Be trendy in a lace up way


Dare the inner rebel in you by trying the lace-up vogue, which happens to be this year’s underrated trend. This is big on spring runways and carried well enough, even during fashion galas and awards night.

Who can ever forget the buzz Kate Hudson’s gown made during this year’s Golden Globes? That is a flawless translation of how the lace-up trend can give a seductive vibe to every outfit.


The lace-up trend might not be as big on off-the-street fashion, but look closely into this trend and realize that this is actually a double tap style. I can’t help but remember corsets whenever this style is shown.

It is like getting a bit of corset on any lace-up garment and accessories that emanate sexiness and class. Imagine yourself exuding the sultry Latina vibe that’s well translated in the movie Zorro.

Essentially, lace-up fashion brings us to certain places and memories that speak subtle allure and explicit forms.

fashion 2016

Get hooked with lacing up by adding this detail to every surface of your fashion must-haves. This style is so versatile that it can be expressed not only in clothes, but in shoes, bags and accessories as well.

Do not be trapped with the idea that this only works for haute couture. Lace-up shoes for even the most common garments and channel your fashion style in a slightly rebellious yet still feminine way.

designer dupe lace up

A wardrobe will never be complete without a statement shoe. Have the lace-up fashion crawl onto your toes and give unspeakable style that’s worth a standing ovation.

Pair detailed footwear with monotone clothing to balance out the look and walk your way to a stylish and fashionable day.

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Emily Ratajkowski is fashion’s latest sultry goddess

Emily Ratajkowski  (1)

It is hard to miss the olive skinned lady that has been all over red carpets and advertisements. The doe eyed seductress with attractive pouting lips is definitely a sight to behold on every angle. And oh, let us not forget the curves all situated in right places – really, there’s someone as impeccable looking as this girl.

Emily Ratajkowski – even the name speaks allure itself. She first gathered attention when she appeared on Robin Thicke’s 2013 hit music video Blurred Lines.

Armed with her captivating looks and the success gathered by the single, this American model has been trailing the path of success due to numerous exposures here and there from ads to movies to magazine covers.

Clearly, the 1994 born beauty who first signed up at the age 14 for the prestigious Ford Models has gone a substantial length when it comes to career hike as she progressed on doing stints for high fashion brands.

Emily Ratajkowski  (2)

She must have this strong fondness with the camera because she transitioned the path of model tuned actress. This babe has appeared in a much talked about 2014 film Gone Girl with no other than one of Hollywood’s finest, Ben Affleck.

Her series of acting stints continued as she was also seen in other movies thereafter like of We Are Your Friends in which she had a chance to work with another handsome actor in the person of Zac Efron.

Shifting into acting is not a surprise though as the young Emily already exhibits passion for the craft even during the early years. During childhood, she has joined several theatrical plays where she honed her skills.

Los Angeles premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures 'We Are Your Friends' at TCL Chinese Theatre - Arrivals Featuring: Emily Ratajkowski Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 20 Aug 2015 Credit: Apega/

Armed with a beautiful face and to-die for physique, Emily’s presence has always been appreciated whenever she gets a red carpet moment.

Her appearance during the Los Angeles premiere of We Are Your Friends is definitely one for the books as she treated it with much class and simplicity by wearing an old rose Grecian gown.

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See More of Trinkets and Knick Knacks via Festival Hairstyles


With the prevalence of music festivals, people who consider themselves young and the general fest-going populace have been noisy all over Instagram and Twitter with a makeshift fad that would soon and inevitably hit the realm of fashion.

Aside from the fact that music festivals are also treated as venues for fashion extravaganzas, the youth have always expressed their creativity and style whenever there’s an opportunity for them to.


We have witnessed it all–from the obfuscating hair styles, noticeable contrasts in color, the larger-than-life fashion sense and the sheer megalomania; all of these we eagerly wait for whenever a huge music festival finishes. Just recently, hordes of Instagram posts have been circulating online about a hair trend that’s becoming more famous as time goes by.

Are we really ready to play with the use of metals and the like? Behold as you witness hair metal braids come to life, and yes, you’d definitely be hooked. The hair-metal trend is as simple as incorporating metal pieces or trinkets into your usual braids. Normally hash-tagged as ‘hair metal’, more and more girls are supporting the trend by posting photos of them wearing the fad.

With the recent FYF Festival held in California, hair metal has all been abloom as hairstyle and hair care outfit Bleach London weaved a couple of metal trinkets onto the hairs of female fest goers.


