The Weird and Quirky Candy called ‘Nerds’

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One of the craziest candies existing in this playful world is known as Nerds. You might have come across Nerds boxes in your conventional candy store, or seen another kid munching on these sweet colorful rocks across the street. Undeniably, the joy that Nerds has brought to the world is so evident that it’s something unforgettable from our joyous youth.

Like Slinkies, Kit Kat or Tamagochi, Nerds is a treasured part of our childish memoirs, and created a legacy that only kids would understand. Still, while letting these tasty rock candies crunch on every movement of your jaw, have you ever wondered where they originated from? Now is the best time to know.

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The initial batch of Nerds was produced in 1983, thanks to a man named Angelo Fraggos. The refreshing and bold move in breaking down candies this small was one of the greatest advantages of Nerds in its starting years. It has been picked up wildly by kids and adults alike. When it was put on the shelf, the candy industry of the 1980s boomed with competition.

Nerds found a way for it to become a household name for children at that time, attracting a plethora of fans to the way the flavors burst inside your mouth. It is no wonder why two years after it first production, Nerds was awarded ‘Candy of the Year’ by the illustrious National Candy Wholesalers Association.

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Nerds is technically an American candy and it stretched its influence worldwide. Nerds innovated into being sold in boxes with two compartments, with each slot containing a different flavor for optimum enjoyment. Many have speculated on how Nerds are made, but the company revealed that it’s simply sugar rocks covered with more layers of flavored-sugar.

The core sugar crystal is treated with multiple other coats of sugar, making the indefinite shape the candy known for. Colors stored in barrels are then applied, and each barrel would contain a flavor distinct to what the company wants to apply

Despite Nerds’ success, competition has been rampant over the years. Some other companies have released similar versions of Nerds, namely Candy Buttons and Pop Rocks. Dweebs, considered to be akin to Nerds, have also been manufactured which aim to please those patrons who wanted to remove the sour and tangy flavors of the conventional Nerds.

Over the years, there has been a mix of flavors released by the company, including Wild Cherry, Watermelon, Grape, Strawberry, Peach, Raspberry and Wild Cherry.

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Add eye cream to your routine and it will serve you well



Having a youthful appearance is temporary. This point in the human life cycle does not remain forever, but it doesn’t mean you cannot halt the occurrence of aging. With a proper beauty regimen and tediously following your routines, your appearance can stay youthful against your actual age. Be that kind of advocate by paying attention to one of the areas on your face that’s somewhat neglected by the majority.

As we all know, the elasticity of the skin diminishes as we age. Add other factors like pollution and vices then imagine the harm they can cause to the appearance of the largest organ in the body.  Rejuvenate the dwindling amount of skin elasticity by having a healthy lifestyle and sticking to a routine that best suits your skin type.

According to debates by dermatologists, the skin around the eye is different from the other areas of the face. This part is the thinnest and more sensitive, thus making it more susceptible to damage. This must be the reason why most early signs of wrinkles show up in this region of the face. With that being said, men and women should be more thorough in taking care of their skin and be more diligent, especially with what’s around the eyes.


Putting on eye cream during your nightly routine is the best way to combat and delay the surfacing of facial folds around the eyes. Since this part does not have much ability to produce natural oils, supplying moisture from the outside is the best way to counteract its dwindling amount as we grow older. Make sure to use only those with gentle formulation paired with hydrating effects, and stay away from creams that give peeling as an end result.

Remember how sensitive this part of your face is and scratching the surface might not help. Ideally, applying a thin amount would suffice, but it still depends on the consistency of your preferred eye cream. Gel cream works better with oily skin while serums are said to penetrate deeply. Get the advice of your trusted dermatologist to know what brand will work best on your skin.


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Hunt for this health aid called Kerson fruit


While almost all types of fruits can be found in groceries nowadays, there are still some that are unknown to the public unless you’re a professional botanist. Going by the scientific name Muntingia Calabura, these small circular fruits of wonder are now known all over the planet due to its key benefits to the human health.

Known to be cousins of our favorite cake and ice cream topper – cherries, the Kerson fruit is something that you might want to look for the next time you do your groceries. Truthfully an exquisite fruit to devour, the Kerson fruit is normally grown and found in Latin American countries and some selected parts of Asia. If you’ve never even encountered this fruit before, now is your chance to savor the sweet promise of the benefits that it has.

Some studies were conducted and hypothesized that the Kerson fruits is a rich source of antibacterial agents. Now that we live in a world where most bacteria  is resistant to  numerous types of medication, going natural by consuming Kerson is highly suggested by experts.

