Have that ‘can do’ attitude and conquer anything with flying colors

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Admit it, sometimes, it is easier to become pessimistic and be devoured by the negativity that blocks the road to success than continuing the venture towards reaching our goals. Stalling and sitting in one corner while thinking is easier than getting up, rolling those sleeves up and working.

As every minute to achieving endeavors means continuously moving forward, the process can become somewhat exhausting and the option of giving up is always an attractive choice. Avoid being a loser and develop that ‘can do’ attitude that will paddle you towards the doors of triumph.

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People who possess the ‘can do’ attitude are oozing with confidence. It is important to distinguish between self-confidence and arrogance. There is a thin line between believing in yourself and being boastful. Whenever a challenge manifests, have the right attitude by setting your mind to knowing that it can be conquered.

It would be helpful to stay grounded by thinking about the situation as an opportunity to challenge yourself instead of being overly competitive with others. Outdoing yourself gives a sense of accomplishment as it positively connotes growth.

Close-up of a happy smile man wearing coat, coldly morning. Autmn day

Be specific with the things you want to accomplish. Having a list and setting a schedule will be helpful in keeping you on track. Stick to your schedule and make sure to finish ‘deliverables’ on or before your due date. Be innovative and imaginative to stand out from those that fall within the conventional realm. Remember that flexible people are the ones who become noticeable and are more susceptible to greatness.

Think and you’ll become. Have the courage to stand up and make things happen. Know what you really want and pursue it no matter what it takes. There will be times that hurdles along the way will reveal themselves, but being focused and determined will go a long way.

Be more of a risk taker and do not be hindered with fears and reservations. Being more open minded to opportunities will serve as the driving force for you to be the person who always gets the best things in life.

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Working Up Your Way to a Greener Life

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The issue of climate change has reached even the deepest recesses of humanity. The human race is now in a situation wherein the harsh effects of environmental depletion are felt, and more efforts to soften the blow are propagated in different parts of the planet. While this shouldn’t have happened if everyone is serious about preserving the environment, blame is irrelevant and everyone needs to put forth their share to save Mother Earth.

Governments have taken steps to involve every breathing citizen with high hopes of turning the situation around, and if you don’t know what to do next, then read on for you to be enlightened. Live green and the positive result on the environment will certainly follow.

Taking care of the environment can be done in simple ways that are part of our daily activities. Think of things that you can do to reduce carbon emissions, making the concept of saving the environment more possible. Depending on the country you reside in, start with altering your method of travel on a daily basis.

If possible, avoid using your car a few times every week. Hop onto your trusted bicycle and travel to work carefree. Aside from reducing emissions from your automobiles, this will also do you wonders in keeping a healthy lifestyle through cycling. You can also help your in maintaining your budget as fuel costs will be diminished as well.

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Every day, people shower and this activity involves the use of water. In the United Kingdom alone, there was a study conducted that shows a person uses up two tubs full of water for showering alone on a daily basis.

Instead of staying for far too long in the shower, exchange one luxurious bath session with a quicker version, leading to lesser water consumption and lowered water bills in the long run.

Also, it’s best for you to be smart in picking the right shower head which is cost effective and useful.

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When planning for your weekly food consumption, be efficient by just purchasing what you need. Buying the groceries and overextending your budget will be a waste of both your money and cause adverse effects to the environment.

The things we need for our dishes at home require the tedious concept of maintenance, so efficient consumption would also equate to a percentage slashed off from legwork that may affect the environment in general.

Also, decide one day every week for you and your family to go ‘meatless’, consuming other options such as vegetables. Aside from ingesting beneficial food, you’re also subconsciously helping the Amazon forest from deterioration as 90% of its deforestation is caused by pastures being cleared of cattle and land animals.

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Tips on dealing with dry mouth

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The majority must’ve experienced the ugly feeling of having dry mouth. This usually happens whenever the body is dehydrated because of a rigorous activity or a long period without liquid intake. This instance may be felt and considered as normal since it is the body’s way of telling us that there’s a need to reach that glass of water to maintain the body’s fluid levels.

As usual as it may seem though, constant occurrence of dry mouth despite drinking 8 – 10 glasses per day might be a sign of a more serious health condition that should be considered.

