Fashion Brands for Men that should be on Your Must-See List

Sometimes, we tend to neglect fashion brands that are not as grand as say, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Prada, because we subconsciously think that they’re just not trendy. We have forgotten the concept that all things come from small beginnings and certainly, everyone is guilty of discarding startup fashion brands.

We have grown accustomed to liking what we see on the latest runway shows, or those plastered on fashion magazines and blogs, without knowing that aside from what we are familiar with, there lies a plethora of genius, creative minds waiting for our valuable attention.

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The year 2016 is all about paying attention to the unsung talents of independent brands worthy of being noticed.

Men in particular must read on and behold this short list of what store and what name to look for when you want to look stylishly different.

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If you’re into sports even with the way you dress-up, then Gosha Rubchinskiy would be your go-to brand. Combining the interesting fields of smart sportswear and the nostalgic vibe of Russia in the 1990s, men would certainly adore the uniquely crafted pieces that Rubchinskiy has.

What makes this fashion outfit different from its competitors is its originality without compromising comfort and style. If you would wish to cop a style that’s Gosha Rubchinskiy-inspired, be prepared to don Cyrillic logo tees and overalls that have your favorite sports names printed on them beautifully.

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Music and fashion is a combination that has been appealing to everyone since time immemorial and Todd Lynn might just have everything that you’ve dreamed of within this realm. Inspired to fuse the music industry with its garments, Todd Lynn brings his customers a craze through singer-inspired outfits that have been altered or revamped in an amazing way.

Todd Lynn clothed some of the biggest music icons like Marilyn Manson and Mick Jagger, so you know where this is going. Expect a lot of blacks and whites as the main palette, with strong presses on deconstruction and shambled aesthetics when you want to sport a Todd Lynn creation.

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Colorful and vibrant would be the best words to describe how James Long wants his collection to look like. Known to be the best in prints, Long and his team of great fashion designers lunged into a printed craze and offered nothing but the best sets of clothes to make you look trendy.

Be enamored by how sharp their skills are as they try to use unconventional patterns in their short sleeves and tees, turning you into a walking acrylic canvass. If you’re not too scared to be the center of attention, then delve into their collection which will put you into color frenzy.

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For the more stylish brood, enrolling into fashion brand Public School is the best way to satisfy your craving. Leaning on layering, crystal-cut silhouettes and subtle features onto a monochromatic setting, Public School gives you heaps of attention as you’d definitely look sleek and sharp when you purchase a piece from them.

Exude more of your serious self when you wear their gray-black color selection and draw nothing but nods of approval when considered to be considered a very fashionable guy.

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Defying Fashion Taboos by Donning Pitch-Black Lipstick

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Girls would never run out of ideas in putting on make-up. As part of their daily wardrobe, women have come to realize that for a specific look to be achieved, a complete set of make-up is necessary. There have been a lot of variations releases in terms of facial beautification, from lipstick to mascara, cheek tints and BB creams, some of these can always be found inside a woman’s handy purse.

Also, we have been introduced to so many feats and developments that have gone beyond our wildest expectations. There are diamond-crusted false eyelashes, upgraded concealers, facial milks and now, black lipstick.

Pitch-Black Lipsticks (2)

A-listers such as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner have established that weird-looking lipstick colors are still fashionable. Yes, we’ve dealt with the plumpest reds, the most blinding lavenders and the intimidating pitch black. Many find the concept of wearing black lipstick unacceptable, remarking that this shade shouldn’t be worn unless you’re a weirded out goth-inspired woman. Furthermore, the fear of looking like you’ve swallowed squid ink is not pleasing to the eye, or is it?

The trend of wearing black lipstick can be deduced from musicians who have a quirky alter-ego leaning on horror and the esoteric. But nowadays, many fashion moguls have come to embrace the stark sophistication that can be found when wearing this color.

The boldness that it brings is something that will give you a second look from everyone you’d come across the street, and they might even applaud you for being so fashion forward in donning this color. Black lipstick, if you think of it is the most versatile shade that you can get, giving you an invincible aura.

Being sassy does not hurt once in a while, and experimenting with black lipstick is what fashion is all about; being comfortable with what you wear. If you can confidently sport a bright red or dull matte violet, how is pitch black different? Fashion requires you to be daring, and adding a stick of black lipstick to your essentials is acceptable and thrilling at the same time.

