Benefit from making your desk job healthier

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In this age of technology, all transactions can be made in just a flick of your finger. Industries rely on their manpower that mostly functions at their desks. It has been pointed out that prolonged sitting for most of the day and not getting enough exercise can be dangerous for one’s health if retained for a long period of time.

Being confined in cubicles is a work place setting that cannot be changed as it provides convenient space and comfort. While this is the case, employees can make offices a better place by making their own assigned areas a better to maintain their health in small but effective ways.

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Taking little steps will go a long way. Diminish the harshness and create a work environment that feeds the needs of your well-being in positive ways. More than just being a slouch junkie, follow these tips and continue the pursuit of living well even while at the office.

The workplace can be stressful. Reduce the intensity by having a stress ball sitting readily on your desk. The repeated movement of squeezing is your fast fix for releasing tension and relieving stress. It will also help you avoid the painful carpal tunnel syndrome that many obtain from spending a lot of time in front of the keyboard.

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Do not skimp on hydration by placing a water jug on your desk. It will not only replenish and recharge you, but it will also help in the process of detoxification through urination. The importance of water cannot be stressed enough and having it within reach will definitely go a long way.

Bring a bit of nature inside the office by placing an indoor plant right atop your table. We all know the beneficial exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between humans and plants. Why not apply this biological process and bring it right to the comfort of your workplace? Needless to say, having a plant in plain sight reduces fatigue and stress.

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Go natural with Moroccan red clay

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Morocco is a country of many wonders. Aside from its fascinating culture, one of the things it is most popular for in the beauty department is the hailed argan oil that the world’s skin care experts are raving about. The fad of using this all-around beauty product has crossed the boundaries of the country where the best of its kind is known to come from.

Another trend that’s been gaining ground is the use of Moroccan red clay as it is also distinguished to bring favorable result to the skin and the hair. Also known as Rhassoul Clay, this mineral rich commodity comes from Morocco’s Atlas Mountain Region. Long before it gained international appeal, red clay’s benefits have been determined and utilized by Moroccan women to maintain their beauty and appearance.

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Red clay contains silica, magnesium and calcium. Because of its components, it is used to treat skin impurities including acne, blackheads and whiteheads. While acne treatments can usually cause dry skin, red clay supplies moisture while eliminating skin problems.

Red clay is best used as a facial mask. Due to its form, leaving this beauty product’s original composition on the skin will provide the best results. Mix the red clay with water or floral essences and put it on your face. Those with severe acne can also try mixing it with a bit of apple cider vinegar for disinfecting and healing purposes.

Leave it for around 15 minutes until it feels tight and rinse thoroughly with warm water. For the best results, apply gentle moisturizer to optimize the prevalence of moisture on face. Do this twice or thrice a week and see the difference as you move along.

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Mixing red clay with oatmeal or muscovado sugar will also make it a good facial and body scrub. Combine it with your favorite essential oil and voila! Get out of the bathroom as if you have been pampered like Cleopatra.

Not only will this beauty product save you from the harmful chemicals usually found in products available commercially, it will also allow you to skip spa visits every now and then.

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Manly essential oils for healthier beards

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For many years, the beard has been an emblem of masculinity for men. Their facial hair and rugged aura have been indicators that they are capable and competent. Their beard, matched with a proud and brawny physique is a distinct representation of their manly gender.

Fact: Guys can have sensitive skin too. This can be worse for them because they are designed to have hair glands surrounding the lower half of their face. Imagine stubble growing on the upper and lower mouth as well as the chin. This can be a double whammy for them and it takes extra effort to have smooth, good looking skin. Yes, even men want that!

Men with sensitive skin can experience redness, itchiness, irritation and believe it or not, even dandruff on areas where hair grows. And with the call of neatness, religious shaving can aggravate the skin condition.

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There is a current trend when it comes to men’s grooming. The use of essential oils for beards is now gaining attention and getting a lot of positive responses from the people who have tried it. Come to think of it, beards should be given equal attention as with hair growing on the scalp.

