Change the way you breathe indoors through air revitalizers

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Home is where we feel we are the safest. However, with all the risks of harm, this sanctuary should also receive an extra measure for us to be assured that things are in place and in proper order. Health wise, we understand how bad pollution is the moment we step outside our house’s door. Because of different human activities and other factors, the air we breathe is no longer as safe and as pure as our body needs it to be.

The fight for obtaining fresh air is a long battle and requires effort from everybody. While this is the case, having improved air flowing inside your home is now made possible through the help of air revitalizers.

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We are aware of how air humidifiers and purifiers work. However, these options are somewhat costly and require effort especially in cleaning filters regularly. Air revitalizers made half of the work convenient and are also designed to be very handy. The circular, fishbowl looking device topped with a cap that comes with holes and has air filtering effects is very portable; it can be placed anywhere inside the house that calls for fresh air.

Revitalizers also come with a purifying effect. Not only does it eliminate any ill-smelling smoke caused by cooking, smoking etc., but it also filters other unwanted agents in the air like dust mites, germs and bacteria.

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The device works its scrubbing effect when the air enters the intake hole found on its cap. The solution found inside cleans the air that entered and emits fresher, purified air afterwards. The air it emits adds appeal as the solution comes in various scents, which also has a therapeutic effect. For example, the citronella smelling water based solution reduces the presence of insects while lavender and vanilla exude a calming effect ideal for insomniacs.

Gauging how dirty the air is can be done through the color of the water inside the revitalizer. Ideally, make sure to replace the water every three days or when the water turns gray. Do not wash the device with harmful detergents. Most manuals say that wiping it with a clean, dry cloth is enough to do the job.

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Sipping straw triggers wrinkle formation

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Do you find sipping through a straw classy and lady like? I do. Aside from the fact that it prevents any potential liquid spills and keeping your lovely dress away from unwanted stains, it also makes sipping that strawberry smoothie easier. No doubt, the use of a straw makes partying and social interactions even more pleasurable and hassle free.

A straw makes you neat while enjoying your favorite drink, but the bad news is that it can make you look older than your actual age. As harmless as it may seem, constant use of a straw for your drinks promotes the formation of fine lines around the lips that may turn into wrinkles and sagging skin over time. Remember how repetitive squinting can cause fine lines around the eyes? The same logic applies whenever you sip your drink through straw habitually.

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According to skin specialists, the regular use of a straw creates fine lines around the mouth which is aesthetically termed “marionette lines.” Now, do not get this wrong and hate the sight of a straw every time you see one. That thin, elongated thing itself does not cause lip lines to form, but the repetitive action of sipping your drink through it does.

The act of sipping is similar to smokers putting a cigarette in their mouths. Of course, we know how bad smoking is for the skin.

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Not only do free radicals harm the skin, but so does the pursing of the mouth while smoking. Again, the key word here is the frequency of the deed. Those who do not use straws every time they drink do not need to worry. However, measures for skin care and following regimens should still be observed.

We all hate the formation of unwanted fine lines on our faces and nothing beats prevention before occurrence. This is why staying hydrated and avoiding excessive sun exposure should also be maintained.

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Shield Your Family against Harmful FMD

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We all thought that foot and mouth disease (FMD) only infects cattle and other livestock, but recent cases on children worldwide have made us all flabbergasted. Yes, the so-called foot, hand and mouth disease has been affecting kids from all over the planet and the numbers are rising as we move along the 21st century.

Experts and studies have proven that this disease is highly contagious and can be fatal when not given proper medical attention. Usually, foot, mouth and hand disease targets kids ages five and below, but it has been observed that it can affect people of all ages.

Typically, this illness is identified through painful blisters or seeming rashes sprouting from the affected body parts and can stretch its effect from two to three weeks. If you’re not well-informed about foot, hand and mouth disease then this article will sum up some of the most important things that you should know about its symptoms, medication and prevention.

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Foot, hand and mouth disease is primarily triggered by the coxsackie virus, or medically known as A16 which is a strain that can be spread by person-to-person contact. This virus can be easily passed through hand-to-hand contact, cough, sneezing and even touching surfaces contacted by an infected person.

Since children are always at school and are engaged on day-to-day activities involving physical contact, foot, hand and mouth disease has been observed mostly on kids.

The A16 virus has also been identified as the type of virus penetrating children better as adults gain an immunity blanket as they age. Some of the symptoms that every parent needs to watch out for would be the blisters expected to come out within four to nine days after contracting the virus. The rash and blisters can show up on the gaps of your kids’ toes and fingernails, some on the elbow and ulcer-like patches on the inside of the mouth.

Aside from the observable physical symptoms, foot, hand and mouth disease can also be accompanied by fever, poor appetite, sore throat, headache and irritability.