Pitch-Black Lipsticks (3)

If ever you’d wear black lipstick on a sunny April day, put balance on your already striking look by applying a bright line of tint and color on your cheeks. The stunning contrast of black and whatever color you pick for your cheeks will send you to make-up trendiness in no time, which will be envied by a lot of women.

Picking matte instead of glossy would be the best option for you when wearing black lipstick. Aside from the fact that it would provide you with longer coverage, this would also ensure that you won’t look like you kissed a smoldering bark.

Pitch-Black Lipsticks (4)

Some of the brands that carry this special color include Make Up For Ever (Intense Lipstick in Satin Black), NYX Cosmetics (Retractable Black Lip Liner), Anastacia Beverly Hills (Liquid Lipstick in Midnight), Lime Crime (Unicorn Lipstick in Styletto) and Rimmel London (Glossy Lip Gloss in Black).

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It’s a mother-daughter tandem in the recent Calvin Klein advert

recent Calvin Klein advert (1)

Looking at the latest Calvin Klein watch and jewelry advertisement will make us believe that somewhere, there is a real Fountain of Youth.

Maintaining your younger look is not impossible as the captivating picture of the brand’s new campaign was able to convey a message that appeals to the senses.

recent Calvin Klein advert (2)

The powerful duo of mother and daughter Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz shows us a meaningful photo that says lots of meanings about an intimate connection between mother and child.

We know how deep and extensive this relationship can be and while there will be words out there to describe the level affinity between this specific kinship, no diction can best define how great it is. Everything else is just unjustifiable depiction.

In this recent campaign, Lisa and Zoe are captured holding hands with a beach backdrop on black and white. The reality is these two stunning women have a twenty-year gap in terms of age, but what’s surprising is how these two looked as if they were sisters.

Many are in awe as to how Zoe’s mom was able to maintain the youth in her appearance. Why, those who would take a quick glance at the photo would think these two are just sisters posing before the cameraman’s lenses.

recent Calvin Klein advert (3)

Shot by photographer Cass Bird, the brand’s latest campaign is entitled “Life in the now.” Highlighting the idea of a rich and timeless bond, the photo was able to encapsulate the endearing message of how personal a relationship is between bloodlines.

There is no better way of expressing it than catching a candidly good shot between family members. Zoe is Lisa’s first born with the singer Lenny Kravitz whom she separated with in 1993 after some years of being together.

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Proenza Schouler borrows some Cuban appeal on current Spring collection


Proenza Schouler (1)

One of fashion’s most famous brands is once again on point during the presentation of their 2016 Spring collection. The romanticism and femininity that’s a trademark of the Latina style is very much evident as their collection is unfolded while each piece goes down the runway.

Blame the vacation in Cuba for this festive collection. See the tangible vitality of Cuba as each piece is injected with the Cuban trademarks like of lace, ruffles and sexy peeking shoulders. Let us not forget the explosion of red and the domination of white and black as the core hues of the collection.

Model on the catwalk

There is a celebration of distinct female assets as there are subtle exposures of skin. Aside from some collarbone exposure, there will also be hipbone and leg revelation that is sexy and classy at the same time. The collection is somewhat different from their usual vague presentation, as this current one is as direct and as plain as it can get.

The layering found on most pieces is also one of the highlights of the collection. Unravelling the clothes, peeling away layers as defined, get the feel of a muted flirty aura that attracts the taste of the majority of women from different corners of the world.

Proenza Schouler (3)

Two heads are behind this exciting brand. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez’s creativity are the two driving forces behind Proenza Schouler, earning positive attention for every collection they release. Hearing the brand’s name for the first time would make you wonder about the nationality of its creator.

However the rationale behind it lays in the each designers’ family name. Proenza was Hernandez’s mother’s maiden name while Shouler was McCollough’s. The clothing line was first established in 2002 and has earned citations and awards since then, including CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award in 2007 and 2011. Most of their collections are sold in Barneys, Colette and Joyce.

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Destroying Gender Restraints in the Modeling Industry – Hari Nef

Modeling Industry Hari Nef (4)

Gucci is notorious for their bold and risky decisions in fashion shows. With their latest venture in Milan, many have applauded the brand’s bravado in pulling-off another runway edition, which is already quite expected of them.

Gucci fashion shows are always awaited by fashion experts and avid fans because their creative team always comes up with a vibe that blurs the line between men and women, making everyone feel equal within the realm of fashion. With their latest Milan stint, many have never doubted or questioned Hari Nef’s inclusion to their esteemed league of female models.