The Kerson fruit is capable of combating infections brought about by sepsis, staph, bacteria harmful to the intestine and diphtheria. The Kerson fruit’s Vitamin C content is also another notable property, as we have all been acquainted with the fact that it can fight off the usual colds and flu.

If you or one of your family members suffers from gout, eating your trusty Kerson fruit would not technically cure it, but it will relieve the pain connected to this disease. When a bugging headache is ruining your day, include small amounts of Kerson in your breakfast cereal and be amazed at how it soothes disturbed blood vessels for normal circulation. Despite the fact that the Kerson fruit is sweet in nature, it has the unusual capacity to aid diabetic patients in lowering blood sugar levels despite considerable consumption.

The Kerson fruit also includes almost 25 antioxidants in the form of phenolics and flavonoids, which are known to aid in oxidation. Releasing free radicals and other harmful toxins are done through oxidation, and the Kerson fruit would be your best companion in this bodily process.

Aside from the wondrous antioxidants, the fruit itself is comprised of other beneficial chemicals such as protein, phosphorous, iron, fiber and B-vitamins, which are definitely a group of nutrients that your body surely needs. Aside from the fruit, the Kerson tree’s leaves can also be used as tea for easier consumption, as the fruit is not highly accessible to all. The Kerson tree’s flowers are also known to provide gastric relief in calming the stomach, alleviating nasty gas cramps and assisting your digestion.

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Barbie becomes more relative as it undergoes a diverse makeover


Barbie will always hold a special place in our childhood memories. Times may have changed and fads come and go in terms of toys, but this beloved fashion doll will remain as one of the best-selling toys of all time.

For more than 50 years, Barbie has experienced many ups and downs – a common thing for being the celebrity that she is.  However, the adored belle retained her popularity despite newer dolls in the market.


There is no denying that the demands of the current generation have changed drastically compared to before, when we played with Barbie dressed in different costumes. Mattel, the company that created this toy, has noticed this and decided on a makeover. Barbie is the benchmark for girls around the world. This doll may not be a real person, but her influence has transcended that limitation and she even became the epitome of agelessness.


However, Barbie’s seemingly perfect appearance does not translate well to real and breathing women. With the views against body shaming and the push towards accepting one’s individuality, the fantasy that Barbie created as the basis for beauty soon became an illusion that many realized to be impossible to attain. This is one of the reasons why sales dwindled in past, as toys like Lego and animation characters in Frozen took over the spot of Barbie in terms of revenues.


As an answer to the modern views of people, Mattel has released Barbie in different body types. The release gathered good reviews from critics as the proportions became more realistic, using variations from tall, curvy and petite. According to Mattel, this is only the beginning according. Expect more diverse looks as exploration into different skin colors and textures is on its way to make Barbie look even more genuine.


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Gel eye masks are your eyes’ best friends

Eye masks (1)

There will be people who seem to be born with innate eye bags. This is a nightmare for women because this means adding more steps to their daily regimen, especially when preparing and putting on make-up. Eliminating these stubborn eye bags may seem to be easy, but not for some.

Heredity is one of the main culprits as to why some people have eye bags even if they have complete sleep. While medical procedures are now available to eliminate these flaws, sessions can tend to be pricey. Worry no more because the solution may just be hiding in your favorite beauty store or drugstore.

Eye masks (2)

Ladies and gentlemen, you may want to consider getting gel eye masks to cure those incessant black holes right under your eyes. Not only will they make your eyes look and feel fresher, they will also help the circulation of blood around your eyes.

The gel that surrounds plastic eye masks is formulated to soothe those tired eyes especially after a long day of staring at your computer. This is also your instant cure right after staying up late last night.

Eye masks (3)

Aside from treating eye bags, gel eye masks can also be your quick fix during unwanted moments of head ache. You may want to reach for one whenever experiencing a migraine because the cooling effect will alleviate the discomfort.

Just make sure to clean your gel eye mask every now and then to prevent the buildup of any unwanted bacteria that can cause acne or rashes around your eyes. Always put them inside the fridge while covering them with plastic so that they’ll be set whenever a situation needs their help.

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Baba Vanga: The Prophecies of the Blind

Baba Vanga (1)

The human mind has always been curious; always in pursuit of knowing the reasons behind everything. This is one of the reasons why practices like fortune telling tickle the interest of many. The mystique that surrounds different kinds of foresight has garnered a solid following from people who want to know about this unusual body of knowledge.