Aside from the uncomfortable feeling that it gives, dry mouth is also followed by other problems like bad breath, difficulty in swallowing and a rough tongue. There are various reasons why a person suffers from dry mouth. Aside from dehydration, experiencing dry mouth may also be caused by stress, smoking, cold weather and side effects of some medications. It is important to point out what triggers dry mouth to avoid its constant occurrence as much as possible.

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Dealing with dry mouth shouldn’t be that hard. The easiest way of fighting dry mouth is by keeping yourself dehydrated. Nothing beats having regular liquid intake. Not only does it combat dry mouth, but it also makes the body healthy and removes unwanted waste.

Dryness may also be caused by irritation and bacteria build up on the insides of the mouth. Fight these bacteria by gargling warm water with salt. This is an old but trusted way. Gargle the mixture every 30 minutes and repeat as necessary.

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Resort to food that encourages saliva stimulation. Cayenne pepper or munching fennel seeds will help in the production of saliva thus eliminating dryness of the mouth.

Drinking Aloe Vera juice is also an option. Not only does it promote the creation of saliva, it also protects the gums for overall oral health.

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First-Aid Wonders and How to Differentiate Them: The Compress Duo

First-Aid (1)

First-aid and its accompanying benefits have been introduced to people as early as we step in at school. The sheer importance of knowing what to do in a specific situation that concerns health and wellness is a necessity to everyone. We have been acquainted with the basics of treating minor wounds, soothing accidental burns or even setting broken bones.

The scope of first aid procedures, if not huge, is something that a person can use in situations when deemed necessary. We have been oriented with the contents of a first-aid kit, which is comprised of gauze, bandages and everything in between. Also, we have surely seen hot/cold packs sitting in between Band-Aids.

With all due respect to modern science and how we’ve handled our first-aid classes, are we truly aware of the proper use of hot and cold compresses? If not, then don’t hesitate to read on.

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Treating pain on a specific body part involves meticulous and accurate use of tools and medication to reduce agony. While there are tons of medications that can be orally ingested, some kinds of pain still need the help of hot or cold packs for more physical and accurate relief. Both methods have been deemed effective by millions, but what we need to ensure is the general benefit that can be gained from using a hot and cold compresses.

While the effects might be similar, both hot and cold compresses must be used for specific functions which we should be educated about. Hot and cold compresses are the best for non-invasive and non-surgical pain relief in specific joints and muscles, for new and recurring injuries and for faster healing of bruises, scalds and minor burns.

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Hot compress and the heat they bring are responsible for opening up clogged blood vessels that will then stimulate the blood flow and oxygen supply in your body. When a hot compress is used for a specific pain, it can highly reduce aching and loosen up tightly-knotted muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is also widely known that heat can significantly reduce muscle spasms, alleviate pain on bruised muscles and promote flexibility.

A hot compress is best applied if you’re experiencing observable muscle pains and stiff joints. Applying heat directly to the skin is not advisable as it may aggravate the problem by contracting burns. A hot compress must be wrapped in a thin towel before directing it to the affected area and must not be used for 20 minutes straight. Also, tolerance for hot surfaces must also be measured before carrying-out the said procedure.

A hot compress must also be avoided for people with diabetes and poor blood circulation, or on open wounds and stitches. This routine should also be approved by your therapist if you wish to use the method for a long time.

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Contrary to what a hot compress does, a cold compress is slows down, if not halts blood circulation over a specific painful area. Reduction of swelling and pain relief is expected when using the frigid method for bruised areas, inflammation and swollen nodes.

Usually, a cold compress uses ice packs, patches and ice gels. Ideally, a cold compress must be used 24-48 hours after the injury and unlike hot compress procedures, it can be used 20 minutes straight with 10 minute gaps. The therapy from a cold compress is effective in general alleviation of pain from broken and fractured bones.

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Enrich Your Immune System with Okra

Don't let the fear of slime keep you from trying okra.

You might not see this often as part of a highly-priced meal in a restaurant because this vegetable is in the process of establishing its name as superfood. Surely, you have also missed this on your grocery trip because it is never in season and only selected countries have the ability to grow this.