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For proper diagnosis of the disease, your medical advisor will be performing a physical examination of the blisters present upon the time of check-up. Just by looking at the appearance of the rash and blisters, your doctor can easily identify the illness and might even ask for some throat swabs and a stool sample to see if it has affected other bodily functions.

Generally, foot, hand and mouth disease would only stay within one’s body in a ten-day period and is expected to be cleared up together with its implications on your health.

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It has been established that this illness would go away automatically and professionals would only require an infected person to look for over-the-counter topical ointments for soothing the blisters and areas with rashes.

Also, lozenges, salt water rinses, medicated syrups and pain medication would be suggested to cure the accompanying disruptions to your systemic wellness like sore throats and dehydration. Fluid intake should be increased during the time of the infection to avoid further adverse effects.

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Protecting Kids on the Digital Landscape through Site Selections

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With the improvements that can be observed in the world nowadays, parents are also on the move to ensure that their kids won’t get into anything that might corrupt their very innocent and naïve minds. Seeing a child holding tightly onto a tablet when strolling in the mall, or schools reinforcing e-Learning are really not surprising anymore. We have immersed ourselves and our kids into the inevitable role of technology in our lives.

Despite the fact that we’re fully aware of the random things that can be found on the Internet, we cannot avoid the possibility that our children, or the younger generation for that matter, might use these advantageous devices differently from our earlier years. For parents, guardians and people with little ones to protect, read about the websites below for you to ensure clean and fun web surfing will for your children.

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The juggernaut called the Internet is a huge cistern of information that can be beneficial or harmful to the people who will subscribe to its power. Since not all web content is filtered properly, there will be bits of data straying away from what’s deemed acceptable to the society. Since parents are not always present to restrict their children from using the Internet, many experts suggest installing security features on your web browsers to soften the harmful blow.

Also, the openness of this field of information is said to be detrimental to a child’s cognitive and social development sometimes, so we need to keep a keen eye on this. Parents must be sensitive enough to know and examine which content is considered explicit and inappropriate so that they can to explain to their kids the need for blocking these off from their comprehension.

As parents or elders, it is a major responsibility to ensure that a safe digital environment will be upheld. While it is never suggested that you completely restrain your children from using the Internet, we should be responsible enough to know the appropriate time to stop them from having full access. We must also not discount the benefits of being connected to learning, provided that they subscribe to something educational and informative.

Keeping children’s digital safety should be the main goal, and we must act on it before we can let the generations after us become warped by this huge Pandora’s Box. Also, we must set rules and regulations to solidify the act and make our children mindful of what they can and cannot do.

Protecting Kids (3)

Some of the websites that parents and children can subscribe to without any fear of being exposed to harmful information are already on the digital landscape. Kidz Search (, for one, acts like the conventional Google page with strict search and results security. One feature that this kid-friendly site offers is its independence from a computer’s settings, may it be browsers or cookies.

Using the patented Google Custom Search and SafeSearch Technology, Kidrex ( lets you be free of any worries as the main search engine is powered and protected in the most sophisticated manner possible. Parents might also want to visit online sites such as Kidtopia (, Teach the Children Well (, GoGooligans ( and Kids Click ( for more options in sheltered search engines.

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Positive parenting without using the word ‘no’

Mother with her son looking at a tablet

Rearing a child is a combination of sorts. The enjoyable yet challenging task of nurturing a kid to become a fully functional adult will mean facing different phases that will test every bit of your patience and understanding.

We know that little ones may have they own temper that is nerve wrecking and can test an adult’s tolerance level. Parents are just human, but do not let unnecessary tantrums get in the way of being the best parent that you can be.

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Thanks to the abundant materials about child psychology, moms and dads of today have become more equipped when it comes to understanding their adorable kids. As they say, children are not the miniature versions of an adult, which is why it is important to keep up with their development as it will pay off not only in their holistic development, but in maintaining good relationship with them as well.

Little ones can be pushy and insistent especially on things that they want. While this can test tolerance, psychologists invoke the importance of positive parenting and this includes the avoidance of using some words that connote negative responses, such as ‘no.’

The child’s mind is always curious and merely saying ‘no’ can cause unnecessary outbursts. Instead of stating this word that expresses refusal, explain to the kid why she or she cannot have or do a certain thing. Clarify the consequences of the act to let the child realize the reason behind your restriction. Make sure to keep your cool and maintain a tone of voice that doesn’t shout but still expresses firmness.

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Toddlers tend to be impulsive, which is why it is important to redirect their attention especially in times when they become incessant towards what they want. You may also resort to giving options that veer the child’s attention from his object of interest.

The process of talking and making clear can be tiring, but this will definitely lead to good communication between you and your lovable, young sweethearts.

