Change the way you breathe indoors through air revitalizers

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Home is where we feel we are the safest. However, with all the risks of harm, this sanctuary should also receive an extra measure for us to be assured that things are in place and in proper order. Health wise, we understand how bad pollution is the moment we step outside our house’s door. Because of different human activities and other factors, the air we breathe is no longer as safe and as pure as our body needs it to be.

The fight for obtaining fresh air is a long battle and requires effort from everybody. While this is the case, having improved air flowing inside your home is now made possible through the help of air revitalizers.

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We are aware of how air humidifiers and purifiers work. However, these options are somewhat costly and require effort especially in cleaning filters regularly. Air revitalizers made half of the work convenient and are also designed to be very handy. The circular, fishbowl looking device topped with a cap that comes with holes and has air filtering effects is very portable; it can be placed anywhere inside the house that calls for fresh air.

Revitalizers also come with a purifying effect. Not only does it eliminate any ill-smelling smoke caused by cooking, smoking etc., but it also filters other unwanted agents in the air like dust mites, germs and bacteria.

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The device works its scrubbing effect when the air enters the intake hole found on its cap. The solution found inside cleans the air that entered and emits fresher, purified air afterwards. The air it emits adds appeal as the solution comes in various scents, which also has a therapeutic effect. For example, the citronella smelling water based solution reduces the presence of insects while lavender and vanilla exude a calming effect ideal for insomniacs.

Gauging how dirty the air is can be done through the color of the water inside the revitalizer. Ideally, make sure to replace the water every three days or when the water turns gray. Do not wash the device with harmful detergents. Most manuals say that wiping it with a clean, dry cloth is enough to do the job.

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Sipping straw triggers wrinkle formation

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Do you find sipping through a straw classy and lady like? I do. Aside from the fact that it prevents any potential liquid spills and keeping your lovely dress away from unwanted stains, it also makes sipping that strawberry smoothie easier. No doubt, the use of a straw makes partying and social interactions even more pleasurable and hassle free.

A straw makes you neat while enjoying your favorite drink, but the bad news is that it can make you look older than your actual age. As harmless as it may seem, constant use of a straw for your drinks promotes the formation of fine lines around the lips that may turn into wrinkles and sagging skin over time. Remember how repetitive squinting can cause fine lines around the eyes? The same logic applies whenever you sip your drink through straw habitually.

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According to skin specialists, the regular use of a straw creates fine lines around the mouth which is aesthetically termed “marionette lines.” Now, do not get this wrong and hate the sight of a straw every time you see one. That thin, elongated thing itself does not cause lip lines to form, but the repetitive action of sipping your drink through it does.

The act of sipping is similar to smokers putting a cigarette in their mouths. Of course, we know how bad smoking is for the skin.

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Not only do free radicals harm the skin, but so does the pursing of the mouth while smoking. Again, the key word here is the frequency of the deed. Those who do not use straws every time they drink do not need to worry. However, measures for skin care and following regimens should still be observed.

We all hate the formation of unwanted fine lines on our faces and nothing beats prevention before occurrence. This is why staying hydrated and avoiding excessive sun exposure should also be maintained.

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Shield Your Family against Harmful FMD

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We all thought that foot and mouth disease (FMD) only infects cattle and other livestock, but recent cases on children worldwide have made us all flabbergasted. Yes, the so-called foot, hand and mouth disease has been affecting kids from all over the planet and the numbers are rising as we move along the 21st century.

Experts and studies have proven that this disease is highly contagious and can be fatal when not given proper medical attention. Usually, foot, mouth and hand disease targets kids ages five and below, but it has been observed that it can affect people of all ages.

Typically, this illness is identified through painful blisters or seeming rashes sprouting from the affected body parts and can stretch its effect from two to three weeks. If you’re not well-informed about foot, hand and mouth disease then this article will sum up some of the most important things that you should know about its symptoms, medication and prevention.

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Foot, hand and mouth disease is primarily triggered by the coxsackie virus, or medically known as A16 which is a strain that can be spread by person-to-person contact. This virus can be easily passed through hand-to-hand contact, cough, sneezing and even touching surfaces contacted by an infected person.

Since children are always at school and are engaged on day-to-day activities involving physical contact, foot, hand and mouth disease has been observed mostly on kids.

The A16 virus has also been identified as the type of virus penetrating children better as adults gain an immunity blanket as they age. Some of the symptoms that every parent needs to watch out for would be the blisters expected to come out within four to nine days after contracting the virus. The rash and blisters can show up on the gaps of your kids’ toes and fingernails, some on the elbow and ulcer-like patches on the inside of the mouth.