Also known as ladies’ fingers, this flowering plant of the mallow family is edible from its tip up until its very core which is a clump of seeds. Okra, with the scientific name Abelmoschus Esculentus, is now known for its boundless benefits to the human body. Though it might not be as savory as carrots as a side dish, okra has more than hundred ways of satisfying your growling tummy and aid you in achieving optimum health.

Lady's Finger Plant (2)

One thing that this vegetable brags about is its high fiber content, which is the superstar for weight-loss diets. The richness of fiber in okra is now slowly being validated by health experts as a key vegetable that you can turn to when in need of feeling full without having to pile up on fats. The daily intake of okra is also a blessing in keeping your digestive system functional as the fiber gained from this stubby-looking vegetable flushes out toxins.

For those who follow a very strict diet, munching on okra is your ally when you want to feel full since the calorie content is low. The diuretic component found in okra is also a huge bonus in naturally detoxifying your body and pushing you to lose some weight without exerting too much effort.

One major development that has been deduced from eating okra regularly is that the antioxidants released by the vegetable work hand-in-hand with your cells to combat free-radicals that cause numerous cancers. As such, a person who eats okra will have a better chance in maintaining a strong immune system.

Your body will also avoid suffering from diabetes as it slows down the process of sugar absorption on your intestinal tract. Furthermore, you can also stave off contracting diabetes itself.

Lady's Finger Plant (3)

Vitamin C also plays a significant part in keeping your body resistant to diseases and harmful viruses, and okra has just the right amount for you to chew on.

Okra’s huge Vitamin C content is said to lower risks of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and other breathing infections. If you’re up for an examination, the simple intake of okra will suit you best in boosting your mental capacity for memorization.

Lady's Finger Plant (4)

When Vitamin C reaches your bloodstream, expect it to make your hair a little bit shiny. The collagen in your skin will be jolted to make you look even healthier.

Inflammations caused by joint pains and bowel problems can now be cured real-time by including okra on your diet. Folates and Vitamin K are also present in okra and if taken moderately, eating okra can support you in strengthening your bones and battling osteoporosis.

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Different Graduation Rites around the Globe


Though it is never enough to measure one’s success through education, achievements in the field of academics are things that we can truly brag about. Proper education and all the experiences within mold us into who we are and how we can maneuver in real life. Education has many stages, and after each phase comes the very formal ceremony called graduation.

Attending our own graduation is an overwhelming experience, as if we’re floating on air while that marching song is playing in the background. It is on this day that we get to give back to the people who helped us arrive at that exact moment. While it connotes the same philosophy, we observe diverse graduation rites and some of them are listed below.


In Japan, graduation rites usually last for only an hour. Within campus, you can see younger students still scampering through their daily routines as if there’s nothing special happening around them. Graduates wear their usual uniforms without drama of flowers and white capes. It’s just that you can identify the graduating batch through their very coordinated marches.

Unlike Japanese schools, Sweden puts forth all the grandeur for their new graduates. Singing and chanting will be heard from the flock, wearing ship-captain-style hats to glorify their success in the academic year. Afterwards, they are met with their families outside, holding up banners of photos and names while clutching a small gift tied with a ribbon to be worn by the students as necklaces. Then, the merry graduates will be piled in a truck, driven around the community like stars on a parade and spend the day within the town whichever way they like.

The 2014 graduating class of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in West Point, N.Y., toss their hats during commencement ceremonies, Wednesday, May 28, 2014. President Barack Obama delivered the commencement address and talked about his Afghanistan plan and answered critics who say he has surrendered America's global leadership. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) ORG XMIT: NYSW113

As an oddity, graduates in Argentina are joked around quite heavily as it has been a tradition for people to throw sticky food such as ketchup and syrup at them.

Russian female graduates will never know how it feels like to wear those special togas as they are required to don black gowns with white aprons on their graduation day. Also, Russian students are expected to pass an official state exam before they can be officially called graduates.

High school level students in Germany are toasted inside a classroom as they graduate since they need to pass a very specific final exam called ‘abitur’, their ticket to college education and job apprenticeships.


