Change the way you breathe indoors through air revitalizers

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Home is where we feel we are the safest. However, with all the risks of harm, this sanctuary should also receive an extra measure for us to be assured that things are in place and in proper order. Health wise, we understand how bad pollution is the moment we step outside our house’s door. Because of different human activities and other factors, the air we breathe is no longer as safe and as pure as our body needs it to be.

The fight for obtaining fresh air is a long battle and requires effort from everybody. While this is the case, having improved air flowing inside your home is now made possible through the help of air revitalizers.

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We are aware of how air humidifiers and purifiers work. However, these options are somewhat costly and require effort especially in cleaning filters regularly. Air revitalizers made half of the work convenient and are also designed to be very handy. The circular, fishbowl looking device topped with a cap that comes with holes and has air filtering effects is very portable; it can be placed anywhere inside the house that calls for fresh air.

Revitalizers also come with a purifying effect. Not only does it eliminate any ill-smelling smoke caused by cooking, smoking etc., but it also filters other unwanted agents in the air like dust mites, germs and bacteria.

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The device works its scrubbing effect when the air enters the intake hole found on its cap. The solution found inside cleans the air that entered and emits fresher, purified air afterwards. The air it emits adds appeal as the solution comes in various scents, which also has a therapeutic effect. For example, the citronella smelling water based solution reduces the presence of insects while lavender and vanilla exude a calming effect ideal for insomniacs.

Gauging how dirty the air is can be done through the color of the water inside the revitalizer. Ideally, make sure to replace the water every three days or when the water turns gray. Do not wash the device with harmful detergents. Most manuals say that wiping it with a clean, dry cloth is enough to do the job.

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Sipping straw triggers wrinkle formation

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Do you find sipping through a straw classy and lady like? I do. Aside from the fact that it prevents any potential liquid spills and keeping your lovely dress away from unwanted stains, it also makes sipping that strawberry smoothie easier. No doubt, the use of a straw makes partying and social interactions even more pleasurable and hassle free.

A straw makes you neat while enjoying your favorite drink, but the bad news is that it can make you look older than your actual age. As harmless as it may seem, constant use of a straw for your drinks promotes the formation of fine lines around the lips that may turn into wrinkles and sagging skin over time. Remember how repetitive squinting can cause fine lines around the eyes? The same logic applies whenever you sip your drink through straw habitually.

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According to skin specialists, the regular use of a straw creates fine lines around the mouth which is aesthetically termed “marionette lines.” Now, do not get this wrong and hate the sight of a straw every time you see one. That thin, elongated thing itself does not cause lip lines to form, but the repetitive action of sipping your drink through it does.

The act of sipping is similar to smokers putting a cigarette in their mouths. Of course, we know how bad smoking is for the skin.

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Not only do free radicals harm the skin, but so does the pursing of the mouth while smoking. Again, the key word here is the frequency of the deed. Those who do not use straws every time they drink do not need to worry. However, measures for skin care and following regimens should still be observed.

We all hate the formation of unwanted fine lines on our faces and nothing beats prevention before occurrence. This is why staying hydrated and avoiding excessive sun exposure should also be maintained.

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Shield Your Family against Harmful FMD

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We all thought that foot and mouth disease (FMD) only infects cattle and other livestock, but recent cases on children worldwide have made us all flabbergasted. Yes, the so-called foot, hand and mouth disease has been affecting kids from all over the planet and the numbers are rising as we move along the 21st century.

Experts and studies have proven that this disease is highly contagious and can be fatal when not given proper medical attention. Usually, foot, mouth and hand disease targets kids ages five and below, but it has been observed that it can affect people of all ages.

Typically, this illness is identified through painful blisters or seeming rashes sprouting from the affected body parts and can stretch its effect from two to three weeks. If you’re not well-informed about foot, hand and mouth disease then this article will sum up some of the most important things that you should know about its symptoms, medication and prevention.

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Foot, hand and mouth disease is primarily triggered by the coxsackie virus, or medically known as A16 which is a strain that can be spread by person-to-person contact. This virus can be easily passed through hand-to-hand contact, cough, sneezing and even touching surfaces contacted by an infected person.