Aside from the observable physical symptoms, foot, hand and mouth disease can also be accompanied by fever, poor appetite, sore throat, headache and irritability.

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For proper diagnosis of the disease, your medical advisor will be performing a physical examination of the blisters present upon the time of check-up. Just by looking at the appearance of the rash and blisters, your doctor can easily identify the illness and might even ask for some throat swabs and a stool sample to see if it has affected other bodily functions.

Generally, foot, hand and mouth disease would only stay within one’s body in a ten-day period and is expected to be cleared up together with its implications on your health.

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It has been established that this illness would go away automatically and professionals would only require an infected person to look for over-the-counter topical ointments for soothing the blisters and areas with rashes.

Also, lozenges, salt water rinses, medicated syrups and pain medication would be suggested to cure the accompanying disruptions to your systemic wellness like sore throats and dehydration. Fluid intake should be increased during the time of the infection to avoid further adverse effects.

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Meet some of the world’s coolest offices

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Getting paid and being able to land your dream job would sum up the definition of a successful career. Wanting to work with some of the world’s best companies is not surprising. Aside from being able to work with the corporate world’s best people, the growth and training these organizations contribute to their employees is something priceless as they are enriching and skill augmenting. After all, these hailed companies will not be on top for nothing.

Some of the world’s top caliber organizations do not only offer a pleasant environment for growth, they are also known to provide a workplace that’s unique and with amenities that boost their employees’ motivation to do their duties within the company with utmost enthusiasm. Here are some of the coolest offices that you may want to consider for your next job hunt:


The 400 square meter headquarters of SoundCloud located in Berlin used to be a brewery. What makes this office unique is the fact that there are wide workspaces that provide a modern vibe of industrialism, which fits the creative core of the company.

Contrary to the conventional cozy environment found in most offices, the laid back interior gives employees a relaxed vibe where they can have discussions in a somewhat informal manner.

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Adobe Systems

They enhance photographs through shape-shifting software. This frontrunner when it comes to digital media not only provides an attractive package to its employees, it also has wall climbing facility that people can use to shake off stress and get some physical activity within the workplace.

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If there’s a workplace that serves as a haven for creative people, it would be Google. Not only did it become the most successful search engine in the world, but it is also the most desired workplace for aspiring employees due to the fascinating and state of the art ambiance it offers.

Being named as the best office to work in by Fortune magazine numerous times, the stylish offices of Google from all over the world encourage the intelligent minds within the organization work together in a conducive environment in a sleek and modern way.

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This social networking powerhouse is not only famous due to the innovative trend it established on the Internet, is also one of the coolest places to work. Founded by young businessman Mark Zuckerberg, it is not surprising that a youthful design was used for the office.

As the company encourages openness among its workers, its recreational areas are really state of the art. There’s even a game room where employees are allowed to play guitar hero and Xbox.

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This is why you should start baby wearing


There is no greater blessing for a woman than becomeing a mother. The same goes for men as they see their children grow after being introduced to the world outside womb. Seeing another life come to form and rearing it right before your very eyes is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. It is true that honing a kid and instilling important things may be challenging, but the truth remains that giving and sharing life is our existence’s primary meaning.

The pain of calming a fussy infant can be a pain especially for first time parents. However, this common trial among moms and dads can be eased by the act of babywearing. More than carrying your precious child close, babywearing carries more benefits than you can ever imagine. Ever notice how a baby calms after being held tight? This sends out a nonverbal message of security and comfort that babies cling to.


Wearing a sling to carry a baby is practiced by parents from all over the world. Mostly used by moms, the natural instinct of protecting one’s child is clearly interpreted through babywearing. More than calming the child, a parent provides a significant advantage to the child as it also promotes learning.


Being close to parents, the child is given the chance to see human functions that the parents and other people conduct. This helps the infant understand how the world outside the womb operates and these are introduced subconsciously.

3Being close to parents is also proven to cultivate confidence and stability that can manifest as the child grows. This is why some experts encourage moms and dads to sleep with their kids as it creates a bond that gives out the feeling of harmony to the kid. This also alleviates the probability of depression that indifference leads to over time.


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Organize Your Job Effectively Through These Mobile Applications

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Nowadays, we can all agree that most of us are connected through the power of mobile phones and their wide array of functions. We have subscribed to the benefits of our handy mobiles for making our lives easier, more functional and highly efficient. There are more and more people attesting to the usefulness of these gizmos as we progress through time, and the hope for better connectivity boils down to mankind’s incessant attempts to improve.

Soon enough, we’ll be introduced to a plethora of possibilities that aims to keep the smoothness of things at its finest, and as much as we don’t want to be devoured by this notion, we have no choice but to comply. If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the fast-paced drama called life, read on and the mobile applications listed below might give you a clearer perspective in managing things.