Modeling Industry Hari Nef (1)

Who is Hari Nef? Born October 21, 1992, this 23-year old model took the fashion industry by storm as being the first ever transgender who made it big in the modeling industry. Also known as an American actress and writer, Hari Nef is definitely a jill of all trades as she has been seen as Tante Gittel in Amazon’s Transparent, which many approve, and having some stints here and there as a professional model.

The Milan fashion show by Gucci was the perfect ground for Hari Nef to show her remarkable modeling skills with the whole world watching her strut down the runway. The androgynous signature of every Gucci campaign has pretty much paved the way for hair Nef’s inclusion, and many fashion experts are amazed by how she has done her job perfectly. Hari Nef’s debut as a fashion model was when she was casted at the New York Fashion Week for spring in 2015, where she masterfully walked for labels such as Eckhaus Latta and Hood by Air.

It can be said that Hari Nef’s educational background as a theater program graduate at the Columbia University strengthened her will and confidence to perform in front of a mass audience. This strong foothold definitely relieved all her doubts to make people look up to her, despite her preferred sexual orientation.

Modeling Industry Hari Nef (2)

The guts and charm of Hari Nef got her all the dreams that she has ever hoped for, and her future as a successful professional model is as bright as the radiance she exudes whenever strutting down the runway.

Before being a full-blown follower of fashion, she has also written for some publications such as Dazed, Vice, Blackbook, Original Plumbing and Adult Mag.

Modeling Industry Hari Nef (3)

Hari Nef was also the first ever transgender model signed with IMG Models, which also manages well-known people the likes of Gigi Hadid, Gisele Bundchen and superstar Kate Moss.

It was in May 2015 when Hari Nef bestowed all her hope and principles to the stable walls of IMG Models, and since then, more and more brands have been interested in booking her right away.

Modeling Industry Hari Nef (5)

Hari Nef paved the way for more transgender models to put forth their skills and talents towards the general public, and the pizzazz that she possesses is a magnificent embodiment of her commitment in promoting a gender-fluid society, especially in fashion and modeling.

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Stitching Their Name on the Fashion Tapestry – Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta (3)

Italy is notorious for having special style and fashion. Many of the most famous designers, illustrious fashion brands and trends come from Italy, and we can’t deny that the fashion sense of this little nation is definitely beyond its size.

When one speaks of this country, the concept of luxurious fashion would definitely come to mind. From their well-rounded leather goods to the most intrinsic fabrics, Italy is one of world’s best producers of everything in fashion. One brand that’s definitely Italian is Bottega Veneta.

Merging with Gucci in 2001, Bottega Veneta is prolific in releasing collections of the finest leather materials. Many people can remember this fashion name’s slogan which is “When your own initials are enough”, which pertains to the blatant way that Louis Vuitton distinguishes their goods with the letters LV. (Cited:

Bottega Veneta (2)

Now headquartered in Vicenza, Bottega Veneta is thriving well under the management of the huge French international group called Kering and their very innovative and skilled CEO, Carlo Alberto Beretta. As for its direction, Bottega Veneta uses the creative juices oozing out of Tomas Meier, who is quite established as a fashion designer leaning onto the unconventional, the risky and the popular.

Since the brand’s inception in 1966, it can be said that the company has come a very long way and managed to carve their names in the fashion industry, particularly in leather. Currently, Bottega Veneta is available in Europe, South America, Asia and North America. Worldwide reach is the brand’s core reason for expansion, and luckily enough, a plethora of clients appreciate their very intrinsic attention to detail and manufacturing. Specifically, Bottega Veneta has their own boutiques and retail outlets in numerous countries such as Spain, France, Ukraine, Japan, Guam, Korea, Bahrain, Thailand, Turkey and the Philippines.

Bottega Veneta (1)

Bottega Veneta thrives on their signature way of weaving leather, which is known as ‘intrecciato’. The craftsmanship and detail found in every Bottega Veneta item is the finest there is. The sharp look and the no-logo mantra of the company separate them from their competitors, and they know that a minimalistic approach is adored by almost everybody.

This Italian leather store produces handbags, shoes, leather goods, various apparel for men and women, and even gifts and furniture. It was in February 2005 that the brand found courage to release their first women’s collection that garnered monumental success. In June 2006, a full-blown men’s runway show was publicly viewed and adored by millions of fashion addicts from all over the planet.