Since children are always at school and are engaged on day-to-day activities involving physical contact, foot, hand and mouth disease has been observed mostly on kids.

The A16 virus has also been identified as the type of virus penetrating children better as adults gain an immunity blanket as they age. Some of the symptoms that every parent needs to watch out for would be the blisters expected to come out within four to nine days after contracting the virus. The rash and blisters can show up on the gaps of your kids’ toes and fingernails, some on the elbow and ulcer-like patches on the inside of the mouth.

Aside from the observable physical symptoms, foot, hand and mouth disease can also be accompanied by fever, poor appetite, sore throat, headache and irritability.

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For proper diagnosis of the disease, your medical advisor will be performing a physical examination of the blisters present upon the time of check-up. Just by looking at the appearance of the rash and blisters, your doctor can easily identify the illness and might even ask for some throat swabs and a stool sample to see if it has affected other bodily functions.

Generally, foot, hand and mouth disease would only stay within one’s body in a ten-day period and is expected to be cleared up together with its implications on your health.

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It has been established that this illness would go away automatically and professionals would only require an infected person to look for over-the-counter topical ointments for soothing the blisters and areas with rashes.

Also, lozenges, salt water rinses, medicated syrups and pain medication would be suggested to cure the accompanying disruptions to your systemic wellness like sore throats and dehydration. Fluid intake should be increased during the time of the infection to avoid further adverse effects.

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Having high expectations can be beneficial too

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As the saying goes, you get what you give. As working hard pays, humility shows us that expecting too much can become detrimental. Not meeting high expectations can eliminate motivation, which then leads to depression. While we are encouraged to dismiss greater expectations, there are still positive effects that we can get from it.

Competitive people will definitely understand this: setting the bar higher is a definite push to step up in the game. People who love challenges will see high expectations as a room for growth, thus the drive for higher goals is achieved.

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High expectations entail tall orders. This can prompt an individual to work harder and exceed the limitations of his former self. This is a form of manipulation that sets the mind of a person to reach a certain objective and accomplish it within a given time frame. While having great expectations puts an individual at greater risk of failing hard through nonfulfillment, imagine the elation it can give when the end product garners a positive result.

Having greater expectations also promote optimism. While it is true that putting high expectations on the line is a gamble, we cannot ignore the fact that the vibe of success brings out an encouraging push that forces us to work in an energetic manner.

goldfish jumping out of the water

Expectations are the indications of intent and purpose. An objective is something that provides meaning and serves as a signal to apply force towards a destination of triumph. Expectations allow us to allocate a greater percentage of our lives towards the endeavor at hand.

While some people see it as something unhealthy, working at one hundred percent increases the chances of reaching goals at successful rate. In the end, whatever the outcome may be, the regret will be non-existent as the idea of doing your best abolishes this feeling.

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Cuddle and Snuggle with Your Favorite Bed Companion


Sleeping is something that we have to get adequate amount of. You basically cannot go from day to day without getting enough sleep because not only will this reduce your efficiency, it will also be the root of your problems. Simply put, sleep is not something that you cannot live without. This also the reason why it is necessary to find that perfect sleep formula that you can adapt to in order to get some healthy sleeping habits over the years.

When we want to have a good night’s sleep, huge consideration is taken for the type of pillow that we would use. Not just an accessory to make your bed even more inviting, a pillow is and should be present every night for a multitude of purposes.

Most of us must have settled for getting a generic type of pillow and without wondering about the effects of this pillow on our overall sleep session, but let’s just accept the fact that our trusted puffy sleeping companion does wonders for us and our wellness so being knowledgeable about it is essential, too.


A pillow erases the tendency of collapsing after a long time of headrest and the buckwheat pillow’s ability to release heat is a huge convenience especially on summer nights. Our sleeping temperature is of high-priority with this pillow type and you will not be bothered with a sweaty head ever again.

