain. The co-author of “7 Things Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You” and a chiropractic assistant, Andi Lew shared some tips and advice not just for desktop users, but for all to share the information that a few minutes of making simple ergonomic changes to your work environment and posture can help you improve and minimize the aches your feeling.

The keyboard should be the position just about your lap, in this way you can make sure that when you type your arms are just relax and close to your body. And also the elbows should just bend at 90 degrees and just at your wrists level.


This is one of the most important tip, the position of the monitor. This should be just directly in front of the user where the computer screen should not be too low or high, and just should be at the eye level of the user to maintain the natural curve of the neck. And also make sure to relax your eyes by taking a 20 second break for every 20 minutes and just relax your eyes and look 20 feet away from the screen.

Most of us does not notice that we grip the mouse too hard, just try to use it with a light grip this will cause a lesser tension. And when moving the mouse make sure to move your arm from the elbow rather than the wrist so you can move is smoothly without any pressure.

While in using the telephone, you have to make sure to support the telephone against your ear, and alternate ears frequently every time you answer a call. Also, never put the phone in between of your ear and shoulder because this can hurt your neck.

Last but not the least makes sure to sit upright, with your bottom against the back of the chair. For extra support and comfort the user can get a towel and roll it up and place it against the arch of the back. And the chair’s height should be adjusted so that your knees are bent perfectly, with your feet touching the floor.

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