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If the ancient method of keeping a diary is not working for you, then to-do lists should be more accessible as they are available through your mobile device. Now, many application programmers have formulated some one-touch programs that can organize your hectic daily schedule.

For beginners, you can download applications such as Todo7, Todoist,, Wunderlist and Carrot to help you with extensive management of your to-do list, in daily, weekly and even monthly scales. Some of these helpful applications even have an option for you to assign a dedicated alarm sound that you can pick, giving you a hint if an event should be prioritized or not.

For more advanced needs, you can subscribe to project management tools such as Basecamp, Trello, Redmine, AtTask, Wrike and Kick-off. The aforementioned programs all have features such as time tracking, creation of templates for simple presentations, integration of e-mail engines such as Gmail and Outlook, along with sophisticated and user-friendly interfaces.


There are quite a handful of people who lose control of the things that they do at work, ending up distracted and resorting to procrastination. Luckily for modern people, there are now mobile applications catering to those who need to be put back on track and keep the focus going when necessary. Some of these programs include Concentrate, Focus Writer, Anti-Social, Focus booster and Stayfocusd.

The aforementioned applications will give you the freedom to automate documents that you need to finish, turning off social media sites at certain times, play tracks or music that boost concentration and even countdown clocks to notify you of how much time is left for you to accomplish a task. For intense focus, people can also download goal-tracking applications such as, LifeTick, Habit List and GoalsonTrack.

Mobile Applications (4)

Leaning on automatic tools is something that would appeal to all sorts of employees, from frontline ranks to upper management. Nowadays, there are systems available for free that can let you automate everything that you need with just a flick of a touch.

People with inclinations to anything automatic can look for apps such as Zapier, Hootsuite, SortmyBox, IFTTT and Automateit-Automate Your Droid. For file storage, a requirement for workers on the go, applications such as DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive are the most downloaded.

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The Weird and Quirky Candy called ‘Nerds’

Candy That is Nerds (1)

One of the craziest candies existing in this playful world is known as Nerds. You might have come across Nerds boxes in your conventional candy store, or seen another kid munching on these sweet colorful rocks across the street. Undeniably, the joy that Nerds has brought to the world is so evident that it’s something unforgettable from our joyous youth.

Like Slinkies, Kit Kat or Tamagochi, Nerds is a treasured part of our childish memoirs, and created a legacy that only kids would understand. Still, while letting these tasty rock candies crunch on every movement of your jaw, have you ever wondered where they originated from? Now is the best time to know.

Candy That is Nerds (3)

The initial batch of Nerds was produced in 1983, thanks to a man named Angelo Fraggos. The refreshing and bold move in breaking down candies this small was one of the greatest advantages of Nerds in its starting years. It has been picked up wildly by kids and adults alike. When it was put on the shelf, the candy industry of the 1980s boomed with competition.

Nerds found a way for it to become a household name for children at that time, attracting a plethora of fans to the way the flavors burst inside your mouth. It is no wonder why two years after it first production, Nerds was awarded ‘Candy of the Year’ by the illustrious National Candy Wholesalers Association.

Candy That is Nerds (2)

Nerds is technically an American candy and it stretched its influence worldwide. Nerds innovated into being sold in boxes with two compartments, with each slot containing a different flavor for optimum enjoyment. Many have speculated on how Nerds are made, but the company revealed that it’s simply sugar rocks covered with more layers of flavored-sugar.

The core sugar crystal is treated with multiple other coats of sugar, making the indefinite shape the candy known for. Colors stored in barrels are then applied, and each barrel would contain a flavor distinct to what the company wants to apply

Despite Nerds’ success, competition has been rampant over the years. Some other companies have released similar versions of Nerds, namely Candy Buttons and Pop Rocks. Dweebs, considered to be akin to Nerds, have also been manufactured which aim to please those patrons who wanted to remove the sour and tangy flavors of the conventional Nerds.

Over the years, there has been a mix of flavors released by the company, including Wild Cherry, Watermelon, Grape, Strawberry, Peach, Raspberry and Wild Cherry.

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Barbie becomes more relative as it undergoes a diverse makeover


Barbie will always hold a special place in our childhood memories. Times may have changed and fads come and go in terms of toys, but this beloved fashion doll will remain as one of the best-selling toys of all time.

For more than 50 years, Barbie has experienced many ups and downs – a common thing for being the celebrity that she is.  However, the adored belle retained her popularity despite newer dolls in the market.