If its softness that you are after, go get your bed a whole new set of down pillows. Ideally, down pillows are stuffed with waterfowl fluffs which give it the right amount of softness ideal for stomach sleepers and pillow huggers. The sheer smoothness and pleasant quality of down or feather pillows have been around since time immemorial and having this on your bed would definitely allow for deeper sleep.


For the more generic type, almost all human households own a cotton or wool pillow which is a more economical replacement to the aforementioned type. Since this is used by the majority, there’s an acceptable reason why this is patronized: quality. The all-natural, normal softness and breathability of cotton pillows provide optimum sleep without being too expensive.


The resistance that latex pillows offer is one of the many reasons for the fame it’s been receiving for the last couple of years. The sturdy yet comfortable latex pillows make them an astounding competitor to the cotton type. When using latex pillow, expect your head not to slump down during sleep as the support is strong. There will also be minimal chances of you getting neck and shoulder pain when you use this type of pillow.

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Tailoring Sleeping Patterns to our Personal Lifestyles

Sleeping Patterns (1)

Sleeping is the way for people to rest their tired bodies after a long day at work. It is through sleeping that the entire body recuperates from stress gained from the daily challenges of being ‘human’.

We all get accustomed to the usual sleep cycle, which amounts to exactly eight hours every day. Technically dubbed as the ‘monophasic cycle’, this type of sleeping pattern is the most convenient out of all the other types.

Sleeping Patterns (2)

The monophasic cycle also lowers the risk of sleep deprivation, making it the most followed pattern of all. The eight-hour rule also presents the best retention of sleeping and waking hours, which is best suited for those who are working regular hours and people who don’t have the luxury of napping within the day.

However, monophasic cycles require the body to look for long sleeping hours and might cause hassles when someone needs to compromise sleep once in a while. Monophasic cycles are also inconvenient for professionals who have shifting schedules and late-night office activities.

Unknown to the majority, there are alternative sleeping patterns and cycles that might be reasonable to other needs, which are known as (1) biphasic cycle, (2) everyman cycle, (3) dymaxion cycle and (4) uberman cycle.

Akin to the monophasic class, the biphasic cycle consists of 5-6 hours of sleep at night and one nap taken within the day. The advantages to this type of pattern is the essence of taking naps as this improves and refreshes memory and brain functions, stress reduction and can work as a physical booster when followed appropriately.

Biphasic patterns are best suited for those who live in areas such as the Mediterranean and Latin America, along with people who don’t have any issues with sleeping well at night.

On the other hand, the everyman cycle is comprised of a core sleep time of 3.5 hours with three 20 minute naps scattered within the whole day. The everyman cycle will help a person become flexible when the napping episodes are diligently practiced beyond the recommended napping time of 20-30 minutes. This also offers longer waking hours, making it appropriate to those who work on double shifts with the need to stay awake longer.

Sleeping Patterns (3)

The dymaxion cycle is somewhat harsh to the general populace as this only entails 2 hours of sleep with four 30-minute naps in a day. Under this category, the person who follows this will have the longest waking hours out of all the cycles, which means more production. Within the time period after each nap, there is an estimate of 5.5 waking hours to be used by the individual to perform tasks, making it fit for eliminating lazy periods and procrastination.

The dymaxion cycle has been dubbed as the most difficult pattern to follow and is only advantageous to those who don’t need much sleep like elders and those with the DEC2 gene known as the ‘short sleepers’.

Sleeping Patterns (4)

Lastly, the uberman cycle is described as the type that requires 6 to 8 equally distributed naps that last for 20 minutes each. Similar to the dymaxion cycle, it will only eat up 2 hours of sleep in a day and this is recommended for those who need to stick to a rigid schedule.

The only positive thing about the uberman cycle is strengthening one’s capability to fall asleep anytime of the day without any difficulty.

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A Fact Sheet about the Concept of Weddings – A Must-Read

Concept of Weddings (1)

One of the most festive and overwhelming occasions that a man and a woman undergo is the sanctimonious ceremony of getting married.