Bottega Veneta (4)

Some of the most memorable collections and collaborations that have cemented Bottega Veneta’s name as a respected leather-producing brand include Phillip-Lorca di Corcia for Fall in 2005, Lord Snowdown in Fall 2006, well-celebrated fashion icon Annie Leibovitz for Fall in 2007, Larry Sultan doing Spring in 2009, Nan Goldin for Spring the year after and just recently, with Alex Prager for Spring in 2011.

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Zuhair Murad goes RTW for Spring 2016

Zuhair Murad goes RTW for Spring 2016 (1)

The Lebanese designer has a prominent reputation when it comes to creating flawless bridal pieces that invoke fantasy and distinct architectural design. His taste when it comes to recognizing and celebrating a woman’s body has become a favorite, especially by some of the red carpet’s most famous starts including Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and the Queen Beyonce herself.

His gowns are definitely impeccable and classy. Looking at his designs would make you feel as though exquisite things in life come with a price. His creations are first rate as he attracted women who know great clothes spot-on. However, the designer took a quick break from all the romanticism and flare of ball gowns and sparkly beaded gowns as he launched his 2016 Resort and RTW collections that cater to women who are on the go.

Zuhair Murad goes RTW for Spring 2016 (2)

His RTW collection is dominated by stripes and lines that are derived from the sailors. See his dresses printed with lines in white, black, red or even a combination of all three.

Here, the designer focuses on the comfort that day wear has to possess. Without letting go of the style that modern women should have, he cut pieces that turned into beautiful dresses and jump shorts that ladies would definitely love.

Zuhair Murad goes RTW for Spring 2016 (3)

On the other hand, his Spring Collection still carries the same idea as his RTW, but the style is far more elegant. The formal cords in black are definitely scene-stealers that can pass from day to night wear.

Dominated by a splash of pinks, peaches and florals, the each and every dress is definitely a must-have. Attractive as they are, see impeccably designed gowns and dresses captivate attention impressively.

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Modeling and Lotsa Money, Bundchen and Delevingne

Bundchen and Delevingne (1)

The world of fashion is dotted with the most noticeable bodies, all well-sculpted to fit that flimsy-looking dress made by an illustrious designer. We have seen them strut it enthusiastically on catwalks, with all their too-good-to-be-true faces and practiced poses.

The industry won’t be complete without the aid of supermodels putting that garbage-looking avant-garde dress into proper perspective, and we must all admit that when a graceful woman rocks it in a fashion show, we would all be convinced to buy. The magic that models possess is quite difficult to explain and we all just stare at them in awe while they’re plastered all over the metropolis on monstrous billboards and print ads.

So the question, “how much does a supermodel make out of this job,” would pop into our heads, and we would also answer it with a fervent “too much.” Yes, the modeling industry has been so generous to the ones keeping it alive, and while envy gets the best out of us, let’s dig deeper on who’s the richest of them all by reading this post.

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 02: Victoria's Secret models (L-R) Lily Aldridge, Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima walks the runway during finale of the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Earl's Court exhibition centre on December 2, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret)

Forbes Magazine is known for putting up lists of people who are the richest in their respective fields. Yearly, they sum up all the assets and deduct all the liabilities that a person, a company or a corporation has and feed it to their waiting readers.

Ironically, millions of people have repeatedly wanted to know who topped the list, as if it would make them affluent, too. Below are models who have earned the most as far as their career is concerned, and for quite some time now, it’s Gisele Bundchen who is still on the ‘richest supermodel’ pedestal.

Just for 2015, the feisty Gisele Bundchen successfully surpassed thousands of younger models as she managed to earn a whopping amount of $44 million from all of her modeling ventures. Though it is slightly smaller than the mark she reached the year before, this definitely won’t discount the fact that this supermodel works quite diligently. Only the most luxurious fashion brands have made it through Bundchen’s endless roll of endorsements including famous names like Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Balenciaga and Emilio Pucci.

Bundchen and Delevingne (3)

This native Brazilian certainly took our breath away countless times when we saw her strut the most famous fashion catwalks. Her luster never faded over the years. Also, her business ventures, such as designing jelly shoes for Grendene and her personal lingerie line entitled Gisele Bundchen Intimates, added more to her ballooning monetary assets.

Next in line would be Cara Delevingne, who has seen better days from last year’s modeling journey. Delevingne’s prolific nature of appearing in almost all the famous brands certainly helped her in accumulating the cash she has in the bank. In total, Cara managed to close a total of $9 million in her advertisements and brand campaigns, which involved 13 different fashion brands.