There is no denying that the demands of the current generation have changed drastically compared to before, when we played with Barbie dressed in different costumes. Mattel, the company that created this toy, has noticed this and decided on a makeover. Barbie is the benchmark for girls around the world. This doll may not be a real person, but her influence has transcended that limitation and she even became the epitome of agelessness.


However, Barbie’s seemingly perfect appearance does not translate well to real and breathing women. With the views against body shaming and the push towards accepting one’s individuality, the fantasy that Barbie created as the basis for beauty soon became an illusion that many realized to be impossible to attain. This is one of the reasons why sales dwindled in past, as toys like Lego and animation characters in Frozen took over the spot of Barbie in terms of revenues.


As an answer to the modern views of people, Mattel has released Barbie in different body types. The release gathered good reviews from critics as the proportions became more realistic, using variations from tall, curvy and petite. According to Mattel, this is only the beginning according. Expect more diverse looks as exploration into different skin colors and textures is on its way to make Barbie look even more genuine.


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Baba Vanga: The Prophecies of the Blind

Baba Vanga (1)

The human mind has always been curious; always in pursuit of knowing the reasons behind everything. This is one of the reasons why practices like fortune telling tickle the interest of many. The mystique that surrounds different kinds of foresight has garnered a solid following from people who want to know about this unusual body of knowledge.

There will be people who would claim to possess a special gift when it comes to telling the future. However, only a few legitimate names arose throughout history. Even in the past, sorcerers and wizards held important roles in society, even in politics. Rulers would receive their counsel in seeing the future, maintaining order and preventing disasters.

While some narratives depict these people as evil, those with clairvoyant abilities have become useful and their capabilities were recognized.

Baba Vanga (2)

Sometime in World War II, a blind woman believed to predict the future with great accuracy attracted attention. The world came to know this person as Bulgaria’s Nostradamus due to her forecasts that mostly came true. Her stature as a reputable fortune teller became evident when the Bulgarian tsar Boris III visited her. Since then, visits from important people including politicians, dignitaries and even commoners became common.

Born Vangelia Gushterova, the prophetess used to have two working brown eyes. However, the young Baba Vanga was lost in a storm and found after a long search. This was not verified but narrations indicate that this instance was the reason why the young fortune teller lost her sense of sight.

She underwent several operations in an attempt to recover her ability to see but all of these failed. After seeing many dreams that depicted the future, more and more people soon realized her one of a kind ability, which then led to a growing number of followers.

Baba Vanga (3)

According to accounts written about her, Baba Vanga was able to make predictions with the help of invisible creatures. As to what kind or how they look like, no clear descriptions were made. The books that narrated her works and fortune telling were written by the people who surrounded her during her lifetime.

One of the most famous prophecies that became reality was the 9-11 attack. Another intriguing prediction was the invasion of Muslims in Europe in the year 2043. Some people see the recent Paris attack as an event related to this. While studies say that nearly 80% of her predictions came true, one of the most controversial was the surge of World War III that was said to transpire in 2010. Evidently, this didn’t happen.

Before she passed away, she mentioned that a blind 10 year old girl would inherit her abilities. The said heiress of the unusual ability is said to be living in France.

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What you need to know about the waist trainer fad

waist trainer fad (1)

Popularized by the highly-exposed Kardashian family fad, the craze of wearing waist trainers to achieve an ideal hourglass figure has become so popular that we see every lady friend we have on social media with photos wearing corsets. There is no denying that curves run in the blood of the girls in Hollywood’s reality shows, but theirs are even more defined by the binders that they wear.

But is this method safe? Long before Khloe and Kim and Kourtney, women of the 16th century, especially those in western countries, have been using this garment as part of their everyday clothes. That being said, wearing waist binders seems harmless. Are they effective? If you are someone looking for an instant result, waist trainers may not be for you.

waist trainer fad (2)

To achieve results, a waist trainer has to be worn for a certain number of hours every day. Doing this not only helps in getting that coveted hourglass shape, but it also helps in improving posture. Steel boned corsets push the wearer to straighten up their torso, which helps eliminate the hunchback posture most women acquire from a bad stance.

There are also some who claim that wearing corsets creates an illusion of being full, hence eating small proportions during meal time. This is good especially for those who find it hard to maintain discipline when in front of a wide selection of food.

waist trainer fad (3)

If you are the type who wants to slim down without lifting a finger, then forget waist trainers. Since they compress fat in the mid-section, it doesn’t mean they dissolve unwanted flabs completely. Pairing a corset with your exercise routine is a great combination to achieve a toned body.

Some claim that they experience dizziness while wearing corset. Beware of the tightness and loosen or adjust the waist trainer to avoid any difficulty in breathing. Bear in mind that wearing a corset will not feel comfortable at all but consider this as an indication that it works.

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