Hair metal braiding involves metal, first and foremost, injected with creativity by putting on other types of materials such as colorful ribbons, hair yarns, cutesy metal charms and even assortments of small jewelry.

The resulting effect is definitely worth the risk as youth look even better with all these chunks of metal weaved onto their heads. True enough, kids would always be kids and it’s a good way of channeling their creativity.


Some of the known materials used for this fad are hair rings and hair twisters, which are rather accessible and affordable for everyone to purchase.

One of the many ways of incorporating metal into your hairstyle is to style your hair in a ginger coil, and cover it in gold-plated yarn which defies the usual braiding system that everyone remembered.

The hair tapestry under this latest trend has seen promise in being used by the fashion industry in general, and are rumored to be used for fashion shows and runways this coming autumn.

The edgy and creative resulting look of hair metal braiding is something that youth should be proud of, and it is with high hopes that we’d be seeing this specific craze in many music festivals to come.

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Dolce and Gabbana goes romantic for their 2016 summer collection

Dolce and Gabbana 2016

Italy is celebrated in Dolce and Gabbana’s 2016 summer collection. If there’s one brand that would know the ins and outs of Italian fashion, the best consideration to be put on top of the list would be this fashion house that originated in the beautiful city of Milan.

True to its roots, Dolce and Gabbana goes back to where it came from and decided to color the bright sunshine of summer with the punch of Italian style that utters distinction in pursuing the definition of what will be the hottest in the summer season of the coming year.

Dolce and Gabbana 2016b

We can be sure that it is going to be about romance and everything that shouts flare, as the brand’s collection is all about vibrant colors and print designs.

The beautiful scenery found in the beauty of the Italian façade as translated through its architecture is one of the key elements of the collection.

Lazy dresses will never be as arresting as some of Italy’s famous edifices will be translated into designs treating the fabric, as if they are a canvas that will give life to a form of art that can be worn by ladies as they stroll around.

See summer in full bloom, as not only flowers but also scenery will dominate the A-game when it comes to sun dressing.

Dolce and Gabbana 2016c

It’s going to be a modernized version of the 1940’s all at once, as sequins and accessories are also incorporated to announce the resonance and celebration of the sun and its warmth in a Sicilian way.

Dolce and Gabbana 2016d

As we all know, Italy is the home of some of the best painters the world has ever met. In line with this reputation, another interesting part of Dolce and Gabbana’s summer collection will be garments designed with brush strokes.

The inspiration behind this must-try trend is the Italian artist Lucio Fontana that speaks a hint of the 1950’s due to its respect to the female body’s S-shape curve.

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Pantone’s Spring Colors and the Concept of Disconnect

pantone spring colors (2)

To succinctly quote Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, an established company which is notorious for trendsetting specific colors or sets of hues every year, “Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves,” in relation to the recently released palettes that would dominate the world of style and fashion for 2016.

Pantone Color Institute gravitated towards colors that speak of disconnection from the seemingly addictive world of, and they wanted fashion authorities to lean on hues that are pleasing and calming to the eye. This institute has never failed in revealing trends that people should follow, and this year, the world of fashion will be rocked with a wide array of choices that are contrasting, mild and natural.

pantone spring colors (1)

Fashion-savvy individuals should look for colors that are unisex in concept. Colors for 2016 would break borders and go beyond societal norms on sex and gender partition.

The chosen colors of Pantone would definitely be a wild mix of reds, greens and blues, which will definitely shout creativity, optimism, comfort and downright curiosity.

Huge fashion brands and clothing companies take color seriously, as this is a vital component in ensuring that their proposed type of garment would be a success to their buyers. Color trends should be strictly met, and this has been an on-going phenomenon since time knows when.

pantone spring colors (4)

Some of the colors that will be prevalent this coming spring would lean on rose quartz, peach echo and serenity. These colors are soft to the vision, reminiscent of a serene sunset, a reddened cheek or a calming luminescence.

This set of colors is nominated since the colors want to provoke human beings to always go back to nature when they are tired of the chaotic present time. Serenity, specifically, would direct people into experiencing a void that would soothe the mind and calm the spirit.

On to more exciting palettes come snorkel blue, buttercup and limpet shell. Snorkel blue and limpet shell are both derived from the blue family, just revamped with more energy and life. The striking quality of the aforementioned colors would transport you to a dream vacation and being in touch with the sea.