Bundchen and Delevingne (4)

The brands that availed of Delevingne’s modeling services include Burberry, DKNY, Topshop and Yves Saint-Laurent.

We can also remember that we’ve seen her performing differently, this time as an actress, in some huge Hollywood productions like Paper Towns, a short stint in Anna Karenina and Pan.

She’s also expected to appear in upcoming movies such as London Fields and Suicide Squad.

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The League of Extraordinary Men Donning Short Shorts

Men Donning Short Shorts (1)

Nowadays, it isn’t a surprise for men to embrace the trends that fashion offers. When a fashion craze circulates, it is definite that both men and women would have their own versions.

Experts and fashionistas alike have dived into the possibility that men should also be styled and dressed well, hence the prevalence of men on runway shows and the emergence of fashion outfits that only men can successfully carry-out.

Fashionable guys are on the move in giving the usual shorts a bit of a twist by making them shorter than usual.

There have been a lot of exposures through the social media and fashion lines that carried-out the trend of ‘short shorts’ for men, and surprisingly, men don’t just love it, they mean to continue the trend for as long as it takes.

Men Donning Short Shorts (2)

The short shorts look for men shows an ensemble that will look more laidback and casual without compromising the sharpness that an average Joe should exude.

This trend has been going on for a few months and it never disappoints as we witness those who wear this to look more modern, polished and fashionable.

Once an outfit only worn by women and their attractive legs, men are now embracing the short shorts fad and are creatively twisting it to look more androgynous.

Men Donning Short Shorts (3)

One tip that a guy should bear in mind is that these shorts must fit perfectly. Longer cuts must be picked by those who have long and skinny legs, while short and muscular men can go for a relaxing fit above the knee.

Short shorts must also have the right balance of tightness and length. Ideally, short shorts border on being above the kneecap and below half of your thighs.

In styling, a guy must also consider the color of his skin to pick the right tone or hue. If you are on the tanned or darker side, get the white, black and flesh colored ones while those who have a lighter skin tone must lean on brighter colors such as yellow, orange, green and blue.

If you wear solid-hued shorts, the trick is to everyone to look at your top by donning a loud and vibrant printed shirt or polo. On the other hand, if you want to wear shorts with prints, then do the opposite and get something solid and bold on your top to avoid chaotic designs.

Men Donning Short Shorts (4)

Pulling off the short shorts ensemble requires simplicity on the guy’s end. If you’re not confident in wearing this garment, then don’t risk it.

Shoes must always be picked not only for the overall look of your outfit but also for the level of comfort it would bring. Be keen in experimenting with textures and contrasting colors to make the resulting ensemble more interesting and fashionable.

Go out of your comfort zone and try using your short shorts with a formal suit, flannel plaids, polos layered with long-sleeved fleece and plain white shirts covered with a bomber leather jacket.

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Style Icon: Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama fashion (2)

They say that a successful man has a great woman behind him. This has been proven after the historic presidential win of Barrack Obama back in 2008. The picture won’t be complete without mentioning the name of his better half who became an important personality of her own.

She has been seen arm-in-arm with Mr. President on important occasions. The media also spotted her performing first lady duties and hosting different events, but above all the exposure in mass media, Michelle Obama is also an icon exuding a classy style that fashion critics rave about.

Michelle Obama fashion (3)

Her style is crisp and on point. No fancy detailing or beating around the bush. Her look has always been straight forward and ground breaking, redefining the classy modern woman who has a clear goal.

Most of her memorable looks include garments in elegant and timeless cuts that women around the world can relate to.

As a matter of fact, our first lady even wears retail brands like what any normal lady would pick while going shopping at Macys or ASOS.

Michelle Obama fashion (1)

Let’s start the list of some of her most fabulous looks by revisiting her 2015 ensemble during the China State Dinner at the White House.

The ever classy first lady wore a black V-Neck Vera Wang gown with her hair swept to the side. This can seem a bit adventurous for Mrs. Obama as there’s a hint of hip mermaid frills at the hem. Still, she rocked the dress with total grace

The first lady is best at rocking her elegantly designed dresses. From roaming around for state visits, lightning ceremonies and television appearances, Michelle Obama has been consistent in epitomizing a powerful woman with good taste and substantial personality.

From wearing florals, cutout patterns and even pastels, this first lady surely knows which works for her best.

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