Rebekah Marine, the supermodel amidst of her disability


Its name tells you maybe nothing. But it will soon be on everyone’s lips. Rebekah Marine, disabled young fashion model in the bionic arm, has already promised to be the sensation of the future Fashion Week in New York.

She’ll shake the dictates of fashion. Rebekah Marine, young American of 28 years, born without a right forearm, will scroll at the next Fashion Week in New York, with his bionic prosthesis. Sweet revenge for the girl, who suffered many earlier refusal by modeling agencies.

Her debut in the fashionsphère was indeed very complicated because of her disability, as she said in an interview with People magazine. Marine Rebekah even though almost gave up her dream, by dint of hearing: “You will never have a future in the business.”

Rebekah Marine

But the laying of its bionic prosthesis, one of the most advanced in the world, six years ago, and the support of her family, finally allowed her to regain confidence in it. Rebekah Marine then realized she could do with her disability, something extraordinary.

This awareness has also marked a turning point in her career: in January 2015, the young woman has walked for the first time the catwalk of Fashion Week in New York for the designer Antonio Urzi. She then asked for the catalog of the American retail chain Nordstrom. Before being promoted to ambassador “Lucky Fin Project”, an association that helps children born with “different members.”

Diversity is invited on the catwalk

It will scroll a few days, for the brand FTL Moda, at the largest fashion event in New York. Alongside including Madeline Stuart, a young Down syndrome 18. Proof that diversity is finally invited to the podium.

However, we had already seen scrolling in February, Jamie Brewer, trisomic actress seen in the “American Horror Story” series, during the fashion week in New York. Or Winnie Harlow reached Canadian supermodel vitiligo, a disease causing skin depigmentation today face of the Desigual brand.


A movement particularly encouraged by Rebekah Marine: “It is so important to include more physical diversity in fashion because after all, nearly one American in five suffers from disability,” she had said in an interview to Mashable. “We should celebrate the feature, rather than comply with what the media are beautiful.”

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Ralph Lauren loose the reins of his empire

ralph lauren

The designer Ralph Lauren, one of the biggest names in American fashion, will leave the general direction of the group that bears his name after almost half a century at the helm, the end of the same time it will keep functioning.

He will be replaced in November by Stefan Larsson, a Swedish man aged 41 who was previously president of the Old Navy clothing chain Gap subsidiary of the group on the low price segment, the company said Tuesday in a statement.

75 years old, Ralph Lauren does not leave much for his company: he will remain President and responsible for creating.

“My role is to think constantly about the future of this company and how to move it forward,” said the native of New York in a statement.


He praised the qualities of Stefan Larsson, his “sensibility”, his “honesty” and “authenticity”, presenting him as someone “exceptionally talented”.

Mr. Larsson has boosted sales of Old Navy, whose turnover grew continuously since his arrival three years ago. Before that, he spent 15 years in the Swedish group of ready-to-wear H & M.

His departure is a blow for the Gap group, whose eponymous brand and the brand Banana Republic are struggling, unlike Old Navy.

“Today, all the elements are in place to allow our business to experience sustainable growth,” added Ralph Lauren.

The creator with salt and pepper hair and casual look to Stefan Larsson leaves the keys of a house that he built from scratch.

In 2014, Ralph Lauren has achieved a turnover of 7.6 billion, and net income of $ 702 million.

In five years, sales of the group increased by half (+ 53%), as net income (+ 46%).

The company is now available in more than ten different brands and posted in late 2014, more than a thousand points of sale worldwide, including 466 company-owned stores.

But the latest financial results have disappointed and the stock has lost 43% of its value during the last twelve months.

Ralph Lauren gained 3.99% to 108.04 dollars around 00:00 GMT in electronic trading after closing on Wall Street, while Gap fell by 3.04% to 29.30 dollars.

Raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in the New York district of the Bronx, Ralph Lifshitz, whose real name, is a self-taught fashion designer who never attended school and learned everything on the field.

In 1967, commercial ties to a manufacturer, he started one and creates its own line under the Polo brand.

It breaks with the sobriety of the time and invents broad ties with printed patterns, often polo players.

He won several major New York stores and eventually open their own shops.

His aspiration is primarily that of being himself elegant, having spent his childhood dreaming of clothes he could afford.

ralph lauren-

Over the years, he contributes to the American style, a mixture of elegance and relaxation. He invented imagery, that of young men of aristocratic fantasy, followers of the outdoor life, the classic style is tinged with fantasy and color.