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Night care: double cleansing your face

woman washing her face with water

They say that good skin is the foundation for good appearance. The face is a person’s front line to the world, which is why people pay extra attention to this specific body part when it comes to care and maintenance. This is evident in how the beauty care industry generates a good amount of income year after year.

Just like the fast-paced world of technology, skin care fads pop out every now and then with the promise of providing better looks. Even the world’s most trusted dermatologists all nod in agreement that finding a product that works for a person’s specific skin type is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Night care Face (2)

Double cleansing is not new at all, but it is only recently that this process has been gaining attention. True to its name, it means washing the face twice, but using two products in different forms. Lazy girls might find the extra effort a challenge, but trust that this works especially for those who wear makeup during the day.

Double cleansing involves an oil based cleanser intended to remove hard to erase products such as your ever trusted waterproof mascara and long-lasting foundation. This is like removing the first layer of unwanted elements that can possibly clog the pores if not removed thoroughly.

There will be hesitations for some about using oil on the face especially for those who have very oily and acne prone skin. However, the majority of makeup is oil based and using water to clear them from the face won’t be sufficient.

Night care Face (1)

The second part of double cleansing includes a gentle facial cleanser. After removing all the makeup and unwanted oil-based products that was on the skin through an oil-based cleanser, rinse the face and proceed to using a foaming wash. The face wash will then target oxidized sebum and other water based dirt like dust and sweat. Use your finger tips and go for a gentle massage to avoid traumatizing the skin.

The process might seem to be high maintenance, but it’s really simple. Double cleansing is recommended at night, before bed time, as doing it twice a day may cause irritation especially for those who have extra sensitive skin.

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Learning the Act of Resilience and Succeed Through Life

Origami fortune teller on vacation at the beach concept for work life balance choices

People will inevitably fail in something very once in a while. It can be an irksome revelation at work, an imminent failing grade at school or a petty quarrel with your Mom after binging on alcohol on a Friday night. People’s fear of failing is actually one reason why most get an unfavorable result at the end of the day, and people deal with this differently.

Normally, the archaic quote that ‘This too shall pass’ can be applicable here, and some people can recover from adversity by just using this specific, glorified mantra. But there are just some points in our lives when we are brought down to our knees, and we must be sensitive enough to know which workarounds to use during these times. To err is human they say, because the time after a life-altering failure is usually overlooked and this should be changed.

Resilience (2)

Moving forward is the next best thing to do. While some might dwell over a failure, it would be best to focus on what someone could do differently next time. Gaining confidence again might take some time, and this step should be the start of it. If say, you failed to get that coveted office promotion, the next logical thing to do is to redeem yourself by setting another goal, developing new skills and focusing on a different path.

Having a light pep talk with some people would definitely help you out in sorting your thoughts. Getting advice and key points to remember from a person who has experienced the same scenario as you is like getting a douse of cold water. These people will also have a say on the repercussions that might come afterwards, and you need to believe them as they went through the same thing before you.

Resilience (3)

After the trials, you should thank the heavens for the bright sun that will shine thereafter. Failing doesn’t necessarily mean that you haven’t enjoyed the journey, so be positive about it and be overwhelmed with the experience. Along the way, you will realize that you learned out something new, and this should be your starting point for a new goal.

Boost your self-confidence by picking up the pieces and stand mightily after everything. Shrug off that gloom and face the future with your head held high. Facing your failure upfront will help you ‘practice’ on how to deal with future hurdles and come off stronger than ever. Repetition is the key to learn and improve.

Resilience (4)

The human brain tends to accept things easily if it is repeatedly reminded in different instances. It might look immature to constantly remind yourself, but this is one proven way to accept things as they are. Facing a failure will also let you reassess how far you’ve come with regards to self-development. Throw away all negativity and bitterness that might have clouded your head, breathe deeply and be comforted by the fact that losing won’t go on forever.

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Efficient Group Huddles and Meetings for Sure Success

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When you’re an employee, you have definitely joined a company meeting which you regarded as boring, stressful and mentally draining. As much as you want to avoid them, meetings are necessary to align everyone’s goals, refresh memories of monthly quotas and introduce new protocols that are more difficult compared to the older version.

While many have surmised that meetings are just an added task that we need to fulfill aside from our absurdly stressful job expectations, these small congregations are actually part of attaining success as a whole.

Efficient Group Huddles (1)

If you’re the one conducting the meeting, it is imperative for you to ensure that all of your written agendas are established in a clear and comprehensible manner. You’re the one who will moderate employee queries, the ceaseless clamors once you drop the bomb and preventing havoc after your announcements, whether good or bad.