Men who have used beard oils confessed that their hair became softer and healthier. Not only that, the skin underneath is also moisturized and nourished, which is a definite win for both the hair and the skin layer where the roots are anchored. This takes care of the skin and the hair because each bottle is accompanied by the distinct smell of one or two herbs that can be either relaxing or mood boosting.

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Depending on the content, essential oils can also target specific skin conditions. For example, lavender can work on alleviating if not curing inflammation and dandruff. On the other hand, tea tree oil can be used by those who have acne-prone skin.

The properties found on these essential oils fight bacteria and tame the secretion of sebaceous oils that are responsible for pimple formation. Lemon or citrus smelling oils promote tightened pores and a revitalized mood.

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Health and Fitness through Applications and Wearables


With all the technological advancements within the last decade, people have been given endless opportunities to make life easier. The incessant need to discover something new directed the human race into believing that there’s always something to improve on, even if it seemed that we have everything that we need for the moment.

Technology has touched so many aspects of society such as education, work, medicine, communications and health. We all have been bound to the numerous advantages of technology and modernization, vanquishing olden ways that cannot help us any longer. Just recently, various names and brands have come into producing mobile applications to track one’s health in real-time, accurately and handily.

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In the United States alone, a whopping total of 46 million users have registered, downloaded and signed-up for these mobile health applications to monitor their own health easily and more conveniently. These users comprise 1/3 of the whole American population and there are even greater numbers scattered all over the planet.

Aside from the usual benefits of owning a mobile handset with wireless services on it, people have come to realize that health should not be compromised and fused it with easily understandable programs and applications. These wonders of technology have the capacity to read heartbeats, work as a pedometer and some even can compute your body mass index. Some even offer endless opportunities to read tips on how to stay in shape.

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From the time it was conceptualized, the jump in the number of users is quite unexpected as several studies concluded that the population nowadays is health-conscious, or at least starting to become that way. Also, there are device manufacturers who have taken the leap of faith and successfully produced wearable technology aside from mobile health applications.

It also had been presumed that based on the demand today, an intriguing total of 112 million wearables are said to be manufactured by 2018. These wearables will aid consumers in keeping close track of how exercise affects them and fitness is the top priority in manufacturing. There are also plans of producing wearable hoop trackers solely to be used by basketball players, measuring their development in shooting accuracy.

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As of now, the gap between genders using wearables has been quite minimal, with 51.70% attributed to men and 48.30% directed to women users. The age bracket of 25-34 years old are said to be the top patrons of wearables and mobile health applications, 22% for the 35-44 age bracket, 17% for 45-54, 12% for those 55 and above and lastly, 9% for people aged 18 to 24.

Obviously, these feats of modernization appeal best to those who have created it, namely the Millennials and the Generation X factions.

On the other hand, fitness bands have been adored by younger generations (18-25) as they comprise the working class of the present era. Studies have shown that wearables and accessible health-related applications dramatically reduce patient costs, with a whopping 6% drop in hospital bills for consultations and medications.

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Globetrotting with Your Beloved Kids, Some Tips and Strategies

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Traveling is a necessity that everyone should allot time for every now and then. It is through vacations that we release bottled-up stress from work, school or life in general. Traveling has changed how people deal with their lives with its promising effects in freeing one’s mind, body and soul from unnecessary baggage through proper relaxation.

If you’re single, traveling is quite natural to your routine: file for a leave, book your tickets and set out on a journey with just a sturdy backpack and a fat bank account. But it’s a whole different story if you’re a parent of two juggling household and work.

Traveling needs intense preparation before it can materialize. Fret no more as listed below are some tips if you really want to fulfill your dream vacation, despite the fact that letting the kids join you might become problematic.