There will be people who would claim to possess a special gift when it comes to telling the future. However, only a few legitimate names arose throughout history. Even in the past, sorcerers and wizards held important roles in society, even in politics. Rulers would receive their counsel in seeing the future, maintaining order and preventing disasters.

While some narratives depict these people as evil, those with clairvoyant abilities have become useful and their capabilities were recognized.

Baba Vanga (2)

Sometime in World War II, a blind woman believed to predict the future with great accuracy attracted attention. The world came to know this person as Bulgaria’s Nostradamus due to her forecasts that mostly came true. Her stature as a reputable fortune teller became evident when the Bulgarian tsar Boris III visited her. Since then, visits from important people including politicians, dignitaries and even commoners became common.

Born Vangelia Gushterova, the prophetess used to have two working brown eyes. However, the young Baba Vanga was lost in a storm and found after a long search. This was not verified but narrations indicate that this instance was the reason why the young fortune teller lost her sense of sight.

She underwent several operations in an attempt to recover her ability to see but all of these failed. After seeing many dreams that depicted the future, more and more people soon realized her one of a kind ability, which then led to a growing number of followers.

Baba Vanga (3)

According to accounts written about her, Baba Vanga was able to make predictions with the help of invisible creatures. As to what kind or how they look like, no clear descriptions were made. The books that narrated her works and fortune telling were written by the people who surrounded her during her lifetime.

One of the most famous prophecies that became reality was the 9-11 attack. Another intriguing prediction was the invasion of Muslims in Europe in the year 2043. Some people see the recent Paris attack as an event related to this. While studies say that nearly 80% of her predictions came true, one of the most controversial was the surge of World War III that was said to transpire in 2010. Evidently, this didn’t happen.

Before she passed away, she mentioned that a blind 10 year old girl would inherit her abilities. The said heiress of the unusual ability is said to be living in France.

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What you need to know about the waist trainer fad

waist trainer fad (1)

Popularized by the highly-exposed Kardashian family fad, the craze of wearing waist trainers to achieve an ideal hourglass figure has become so popular that we see every lady friend we have on social media with photos wearing corsets. There is no denying that curves run in the blood of the girls in Hollywood’s reality shows, but theirs are even more defined by the binders that they wear.

But is this method safe? Long before Khloe and Kim and Kourtney, women of the 16th century, especially those in western countries, have been using this garment as part of their everyday clothes. That being said, wearing waist binders seems harmless. Are they effective? If you are someone looking for an instant result, waist trainers may not be for you.

waist trainer fad (2)

To achieve results, a waist trainer has to be worn for a certain number of hours every day. Doing this not only helps in getting that coveted hourglass shape, but it also helps in improving posture. Steel boned corsets push the wearer to straighten up their torso, which helps eliminate the hunchback posture most women acquire from a bad stance.

There are also some who claim that wearing corsets creates an illusion of being full, hence eating small proportions during meal time. This is good especially for those who find it hard to maintain discipline when in front of a wide selection of food.

waist trainer fad (3)

If you are the type who wants to slim down without lifting a finger, then forget waist trainers. Since they compress fat in the mid-section, it doesn’t mean they dissolve unwanted flabs completely. Pairing a corset with your exercise routine is a great combination to achieve a toned body.

Some claim that they experience dizziness while wearing corset. Beware of the tightness and loosen or adjust the waist trainer to avoid any difficulty in breathing. Bear in mind that wearing a corset will not feel comfortable at all but consider this as an indication that it works.

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The summoning of truth and knowledge with the help of the dead


The thought is eerie and can bring shivers to the majority of us. Modern times linked it to darkness and everything bad. Thanks to the present-day depiction of this practice, the custom that was rooted from the old age has evolved into something fearsome as what has been shown on television shows and movies.

Necromancy is the art of calling the dead to get answers, foretell the future and even defend against something. There are no distinct accounts that prove the origin of the practice. However, ancient literature connotes that summoning ghosts has been an established custom of past cultures.

A good example of this would be found in Homer’s Odyssey when Odysseus had to travel to Katabasis, conduct rituals and utter prayers in order to call the gods and spirits of the underworld.

While there is no solid proof about necromancy’s origin, evidence from a number of countries confirms that this practice is part of the farthest corners of their culture. Chronicles in Persia, Greece, Egypt, Babylon and Rome state that the calling the dead is practiced especially by elder shamans and spiritualists.