We usually view meetings as a medium for management-employee communication that shouldn’t take up so much of our time and we must alter this notion now. Below are some of the tips to make your early, mid or post huddles more productive for you as their leader and for your subordinates.

One thing that you should consider when holding a meeting is to make sure that it would be concise yet unforgettable. No, you shouldn’t plan on carrying-out a circus show or an interpretative dance to make it effective. All you need to do is to stick to your goal of cascading information. Meetings should be done in the most unexpected times. Be creative enough to set it under unconventional circumstances and refrain from scheduling them at 8:30 or at 09:00 sharp.

Financial planning

Employees seeing your memorandum at 08:00 sharp will not only drag them to attend it but will create unhealthy scenarios in what the meeting is about. The use of icebreakers, short yet effective personal anecdotes and stories, would be beneficial if directly related to the meeting’s purpose. Be intelligent enough not to make your opening too stressful and lengthy. Stick with memorable notes and lead the discussion from there.

Having a specific or bulleted list of the things to discuss is an effective way to ensure that information will be absorbed well. The meeting’s moderator must always bear in mind not to focus on negatives and highlight developments instead. Meetings should hold everyone cooperatively and this can only be achieved if the meeting is sailing toward a unified and structured direction.

If you’re about to relay a new set of rules and regulations, ensure that it is stated is its most concise manner to avoid further scrutiny from your audience. Avoid distractions and unnecessary interruptions as this might tarnish your credibility as their speaker.

Efficient Group Huddles (3)

Always be firm with your answers and entertain only smart questions. Keep the conversation light and short as you don’t want them complaining how much time the meeting has consumed.

Lastly, thanking everyone for listening to your discussion will make them feel obliged to make mental notes of what you’ve elaborated, and in return, make them cooperate in achieving what you wanted to reach in the first place.

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Having high expectations can be beneficial too

high expectations  (1)

As the saying goes, you get what you give. As working hard pays, humility shows us that expecting too much can become detrimental. Not meeting high expectations can eliminate motivation, which then leads to depression. While we are encouraged to dismiss greater expectations, there are still positive effects that we can get from it.

Competitive people will definitely understand this: setting the bar higher is a definite push to step up in the game. People who love challenges will see high expectations as a room for growth, thus the drive for higher goals is achieved.

high expectations  (3)

High expectations entail tall orders. This can prompt an individual to work harder and exceed the limitations of his former self. This is a form of manipulation that sets the mind of a person to reach a certain objective and accomplish it within a given time frame. While having great expectations puts an individual at greater risk of failing hard through nonfulfillment, imagine the elation it can give when the end product garners a positive result.

Having greater expectations also promote optimism. While it is true that putting high expectations on the line is a gamble, we cannot ignore the fact that the vibe of success brings out an encouraging push that forces us to work in an energetic manner.

goldfish jumping out of the water

Expectations are the indications of intent and purpose. An objective is something that provides meaning and serves as a signal to apply force towards a destination of triumph. Expectations allow us to allocate a greater percentage of our lives towards the endeavor at hand.

While some people see it as something unhealthy, working at one hundred percent increases the chances of reaching goals at successful rate. In the end, whatever the outcome may be, the regret will be non-existent as the idea of doing your best abolishes this feeling.

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Guard your pets against summer heat

pets (1)

Summers may mean unlimited sun fests and while the weather allows us to walk along the beach and sip that mango smoothie while lying comfortably on the sand, let us also take into consideration our beloved pets and how they will become comfortable amid the scorching temperature.

If the high temperature can be unbearable for humans, imagine its extent on animals that have thick hair covering their body. Understand that domesticated animals are not trained to adapt to the harsh environment as much as those that live in the wild. While we are specifically designed to sweat, most animals like dogs and cats use panting as an indication of the high temperature of their surroundings.

pets (2)

Supplying enough hydration through water should be observed by pet owners. If you think the heat is too much for your dear pets, try giving them cold water for comfort. Summers can be draining for your pets, which is why you should not be surprised if your playful companion will not be as energetic. Observe your pets’ behavior and bring them to your trusted vet should their state becomes worry-some.

Save your pets from the heat wave and avoid bringing them outside especially during afternoons, or between 10AM – 2PM. If necessary, have them wear shoes to protect themselves from the heat of the pavement. While at home, have them stay on cooler surfaces like kitchen tiles.

pets (3)

Do not leave them in enclosed spaces like cars because this can be a serious blow to their temperature. Remember that the more your pets pant, especially for dogs, the more they feel the heat. Excessive panting can also affect their respiratory system, which is why observing the environment is important.

Groom them regularly. Give them a trip to pet salon and give them a haircut to lessen the thickness of their hair. This will not only give your pets a new look, but it will also help in lowering the risks of heat stroke.

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