Thailand graduates are considered special by the Royal Family and so expect a blue-blooded prince to hand out their diplomas. In Italy, university graduates are mocked and hazed by their friends and family publicly. With food and liquids as the usual weapons, this tradition has been going on for a long time. Many students dream of moving to Norway as it has been observed that the last month of the school year is dedicated to all-out partying.


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This is why you should start baby wearing


There is no greater blessing for a woman than becomeing a mother. The same goes for men as they see their children grow after being introduced to the world outside womb. Seeing another life come to form and rearing it right before your very eyes is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. It is true that honing a kid and instilling important things may be challenging, but the truth remains that giving and sharing life is our existence’s primary meaning.

The pain of calming a fussy infant can be a pain especially for first time parents. However, this common trial among moms and dads can be eased by the act of babywearing. More than carrying your precious child close, babywearing carries more benefits than you can ever imagine. Ever notice how a baby calms after being held tight? This sends out a nonverbal message of security and comfort that babies cling to.


Wearing a sling to carry a baby is practiced by parents from all over the world. Mostly used by moms, the natural instinct of protecting one’s child is clearly interpreted through babywearing. More than calming the child, a parent provides a significant advantage to the child as it also promotes learning.


Being close to parents, the child is given the chance to see human functions that the parents and other people conduct. This helps the infant understand how the world outside the womb operates and these are introduced subconsciously.

3Being close to parents is also proven to cultivate confidence and stability that can manifest as the child grows. This is why some experts encourage moms and dads to sleep with their kids as it creates a bond that gives out the feeling of harmony to the kid. This also alleviates the probability of depression that indifference leads to over time.


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Battling Your Long Stay on the Awake Phase Victoriously

Awake Phase (1)

As an estimate, most people should be getting enough sleep. While there are some who would disagree, it is quite imperative to allot 8 hours of sleep to live healthy.

There are many ways to describe a good night’s sleep, but it can all be deduced to getting the proper number of hours that we want to recover all of the energy we lose during our awake phase.

Awake Phase (2)

Some can rate their sleeping experience as 10 out of 10, but are you one of those who wake up in the middle of the night for no specific reason? Are you included in the unlucky demographic who have broken hours of sleep and have this inexplicable difficulty in going back to sleep again? Below are some of the tips to consider ensuring that the next time you will hit the sack, no type of distraction will bug you again.

Restless sleepers actually have specific reasons why they end up with the condition. There are a lot of outside factors and figurative noises that break deep sleep which include noisy pets, uncomfortable bed settings and even children who are left unmanaged before sleeping.

There are a lot of nuisances to consider, but restless sleepers should be aware about what it is that keeps on waking them up in the middle of the night. Once identified, all the plans to prevent an untimely awake phase should be deduced from there.

Recent studies show that 56% of women and 49% of men are experiencing this widespread problem, which then results to a less focus the day after or heightened chances of suffering from a bad mood. Despite these alarming facts, almost half of those who suffer from this condition overlook the possibility of putting a stop to this sleeping issue.

Awake Phase (3)

If find yourself staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night or way ahead of your 7:00AM alarm, then you need to act upon it as soon as possible.

One effective way of getting back to dream land is to do something light such as reading or listening to music for about 10-20 minutes. This would actually counter the feeling of being sleepless and crowd your brain with thoughts until your body craves for sleep again.

Awake Phase (4)

One thing to also consider is to keep the general lighting of your room or the place where you sleep dim. Also you must, with all your might, avoid modern devices such as LCD TVs, mobile phones and tablet computers as this would stimulate your ‘sleeping cells’ into awakening out of schedule.

If you’re too tired to do something, you can just stay in bed motionless and try to relax your tense brain by doing some breathing exercises. Being specific would also help you and if you can, record your sleeping patterns via your makeshift sleep diary to avoid waking in the middle of the night prematurely.

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Don’t Fret When You Doodle, It’s Rather Marvelous

doodle (2)

There are mundane moments when you find yourself drawing and scribbling away with patterns, figures and shapes that freely came out of your brain and pen. Normally, it is being done, as they say, when you are bored or killing the time away when you’re trapped into something.