Just like other rituals that spread out from different places, versions of conducting necromancy vary. Usually done during the wee hours, necromancers perform the deed at isolated places. It is important to focus while reciting the repeated prayer because the duration can take a long time.

The calling of a ghost might take hours, days or weeks. There are talismans involved, but extreme cases might also suggest the use of a dead person’s belongings like clothes, eating rotten food and worse, the flesh of an animal or person.

The ritual is performed within a circle because the said shape is believed to protect everything inside it – even from bad spirits that are called during the course of ritual.


While necromancy is used primarily for guidance, the birth of Christianity proved the opposite correlating the tradition to demonic acts and Satanism.

Since this mostly originated from pagan belief, the demolition of this tradition by regarding it as evil was beneficial for Christianity because it was in the pursuit of domination during that time.


Do not misunderstand necromancers as uneducated, though. Far from estranged hermits, necromancers actually hold important positions in society. As a matter of fact, some of them are scholars and advisors of leaders in some territories.

Most of these people are well versed and have great knowledge when it comes to astronomy and other sorts of divination. This is important, especially when it comes to defining signs and symbols that are used while calling the dead.

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Being More Connected through Technology

Group of happy friends against white background

The world nowadays is leaning towards the power of connection.

Gone were the days when one must write a long, handwritten letter which would then skim through the process of being delivered to another person from the opposite side of the globe.


We rarely see people sending each other constrained messages through the paid-by-word concept of telegrams.

Devoid are the ways of letting an argument pass due to the tedious process of conversing, the long wait for delivery men and the unwritten thoughts masked by the inability to express it.

The world is now a carousel of instants: messages, voice and a wide array of items.

Global Village, as how it’s now tagged, is where we are reveling and would be in for a few decades to come.

We are all introduced to a new way of communicating which can fit inside our pockets, write through a swish onto touchscreen glass, thoughts now being transcribed into digital media that’s convenient, concise and less time consuming.

The amazing ways of being in touch with almost anybody have given us the relief that in one way or another, we would never ever be alone, again.


The use of telephones to clearly express emotions, the flick of a mobile phone entitling us to converse in such a way that a second seems long and the help of fast-paced deliveries let us experience business transactions as if the one we’re doing business with is at arm’s reach.

We all have taken advantage of the distance now made closer, and while there are a lot of ideologies that are negative most of the time, we can all agree that it aids us in more ways than it doesn’t.

Woman sat working in home office

We are now subscribed into being in the loop for new information, the latest updates and even the simplest things that we are not really interested in knowing.

What’s more exciting to ponder is the probability of having more innovation in the future, and how small the world can get when these developments are deployed.


We can expect better ways to talk, upgraded and digital methods of being in the know, and endless options for information that will certainly improve our way of life.

Human beings won’t be content and this would only shed light onto the fact that everything just keeps getting better.

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The Online World Can Be Unsafe, Guard Your Own Credentials


With the advent of technology, it is quite clear that people have succumbed into the idea of finding comfort and convenience in this interconnected society.

We have witnessed developments brought about by technology in medicine, mobile phones and the Internet. So far, most of us can agree that these feats in technology are advantageous and exciting. One trend that has resulted from this is online shopping for everyone.

The rules are simple: products are posted online, you choose which one sparks your interest, enter the necessary details to fill up an order form and your product is delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy. This is beneficial for those who have little time to go to a mall and shop, but since technology made the populace smarter, we should all be cautious about online transactions.

One tip before you hit that enter button is to limit your shopping to trusted websites. Do a little bit of research like checking reviews of social media sites. When shopping online, know that your payment information will be gathered so ensure that it is protected.

As a simple logic, your payment method is an extension of yourself and your fiscal stability, so keep it private. Make sure that all costs are listed clearly on the webpage before you making a purchase.

Any costs for shipping, value added tax and tips must be itemized. Your chosen payment method should also be insured with buyer protection so if worse comes to worst, and then you have a company to aid you in getting back what you spent.

Check-out pages for online websites must be encrypted and you’ll immediately see this with a little ‘lock’ icon on the URL bar. If there’s no encryption, try to purchase your chosen product from another online store. Your bank account statements should be checked frequently if you’ve successfully made a purchase online, as this would be your cue if something weird is happening.

Passwords should be strong and it is best for you to follow the instructions given for password creation. You must also be keen on your web transactions and ensure that you have a detailed record of your purchases and government-recognized receipts. Studies have also proven that for online transactions, buyers are more comfortable with communicating via live chat, instead of e-mail and calls.

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