It exudes both a very playful vibe that knows no rest, and this can definitely result in a finished fashion ensemble that’s bold yet reserved at the same time. Buttercup, on the other hand, reminds us of bright, sunny days and the refreshing heat that summer brings. Definitely a head-turning color, buttercup will give designers a joyous time of using the palette for a more exciting feel and usability.

pantone spring colors (3)

Some other colors that the Pantone Color Institute released include the neutral color lilac gray, which is a distinct member of the gray shade. Lilac gray will evoke the free-spirited aura that’s been lurking within you and channel out a fashion ensemble that’s plump, sleek and sharp.

Though playing within the limits of black and white, the lilac gray shades will come-off as strong and weak at the same time, certainly turning heads as you walk by. Colors iced coffee and green flash would be Pantone’s homage to nature as these colors speak of wood and flora.

The openness and risk found in both of the colors would be something that a fashion addict would be delighted to play with.

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Bag These Bags for Your High-Fashion 2016


As what’s said of fashion about being always-changing, it is also a bamboo plant bending to scenarios when the situation asks for it. With all the technology and modernization that this populace has undergone from the last two decades, the whole fashion industry wondrously kept up with the demands and successfully spawned a plethora of styles and concepts, which is thought to be impossibility before.

Men and women of fashion have graciously patronized with whatever it, that’s served on the plate and this had generally fed the industry up until this very day. In 2016, the rise of nets and suedes are said to be on the outskirts just waiting to explode, same as the innovation to be made on your conventional white shirts, and of course, some heavy stress on a new bag styles and what bag trends are there to follow.


After the success of the microbags in mid-2015, bag connoisseurs together with their respective brands have come up with a concept of continuing what microbags have gracefully started.

With the trend for the whole year of 2016 would what we will all call as ‘mobile bags’. From the word itself, these bags would be smaller in size and can only handle your precious mobile phones.


These post-modern clutches are fashion’s way of embracing the ensuing blow-up of technology as we move a long time and it is quite the right time to somewhat place our cellular phones into stylish and eye-grabbing clutches.

Humongous fashion brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Chloe, Burberry and Balenciaga have started out giving hints about producing these mobile bags. Materials can differ from the manufacturer for as long as the main essence is being upheld through these tiny trinkets of dandy fashion.


Another ladylike bag type that would be imminent in 2016 would your trusted carry-ons with handles. Either you’re a working woman who wanted to literally hand carry these bags or the on-the-go swan who would want to tote it around, you would definitely feel the comfort it would bring in the long run.

The handles are the reason why it would be trending again, and if you’re planning to buy a carry-on for 2016, pick the ones with sturdy and comfortable handles. Spearheading this 2016 bag trend includes Louis Vuitton, Tods, Miu Miu, Maison Margiela, Gucci, Fendi, Dior and Celine.

Bucket bags are first known to be used by men and women who frequently visit the gym. These are the types of bags that are easy to carry and can fit in a lot of essentials and tokens needed for the day.

The shoulder straps can be worn on the back or with just one shoulder. The ease of carrying it has been proven by thousands of people who have been loyal patrons to this bag type.


However, in 2016, bucket bags would take on a different level as some brands such as Stella McCartney, Marni, Loewe, Michael Kors and Dolce and Gabbana spruced it up in such a way that it looked editorial and high fashion.

The use of sturdier straps is foreseen to be present, same as embellishments and braver materials such as leather and sorts of adornments are to be expected.

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Guess Who Have Dazzled on these Memorable Guess Advertisements

Guess Adverts1
Guess have been withstanding the changing demands of the fashion market since the day it was built. Although it’s quite obvious that the brand has strong affinities with ‘just’ denim, Guess have never faltered to amaze its likers, and as well its competition.

They have obviously delved into creating different fashion stuff within their sole material, and what’s admirable is the thinkers of Guess are never going out of options, despite the diverse canopy it sits in. Fashion is always changing, yet Guess never have been moved even a small inch to the pedestal where it’s placed now.

All throughout its existence, Guess can be remembered as the store with the most head-turning posters, billboards and advertisements. As you enter a Guess boutique, what will greet you will be the almost black and white posters of well-renowned models that they have acquired and worked with.

The salty background together with girls donning their newest denim creation, all looking feisty and fierce is their formula in magnetizing more patrons to adore what they have to offer. An advertisement coming from this illustrious brand will never be missed when walking in a mall, and they never really waned with the models they release after all these years.

Guess Adverts2

One of the most revered Guess ladies would definitely be Anna Nicole Smith. It was in 1993 when her blown-up portrait was up as billboards and the unmistakable smile that Smith has on that advertisement is directed to be indelible in everyone’s memory.