Doodling is something more than just the creative waste on your precious notebook, thus, it is something that can be related better with one’s thought processes.

doodle (3)

Studies have graced and entertained the idea that doodling, your pen and brain have been connected smartly to bring out the best creative juices that you own. Doodling had also been dubbed a very essential activity for you to keep your brain nerves always working, releasing only the best thoughts in retrospect to your creativity. Your doodles and scribes are not just products of your purposeless writing; it is a clear sign that there are a lot of things that you can do when you gave it extra attention the next time.

You shouldn’t feel ashamed at all as doodling is said to be a practice that the populace has been doing as far as 30,000 years back. We all have been taught during class and our inevitable trips to history channels that the olden people have this way of putting their thoughts on rocks as somewhat akin to doodling, in a larger and dramatic scale.

You’d also be shocked to realize that the most intelligent human beings who have doodled their way to success and have been avid and self-confessed doodlers include Leonardo Da Vinci, George Washington, Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Regan, Vladimir Nabokov, Bill Gates and Frank Gehry. Doodling can span and scope up to the most absurd things and all of the things you have drawn for the rest of your existence is a reflection of how creative you are a person.

doodle (4)

Doodling, aside from the visual satisfaction that it brings is also beneficial to a human being, provided that it is being done out of freewill and not as structured as a formal drawing. Freestyle doodling can increase information retention by a surprising 29% and altogether debunks the idea that doodling strays you away from being focused.

Also, when you are doodling, you’re not just retaining the pictures you want to draw but all of the events associated with it in a specific timeframe. Your doodle masterpieces are like postcards, and the mere sight of it would be able to help you identify why and where you have drawn it at the first place.

doodle (5)

Visual notes found on doodles would also give you a better picture of the usual boring stuff that you need to jot down, and in the end, make it enjoyable for you to make a mental note on. Also, doodling have this ability to de-clutter your way of thinking and preps the brain to take on bigger things and help you in dealing with stress.

Your seemingly innocent sketches and shapes actually is an avenue where your brain expands and is being stimulated which in return would be beneficial for you to think of things in solving a problem.

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A Deeper Understanding of Public Speaking Anxiety

Public Speaking Anxiety (1)

There will come a time in our lives when we need to speak in front of a huge group of people, whether we want to or not. It can be inside your classroom when you’re assigned to explain a certain topic as part of your graded recitation or if you are appointed by your immediate supervisor to explain a new rule to your co-team members; public speaking will be there to either make you happy or haunt you until you deal with it sooner or later.

There are a lot of people who find it very difficult to convey a message in front of a huge crowd, and while this might seem somewhat shallow to some, it is still quite unnerving. This is not just about confidence; the very fear of speaking in public is more serious than it looks. Technically, the fear of public speaking is known as glossophobia, and below are some of the things that classify a person as glossophobic and some tips to counter it on the first encounter.

Public Speaking Anxiety (3)

Glossophobia has quite a number of symptoms that are observable through mere physical gestures. Some of the proven symptoms to identify if you are indeed glossophobic include stuttering / stammering, freezing in front of a small or big audience, weakening of the voice when speaking, abnormal and rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure which may lead to rapid breathing and nausea, stiff neck and back muscles, general shaking, a dry mouth, sweating, dilated pupils and even hearing problems.

Public Speaking Anxiety (2)

Glassophobia might be something experienced but overlooked and this specific fear should be faced in one way or another. As a form of an inspiration, draw some confidence from the legendary Marin Luther King Jr. as his I Have a Dream speech is regarded as the largest speaking convention ever done in 1963.

Overcoming glossophobia will not just help you in one instance, it can channel your expertise to a specific topic, make your products more sellable and improve your connections with prospective clients, make you more aware of issues and under discussions, inspire others to overcome glossophobia and even impress higher ranking officials who have listened to your eloquent speeches.

Public Speaking Anxiety (4)

In overcoming this specific phobia, there are a lot of things to do and consider, but it will boil down to the type and scope of fear you are in. Before getting into a speaking engagement, you must be sensitive enough to know your assigned topic and organize it. Performing deep-breathing exercises will also cure you in the long run.

Moments of silence are inevitable, so it is up to your attention management on how you will lure your audience back to listening to you. You must also stay in touch with the focal point of your material and always envision success once this is done. Practice really makes perfect and if you are able to master every syllable and pause, then you’re well on your way to bolstering your speaking skills.

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