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Time is of the greatest essence when traveling with kids. Unlike adults, kids don’t have any specific agendas in mind and so they have all the time in the world for them to feel satisfied. Whether you’re travelling via a simple bus ride or flying first-class to the Caribbean, it is necessary for you to allot more time than usual for your trip.

Allot an hour or two from your expected time of departure to make room for tantrums and long trips to the comfort room. This would definitely not cram your minutes and even calm the kids when the time comes for you to leave. It is also suggested that you plan your itinerary ahead of time.

Globetrotting with Your Kids (3)

Always bear in mind that once you set foot on land again, the hotel room is waiting for you. Tour guides would also be a service that you should subscribe to as they usually do the legwork for you. One expert also suggested bringing your kids a sturdy and robust-looking camera so that they will feel obliged to skim the surroundings and take photos while you enjoy the view.

You should also be prepared to bring things that your kids love so as to stall for time and attention whenever necessary. It can be a simple notebook, a stash of crayons and his or her favorite pencil so that they can scribble or doodle the time away. When transferring from one place to another, some travel enthusiasts have mentioned the benefit of using public transport rather than hiring a private car service.

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Kids behave quite differently when in public and this would also expose them to other people, which is good for their social and mental development. Also, keep a keen eye on their belongings.

Make sure they’re secure in crowds and never let go of their hand to avoid a lost child episode. Bring the necessities for potty, medicines for allergies, quick snacks in transit and avoid sweets to prevent restlessness when traveling.

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Five Yoga Postures to be Refreshed and Alert

Yoga is an exercise now patronized by millions of people from all over the planet. Said to have started within Asia, yoga has encapsulated so many premises of what a healthy exercise should be and captured the commitment of a wide array of people easily.

Undoubtedly one of the most used forms of physical exercise nowadays, yoga also transformed over time to meet the demands of health-conscious individuals and their quest to find what’s perfect for them to stay fit.

If you’re one of the many who scratch their heads whenever you see someone performing a yoga routine and find it difficult to follow, then read on below to make you grab a mat and start exercising.

Half Dog (Ardha Adho Makha)

Known to be a great posture to lessen lower back pains, the Half Dog opens someone’s chest, shoulders, back and hamstrings in such a way that it’s placed correctly.

Five Yoga Postures (2)

To do the Half Dog is quite a simple: just find a sturdy object or wall to rest your hands on, walk your feet back and bend at a 90-degree angle between your legs and torso.

Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

After a long drive, you certainly have felt numbing and tingling sensations on those body parts that have been touched by the seatbelt right? Worry no more as the Chair Pose would make your blood flow freely again, making you feel all the more relaxed and rejuvenated after sitting for too long.

Five Yoga Postures (3)

Strengthening the shins, glutes, legs, core and arms, carry-on with this posture by bringing your feet together and point your tailbone toward the floor with your back straight. Imagine that you’re sitting on an invisible chair and extend your arms upwards with your head tilted gazing onto the ceiling.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

You have definitely seen the Tree Pose on numerous yoga posters and websites. This famous routine is widely known to improve one’s balance, opens the hips in a healthy manner, reinforces strength on the core, develop ankle stability and foot arch.

Five Yoga Postures (4)

If you want to be the perfect embodiment of this specific routine, plant one foot on the floor steadily while bringing the other foot to the inside of the standing leg’s calf, or if you can, the upper thigh.

Forward Bend (Uttasasana)

Back pains can now be relieved almost instantly, thanks to the Forward Bend posture. Aside from vanquishing strains in the back, the Forward Bend is also responsible for stimulating blood flow in the brain, develops flexible hamstrings and removes stress from your spine.

Five Yoga Postures (5)

To do the Forward Bend, plant both of your feet on the floor and put both of your hands together behind your back. Next, you need to pull your torso forward for a full stretch.

Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

When you need to pull an all-nighter and you are still feeling sleepy, then immediately do the Half Moon Pose to stay wide awake.