Despite the personal bouts that Smith is undergoing that time, a trace of the lawsuits, drug use and weight issues cannot be seen on this 1993 advert. Plagued would be the perfect way to describe Anna Nicole Smith’s life at the time of this exposure, and yet, she magically appeared all looking sexy and classy at the aforementioned photo, flipping her to be belonging to Guess’ best image models ever.

And yes, you might have seen her as the cutest little girl in the movie Extraterrestrial and bloomed to be one of Hollywood’s most promising actresses, but Drew Barrymore got a stint with Guess that is downright applaudable. Same year as Anna Nicole Smith’s, Barrymore’s photo advert is set on black and white, in a whimsical-looking carousel with another Guess guy model.

Though it may not come-off as a shock anymore, Drew Barrymore’s sexual aura was exuded well and good on this 1993 release, which opened more doors for her to endorse other brands on the likes of Missoni, Gucci and Lancome. Barrymore is more than your Atta-girl on this advertisement, and her Guess shot is typically one of the sexiest that ever existed in the world of fashion endorsements.

Guess Adverts3

Now that we all know that Adriana Lima is part of the infamous Victoria’s Secret Angels, she also made the rounds as a model of her own through different shades such as the one that she has done with Guess. Her photo quite captured everything that a woman envies to another woman—the perfect full lips, the well-looking tanned skin and the pretty-ugly look of her hair in shambles.

Adriana has long been known to grace huge brands after this 2000 Guess advert, and the man she was looking at in this colored photo is quite enough for her to end successfully in the modeling industry. Currently, Adriana Lima is one of the highest paid supermodels of the world and is also known as the face of Donna Karan’s spring collections.

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The Power of YouTube Channels on Your Beauty Decisions


Alongside the familiar notion about how life gets easier through social media, fashion also made a revolution of incorporating this power into how they can reach more and more people.

Now, we are all avid followers of the most fashionable Instagram superstars, do online shopping for the upcoming gala night at the office and watch Paris fashion shows via supreme subscriptions on television.

More and more fashion experts have also expressed great interest in leading more fashion fanatics in being in the know of what’s the latest and what’s about to happen via surreal blogs, complete with the most captivating photos and detailed instructions.

And so the advent of YouTube channels about fashion and beauty is not much of a surprise anymore, and believe it or not, most fashion inspirations and the best make-up tips are now being derived from these videos and their powerful capability to reach a bigger audience.

Who would not know Michelle Phan? Since time knows when, this beauty and make-up guru has reached a whopping 7,000,000 subscribers, because of her posts on make-up looks inspired by almost anything—movies, comic superheroes, icons and seasons.

Phan’s advocacy of helping women achieve their best potentials through make-up has been channeled on her always updated video logs, focusing on tools and materials just within anybody’s reach.

Another rising star on YouTube right now that you might want to follow is the quirky Andrea Brooks for your daily dose of hairstyles and hair care tutorials. One strength that Brooks possesses is the sheer simplicity of her instructions making a daunting hairstyle an easy thing to achieve.

Boasting with almost 2 million subscribers, Kandee Johnson is so similar to Michelle Phan but in a more risky way. Johnson has taken herself out of the conventional method of make-up teaching and leaped towards showing her audience the basics, such as how to reapply your fading false eyelashes, to the absurd way of mimicking Edward Scissorhands.

The use of Johnson’s tips is for you to go about putting remedy on your daily beauty dilemmas through easy-to-comprehend instructions to help you get by.

On a larger scale, you might find Leina’s YouTube channel rather interesting because she’s doing faces on the likes of Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj and music diva Rihanna. With an assortment of videos about professional make-up tutorials, you’d definitely get your idol’s look on that recent music gala by just religiously following this California- based make-up guru’s step-by-step mantra.

Another blogger who is currently making quite a noticeable scene is beauty blogger Tanya Burr, now being adamantly followed by 2.5 mil minions. If high-end products and big fashion brands is your thing, then Burr’s YouTube slot is sure to inspire you more in doing your daily make-up intensely and rigorously.

Patricia Bright, on the other hand, is a simple girl emanating a bubbly personality to give you simple things to remember about hair, life and fashion. If you ever needed to watch something that will perk you up after a long night of studying or working and still want to look awesome, then Bright’s suggestions would do you best.

Slowly gaining fame is the channel called ‘The Beauty Department’, which is a name suitable for what they can teach, offer and impart to their avid viewers. The trio of Kristin Ess, Lauren Conrad and Amy Nadine would take you to a make-up and beauty world shouting of pizzazz, organization and factual-based answers for your beauty inquiries.