It gives its noble style “preppy”, derived directly from the neo-classicism of the students of the most prestigious American universities.

“I had no vision in the sense: this is where I want to go. The vision that I had, that was what I liked to do, ” he confided in an interview with the famous presenter Oprah Winfrey.

“I never said to me I’ll be the greatest. I just wanted to do my thing, ” he said.

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Changes in style by Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung, 31, has become a respected personality of all the world of fashion. It multiplies the caps: TV presenter, fashion journalist, author and, recently, entrepreneur.

To get there, no need for large studies. At each of his appearances during his time modeling, style a hit. She was noted for her style sixties inspired, recalling the look of the legendary Twiggy.

Alexa Chung: a style that says slowly

Alexa Chung

His skinny silhouette, her endless legs and his big blue eyes could not bring in one direction: fashion. It was at the age of 16 it all begins: it is discovered by the Storm modeling agency (who will sign later Cara Delevingne) and, from there, everything follows.

Launched on this phenomenal career for several years without having had time to breathe, she still would prefer to return to his first love. Without this passage by the box model, she would have followed a university course in fashion journalism.

Passionate about fashion since childhood, she sports a preppy style red carpet, often wearing a little dress with heels or ballet flats and a little jacket. In a less formal context, it adopts a rock look, typically English. First and only real misstep of his fashion trajectory: a pink frilly dress. We forgive, but it remains etched in our memories.

Alexa Chung: Her sixties style

Alexa Chung2

Her experiences in fashion have helped him at least one thing to be noticed by the biggest of the medium. As as it experiences, it impresses with its deep understanding of fashion. On the red carpet, it allows some madness and audacity is always welcomed. In almost ten years, the stylistic error Alexa Chung be counted on the fingers of one hand. That’s it, she found her style: it will be the sixties style.

Since then, she keeps this style, adapting it to current trends. She found her way, but still allows some transgressions or adopting the hippie or baroque look.

Her favorite parts? The round toe ballet flats -to MORELLY or she carries at all times. In some occasions, it replaces them with black pumps. In the life of every day, you see her wearing denim dresses or flowers, or more casual looks like jean-sailor duo.

Alexa Chung: key figure in fashion

Alexa Chung3

It passes through the TV box in 2006 by winning a co-facilitator position in “Popworld” where she interviews celebrities senior as Paul McCartney.

In 2009 she presents her own show on MTV, “It’s On With Alexa Chung”. Without hearings, it lasts six months.

After a long pause, she found modeling and became muse New Look in 2009, Maje in 2012 and Longchamp in 2013. In 2010, the Mulberry brand even gives its name to a bag.

From 2013, new projects accumulate. That year, she released her memory, “IT”. She tells stories that marked his life and recalls her fashion inspirations.

Latest project? She has just released its application: Villoid. The concept: a sort of Instagram / Pinterest inspiration for fashionistas. It is also possible to buy the parts shown on the pictures.

She is also a frequent collaborator of British Vogue. The Youtube channel of the magazine, it has a documentary series, the first episode was released September 15, 2015, with prestigious guests as Olivier Rousteing or Christopher Kane.

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Selena’s fans are screaming at MAC


Dreams do come true for Selena and MAC fans. After 20 years of Selena Quintanilla’s death fans are still supportive of her, last February they made a petition at that was started by Patty Rodriguez, a self- proclaimed Selena super fan urging MAC cosmetics to make a collection based on the Latina superstar and beauty icon.

Selena + Mac

Now, MAC announced that they will release a multi-product collection of “MAC Selena” after the petition garnered 37,000 signatures all over the world via social media; they are planning to release the cosmetic line in the second half of 2016.

On MAC Senior Vice President/Group Creative Director James Gager recent interview on People’s magazine said “Selena’s talent and beauty, inside and out have, have left a colorful, meaningful impact in the world, that has continued to grow over the last two decades and We have heard the passion and enthusiasm from her fans and wholeheartedly agree that her legacy embodies M.A.C.’s philosophy.” (Cited:


Many of her fans are expecting of a collection of lip color, as she is known to wear bold red lip and other rich shades that she can wear without a sweat, other details about the product and names have not yet been released.