All over the world, weddings are regarded as events brimming with love and never ending happiness. We can observe that almost everyone attending this ceremony are all smiles as it is just right to be merry when two people are bonded by the power of marriage.

Concept of Weddings (2)

We have all seen the outward appearance, from the color of the general motif to the towering cakes that the couple will share, up until the absurd dance numbers and the tear-jerking speeches. It’s just true that weddings are celebrated well. While it is only the superficial things that we know about weddings, there are different facts and figures that this article will impart for you to understand weddings differently and deeply, so read on.

The word bride, taken from ancient languages, means ‘to borrow’ in Old English and ‘to cook’ which is derived from old Proto-Germanic vocabulary. The bride is the most beautiful woman on her wedding day, and the information presented above is just to help you become aware. It has also been deduced that the practice of giving wedding rings to each other as a sign of union and devotion came from the Ancient Egyptian times.

As studies have shown, men are more likely to ask for weddings than the opposite since they are ones who fall in love with a woman at first sight. There are also some instances when it was proven that the more money a couple spends on their wedding, the higher the probability that they will divorce soon.

The tradition of being wed in June comes from the 1500s when women took baths in May, making the next month their target dates since they “smell good.” Ironically, the World Marriage Day is not held in June but rather on February’s second Sunday.

Concept of Weddings (3)

As expected, weddings worldwide are celebrated in June when a whopping 15% get hitched, while October trails behind at 14%. On average, most brides wait until their 27th year before deciding to tie the knot, whereas grooms are usually two years older at the age of 29.

While we are immersed into the idea that wedding ceremonies should be held within the confines of a religious place, 24% of couples out there are adventurous enough to spend this special day outdoors or far from their place of residence.

Concept of Weddings (4)

As for wedding colors, 44% of entourages wear the color Ivory or White, followed by the color Blue at 37%, the feminine Pink at 28%, the feisty and playful Metallic at 26% and the innocuous Purple at 23%.

Weddings are special events in life that need your full attention and love. Despite the fact that you may know all of the aforementioned things, it is best for you to contemplate on your whole heart, life and soul before diving into the mystical world of weddings.

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The therapeutic effects of pottery

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Adult life can be really stressful and having an outlet to unwind from pressure and stress is somewhat important to retain balance and well-being. Aside from hitting the gym, there are other recreational activities that grown-ups can resort to in order to preserve equilibrium in life.

If you are the kind of person who does not want to get physical, then choosing a more relaxed hobby is the best way to go. Art is a wide field of human activity that allows people to exert their creative juices from within. Not only is it functional, but it also promotes imagination that provides mental relaxation and tranquility.

pottery (2)

Pottery is a great choice when it comes to picking up a diversion to get away from the exhausting demands of the modern world. This ancient art is considered as therapeutic and is recommended by experts as it promotes positive effects to our health.

Taking up pottery not only serves as a creative outlet, but it also promotes focus in the person performing the act. Since this activity requires attention especially on molding the desired shape and design, external factors are set aside which is responsible for reducing stress.

Pottery is like meditation but with a tangible outcome. This is beneficial as this skill can also be used in other areas of life. With the fad of multitasking being encouraged, being focused is something that needs to be practiced most of the time and pottery is an activity that best improves it.

pottery (3)

Pottery also develops motor skills as it requires the movement of the wrists, hands and arms. In a world where everything is just a click away, constant movement is set aside which takes a toll on our health in the long run. The movement this activity requires is good especially for those who suffer from joint pains and carpal tunnel syndrome.

As pottery allows you to create your own designs, it gives a sense of control. It helps the person channel self-expression and inventiveness. The relaxation it gives is also helpful especially for those who suffer from depression and other disorders.

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Join the Bandwagon Called Juicing and Be Healthy

Bandwagon (1)

Now known as a very huge trend among the health-conscious, juicing is sure to become popular again in discussions over social media posts and gym talks now that summer is fast approaching. While we’ve all known the philosophy behind this method long before it became a craze, many people have come to believe that since there are experts coming up with better juices, it is suitable to ride the wave.