Five Yoga Postures (1)

Aside from giving you that extra jolt, this yoga exercise also lets the blood flow accordingly on your numbing legs from too much sitting, improves your balance and effectively stimulates the leg muscles.

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Be nail ready and prevent the appearance of fungus

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Do not neglect what the length your nails can tell about you. Having neat nails speak of how hygienic a person is. However, there are some instances wherein no matter how hard we try to keep them healthy and clean, unwanted factors come into play destroying all of our efforts for making nails look good.

Worry no more because self-care remedies are available to banish the unwanted sight of ugly nails that diminishes even that self-confidence residing within you.

nail ready (2)

Scientifically called as onychomycosis, the ugly sight of yellowish, dilapidated nails is caused by a fungal microbe that resides in the nail bed. This fungal infection is the main reason why there is thickness and disfiguration on the nail’s appearance. This may seem like an aesthetic flaw, but the extent of its effects can go beyond what meets the eye.

Those who have this nail condition admit that it also influences them socially. Aside from the discomfort and having low self-esteem, untreated nail fungi can also bring pain overtime as it presses against the insides of the toes.

Worry no more because this ugly sight in toes and fingers can be treated in easy ways. Modern technology offers advanced ways of dealing with it, such as laser treatment and medicated topical solutions. However, not anyone has the money to undergo such procedures. There are home remedies though, that can cure these nails.

nail ready (3)

Pick up that apple cider vinegar in your cupboard and start mixing a blend that answers your nail dilemma. Pair ACV with the same amount of water and soak those affected nails for a good thirty minutes. Do this every other day to kill the fungi until the new nails come to show.

You may also use another reliable gift of nature in the form of tea tree oil. Put several drops twice a day until fresh nails grow. Its disinfecting properties kill the fungus residing on the nail bed. Just stick to the routine and your nails will thank you eventually.

Baking soda also eliminates the potential spread of fungus on the entire nail bed. Mix it with white vinegar and soak the feet for 15 minutes. Doing it two times a day will bring fast and favorable results. Not only it will treat the presence of ugly nails, but it will also combat the presence of unwanted feet odor due to sweating.

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Is mineral oil bad for the skin?

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It has been mentioned too many times that one of the best ways to impede aging is to moisturize the skin as much as possible. Moisturizing not only retains elasticity, but it also makes the skin more adaptable and robust towards exterior factors that hasten the formation of wrinkles and the emergence of acne, which are some major indications of not having healthy skin.

Mineral oil has been one of the major ingredients contained in most beauty products, but while it has its benefits, the discussion about whether it is safe for use is still ongoing. First off, let us understand that mineral oil comes from petroleum. Mineral oil is an odorless and colorless fluid that is known to retain water when applied on our skin.

mineral oil skin (3)

Since it comes from petroleum, mineral oil is easily associated with crude oil that machines and cars use to function.

Think of lung cancer which is an adverse effect of too much exposure to air pollution due to smoke belching and you’ll understand why there is such fear towards using mineral oil for direct human consumption. Aside from that, there’s this notion that mineral oil is carcinogenic, thereby leading to cancer.

mineral oil skin (4)

According to dermatologists, mineral oil found on cosmetic products is ultra-refined to remove any harmful toxins. The process eliminates any harmful components through purification making it safe for skin use. Skeptics are not confident with the filtering technique as it still depends on the company making the beauty products.

However, the FDA and other international regulatory agencies have set a standard when it comes to the purity level of mineral oil included in such products.

mineral oil skin (2)

Some myths regarding mineral oil have been clarified by some articles studies proving that mineral oil isn’t the villain at all. While there are some who believe that acne prone skin should stay away from this ingredient, some believers – even dermatologists have pointed out that the moisturizing benefits of mineral oil create a barrier against dirt in the air. It also makes the skin more stable in a sense that it becomes supple and resistant to wounds and scars.

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Imagine and create: the benefits of woodworking

woodworking (1)

They say that it is important to find something that you are passionate about. Apart from the real world where we live and are forced to function in to contribute to society, the significance of finding what gets you going should also be prioritized to maintain balance and avoid exhaustion or stress.