Suzette Quintanilla, Selena’s sister also told People Magazine that she is very thrilled that MAC Cosmetics will be releasing a collection in honor of her late sister Selena. She also added “Helping to create this collection brings me back to all those late night conversations on our tour bus when she spoke of having her own makeup line one day. If Selena were here she would be beyond ecstatic to have this happening. History is being made.” (Cited:

selena mac

An American-Mexican singer Selena Quintanilla is known as the Queen of Tejano music she is also a spokesperson, fashion designer and actress. In the year 1995, at the age of 23 she is murdered by Yolanda Saldívar, a friend and President of her fan club.

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The most stylish man of 2015

David Gandy

The well-known and very hot super model David Gandy is surely one of the most famous male models of this time. The thirty five year old model is very famous because he is the face well-known American brand, Marks and Spencer and last year he started designing for his very own collection and it was called “David Gandy for Autograph Sleepwear collection.” And this year has been expanding his collection to swimwear, which he has launched during the perfect summer season.


The week after they have launched David’s collection, it has been reported that Marks and Spencer have sold one pair of the collection every minute and the stocks did not last for long. And this is not surprising due to the influence and popularity throughout the year.

David has an ad video of himself that showcases his new designs in the said collection. In the video, he was jumping into a swimming pool showing off some of his designs in the collection.

The video presented his new collection and it was said that this video was one of the most popular videos of the Marks and Spencer’s official social media channel. It has over 3.2 million views from the public.

David Gandy 2

David’s rise to fame started during back in the year 2007 where the public and nation fell in love with him in his Dolce and Gabbana Ads.

A 50 foot billboard of David wearing a famous trunk by the well-known brand was displayed in the Apple City, New York’s Time Square.


Because of this great exposure his career in the fashion industry grew and he became the freshest and hottest model of all time, and Earlier this year he has been chosen to take the role as the official Ambassador for a London Collections for Men, and recently he was crowned as the most stylish man of the year at the well-known, The GQ Style Awards.

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Behold the Oak Fitting Rooms, a Shopping Game Changer


Shopping, all by itself, is such an enjoyable human activity on its strictest sense. One of the best feelings in this lifetime is the ability to purchase things that would satisfy the fancy and make the bad mood be good in just a snap.

People nowadays have gone beyond lengths into ensuring that their shopping episodes would be flipped into being effortless and convenient. Before, people can only pay items by cash, and then there came the POS machines that can let many just swipe some plastic cards to cover-up the retail’s hefty price tag.

After the convenience of credit cards, comes the method of purchasing by just visiting a website and putting all the efforts onto the power of one’s finger to ‘Add to Cart’ and click away. But the human populace seemed too intelligent just to settle with all the things that have revolutionized shopping, and all the encompassing concepts, and leave it as the way it is now. Behold, another genius being channeled into reality – the birth of interactive fitting rooms.


When a woman finds a pair of jeans that initially caught her attention, the next logical scene would be the marching to the nearest fitting room.

The simple versions of these cubicles are normally cramped, with nothing fancy inside, a huge full-length mirror, some space for you to wiggle those stretchy pants off, and that’s it.

Fitting rooms are shopper’s ultimate ally when it comes to deciding if an item is worthy of buying or not, and it is with these smallish rooms that we get to see if a garment would look aesthetically good on us when worn.


Just recently, the eponymous brand Ralph Lauren have taken an innovative route on its Fifth Avenue New York flagship store for introducing modernized fitting rooms that would be of great help to shoppers, and a fancy addition, indeed.

Being in touch with the brand’s goal of making shopping more convenient for everyone, Ralph Lauren have collaborated with Oak Labs to put in reality the Oak Fitting Rooms, which is just one of its kind adaptation of the norms.

Oak Labs have made it a possibility to infuse e-shopping to physical stores and this bridging the gap move would definitely create a huge impact for shoppers all over the world.

As a brain child of Ralph Lauren and Oak Labs’ Healey Cypher, Darren Endo, Michael Franklin and Flynn Joffray, the Oak Fitting Rooms would minimize shopping time by giving users a more comprehensive and fashion-pegged suggestions.


The main star of this innovative move would have to be the seemingly normal fitting room mirror, which has been incorporated to be as a touch-screen one that will aid consumers in picking the right options.

Upon entering this high-tech rooms, consumers would be delighted to know that they can pick the type of mood they want the room to follow by means of using the light’s dimness and brightness.

The majestic mirror would give-out its purpose of being not just a mirror, but also a synchronized-to-the-store’s inventory tool, which would give you an idea of what stocks are available.