A plethora of self-help books have hit the stands, lots of television segments showing proper methods of juicing and we just can’t stop sharing the good news to each other. Furthermore, if you’re one of the remaining few who don’t really care about juicing, read on and you might just be converted.

Bandwagon (2)

One of the main reasons why juicing immediately stretched its influence is the promise of weight loss. Dieticians, nutritionists and medical practitioners have shown blatant support for this fad as it involves ingredients that are natural and harmless if consumed in its most original state. How juicing aids weight loss has been summed up to three core reasons which are calorie reduction, detoxification and increased intake of fiber.

It has been said that juicing allows people to have better intake of numerous fruits and vegetables without the hassle of compromising the taste. Also, since the fruits are not given any special treatment aside from extracting their juicy contents, antibodies, vitamins and minerals are harnessed in their best state, resulting to better metabolism and smooth digestion.

Studies have also shown that juicing involves not only drinking, but also using fruits and vegetables in our soups, stocks and recipes.

Bandwagon (3)

They say that all fruits and vegetables are eligible for juicing but few stand above the rest. It has been shown that the orange is the most juiced fruit, comprising a whopping percentage of 80.50% from the respondents of a recent survey. Following oranges are apples (56%), carrots (46.50%), pineapples (27%), shockingly, celery at 25.2% and tomatoes at 18.9%.

Canadians are the most prolific juicers who consume 13.9 gallons of produce per year individually. The Unites States follows with 11.3 gallons, then Germany (10.2), Austria (9.8), Sweden (9.4), Australia (9.1), Finland (8.7), the United Kingdom (7.7), the Netherlands (7.4) and New Zealand (6.6).

Bandwagon (4)

As mentioned, the wonders of juicing didn’t just pop up out of nowhere as there are certain rituals in Korea which made use of green juices during ceremonial rites and burials dating back by more than two thousand years. Also, juicing has been used by old civilizations not for losing weight, but for treating illnesses as herbal medicine.

Since the human race knows no bounds in innovation, juicing can now be processed through three methods such as centrifugal, masticating and triturating.

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Meet some of the world’s coolest offices

coolest offices (1)

Getting paid and being able to land your dream job would sum up the definition of a successful career. Wanting to work with some of the world’s best companies is not surprising. Aside from being able to work with the corporate world’s best people, the growth and training these organizations contribute to their employees is something priceless as they are enriching and skill augmenting. After all, these hailed companies will not be on top for nothing.

Some of the world’s top caliber organizations do not only offer a pleasant environment for growth, they are also known to provide a workplace that’s unique and with amenities that boost their employees’ motivation to do their duties within the company with utmost enthusiasm. Here are some of the coolest offices that you may want to consider for your next job hunt:


The 400 square meter headquarters of SoundCloud located in Berlin used to be a brewery. What makes this office unique is the fact that there are wide workspaces that provide a modern vibe of industrialism, which fits the creative core of the company.

Contrary to the conventional cozy environment found in most offices, the laid back interior gives employees a relaxed vibe where they can have discussions in a somewhat informal manner.

coolest offices (1)

Adobe Systems

They enhance photographs through shape-shifting software. This frontrunner when it comes to digital media not only provides an attractive package to its employees, it also has wall climbing facility that people can use to shake off stress and get some physical activity within the workplace.

coolest offices (2)


If there’s a workplace that serves as a haven for creative people, it would be Google. Not only did it become the most successful search engine in the world, but it is also the most desired workplace for aspiring employees due to the fascinating and state of the art ambiance it offers.

Being named as the best office to work in by Fortune magazine numerous times, the stylish offices of Google from all over the world encourage the intelligent minds within the organization work together in a conducive environment in a sleek and modern way.

coolest offices (3)


This social networking powerhouse is not only famous due to the innovative trend it established on the Internet, is also one of the coolest places to work. Founded by young businessman Mark Zuckerberg, it is not surprising that a youthful design was used for the office.

As the company encourages openness among its workers, its recreational areas are really state of the art. There’s even a game room where employees are allowed to play guitar hero and Xbox.

coolest offices (4)

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