As advised by experts, adults should have some sort of diversion and stay away from the challenging and energy-draining rigors of different areas in life. They say that too much work can be strenuous and there is no better way to recharge than getting into an activity that replenishes focus and spirit. Since adult life is mostly allotted to working and making money, the repetitive process can become tiring and cause burnout in the long run.

woodworking (2)

One of the hobbies that adults can consider is woodworking. While it can be performed seriously for business, woodworking is also a diversion that can be done indoors, right in the comfort of your own home. There might be a stigma that woodworking will best suit men since it is more physical, but women can also indulge into this functional hobby.

Woodworking is a form of exercise with a tangible outcome. Since this act requires lifting and moving, the body gets a type of training that eventually strengthens the muscles for your well-being. As we all know, a healthy body is robust when it comes to preventing illnesses. A physically fit body is synonymous to a longer lifespan.

woodworking (3)

Woodworking also promotes self-confidence. As woodworking is a form of expression and creativity, it improves self-worth and independence. Focus is also another benefit of engaging into an activity that requires your full attention.

Since woodwork requites attention, it gives the mind a little rest from other worries and allows you to be in control, albeit only for a few moments.
This hobby may sound challenging for some, but give woodworking a try and see if it will suit you.

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Getting Things Right for Your Ultimate Sleeping Haven

Sleeping Haven (4)

Okay, so you have read the tips, tricks and strategies on how to fall asleep better, but have you really covered all of the bases? You might be thinking that sleeping is all managed by your brain, the relaxation of your tensed muscles and the sheer closing of your eyes, but that is definitely not the entirety of it. Over time, comfortable sleep has been deeply associated with the seemingly innocent decision of choosing the right mattress.

Many manufacturers tripled their efforts in experimenting on a mattress’ structure, played with the perfect materials to use and fused science into determining which works best for their consumers. A plethora of brands have been spawned due to the dire need of serving only the best for a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping Haven (1)

A whopping and expected 92% of people have commented that a comfortable mattress plays a vital role in ensuring that holistic sleep is achieved. Sleep Foundation conducted this survey to determine existing sleeping patterns and concepts in the current population. Ideally, mattresses must be replaced once every eight years to avoid the occasional wear and tear, with the core reason of maintaining the mattress’ quality.

After 10 years of use, your mattress would double in weight due to the dust gathered over time. Also, experts suggest that mattresses should be turned or rotated every now and then to avoid areas of depression from using it for too long.

Sleeping Haven (2)

If you’re just trying to purchase a new mattress, one of the most important things to know is to differentiate between its types and styles, tailor fitting a mattress to what you need in your bedroom. Typically, there are five types of mattresses available in the market and those are open-coil, memory foam, fiber, pocket sprung and latex.

Open-coil mattresses are made from a continuous piece of sturdy and efficient wire and are known to offer variations in firmness. On the other hand, memory foam is a brainchild project of NASA in 1966 which greatly conforms to the body’s curves and contours, offering accurate support where necessary.

Fiber mattresses require layered fillings which make it comfortable and the filling complements the very trusty internal spring units. Pocket sprung types are made of springs that are made within compartments, lessening possibilities of roll-offs and maximizing support. Latex mattresses are the best kind as they accordingly mold to the shape of the one using them. They are also naturally made and hypoallergenic.

Sleeping Haven (3)

Be mindful that the mattress you should pick is capable enough of supporting your spine when lying down. Don’t be hesitant in giving it a try by lying on your back and feeling that your spine should hold its natural shape without any blocks or interruptions.

If lying onto one side, your spine should not be curved and must remain straight. If the mattress you’d go for is too firm, the tendency is that you’d strain heavier body parts such as your hips and shoulders which is one of the many reasons for your spine to bend. If you feel like sinking, then it means that the mattress is abnormally soft.

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