Information such as style, color and size would also be shown to you on a press of a ‘mirror’, and all details published would be as accurate as asking a sales store specialist.

Aside from the aforementioned stuff, customers would also have a dedicated iPad to get in touch with a sales store specialist on episodes that they would want to get a certain item they weren’t able to bring inside the Oak. Changing language is also a nice feature, knowing that Ralph Lauren is being patronized by a huge following all over the world.

To succinctly quote Oak Labs’ CEO and founder regarding this highly engineered and intelligently conceptualized store feature, “Not only are we helping our partners exceed the rapidly accelerating expectations of their shoppers, but we’re taking an entirely different approach to technology in the physical world.

At Oak Labs, every piece of technology should feel effortless, every moment beautifully integrated into authentic material and every experience refreshingly human. Unlike other retail “innovation” companies, we focus on ROI – which means we are collecting unprecedented data in-store – data that has historically been lost.” (

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MOD dressing comeback, all about the 60’s


Because fashion, no matter how ever changing it can seem, works like wheels. And re-enters and returns of fads are just of normal scene. This season, get a portion of your classic 60’s trend as the era take a comeback as translated to current fashion shows and shopping racks.

Let’s get MOD when it comes to dressing. Rummage your mom’s closet of old goodies and relive the baby doll look with shorter skirts and three-fourth tops. MOD dressing is all about geometry and dominated by A-line silhouettes. Observe the mash up of shapes and comprehensible forms translated into print. Remember, this kind of fad is your passage to get that classic British feel without the necessity of booking a plane ride.

Dressing the MOD way allows your legs to breathe because it’s all about showcasing those assets. Now, just because there’s an amount of skin peeking in there doesn’t mean it spells an all-out skin party. 60’s fashion is done in a clever way that it still appears decent and classic – nope, never trashy. And it’s not just about the clothing dear because to achieve 1960’s style, you have to make sure that all facets are covered. From the slightest detail on the hair until the style of your footwear.

Channel Mary Quaint by donning short hair. Have that mane chopped into the staple hairstyle of this era – the bob cut. This may be much of a risk for some but do not fret because teasing the hair and pulling it will do the work. Do not forget the magic of thick headbands love, that’s your charming hair accessory that made big during the 60’s.


Now let us go to make up. Darling you’ve got to focus on those peepers and achieve the doe eye look.

The MOD phase in fashion focuses on the eyes so get those stack of fake lashes and tons of volumizing mascara.

Emanate the iconic Twiggy in you and have those fine eye hairs a blowout. Name of the game: Strong eyes, pale lips.


Allow your footwear finish the look by donning an ankle high boots or loafers to give out that old English vibe.

This fashion may include showing of some legs but those from the conservative tribe shouldn’t worry because colored tights and cute lacey socks will have you covered.

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Liu Jo: A new segmentation of the offer for winter 2016-2017


Liu Jo, which in recent months has increased the openings in France and intends to consolidate its development in the coming years, now wants to enhance its existing offering with better segmentation of its collections. A strategy that will give birth in the winter of 2016-2017, two “new” lines dubbed Blue Denim and White Label.

“With our different lines, we draw a portrait of the woman Liu Jo. It is different every day, that’s why she needs varied and well-defined universe. Our customers have understood this, although obviously they cannot take all our lines, “says Christopher Dominguez, the director of the subsidiary of France Liu Jo.

For the Italian brand, it is therefore now set even the contours of its offer. From winter 2016-17, Liu Jo Jeans, which had until then the trend and parts and casual jeans brand, will thus become “White Label”.

Specifically, the offer will remain in the spirit of rock and Liu Jo Jeans trend, except for one, it will feature more than jeans but continue to offer pants.

Indeed, denim will now have a dedicated line. Called “Blue Denim”, it will offer course jeans “Bottom Up” real bestseller of the brand, but also pieces with sleeves (tops and shirts).

“The goal is to give the denim its rightful place and enhance one of our bestsellers. Blue Denim Collection will be a cross between our lines because the woman as the woman White Label Collection Liu Jo Liu Jo jeans want. Henceforth, they will find them in a clearly marked line with its own label and possibly its own ads, “says Christopher Dominguez.


In addition, the brand also intends to enhance its line “Liu Jo Sport”. Originally, the collection, which should be exposed in multi (120 Sales, third sport shops and two thirds sportswear, ed), so will soon be entering stores at the sign.