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Push Thy Elegance by Donning Turquoise


Yes, girls have been acquainted with accessorizing using gems of all kinds. Pearls have been known to be the most fashionable of all as we have witnessed this precious stone adorning the best brands, not just as an accessory, but infused on dresses, bags, wallets and even shoes.

But occasionally, the frequent use of this vintage stone can look boring or tiresome, and girls’ inner desire to always stand-out makes them lean onto alternatives that will definitely work, one way or another.

Nowadays, one of the most famous stones beautifying a bland formal outfit, or bringing out a pop of color to a seemingly plain ensemble is the mesmerizing power of turquoise, a gem that’s just emanating a spunk of attitude and fashionable character.

Donning Turquoise

Turquoise is commonly bluish-green in color and unlike other stones, is something that exudes regalia and sophistication. It is never difficult to acquire accessories made up of turquoise as more and more jewelers and fashion designers incorporate it the same way as its gem kin.

We can now purchase turquoise as the core material for earrings; headbands, necklaces, rings and armbands, and women don’t seem to be complaining.

The fashion planet has associated turquoise as a part of some of today’s style icons’ mantra such as Cher and singer Jimi Hendrix.

Fashion experts have concluded that turquoise is something that all girls, and even boys, should possess in the event that there will be a dire need to pump up a style or put excitement in one’s failing decisions in styling.

Definitively, the turquoise gem has found its way to the upper echelons of the fashion pyramid, and is now being regarded as a versatile and refreshing tool to bring out the fashionable alter ego in you.

Turquoise shouts of color and usually, this is a huge issue to women wearing it incorrectly. Fashion gurus have come to conclude that if you want a turquoise fancy, keeping it to a minimum is always best.


In an office setting, you must remember that turquoise should be accompanied with the most minuscule pieces and contrasting hues for you to avoid looking like you seek too much attention.

Play turquoise as your main color core, wearing a simple necklace with this gem over a white top can already give you a stylish finish.

The sheer eye-grabbing hue of turquoise is something that you need to invest your clothes’ colors on—always pick a shade that would make the accessory float, such as blacks, whites, neutrals and dark blues.

While it is your prerogative to play around with whatever colors you wants to pair it with, doing it safely is still the best bet.


Textures would also be of great value when turquoise is added to them, so don’t ever be afraid of pairing it with denims and cashmeres.

While there’s a rule for using dark-toned colors with turquoise, you can wear it smartly by picking the correct lighter shade and staying within the limits of neons.

Turquoise can also be worn adeptly with wedding gowns and formal dresses as it gives you that feeling of elegance, but remembers to wear just one piece at a time.

If ever you want to emulate celebrities like Eva Mendes, Sofia Vergara, Cate Blanchett and Heidi Klum with that turquoise bangle, bracelet or ear drop earrings, just go ahead and wear it with confidence using the tips stated above.

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Style crushing Jenners

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 17: Models Kendall Jenner (L) and Kylie Jenner speak onstage during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Larry Busacca/BMA2015/Getty Images for dcp)

We have seen them blossom into wonderful ladies right in front of our very eyes. These two young ladies together with their equally gorgeous family have graced our television screens via shaped reality shows like never before. From being adorable little girls to stylish grown-ups, these members of the Kardashian clan are two of the most followed stars of their generation.

“Blame it on the genes,” as what they say. Or their surname maybe? In the world of the rich and the famous, breaking through the walls will not be as hard. Or would it? There’s no denying that these sisters are already out there, making names of their own and moving past the initial identity their hit show has given to them.

Girls their age have been following every step and every turn these two take. Who wouldn’t be captivated when these Jenners offer nothing but stylish treats and fashionable blowouts every time they set their feet on every place they go. Mind you, they just recently opened their own fashion line, and the buying classes, especially young maidens, have been excited ever since it was launched. Imagine wearing something similar to Kylie and Kendall. Not everyone may be as lucky as these two, but wearing a piece from their line gives the feeling of being like them as well.

Be it street wear or the red carpet, these young ladies are two of the most anticipated and watched when it comes to their wardrobe. Some of their styles are brow-raising because of the sexiness, but they do have bodies to flaunt and curves to show. They might get dressed in a risky manner at times, but this only defines them as budding style moguls the world is anticipating to flourish one day.

Kylie and Kendall at the 2014 Music Video Awards


Sisters going red in one of the charity events they attended in New York



K to K power off street



Back to back at Coachella

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