However, this line, consisting of 120 pieces with a strong universe that must be expressed in stores, will be present only in large formats Liu Jo, such as the Forum des Halles store.

Liu Jo, which is present in 50 countries through 5500 multibrand boutiques and 450 at the sign, achieves a turnover of nearly 300 million euros, including 23 million euros for France in 2014.

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Fashion with function is Apple Watch Hermes

The new Apple Watch with a Hermes band is displayed following an Apple event Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, in San Francisco. Apple staked a new claim to the living room on Wednesday, as the maker of iPhones and other hand-held gadgets unveiled an Internet TV system that's designed as a beachhead for the tech giant's broader ambitions to deliver a wide range of information, games, music and video to the home. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

It may not be something we expect Apple will do, but its collaboration with other high-end brand Hermès marks its oath with regard to providing innovation. Apple is a lifestyle, defining brand.

This had been proven with the emergence of their groundbreaking and out of the box line of products. Sales conversion of their every launch clearly translates that the buying public has their trust considering the high amount of asking price.

This situation is also true Hermès. More than luxury, the brand is being patronized due to its craftsmanship and quality. This move serves as the union of two brands who have a clear vision of nothing but moving forward with their intricate way of being the best at what they do.


Announced at the Apple event in San Francisco, the brand unveiled their partnership with French fashion house Hermès in clothing Apple watch transforming it to a sleeker and neater form that it already was. As mentioned on their online press release, “Apple and Hermès make very different products, but they reflect the deep appreciation of quality design.

Both companies are motivated by a sincere pursuit of excellence and the desire to create something that is not compromised. Apple Watch Hermès is a true testament to that belief.” (Cited:

The new face of Apple watch will be available on October 5th. The line is being offered in two kinds, 38 mm and 42 mm stainless steel. Single tour is a single band while double tour comes with a strap that wraps twice around the wrist.

With these two giants joining together, we should expect that price isn’t at all cut-rate. The price starts at $1, 100 for 38mm case and $1,150 for 48 mm case. The band comes with a genuine, fine leather with Hermès’ name etched on it. Different hues come in Capucine, blue jean, étain and five. Other colors are going to be available and can be seen at the Hermès website.

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Dior’s Sauvage and the Mysterious Johnny Depp


It is quite a widely-accepted fact that Johnny Depp is one of the best actors of all time who have walked the realm called Hollywood.

We have all seen how versatile Depp has been in retrospect to the always-new, always-challenging roles that were given to him in the course of his career.

There’s no denying that Johnny Depp also owns an appeal the most girls drool for, and his sense of humor tied up with his passion for acting had definitely helped him reach the status that he now owns today.

Depp had also graced several magazine covers and had done a lot of fashion, interviews and we’re all wondering why he’s not the best option for humongous Fash brands, not until Dior woke up of its wits and hired Depp to be their latest endorser.

Just recently, fashion and fragrance outfit Dior have released an advertisement featuring the ever-handsome Johnny Depp for their latest cologne line, Sauvage.

Dior really knows how to tease their clients and the 13-second snippet showing the mysterious Depp is their way of enticing patronization of their latest venture.

Who would ever discard the presence of the brooding Johnny Depp for this humongous fashion brand? None.

After the successes of follow male celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey for Chanel and Lincoln, getting Johnny Depp as the latest cologne endorser is a very clever move for Dior.

The involvement of Johnny Depp for Savage had really been much-attended to as the company is furnishing a short film for the said cologne product to be directed by infamous French director Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Mondino can be remembered as the one responsible for the recent Madonna music video, Justify My Love. True enough, even the short teaser that stars Depp induced mass hysteria for Depp fans and Dior followers.

Dior banked on Johnny Depp’s mysterious aura and brooding vibe that speaks so much of sewage as their latest cologne after 10 years. True enough, Sauvage is reminiscent of a strong, woody scent that shouts of androgen and the outdoors.

Rumored to be released in the first week of September, Dior’s Savage will be the brand’s perfume focus for until the last months of 2015. Savage is made for the men who live in two worlds—the corporate realm and the real man’s planet.

Men who would need to smell seriously good when inside the office setting then needed to exude vigor and manly disposition once setting off after work.

As everyone awaits the release of the said fragrance, marvel at how Depp successfully gave-off an interesting take into becoming a fashion ambassador, which is also a first of the actor’s entire career.

And we all can nod in agreement that Depp’s venture into entering the canopy of fashion is just too mature, this could have been done ages ago.

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